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Perkins XC Meet HS

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Burkburnett HS
Location - Perkins Scout Camp, Burkburnett, TX - Map
Mens Races

Perkins Scout Camp

5,000 Meters Division III Boys10:30 PM
5,000 Meters Division IV Boys11:00 PM
Womens Races
3,200 Meters Division I Girls9:30 PM
3,200 Meters Division II Girls10:00 PM
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Perkins Cross Country Meet
@ Perkins Scout Camp
Southeast of Burkburnett, Texas
When: Thursday, September 2, 2010
Time:  First Race Begins @ 9:30 am. – Packet pick up 8:30 – 9:00.
           -Coaches meeting @ 9:00 am
Where:     Perkins Scout Camp
                -From Highway 240, Perkins Scout Camp is located North of FM 1177.    
                 Go east on FM 1177 past River Creek Golf Course. Turn Left on Perkins road
                 towards Perkins Camp Reservation.
Course:     Boys & *Div II Girls(SEE BELOW) – 5100 Meters,
                 Div I Girls - 3200 Meters
                 *Course is flat with some hills, dirt & mowed grass surface.
Cost: $5.00 per runner / $200.00 maximum per school
** Make checks payable to Burkburnett High School
** Send check to:   Burkburnett High School
                                   c/o Loy Triana
                                   109 Kramer Rd/
                                   Burkburnett, Texas, 76354
Entries: You may enter as many teams as you would like, but only 7 runners max per
Team. Entry deadline is Wedesday, Sept 1, 2010 at 5:00 pm.
                                    Note to Coaches
Entries will only be accepted online via the web-site at
Awards:   ** Trophy to top team in each division
                      ** Individual awards for first 20 finishers per division.
Race Times: First race will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. and will follow a rolling
                        Div I- 2 MILE GIRLS(1A, 2A, 3A OR JV GIRLS)
                  Div III - JV BOYS
                  Div IV - VARSITY BOYS
**YOU CAN Declare divisions the morning of the meet**
INFORMATION: If you haveany further questions or concerns,
                         feel free to contact us @ the following numbers:
                         Loy Triana: (940) 569-1411 X 1185(w) or (940) 642-9585(cell).

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Division III Boys  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Cody Bodine18:10.68Quanah
2.10Bradon Roberts19:05.73Iowa Park
3.11Tyler Johnson19:19.23Holliday
4.12Lance Boyd19:38.55Seymour
5.10Scout Hale19:48.40Childress
6.10Justin Martinez20:02.20Odessa
7.11Nathan Bermudez20:03.94Quanah
8.9Alejandro Corona20:06.22Vernon
9.11Aaron Berndt20:11.21Iowa Park
10.12Joel Solorio20:11.98Electra
11.9Cade Speed20:12.41Wolfforth Frenship
12.10Carson Dillard20:12.93Holliday
13.9Zachary Hargis20:14.05Wolfforth Frenship
14.10Daniel Gonzales20:18.49Odessa
