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Midwestern/Southern Oregon Conference Championships HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Grants Pass HS
Location - North Middle School/Highland/Gilbert Creek, Grants Pass, OR - Map
Mens Races

North Middle School/Highland/Gilbert Creek

5,000 Meters Varsity12:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:15 PM
Womens Races

North Middle School/Highland/Gilbert Creek

5,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity1:30 PM
Last Updated 5:35 PM, Sat, Oct 30


Team Scores:

Girls Varsity: South Eugene 39; Crater 49; Sheldon 67; South Medford 89, North Medford 98, Grants Pass 180, Roseburg 209, Thurston 211

Boys Varsity: Crater 38, South Eugene 74, Sheldon 78, North Medford 100, South Medford 113, Roseburg 123, Thurston 189, Grants Pass 194

Girls JV: South Eugene 28, Crater 28, North Medford 93, Sheldon 93, South Medford 153, Grants Pass 181, Roseburg 187, Thurston 228

Boys JV: South Eugene 26, Crater 58, Roseburg 68, South Medford 101, North Medford 131, Sheldon 194, Thurston 195, Grants Pass 217

Thanks to all of the schools for a great meet. Congratulations to our state meet qualifying teams and individuals. Good luck at state!!!

Coach Sniffen   541/660-6877 or

My Team


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Matthew Melancon16:30Sheldon
2.11Jon Obeso16:58Crater
3.12Kyle Ruhlin17:08Thurston
4.12Hunter Sanders17:10Crater
5.12Ryan Perry17:10South Medford
6.12Max Runia17:11Crater
7.10Jackson Darland17:12Sheldon
8.10Devyn Baldovino17:13North Medford
9.12Alex Mauro17:16South Eugene
10.12Stetson Smith17:18North Medford
11.11Joe Holvey17:21South Eugene
12.11Neil Seibert17:27Crater
13.11Jack Wilson17:40South Eugene
14.10Daniel Stober17:40Crater
15.9Ben Harter17:46Sheldon
16.11John Talik17:48Roseburg
17.10Alex Johnston17:48Sheldon
18.11Piers Rasmussen17:49Crater
19.10Niko Tutland17:49South Medford
20.10Cameron Martin17:49South Eugene
21.12Kevin Chang17:50South Eugene
22.9Kenny Freeman17:51Roseburg
23.10Blake Spencer17:52North Medford
24.12Jonathan Hokanson17:52North Medford
25.12Mario Gaddini17:53South Eugene
26.11Travis Jantzer17:55South Medford
27.9Ben Rodriguez17:57Roseburg
28.12Stephen Cruz17:59Roseburg
29.12David Huddleston17:59South Medford
30.12Drew Van Anrooy18:00Roseburg
31.11Ryan Schmidt18:01Grants Pass
32.12Daniel Bellissimo18:03South Eugene
33.12Erik Brown18:05Grants Pass
34.11Codie Spencer18:07South Medford
35.9Ray Schireman18:08North Medford
36.12Zack Paterson18:15Grants Pass
37.12Nick Lenford18:17North Medford
38.9TJ Wright18:22Sheldon
39.11Jonny Lightheart18:25North Medford
40.10Caleb Baugher18:26Thurston
41.12Aaron Adams18:29Crater
42.10Camden Stemple18:30South Medford
43.12Nick Shanklin18:38South Medford
44.11Caleb Gee18:39Thurston
45.12Trevor VanDelden18:41Grants Pass
46.12Salvador Valencia18:42Roseburg
47.12Chayse Jackson18:44Roseburg
