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Stockton local meet HS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Chavez HS
Location - American Legion park, Stockton, CA - Map
Mens Races
2 Mile frosh/soph9:30 AM
3 Mile Varsity10:45 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity11:15 AM
Womens Races
2 Mile frosh/soph9:00 AM
3 Mile Varsity10:00 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity11:15 AM
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Mens Results

2 Mile frosh/soph  
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1.9Daniel Thiel11:59St Mary’s
3.10Alex Vidaure12:24Bear Creek
5.9Peter Martinez12:37Bear Creek
6.10Mano Alcantra12:47Bear Creek
7.9Jake Torres12:50Bear Creek
8.9Jesus Miranda12:52Chavez
9.10Brian Bautista12:55Edison
10.9Joe DeJesus12:56St Mary’s
11.10Josh Benson13:02Bear Creek
12.9Hector Ornelas13:11Bear Creek
13.10Connor Perry13:33St Mary’s
14.9Paul Borges13:35St Mary’s
15.10Jared Bulahan13:37St Mary’s
16.9Danilo Gayagoy13:37St Mary’s
17.9Darius Stansil13:37St Mary’s
18.10Ashton Mattox13:44Edison
19.9Tony Gladney13:50Edison
20.9Christian Embry13:52Bear Creek
21.10Matt Martini13:54St Mary’s
22.10Nicholas Lindo14:03Bear Creek
23.10Anthony Phan14:04Bear Creek
24.9Joey Novara14:05St Mary’s
25.9Jonel Ednalino14:08St Mary’s
26.10Tommy Trull14:10Chavez
27.10Dominic Maynard14:11Stagg
29.9Grady Brim14:40Bear Creek
30.10Daniel Garcia14:45Bear Creek
31.9Justin Burks14:45St Mary’s
28.9Christian Candelaria14:51St Mary’s
32.9Cristoval Reyes14:51Chavez
33.10Brandon Valadez15:02Chavez
34.9Jack Rogan15:06St Mary’s
36.10Da Quan Graves16:10Edison
37.10David Pina16:12St Mary’s
40.9Marcus Lopez17:23St Mary’s
42.9Isreal Cortez17:28Chavez
43.10Michael Namoca17:32Edison
44.9Andrew Castillou17:58Linden
46.9John Wei22:47Bear Creek
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.12Jaime Garcia17:56Edison
2.11Christopher Wilson17:57.62Franklin (S)
3.12Jeremy Chong18:04Bear Creek
4.11Daniel Castillo18:05Stagg
5.11Andres Naranjo18:13Bear Creek
6.12Mitch Flores18:17St Mary’s
7.11Jorge Flores18:37.61Franklin (S)
8.11Khari Dobbins18:40Bear Creek
9.12Steven Good18:41Bear Creek
11.12Ryan Eldred19:15Bear Creek
12.10Paul Sison19:16Stagg
13.12Juan Maciel19:19St Mary’s
14.11Edwin Lyons19:45Edison
15.12DeShone Scrivens19:49Edison
16.12Douglas Bermudes19:55Chavez
17.12Anthony Aguilar19:58Chavez
18.12Gabriel Ochoa20:01St Mary’s
19.12James Leong20:02St Mary’s
20.10Montrel Franklin20:09Stagg
21.10Lucas Brandt20:10Stagg
22.11Curtis Ericsson20:14St Mary’s
23.11Andrew Merenda20:28Linden
24.10Colton Simpson20:29Elliot Christian
25.11Jose Hernandez20:37Edison
26.11Francisco Perez20:42Chavez
27.11Kevin Nguyen20:43St Mary’s
28.11Alex Soto20:51Stagg
29.11Devin Ramstead20:53Chavez
30.12Pongze Lor20:58Stagg
31.12Pedro Velarde20:58Linden
32.12Mackey Calvin21:02Bear Creek
11David Alvarez21:03.45Franklin (S)
11Daniel Ferreyra21:14.37Franklin (S)
34.11Ryan Guerrero21:15Elliot Christian
36.12Noel Mora21:41Edison
37.12Nathaniel Simms22:09Edison
38.12Reuben Suchil22:31Stagg
39.12Nikolai Short22:31Chavez
40.12Ben Ly22:40Chavez
41.12Michael Estay22:50Chavez
42.12Patrick Woodbury23:04Stagg
43.11Gurvinder Singh23:11Chavez
44.12Kyle Saechao23:11Chavez
45.11William White24:43Elliot Christian
46.11Paul Lerma27:55Elliot Christian
11Christian Caranza30:25.67Franklin (S)
48.12Richard Estepp35:46Stagg
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
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2.10Latee Piggee12:09.20Franklin (S)
4.10Gregory Esquivel12:33Franklin (S)
1.12Hugo Mora12:47Edison
2.11Jesse Toy13:06St Mary’s
3.12Matt Good13:14Bear Creek
4.12Jason Thao13:36Edison
5.12Michael Saephanh13:37Chavez
6.12Andrew Knowles14:01St Mary’s
7.12Aaron Smith14:01Chavez