15.11Matt Chaffin20:23.06San Angelo Central
16.11Colton Hendrix20:26.27Wolfforth Frenship
17.10Bailey White20:26.59San Angelo Central
18.11Isaac Nunez20:27.26Odessa
19.10George Johnston20:27.61San Angelo Central
20.10Ty West20:36.65Perrin-Whitt
21.11Geoffrey Johnston20:53.85San Angelo Central
22.11Christian Subia20:55.83Odessa
23.11Brady Willis20:57.59San Angelo Central
24.12Jacob Clark21:00.10Odessa
25.9Danny Valverde21:18.46Vernon
26.11Victor Muela21:20.27Odessa
27.10Ryan Luig21:24.63Wichita Falls Rider
28.12Blake Arbogast21:27.59Burkburnett
29.10Alex Garcia21:29.94Electra
30.12Mac Whitcomb21:33.40Bridgeport
31.11Evan Sarvis21:36.74Perrin-Whitt
32.12Ryne Thacker21:37.54Holliday
33.10Herman Villalobos21:37.84Odessa
34.9Tyson Trotter21:38.07Holliday
35.11Joseph Thomas21:42.79Burkburnett
36.10Jesse Martinez21:51.33San Angelo Central
37.9Kaden Stabeno21:55.45Wolfforth Frenship
38.9McGill David21:57.73Wolfforth Frenship
39.12Attley Hamelin22:08.88Graham
40.11Cody Ramey22:11.50Perrin-Whitt
41.9Josiah Baker22:13.80Wolfforth Frenship
42.9Taz Ellett22:26.59Wichita Falls Rider
43.9Cade Hogan22:31.09Wolfforth Frenship
44.9Jorge Miranda22:31.54Wolfforth Frenship
45.11Dakota Denney22:36.85Holliday
46.9Luis Madrigal22:41.10Wichita Falls
47.12Storm Cantu22:41.96Holliday
48.10Zach Holder22:46.40Wolfforth Frenship
49.9Jon Crawford22:46.69San Angelo Lake View
50.12Andrew Reyna22:51.00Vernon
51.12Zachary Thompson22:53.13Henrietta
52.10Michael Lamberti22:54.51Burkburnett
53.12Brandon Watts22:57.91Graham
54.10Rae McMillen23:04.56Wichita Falls Rider
55.10Caleb Pellikan23:11.79Burkburnett
56.10Victor Crespo23:16.06San Angelo Central
57.9Joshua Mallett23:24.44Burkburnett
58.10Pedro Reza23:26.03Wichita Falls
59.9Andreas Ramos23:28.66San Angelo Lake View
60.9Chris Sanchez23:29.22San Angelo Lake View
61.12Shane Newsom23:29.72Perrin-Whitt
62.11Kurt Milam23:32.06Graham
63.10Esteban Hernand23:33.86Odessa
64.12Kyle Morris23:38.70Holliday
65.10Carpenter Wyatt23:39.96Wichita Falls Rider
66.10Adam Humphries23:43.78Wichita Falls Rider
67.10Jacob Baker23:44.42Wolfforth Frenship
68.11Brandon Leija23:50.55Quanah
69.10Ben Owen23:52.83Wichita Falls Rider
70.11Phillip Jones23:56.09Burkburnett
71.9Garrett Clampitt24:11.41Burkburnett
72.12Rene Rivera24:15.33Wichita Falls
73.10Zach Patrick24:16.23Burkburnett
74.11Caleb Smith24:19.38Wolfforth Frenship
75.9Noah Smith24:19.95Wolfforth Frenship
76.10Edmundo Garcia24:23.06Vernon
77.12Nathan Getchell24:26.81Burkburnett
78.10Daniel Reyes24:35.26Odessa
79.12Chance Pybas24:41.79Vernon
80.9Jeffrey Padgett24:42.85Bowie
81.10David Ramos24:43.37Odessa
82.10Bryson Isnhower24:45.45Quanah
83.12Destry Morgan24:50.11Bowie
84.10Aaron Venzor25:07.80Graham
85.11Kevan Ford25:09.22Vernon
86.11John Searcy25:13.26Munday
87.10Josh Gonzalez25:27.23Burkburnett
88.10Kevin Ordonez25:34.54Wichita Falls
89.11Austin McShan25:48.73Burkburnett
90.9Charlie Salas-Groves25:51.65Burkburnett