48.9Henry Fowler18:45Sheldon
49.11William Martin19:18Grants Pass
50.12Jarrett LaMeres19:20Thurston
51.10Sam Seno19:22Sheldon
52.12Guillermo Torres-S...19:35Thurston
53.11Zach Stoneburner19:48Thurston
54.12Colton Stickler19:55Thurston
55.9Duncan Fuller20:07Grants Pass
56.10Connor Lauffenburger20:16Grants Pass
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Zack Selko17:47South Eugene
2.11Brian Eimstad18:02South Eugene
3.9Francisco Ruiz18:15Crater
4.12Aaron Honn18:17South Eugene
5.9Mike Shaw18:28Crater
6.11Aaron Valdivia18:31Roseburg
7.11Kahler Waldrop18:31Crater
8.9Andrew McCullough18:35South Eugene
9.10Reed Van Anrooy18:42Roseburg
10.9Aaran Fagan18:45North Medford
11.12Sean Andresen18:47South Eugene
12.9Joe Dugan18:47North Medford
13.10Trevor Merrifield18:50South Eugene
14.12Alan Bylund18:51South Medford
15.11Evan Davis18:55South Eugene
16.12Jason Duval19:01Roseburg
17.12Turner Maxwell19:04South Eugene
18.10Dylan Woodward19:06Roseburg
19.12Taylor Watson19:06South Medford
20.10John Martinez19:11Crater
21.12Ken Schindler19:15South Eugene
22.10Andrew Stone19:16Roseburg
23.10Brian Ward19:18South Eugene
24.10Darian Thompson19:18South Medford
25.10Tucker Kolpin19:27South Eugene
26.9Cameron Bean19:28South Eugene
27.9Tristen Edwards19:29South Medford
28.11Tyler Roberts19:34Roseburg
29.11Sebastian Mitchell19:34South Eugene
30.9John Ryan Keyser19:35Crater
31.9Noah Miller19:36Sheldon
32.10Del Miller19:37South Medford
33.9Alec Johnson19:39Roseburg
34.9Graydon Reed19:40Roseburg
35.11Drew Coughlin19:42Roseburg
36.10Evan Wright19:44South Medford
37.12Dillon Herick19:48South Medford
38.9Aaron Browne-Moore19:48North Medford
39.11Kyle Kohl19:51Thurston
40.10Quincy Gill19:51South Eugene
41.9Cameron Merker19:51Grants Pass
42.10Tyler Mackey19:55Crater
43.11Sam Petersen19:55Sheldon
44.9Darien Andrews19:58Crater
45.9Ethan Cannon20:01South Medford
46.11Eric Stobbe20:02Grants Pass
47.11Tyler Becherer20:02Roseburg
48.9Ian James20:03Roseburg
49.10Ryan Smith20:04Thurston
50.9David Bellamy20:05Sheldon
51.11Justin Haupt20:05North Medford
52.10Gabe Wihtol20:08South Eugene
53.9Ruben Mendez20:10South Medford
54.10Brently Strum20:11Crater
55.9Kyle Campbell20:12North Medford
56.12David Ward20:15Thurston
57.10Chad Graham20:15Thurston
58.9Ryan Raker20:17North Medford
59.10Bruce Service20:18South Eugene
60.11Jose Flores20:24Roseburg
61.10Jason Thomas20:24Roseburg
62.12Codey Fields20:25Roseburg
63.10Kody Wirth20:27Thurston
64.9Gabe Stanley20:27South Medford
65.9CJ Ball20:28Roseburg
66.11Kyle Christmas20:29South Medford
67.9Zachary Olsen20:29Crater
68.10Spencer Ebert20:31North Medford
69.10Forrest Eldred20:32Grants Pass
70.11Forrest Minahen20:35Crater
71.11Mathew Johansen20:36Roseburg
72.12David Helmick20:38South Eugene
73.10Dennis Calciano20:38South Eugene
74.9Cole Bruns20:38Sheldon
75.9Kevin Martin20:44North Medford
76.12Marshall Moses20:46South Medford
77.12Riley Rice20:49Roseburg
78.12Landon Fisher20:49Thurston