8.12Ethan Robertson14:04Bear Creek
9.11Mark Fitzgerald14:08St Mary’s
10.12Milton Morales14:11Chavez
11.11Ben Buth14:15Chavez
12.12Adrian Andrade14:25Edison
13.12Chhaya You14:28Edison
14.12Eric Vargas14:42Chavez
15.12Ahmad Mansour14:45St Mary’s
16.11Kendrick Ladao15:02St Mary’s
17.11Nicholas Sanchez15:09Chavez
18.11Matthew Estioco15:10Chavez
10Gregory Nunez15:14.38Franklin (S)
19.11Jimmy Yang15:25Edison
20.12Justin Lee15:28Bear Creek
21.11Ben Avila-Lozano15:56St Mary’s
24.12Joshua Quibol16:12Chavez
25.11Ariel Hernandez16:13Chavez
9Zachery Payton16:24.68Franklin (S)
29.11Francisco Rebultan16:43Edison
30.12Jesse Cruz16:53Chavez
10Maro Bello17:23Franklin (S)
10Moises Mendez17:25Franklin (S)
32.12Luis Ambriz18:07Chavez
38.12Zukiefly Sim20:11Chavez
40.11Isaac DelaFuente20:39Edison
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Womens Results

2 Mile frosh/soph  
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2.9Audrey Tekerlek15:04St Mary’s
3.9Maria Ramirez-Ries...15:23St Mary’s
4.10Sabrina Sanchez15:55Chavez
5.10Emily Whiteside16:09Linden
6.10Mallory Budesa16:12St Mary’s
7.10Sydney Flores16:23St Mary’s
8.10Samantha Charles16:26St Mary’s
9.10Deanna Hibbard16:28St Mary’s
11.9Cristina Herrera16:40St Mary’s
12.9Ariana Montiel16:43Bear Creek
13.10Devonna Gonzales16:43Chavez
14.10Samantha Boots16:48Chavez
15.9Kristina Llsitsin16:53St Mary’s
16.9Brenna Joe17:11St Mary’s
17.9Christina Uribe17:14St Mary’s
19.9Bernadatte Kaehler18:00St Mary’s
20.10Liz Villarreal18:06St Mary’s
21.11Ciona Williams18:10Stagg
22.10Andrea Mercado18:15Chavez
23.9Alayna Jimenez18:32Bear Creek
24.9Hannah Skondin18:35Bear Creek
25.9Taylor Newman18:43St Mary’s
26.9Kelsey Bumanglag18:57Chavez
27.9Samantha Gritz19:03Bear Creek
26.9Alexis Bradford19:12Bear Creek
30.9Amber Buhagier19:32Bear Creek
31.10Angelique Tino19:34Stagg
32.9Jasmine Santos19:45Bear Creek
33.10Anglina Mendler22:50Chavez
35.9Sarah Towne26:48Elliot Christian
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.11Taylor Pablo20:20St Mary’s
2.11DeeDee Peters20:46St Mary’s
3.11Samantha Sambado21:15St Mary’s
4.12Natalia Hernandez21:15.76Franklin (S)
5.12Olivia Calderon21:16Bear Creek
6.12Kayla Clarin22:15Bear Creek
7.9Audrey Tekerlek22:23St Mary’s
8.12Imani Parker-fong22:28St Mary’s
9.12Francesca Zaragoza22:30St Mary’s
10.12Christina Diaz23:06Edison
12Lourdes Rodriguez23:31.21Franklin (S)
12.11Nishalina Buksh23:40Bear Creek
13.10Araceli Cisneros23:57Stagg
12Karla Segura24:12.01Franklin (S)
15.12Cierra Jordan24:16Edison
16.11Megan Nomellini24:18St Mary’s
11Rosamaria Hernandez24:46.19Franklin (S)
18.12Divonee Pleasant25:12Edison
19.12Lissette Rodriguez25:12Stagg
20.11Stephanie Estay25:33Chavez
11Lucy Bello25:38.23Franklin (S)
22.11Jennifer Estay26:04Chavez
23.11Ariel Gomez26:12Chavez
24.12Kailani De Coito26:31Edison
25.11Ana Lopez26:31Edison
11Melissa Sandoval26:37.31Franklin (S)
27.11Cynthia Quiroz28:42Chavez
28.12Taylor McCann28:44Stagg
12Lisa Soua Yang29:40.77Franklin (S)
30.12Daniela DeSpain31:33Chavez
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
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1.10Stephany Mejia14:56.02Franklin (S)
11Leanne Cutler16:01St Mary’s
11Angela Delgado16:14St Mary’s
12Eden Aguilar16:21St Mary’s
11Heather Quinones16:31St Mary’s
10.9Maria Cazares16:39.29Franklin (S)
9Dalia Fernandez17:26.41Franklin (S)
11Jessica Leal18:25St Mary’s
11Britnie Martin18:29St Mary’s
11Nicole Samson18:31St Mary’s
11Marisa Acosta18:57St Mary’s
12Andrea Chicchon19:02St Mary’s
9Shelia Norton19:31.06Franklin (S)
12Claudia Manzo20:29Edison
11Maribel Talamantes20:53Edison
11Jennifer Thongdy21:18Edison
10Vanessa Sanchez22:49.32Franklin (S)
12Maria Monzon28:20Chavez
12Ana Ruiz28:20Chavez
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