91.9Wyatt Walker25:53.66Graham
92.11Preston Isbell25:56.02Graham
93.12Eric Lara26:09.98Odessa
94.10Eduardo Viveros26:21.75Bridgeport
95.12Brady Hollar26:24.40Henrietta
96.11Jacob Wilkerson26:30.38Quanah
97.10Marcus Pinon26:33.66Bridgeport
98.11Austin Cullar26:38.80Henrietta
99.10Donavon Cook26:39.30Henrietta
100.9Danny Kennemer26:42.93San Angelo Lake View
101.10Caleb Brumley26:46.63Wichita Christian
102.9Justin Hollis26:50.98Vernon
103.10Cole Yarbrough26:51.44Wolfforth Frenship
104.9Marcus Lejia26:52.33Quanah
105.10Josh Grajiola27:41.15Vernon
106.10Lee Williamson27:48.75Wichita Falls Rider
107.10Hayden Crelia28:26.80Graham
108.9Reed Lopez28:31.43Quanah
109.9Jacob Lora28:39.71Vernon
110.10Parker Herren28:53.60Wichita Christian
111.10Christopher Davis29:31.91Henrietta
112.10Victor Jiminez29:56.23Wichita Falls
113.10Austin Reece29:56.97Wichita Falls
114.9mike Swan36:23.04Quanah
115.10Hayden Castleberry37:39.82Quanah
116.11Bailey Hendrix37:40.93Quanah
117.11Trey Butts37:41.94Quanah
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5,000 Meters Division IV Boys  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Donovan Torres16:31.62Lubbock Coronado
2.11Brian Keksi17:18.30Burkburnett
3.12James Christensen17:25.45San Angelo Lake View
4.12Caleb Neptune17:38.74Odessa
5.12Connor Langford17:43.61Lubbock Monterey
6.9Jesus Zepeda17:57.37Odessa
7.11Maurilio Pando17:59.37Odessa
8.12Chris Jones18:00.68San Angelo Central
9.11Nathan Sanchez18:03.73Odessa
10.10Paul Olguin18:08.08Lubbock Monterey
11.11Chenier Gardner18:08.55Lubbock Coronado
12.12Michael Brothers18:09.19San Angelo Central
13.11Andre Quinton18:18.96Wolfforth Frenship
14.10Robert Ramirez18:19.24Odessa
15.10Adam Leslie18:19.70Burkburnett
16.9Juaquin Prieto18:20.03San Angelo Central
17.9Josh Martinez18:20.32San Angelo Central
18.11Sam Bullard18:21.99San Angelo Central
19.10Cameron Lugo18:26.91Lubbock Coronado
20.12Aaron Guitierrez18:28.49San Angelo Lake View
21.10Noel Salcedo18:30.15Odessa
22.10Michael Sikes18:31.29Lubbock Monterey
23.11Ricardo Garcia18:33.50San Angelo Lake View
24.12AJ Martinez18:35.13Odessa
25.12Justin Saucedo18:38.54Odessa
26.12Daniel Galicia18:42.14Graham
27.12K.J. Stanley18:47.03Nocona
28.10Logan Wilks18:50.04Lubbock Monterey
29.9Arthur Hamlett18:55.95Burkburnett
30.12Stroup Chris18:56.49Graham
31.10Ryan Daigle19:02.82San Angelo Central
32.12Manny Cruz19:05.50Odessa
33.12Robert Sanchez19:08.08San Angelo Lake View
34.11Roberto Granados19:08.61Chillicothe
35.11Eli Franco19:10.04Odessa
36.12Kaleb Fuller19:10.80Nocona
37.12Miguel Sanchez19:16.29San Angelo Central
38.11Jose Lugo19:17.56Wichita Falls
39.12Patrick Sanchez19:18.86Wolfforth Frenship
40.10Jacob Ortiz19:23.24Lubbock Monterey
41.10Thomas Fielding19:23.69Wichita Falls Rider
42.11Benjamin Bacon19:29.10Lubbock Monterey
43.11Anthony Holland19:33.90Burkburnett
44.12Preston Aldous19:40.68Lubbock
45.11Chris Marin19:41.15Lubbock Monterey