79.9Sashka Warner20:50South Eugene
80.10Brendon Surgeon20:57North Medford
81.11Zheng Zheng21:00Grants Pass
82.10Amrit Nam Khalsa21:01South Eugene
83.12Alvaro Garay21:03Sheldon
84.11Ben Forrest21:07Thurston
85.10Colton Fisher21:10Thurston
86.9Tyler Thomas21:15South Medford
87.10Josh Symonds21:18South Medford
88.9Gavin Doremus21:19Sheldon
89.12Ross Lindly21:22Sheldon
90.12Mac Powers21:22Sheldon
91.10George Rear21:24South Eugene
92.12Mark Vasquez21:25Grants Pass
93.9Cameron Derby21:28South Medford
94.12Pat Rice21:29South Medford
95.11Travis Bilyeu21:29Grants Pass
96.9Casey Coulter21:32Grants Pass
97.12Andy Girod21:36Roseburg
98.10Cole Kasten21:36Sheldon
99.9Evan Clay21:39Sheldon
100.11Andrew Wagenblast21:39Thurston
101.9Nick Brown21:40Grants Pass
102.10Hunter Lewis21:41Thurston
103.9Mitchell Klotter21:41Sheldon
104.10Kyle Radley21:43Sheldon
105.11Noah Cochrane21:44Thurston
106.10Kevin Talik21:45Roseburg
107.12Ben Gustafson21:47South Medford
108.9Rylan Burum21:48Roseburg
109.12Matt Rasmussen21:50Sheldon
110.12Gonzalo Garay21:51Sheldon
111.12Dakota deVilleneuve21:51South Medford
112.11Brandon Weichers21:52Grants Pass
113.11Aaron Costner22:06Roseburg
114.9Michael- Andrew Ne...22:10Roseburg
115.9Zach Homen22:12North Medford
116.9Lorenzo Olono22:15Thurston
117.10Sylas Burkhalter22:31South Medford
118.9Devyn Myers22:32Grants Pass
119.10Cory Turk22:34South Medford
120.10Trenton Ruf22:34South Medford
121.12Alex Raabe22:35Sheldon
122.10Wade Wagonner22:38Thurston
123.9Erick Wonderly22:39Roseburg
124.9Austin Sanders22:43Crater
125.9Justine Boringot22:51South Medford
126.11Ivan Chang22:52Crater
127.9Josh Jantzer22:54South Medford
128.12Seth Burkhalter22:54South Medford
129.11Jacob Gorenflos22:57Roseburg
130.12Chris Correll23:00Sheldon
131.12Zack Rogers23:00South Medford
132.11Jake Roblin23:00Sheldon
133.12Mike Hector23:04Roseburg
134.12Connor Veach23:11South Medford
135.10Sam Salbador23:17Sheldon
136.10Thomas Stewart23:19Crater
137.12Tyree Johnson23:27Sheldon
138.11Jesse Orndoff23:30Grants Pass
139.9Phillip Newsome23:33South Medford
140.9Noah Lininger23:37Sheldon
141.11Kyle Adams23:40Roseburg
142.10Jack Helmick23:49South Eugene
143.9Matthew Selby23:51Thurston
144.9Daniel Murphy23:53Sheldon
145.9Brady Walker23:59Crater
146.10Austin Hoskins24:06Thurston
147.12Josh Wells24:11Thurston
148.10Chad Burke24:13Sheldon
149.10Brad Ancell24:17Thurston
150.9Jason Foster24:17South Medford
151.10Sergio Cano24:31South Medford
152.10Kaden Kinser24:44Crater
153.9Michael Carlton24:47South Medford
154.10Kody Kinser25:03Crater
155.10Austin Morgan25:18South Medford
156.12Riley Brown25:40Thurston
157.9Adam Case26:18South Medford
158.9Trever Turner27:22Sheldon
159.10Robert Whiting28:32South Medford
160.9Christian Grensky29:27South Medford
161.11Drew Thomas33:21Thurston
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Paige Kouba19:50South Eugene
2.10Erin Clark19:51South Eugene
