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Smithsburg Invititational HS

Saturday, September 12, 1998

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Meet Host - Smithsburg HS
Location - Smithsburg HS, Smithsburg, MD - Map
Mens Races

Smithsburg HS

5,000 Meters Large School
5,000 Meters Small School
Womens Races

Smithsburg HS

5,000 Meters Large School
5,000 Meters Small School
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Large School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alex McAbee17:25.1North Hagerstown
2.11Colin Russell17:38.5Francis Scott Key
3.12Mike Replogle17:39.3Francis Scott Key
4.12Chuck Wade17:47.1Boonsboro
5.12Chris Pereschuk17:48.6North Hagerstown
6.11Doug Allen18:03.9Walkersville
7.12Jeff Richmond18:10.2Hedgesville
8.11Joshua Campbell18:13.4Musselman
9.11Brian Davis18:20.7Musselman
10.10Erik Lenhart18:21.3North Hagerstown
11.11Stetson Snowden18:24.8Martinsburg
12.12Brad Mentzer18:36.4North Hagerstown
13.11Eamon Connelly18:43.8Boonsboro
14.10Brian Lewis18:45.9Boonsboro
15.12Johnavin McKinley18:55.5North Hagerstown
16.12Derrek Mullinix19:01.0Hedgesville
17.12Zacc Custer19:04.2Hedgesville
18.12Bambassema Badjo19:05.6Rockville
19.11Matt Bracken19:14.5Boonsboro
20.12Matt Byers19:18.0Hedgesville
21.10John Cannon19:27.5Hedgesville
22.11Joey Stiers19:29.4Rockville
23.11Matt Barber19:30.8Francis Scott Key
24.10Tyler Snyder19:32.8North Hagerstown
25.10Ron Shriver19:33.0Francis Scott Key
26.11Matt Gibbes19:33.3Francis Scott Key
27.12Will Wallace19:39.8Rockville
28.-Robbie Stevens19:49.0Martinsburg
29.12Nat Davidson19:59.0Rockville
30.12Art Rhoderick20:02.1Boonsboro
31.12Tony Ebaugh20:10.4Francis Scott Key
32.11Kevin Stouffer20:20.4Boonsboro
33.12Billy Shirley20:34.3Musselman
34.12George Shaw20:50.0Walkersville
35.10Tommy Carlson21:08.3Rockville
36.10Jim Wood21:22.6Francis Scott Key
37.12Andrew Chen21:34.9Walkersville
38.-Ryan Tuck21:41.6Walkersville
39.12Jason Koch21:44.5Martinsburg
40.11Tom Hartman22:00.3North Hagerstown
41.-Colin Hitt22:41.7Martinsburg
42.10Mark Mann22:43.2Hedgesville
43.10Dustin Tabler22:45.6Hedgesville
44.10Billy Rundell23:01.0Rockville
45.-Sam Bufter23:13.2Walkersville
46.12Bill Dorr23:23.4Walkersville
47.12Sam Cartee23:39.8Martinsburg
48.9Jason Smith24:21.4Walkersville
49.10Ryan Noll24:35.8Martinsburg
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5,000 Meters Small School  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Andrew Diffenderfer17:11.7Greencastle Antrim
2.11Rich Polifka17:14.1Greencastle Antrim
3.11Chris Johnson17:57.5Saint James
4.10Ross Snider18:06.7Greencastle Antrim
5.12Mike Hoffman18:45.2Brunswick
6.12Chris Allen18:51.0Williamsport
7.11Nathan Buchman18:57.1Williamsport
8.10Luke Bauer19:02.1Smithsburg
9.11Grant Salisbury19:08.2Saint James
10.11Eric Cornell19:14.0Brunswick
11.12Ashby Bell19:24.3Greencastle Antrim
12.11Aaron Wilson19:30.8Smithsburg
13.12Bryan Matonak19:52.0Williamsport
14.9James Keefer19:56.1Greencastle Antrim
15.12Jeff Rosenfeld19:59.8Poolesville Sr
16.12Cameron Snapp20:03.2Saint James
17.12Tom Simchak20:07.5Saint James
18.10Chris Jackson20:11.8Williamsport
19.12Elliot Sanders20:16.4Saint James
20.9Chris Ames20:17.8Poolesville Sr