46.10Dillon Vanwinkle19:44.80Lubbock Coronado
47.12JJ Austin19:45.09Lubbock Coronado
48.11Corey Lucero19:54.10Wolfforth Frenship
49.9Marco Sandate19:54.44San Angelo Lake View
50.12Brandon Garrett20:09.39Lubbock Coronado
51.11Jose Tavarez20:09.64Odessa
52.10Gordon Sandercox20:12.12Wolfforth Frenship
53.12Randall Rittman20:16.27Lubbock Coronado
54.12Daniel Ramirez20:22.01San Angelo Lake View
55.11Julio Lozano20:23.82San Angelo Lake View
56.11Sam Schalow20:25.48Lubbock
57.11Eric Ibarra20:33.50Nocona
58.9Lucas Turango20:35.88Wolfforth Frenship
59.12Nathan Durst20:37.88Burkburnett
60.11Ivan Florez20:38.33Odessa
61.11Ivan Diaz20:43.75Nocona
62.10Ariel Maldonado20:45.74Wichita Falls
63.11Nico Lynott20:51.40Burkburnett
64.11Jerry Polvadore20:52.54Iowa Park
65.10Joel Hernandez20:56.87Odessa
66.10Joseph Ostovich21:01.57Wichita Falls Rider
67.12Juan Oviedo21:07.20Wichita Falls
68.10Alex Williams21:08.74Wichita Falls Rider
69.11Phillip Peavy21:12.96Graham
70.11Adrian Sias21:20.76Wichita Falls Hirschi
71.11Benjamin Cruz21:23.94Graham
72.10Brady Hodges21:41.12Iowa Park
73.11Eduardo Garcia22:15.46Iowa Park
74.10Chase Henderson22:27.36Wichita Falls Rider
75.12Travis Whitehead22:31.32Graham
76.11Logan McBeath22:32.27Burkburnett
77.11Logan Meacham22:39.31Graham
78.11Zac Johnson22:42.22Iowa Park
79.10Caleb Nichols22:42.49Wichita Falls Rider
80.9Garrett Starr22:47.91Iowa Park
81.10Aaron Coker22:52.54Burkburnett
82.10Cope Ono22:58.21Burkburnett
83.11Greg McFarlin23:07.54Iowa Park
84.12Jared Josefy23:19.88Graham
85.12Kristopher Guerrero24:05.48Wichita Falls
86.10Louis Esquibel25:08.44Wichita Falls Rider
87.12Terry Phillips26:20.91Wichita Falls
88.11Michael Delafuente26:21.78Nocona
89.12Edgar Lopez27:02.89Wichita Falls
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Division I Girls  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Sanjuanita Martinez14:24.81Bowie
2.9Tiffany Serrato14:47.53Munday
3.10Tiffany Hawkins14:53.04Bridgeport
4.9Brittney Paiz15:00.61San Angelo Central
5.10Keeley Rollings15:05.84Olney
6.10Olivia Jalomo15:06.58Quanah
7.11Irene Amador15:17.89Bridgeport
8.9Joyana Zamzow15:18.84Henrietta
9.12Elizabeth Watts15:21.60Graham
10.9Miranda Munoz15:24.59San Angelo Central
11.10Kendria Robinson15:26.84Vernon
12.9Melina Levario15:27.75Odessa
13.11Jennifer Vu15:31.61San Angelo Central
14.11Audra Hart15:32.70Bridgeport
15.12Kennedy Huckobey15:38.60Graham
16.9Maci Little15:39.37Graham
17.9Anne Delizio15:40.73Electra
18.10Kristin Doss15:41.58Electra
19.12Emily Price15:46.21Bridgeport
20.10Bin Na Kim15:47.58Bridgeport
21.9Sarah Arnold15:51.14San Angelo Central
22.9Darian Leija15:51.91Munday
23.12Sanjuanna Diaz15:53.15Munday
24.9Elizabeth Otley15:55.82Iowa Park
25.12Katie Adair15:56.36Graham
26.9Kylie Dobbs15:57.11Olney
27.10Kimberly Villegas15:58.16Odessa
28.11Crystal Moreno16:05.76San Angelo Central
29.10Marisol Romero16:07.66Childress
30.11Krista Weaver16:17.55Wichita Falls City V...