3.12Damaris Remigio19:53Crater
4.11Lauren Morgan20:20South Medford
5.10Maggie Schmaedick20:21Sheldon
6.11Kelsi Klotter20:26Sheldon
7.11Brenna Phelps20:26North Medford
8.12Jessica Vig20:38Crater
9.12Nora Wilson20:39South Eugene
10.12Louise Mulvey20:39Sheldon
11.11Sarah Hastings20:40Crater
12.9Natalie Mosman20:40South Eugene
13.9Gracie Tostenson20:42Crater
14.9Britney Wimberly20:43Crater
15.12Amelia Helmick20:53South Eugene
16.12Alia Mowery20:53South Eugene
17.9Meredith Bothman21:06Sheldon
18.10Carmen Mejia21:08South Medford
19.12Alex Ebert21:10North Medford
20.11Blair Shanklin21:13South Medford
21.12Jennifer Zhu21:17North Medford
22.10Macie Gale21:18Thurston
23.9Stefanee Tolner21:19South Medford
24.9Stefani Ritter21:26South Medford
25.12Kylie Biondi21:37North Medford
26.10Julia Ribeiro21:42North Medford
27.12Anna Persmark21:49South Eugene
28.12Kara Rawlings21:51Grants Pass
29.12Becca Eddy21:52Sheldon
30.11Jasmyn Andrews21:59Crater
31.11Kayla Parsons22:04South Medford
32.9Fiona Johnson22:05Roseburg
33.9Jessica Pettegrew-...22:07North Medford
34.10Courtney Repp22:17South Medford
35.12Katie Jenista22:19Grants Pass
36.9Arielle Binkley-Mu...22:28Grants Pass
37.12Amanda Engstrom22:30Sheldon
38.11Alexandra Reiling22:30Sheldon
39.10Hayley Girod22:31Roseburg
40.11Mattea Tibbits22:59Grants Pass
41.9Cece Martin23:03Grants Pass
42.12Kelsie Renie23:04Thurston
43.9Tori Sigel23:10Grants Pass
44.9Rose Oakley23:12Roseburg
45.11Allison Churchill23:14Roseburg
46.12Elise Nelson23:16Thurston
47.9Lilly Bain23:16Grants Pass
48.12Lynette Lewis23:34Thurston
49.10Jessica Nelson23:37Roseburg
50.10Megan Larkin23:48Roseburg
51.10Lindsay Bills24:08North Medford
52.12Esther Olsen24:15Crater
53.9McKenzie Hinson24:32Thurston
54.10Natalie Stenbeck24:36Roseburg
55.11Magali Martinez24:40Thurston
56.10Angela Laliberte25:23Thurston
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Genevieve Brandt21:36South Eugene
2.9Megan Hastings22:00Crater
3.11Shelby Owen22:36Crater
4.9Brooke Hettick22:50South Eugene
5.12Beatriz Gutierrez22:53Crater
6.11Emma Lang23:07South Eugene
7.10Brittaney Scott23:21Crater
8.11Madison Burgdorfer23:28South Eugene
9.12Zoe Cina-Sklar23:38South Eugene
10.11Taylor Dodrill23:39Sheldon
11.11Jordan Kyzer23:42Crater
12.10Gabby Aufderheide23:43Sheldon
13.11Madeline McNally23:45South Eugene
14.11Alli Colmanero23:45North Medford
15.10Amanda Murray23:46North Medford
16.11Jessica Freda23:50North Medford
17.10Rachele Bedsole23:56Grants Pass
18.12Cara Brastad23:58South Eugene
19.10Rachael Thurn24:07South Eugene
20.12Rachel Parker24:12South Eugene
21.10Jerilyn Armstrong24:12Crater
22.12Megan West24:12Sheldon
23.9Hannah Anderson24:16North Medford
24.11Jordyn Roach24:17South Eugene
25.11Nika Jin24:23South Eugene
26.10Samantha Schaecher24:24Crater
27.11Devon Henery24:28South Eugene
28.10Natalie Kogutkiewicz24:29Sheldon
29.11Hailey Einck24:30South Medford
30.10Anne Ramey24:31South Eugene
