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LaBenite Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity9:45 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity9:45 AM
Womens Races

LaBenite Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity9:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity 9:00 AM

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Coaches, Remember we run two races. Girls and a Boys race.  GIRLS RACE 9:00AM  BOYS RACE 9:45AM.   Each school designates who will be counted as Varsity scorers up to a maximum of 7 runners in each division before the race at the coaches meeting.  Schools with more than 7 runners, their designated JV runners will be marked as individual runners and not be counted in Varsity team scoring.    I will give you numbers to give to your Varsity runners to wear.  This will allow for easier scoring.  Coaches will need to collect the place cards from their runners and fill out the race result envelope.  All you will need to do is write their place and time on the respective label that has their name and school already typed.  Do not remove the labels from its backing.  My scorers will do that for the scoreboard results.  Return the race result envelope to the scorers table ASAP.

Enter your rosters and click designated Varsity runners and all others as JV.  Do this by October 15th or sooner.  You can change this at anytime and if on the way over to the course Saturday morning you make a final change that is fine.  I will ask at the coaches meeting if there are any last minute designations. 

The course is marked and you can visit it at anytime.  We hosted the Independence City Meet this year (9-21) and the course is ready to go.  We will mow it again a few days before the 16th of October.  The site to visit to see and make copies of the course is /   From I-70 go north on 291 HWY.  You will pass under 24 HWY and go by Kentucky (stoplight), and Courtney (stoplight ) the next road (and it is the last road before you cross the Missouri River)  is Courtney Rd (again )  turn right and then a quick left into LaBenite Park.  Park on the North side of the levee or along side the entrance road.  Any last minute questions you can call me on my cell phone. 816-547-6429.  Tom Bates

TEAM SCORES  Girls /1st -  Barstow 21,  2nd - Maranatha 51, 3rd - St. Mary's  71,  4th - Van Horn  75,  Incomplete - Sherwood (4 runners ), LSCC ( 1 runner )

BOYS / 1st -  St. Mary's  30,  2nd - Maranatha 44,  3rd - Barstow  77, 4th - LSCC 78,  Incomplete - Van Horn ( 3 runners ), Sherwood ( 1 runner )

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St. Mary's (Independence)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Aaron Banuelos
22:03St. Mary's (Independ...
2.-Sam Stewart
22:49 PRBarstow
3.9Steven Gordon
23:07St. Mary's (Independ...
4.11Ned Babbott
23:13 SRBarstow
5.11Brandon Shook
23:15St. Mary's (Independ...
6.10Jacob Trotter
23:33 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
7.9Daniel Mank
23:43Maranatha Academy
8.12Ryan Winner
23:54St. Mary's (Independ...
9.9Adam Carver
24:24 SRMaranatha Academy
10.11Taylor West
25:02 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
11.10Nathan Hoppman
33:17St. Mary's (Independ...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Deko Ricketts
2.12Mitch Heller
17:37 PRMaranatha Academy
3.12Connor Pace
17:45St. Mary's (Independ...
4.11Brett Rothaus
18:06Summit Christian Aca...
5.12Tyler Graef
18:08 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
6.12BJ Pettus
18:13St. Mary's (Independ...
7.11Oscar Bichara
18:37 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
8.11Ian Bower
18:39 SRMaranatha Academy
9.11Kevin Hopkins
18:56 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
10.11Caleb Hartig
18:59Maranatha Academy
11.11Luke Miller
19:07Maranatha Academy
12.12David Kessler
13.9Nick Hoduski
19:21 SRMaranatha Academy
14.11Cullen Arness
19:29Maranatha Academy
15.9Eric Andrews
19:59St. Mary's (Independ...
16.9Tim Nitz
20:11Summit Christian Aca...
17.11Nick Conner
20:18Van Horn (Independen...
18.10Henry Stratton
20:31Summit Christian Aca...
19.10Chris Thibault
20:59St. Mary's (Independ...
20.11David Danner
21:03Summit Christian Aca...
21.9Noland Ammon
22.9Jay Gillen
23.9Derek Scott
24.9Clayton Gregg
22:01Summit Christian Aca...
26.10Alex McDonald
27.9Jensen Lemmon
22:15Maranatha Academy
27.11Grey Hetler
28.11Corbin Bessmer
24:23Van Horn (Independen...
29.9Jose Ruiz
26:15Van Horn (Independen...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Portia Rockers
29:31St. Mary's (Independ...
2.11Lena Schwingshandl
30:46 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
3.12Maii Khampa
30:48St. Mary's (Independ...
4.11Jennifer Andrews
32:14 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
5.9Melody Kimbrough
33:40St. Mary's (Independ...
6.12Anne Hancock
36:55St. Mary's (Independ...
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Kaya LeGrand
20:26 SRBarstow
2.12Brooke Kawamoto
3.10Ellen Babbott
4.11Mackenzie Devins
22:06 SRBarstow
5.9Christa Johnson
23:13 SRMaranatha Academy
6.9Destiny Marquez
23:31 PRVan Horn (Independen...
7.9Erica Scassellati
23:31 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
8.11Abby Smith
23:55 PRMaranatha Academy
9.11Emily Kidd
24:04 PRMaranatha Academy
10.9Shannon Feurt
11.11Courtney Brownlee
24:27 SRMaranatha Academy
12.9Cheyenne Cumpton
13.12Kendall Gregg
25:01Summit Christian Aca...
14.12Erin Bax
25:47 SRBarstow
15.10Diana Cruz-Rodriguez
26:20 SRVan Horn (Independen...
16.9Elizabeth Robb
26:29 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
17.11Yara Puente
26:39Van Horn (Independen...
18.12Kathleen White
19.12Min Hong An
27:09 PRSt. Mary's (Independ...
20.12Jennifer Chung
27:10St. Mary's (Independ...
21.10Mariana Bichara
27:12St. Mary's (Independ...
22.12Lisa Fellers
23.11Rachel Carver
27:24 SRMaranatha Academy
24.11Mary Kimbrough
27:41 SRSt. Mary's (Independ...
25.9Shelby Crusha
30:24 PRSherwood
26.11Kristin Campos
30:27 PRVan Horn (Independen...
27.10Judit Guillen
30:38Van Horn (Independen...
28.12Mai Khampa
31:01St. Mary's (Independ...
29.9Ana Adams
31:48 SRMaranatha Academy
30.11Allison Hall
32:59 SRBarstow
31.10Gabi Thomas
36:05 PRVan Horn (Independen...
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