31.9Lacey Erwin16:18.23Bridgeport
32.10Bryana Ortiz16:24.30Odessa
33.12Elizabeth Trejo16:26.01Graham
34.9Victoria Morrow16:28.12Olney
35.12Rian Dillard16:30.62Munday
36.9Whitney Whitfield16:31.44Olney
37.12Sara Hutson16:32.47Graham
38.10Haylie Vasquez16:34.54Odessa
39.9Jessica Campbell16:41.60Graham
40.9Maricela Camargo16:42.06Graham
41.9Baylee Jenkins16:42.54San Angelo Central
42.10Cassidy McMorris16:44.75Olney
43.9Kimberly Fuller16:49.14San Angelo Central
44.9Daniela Meza16:51.70Odessa
45.10Sabrina Garza16:54.17Bridgeport
46.12Kelsey Shaw16:55.16Bowie
47.10Shelby Beamon16:55.51Olney
48.10Katy Perez16:57.17Quanah
49.9Angelica Camacho17:04.14Graham
50.12Susanna Lile17:04.36Wichita Falls Rider
51.9Sarah Moore17:06.88Burkburnett
52.11Ciarra Heard17:08.13Olney
53.10Veronica Molina17:08.69Vernon
54.10Jayden Holt17:13.96Perrin-Whitt
55.11Kassandra Rodriguez17:14.65Odessa
56.12Lea Buchhorn17:16.05Olney
57.10Tabbi Loter17:16.72Childress
58.9Jade Marin17:16.98Odessa
59.12Riley Jalowy17:17.22Burkburnett
60.11Haley McMath17:18.06Wichita Falls Rider
61.12Annie Walton17:20.06Graham
62.12Tiffany Wertz17:21.80Munday
63.11Bailey Mudd17:22.29Nocona
64.10Jenny Chavez17:22.66Odessa
65.10Baileigh Weigand17:23.06Munday
66.12Nacoa Harris17:23.50Henrietta
67.11Ashley Flores17:29.14Odessa
68.10Yanet Roman17:31.38Odessa
69.11Reina Mack17:31.81Bridgeport
70.10Kennedy Hudson17:32.10Bridgeport
71.9Melissa Brindley17:32.51Graham
72.9Brooke Hoff17:34.02Henrietta
73.9Serenity McNett17:34.71Henrietta
74.11Shelbi McDuffie17:37.43Bridgeport
75.9Monique Mendoza17:38.49Odessa
76.9Sidney Parker17:38.78Graham
77.10Jackie Munoz17:43.57Wichita Falls Rider
78.12Brianna Bruton17:50.42Olney
79.11Miranda Schroeder17:50.84Wichita Falls Rider
80.10Michelle Tillman17:51.17Odessa
81.10Katy Hicks17:51.44Bridgeport
82.9Cheyanne Kettle17:59.30Nocona
83.12Erica Bermea18:00.27Odessa
84.11Clarissa Morales18:09.57Nocona
85.9Ayla Ballard18:14.62Burkburnett
86.9Lupita Hernandez18:16.52Quanah
87.10Abby Skipworth18:16.84Wichita Christian
88.11Erin Nolan18:22.07Bowie
89.12Taylor Fischer18:23.52Quanah
90.12Madeline Hoff18:23.79Henrietta
91.11Brittany Roberts18:26.65Nocona
92.12Elizabeth Newell18:27.19Vernon
93.11Heather Hayes18:28.77Nocona
94.9Alexandra Pipes18:29.16Wichita Christian
95.9Bibi Lopez18:29.96Wichita Falls Rider
96.10Sarah Heath18:31.12Olney
97.12Brittany Mays18:32.07Olney
98.11Kami Frazier18:32.96Burkburnett
99.9Chelsea Echols18:33.32Vernon
100.12Amber Moody18:34.89Henrietta
101.9Jacy Walton18:36.47Graham
102.9Cassie Hodges18:36.80Perrin-Whitt
103.11Sierra Harris18:43.08Henrietta
104.11Suzette Salgado18:47.66Odessa
105.9Haley Browning18:49.68Seymour
106.11Daniella Garcia18:52.20Odessa
107.9Melissa Lara18:53.76Odessa
108.10Alexis Torrez18:57.33San Angelo Lake View
109.11Margaret Fernandez19:05.16Burkburnett
110.10Hannah Novak19:08.98Childress
111.11Rose Moore19:09.24Vernon
112.9Brandy Brown19:22.10Burkburnett
113.11Maegan Laye19:26.34Henrietta
114.9Kaylee Glenn19:32.98Wichita Falls City V...