31.10Riley Finnegan24:33South Medford
32.9Hannah Roberts24:44Roseburg
33.12Cynthia Barrie24:45North Medford
34.10Hannah Fortune24:46Crater
35.9Sophia DeLoretto24:46Sheldon
36.12Lauren Hornbeck24:51Crater
37.9Olivia Huber24:59Grants Pass
38.10Kayla Looney24:59North Medford
39.10Kyndall Wiley25:04North Medford
40.9Kassandra Babb25:04South Medford
41.10T'Leah Staggs25:05Roseburg
42.12Kenya Berard25:08South Medford
43.11Jasmine Creighton-...25:09Sheldon
44.11Shelby Higinbotham25:13Crater
45.12Emily Fuller25:16Grants Pass
46.10Marielle Durand25:24Crater
47.11Kelsey Jost25:30Sheldon
48.9Kealani Creech25:37South Medford
49.10Haley Randall25:40Thurston
50.12Josie Dietel25:43South Eugene
51.9Anna Swanson25:46Roseburg
52.9Maddy Tergesen25:50South Eugene
53.9Shyonna Leach25:51North Medford
54.10Morgan Lasota25:55North Medford
55.9Megan Johnson25:57South Medford
56.10Harlie Johnson26:03Roseburg
57.10Brianna Levesque26:12South Medford
58.9Abby Forrest26:20Thurston
59.12Chelsie Mueller26:23Thurston
60.9Brynna Grunwald26:28South Medford
61.9Madison Reames26:31Crater
62.11Alexandrea Standri...26:36Roseburg
63.9Kayla Hinson26:39Thurston
64.12Vaneza Espindola26:41Grants Pass
65.11Adrian Knorr26:43South Eugene
66.11Shayla Bailey26:45North Medford
67.9Angelica Cano26:47South Medford
68.11Dusty Mitchell26:54South Medford
69.11Ashley Dombrowski27:04Roseburg
70.9Anessa Chaney27:06South Medford
71.11Jenna Sandling27:09Roseburg
72.11Kaye Ayran27:09Grants Pass
73.9Rebekah Galick27:14Sheldon
74.9Lissa Davis27:26South Eugene
75.11Emma Burgess27:27Grants Pass
76.9Meredy Darland27:28Sheldon
77.9McKinley Patrick27:30Sheldon
78.9Tessa Perkins27:34Thurston
79.10Kelsey Sherman27:37Sheldon
80.10Hannah Leatham27:46Sheldon
81.11MacKenzie Snowden27:49South Eugene
82.10Lauren Baque27:57Roseburg
83.9Hannah Johnson28:05Sheldon
84.9Emma Thompson28:10Roseburg
85.10Savana Cochrane28:11Thurston
86.9Jordan Rogers28:12South Medford
87.11Casey Bozzetto28:18Grants Pass
88.10Emily Harker28:29Roseburg
89.9Sydney Jones28:36Thurston
90.10Tristan Dahl28:46Roseburg
91.10Emily Stringfield28:51Sheldon
92.10Christine Walugembe28:55South Eugene
93.9Brittnee Stevens28:57Roseburg
94.11Maggie Potter29:09Roseburg
95.9Ashley McAndrews29:24Thurston
96.11Meaghan Ellis29:33Sheldon
97.10Alexandra Malone29:43Roseburg
98.11Matti Holt29:50Thurston
99.10Cecilia Espindola30:07Grants Pass
100.11Cheyanna deVillene...30:30South Medford
101.12Ashley Greenacre30:30Thurston
102.10Sydney Reynolds30:43Roseburg
103.12Miranda Saultz30:48Thurston
104.9Blanca Villa31:22North Medford
105.10Meagan Reid31:36Thurston
106.9Alexandra Holly32:15Thurston
107.12Maria Bonner32:27Roseburg
108.12Mary Moll32:54Roseburg
109.12Rachel Stanton33:01Thurston
110.12Mikayla Mehl33:09Thurston
111.9Bree Fowler33:13Thurston
112.10Cierra Burke34:36Sheldon
113.9Jamie Wimmer34:59South Medford
114.10Nicole Buescher40:32Thurston
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