115.12Haley Meekins19:35.38Bridgeport
116.11Bethany Bell19:36.94Bowie
117.11Daniella Aguilar19:37.83Wichita Falls
118.11Emily Trevino19:38.70Olney
119.10Anna Holbert19:39.70Quanah
120.12Amanda Luevano19:45.18Wichita Falls
121.10Alex Siu19:45.90Wichita Falls
122.11Alana Thompson19:47.09Vernon
123.10Saucedo Iasabel19:47.41Nocona
124.10Samantha Breshers19:47.70Bowie
125.10Brandi Reid19:50.45Childress
126.9Rachel Josefy19:56.42Graham
127.10Dessi Baumgartner19:58.97Wichita Falls
128.12Veronica Guerro20:03.53Vernon
129.11Jocelynn Arias20:09.16Wichita Falls
130.10Jena Condron20:20.06Graham
131.12Macy Bishop20:20.55Bridgeport
132.9Jennifer Smith20:25.61Graham
133.10Mackenzie Andrews20:29.44Quanah
134.12Madison Keller20:35.95Bridgeport
135.10Lavario Carla20:38.42Nocona
136.9Felicia Fraga20:38.81Wichita Falls
137.12Raven Sessums20:39.30Bridgeport
138.12Rachel Kessler20:40.05Childress
139.9Jalyn Blevins20:41.51Nocona
140.10Gabby Rodriguez20:52.02Vernon
141.10Brooke Olson21:23.24Childress
142.10Alex McClanahan21:24.66San Angelo Lake View
143.10Samantha Argo21:47.88Wichita Falls Rider
144.9Jahda Dorsey21:53.01Wichita Falls Rider
145.10Madeliene Powers21:56.95Bowie
146.10Elizabeth Snead22:18.49Vernon
147.12Shahanna Robbins22:30.92Henrietta
148.12Savanna Searcy22:31.65Henrietta
149.-Delgado Yuliana22:32.02Nocona
150.9Flores Olivia22:42.71Wichita Falls Rider
151.11Prastik Christina22:47.15Nocona
152.11Bryana Nava22:55.11Vernon
153.12Courtney Mabbitt22:57.50Graham
154.11Cassiel Dillard23:21.88Burkburnett
155.11Courtney Pena23:24.48Olney
156.10Taylor Newsom23:26.99Quanah
157.9Martina Guajardo23:27.97Quanah
158.10Jacee Halsell24:03.49Henrietta
159.11Tara Bond24:04.69Henrietta
160.10Cynthia Cantu24:46.13Bowie
161.10Skylar Shawn25:17.25Bridgeport
162.10Karlesha Clark26:05.20Wichita Falls
163.11Phoebe Mai26:38.44Vernon
164.12Shaina Mesa26:38.84Vernon
165.10Marla O'Neal26:46.48Nocona
166.9Brittany Tamez29:37.17Quanah
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3,200 Meters Division II Girls  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12McKenzie Archer13:13.60Lubbock Coronado
2.12Sara Cuba13:18.65Holliday
3.10Kristen Anderson13:34.73Holliday
4.10Taylor Lindstrom13:37.57Lubbock Coronado
5.10Morgan Lewis13:44.19Holliday
6.11Taya Thetford13:45.12Lubbock Monterey
7.11Bethany Hale13:47.96Iowa Park
8.9Alexandria Kincheloe13:49.80Lubbock Monterey
9.11Aubrey Ellett13:53.58Wichita Falls Rider
10.11Naraly Rodriguez14:05.46Odessa
11.12Danielle Randolph14:06.28Wichita Falls
12.9Michelle Ingle14:10.39Wichita Falls Rider
13.11Sarah Randall14:14.09San Angelo Central
14.9Amber Loyd14:15.48Holliday
15.10Cella Revelez14:17.38San Angelo Central
16.10Skyllar McDaniel14:18.71Iowa Park
17.9Macey Beazley14:21.15Lubbock Coronado
18.12Tabitha Garcia14:23.24Lubbock Monterey
19.10Kristin Neff14:25.31Lubbock Coronado
20.10Macey Siegert14:26.97Seymour
21.12Shelby Boren14:32.31Iowa Park
22.9Baylie Cates14:34.31San Angelo Central
23.11Lilah Gilmore14:38.89Iowa Park
24.9Alexiis Nobles14:43.19Burkburnett
25.9Jodeci Dare Ancira14:43.58Burkburnett
26.9Krysten Sarbach14:46.07San Angelo Central
27.9Baley Hodgkins14:47.20Iowa Park
28.12Megan Robinett14:49.87Wolfforth Frenship
29.10Missouri Clanton14:51.79San Angelo Central
30.9Shelby Bramlett14:53.06Lubbock Monterey
31.10Kaitlyn Henderson14:54.38Lubbock Monterey
32.10Saray Natal14:56.89Lubbock
33.9Courtney Boe14:58.86Wichita Falls Rider
34.10Elisa Vigil15:00.09Odessa
35.10Emily Espinoza15:02.92Lubbock Monterey
36.10Maria Ybarra15:04.11Odessa
37.12Kayla Littlefield15:04.37San Angelo Central
38.10Sarah Soderstrom15:06.18Holliday
39.11Sabrina Cedillos15:06.80Odessa
40.11Cally Baucom15:13.76San Angelo Central
41.9Amber Suarez15:17.66Odessa
42.9Alissa Trigo15:23.57Wolfforth Frenship
43.9Nizhoni Terronez15:25.05Iowa Park
44.12Katy Dominguez15:27.73Odessa
45.10Kelci Bedingfield15:28.57Holliday
46.9Denise Martinez15:29.65Odessa
47.11Jennifer Sissel15:33.75Wichita Falls Rider
48.12Chloe Thorton15:39.51Wichita Falls
49.12Gaby Valeriano15:41.42Odessa
50.10Jordan Delgado15:47.48Lubbock
51.9Melissa Druien15:50.71Wichita Falls Rider
52.10Desiree Cortez15:54.82San Angelo Lake View
53.10Mercedes Sanchez15:55.55Wolfforth Frenship
54.11Leah Stone15:57.61Wichita Falls Rider
55.10Micah Valdez15:59.21Wolfforth Frenship
56.11Emileigh Willems16:02.19Wolfforth Frenship
57.12Allison Brinson16:04.72Lubbock Coronado
58.11Tiffany Martinez16:07.18Odessa
59.9Tiffany Baumgartner16:10.14Wichita Falls
60.10Kelsi Rutledge16:10.88Burkburnett
61.11Karime Rodriguez16:12.10Odessa
62.11Cinthya Martinez16:12.61San Angelo Lake View
63.10McKenzie Shawn16:13.57Burkburnett
64.12Emily Merill16:18.44San Angelo Lake View
65.12Victoria Jimenez16:18.75Odessa
66.10Ashley Sissel16:20.89Wichita Falls Rider
67.10April Hinojos16:22.29San Angelo Lake View
68.9Cindy Smith16:24.70Burkburnett
69.10Brooke Lindstrom16:25.82Lubbock Coronado
70.12Janae Ervin16:27.03Holliday
71.11Jessica Alvarez16:32.05Lubbock
72.12Myranda Lara16:34.40Odessa
73.11Rebekah Dominguez16:42.08Odessa
74.12Jackie Munoz16:45.98Odessa
75.10Roxanna Ramirez16:51.29Wolfforth Frenship
76.9Cashai Perez16:55.42Wolfforth Frenship
77.9Ashley Villarreal17:00.99Lubbock Coronado
78.10Dalia Pamas17:03.07Lubbock
79.12Emily Salas-Groves17:05.78Burkburnett
80.10Lauren Moon17:17.90Burkburnett
81.12Selena Hurtado17:29.54Wichita Falls
82.9Riley Swick17:33.79San Angelo Lake View
83.11Gladys Lopez17:34.10Wichita Falls
84.11Erica Gwinn17:45.28Wichita Falls Hirschi
85.12Heidi Smith17:53.63Wolfforth Frenship
86.12Beth Waddell18:07.47Wolfforth Frenship
87.9Lisa Quinones18:13.62Wolfforth Frenship
88.9Brittany Benedict18:13.94Wolfforth Frenship
89.12Alicia Cerna18:19.70San Angelo Lake View
90.11Loran Willams18:21.26Iowa Park
91.12Tamika Warner20:10.67Wichita Falls Hirschi
92.10Sabrina Lewis20:22.92Wolfforth Frenship
93.11Allison Graddy20:25.16Wichita Falls
94.11Hunter O'Malley21:12.16Wichita Falls
95.10Riley Anderson23:50.89Wolfforth Frenship
96.9Kiana Skalsky24:47.19Wolfforth Frenship
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