21.10Nick Young20:22.8Catoctin
22.12Kirk Kline20:31.3Williamsport
23.9Ryan Hudson20:37.2Greencastle Antrim
24.11Kyle Dingle20:40.7Smithsburg
25.10Caleb Bruner20:47.9Greencastle Antrim
26.11Josh Smith21:10.7South Hagerstown
27.12Drew Myers21:20.9Poolesville Sr
28.12BJ Vaughan21:24.8Poolesville Sr
29.10Andrew Richwine21:25.3Saint James
30.9Chris Poticny21:42.6Poolesville Sr
31.9John Oyaizu21:47.9Saint James
32.12Danny Renn21:49.9Brunswick
33.10John Cuppett21:55.3South Hagerstown
34.-Luke Buhrman22:03.0Smithsburg
35.12Brian Persse22:13.0Catoctin
36.12Craig Griffith22:42.7South Hagerstown
37.11Joe Ridgeway22:56.5Poolesville Sr
38.9Mark Washington23:01.8South Hagerstown
39.11Doug Young23:10.6Catoctin
40.10Brandon Long23:17.9Brunswick
41.9Matt Fellows23:44.3Brunswick
42.11Andrew Seiser24:14.2Catoctin
43.10John Compher24:18.0Brunswick
44.10Matt Wright24:23.7Smithsburg
45.11Robert Smith24:25.9Poolesville Sr
46.9Bobby Boone24:42.4South Hagerstown
47.9Dan Hoke25:40.2Catoctin
48.9Ben Buchman26:01.9Williamsport
49.9John Schmidt26:16.3South Hagerstown
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Large School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kari McCarty21:00.6North Hagerstown
2.11Angie Rhoderick21:17.6Boonsboro
3.10Lisa Sappey21:52.6Hedgesville
4.10Anita Rhoderick22:11.2Boonsboro
5.9Stephanie Kurtz23:07.5North Hagerstown
6.12Liz Kurrle23:41.4Francis Scott Key
7.-Beth Butler23:53.7Hedgesville
8.10Brittney Banks23:56.3Hedgesville
9.10Bethany Shoaf24:01.2North Hagerstown
10.10Colleen Somers24:04.7North Hagerstown
11.12Jessica Leatherman24:10.3Boonsboro
12.12Kelly Bittner24:27.8Boonsboro
13.11April Wantz24:40.6Francis Scott Key
14.12Amanda Gable24:52.3Rockville
15.9Cristina Petruccelli24:55.4Rockville
16.9Karen Ben-Shlaush24:55.7Rockville
17.9Erin Kepler25:10.7Francis Scott Key
18.11Deniz Baykan25:32.5North Hagerstown
19.11Lindsay Hu26:09.6North Hagerstown
20.10Stephanie Mueller26:46.0Hedgesville
21.10Rachel Carden26:50.9Martinsburg
22.-Melissa Kolb26:57.8Walkersville
23.10Rachael Messier27:02.9Hedgesville
24.12Johanna Gnall27:16.7Rockville
25.11Aubrie Shramko27:40.8Martinsburg
26.12Jessica Fitzgerald27:49.9Francis Scott Key
27.-Sara Jordan27:54.8Boonsboro
28.9Krystle Kaplan27:59.6Francis Scott Key
29.11Katie Tomarelli28:02.8Francis Scott Key
30.11Chelsie Davidson28:12.3Rockville
31.10Brandi Harbaugh29:44.9Boonsboro
32.10Jen Elliott29:55.9Boonsboro
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5,000 Meters Small School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Michelle Mentzer21:49.3Greencastle Antrim
2.12Karen Fuss21:57.0Williamsport
3.12Katie Bauer22:05.8Smithsburg
4.12Gretchen Unger22:32.9Brunswick
5.9Laura Stouffer23:01.0Smithsburg
6.12Inga Olsen23:09.2Catoctin
7.12Katie Yourishin23:38.8Brunswick
8.9Katie Mayhugh23:47.1Williamsport
9.12Becky Abrecht23:51.5Brunswick
10.11Jessica Collins23:54.0Brunswick
11.10Stacia Stouffer24:01.9Greencastle Antrim
12.11Katie Kulbako24:33.6Poolesville Sr
13.11Kristin Seifarth24:38.3Smithsburg
14.9Melissa Arch24:49.3Williamsport
15.12Katie Gloyer24:52.3Smithsburg
16.9Kate Prinkey25:33.7Brunswick
17.9Becky Arch25:59.9Williamsport
18.12Tiffany Sakalski26:03.9Smithsburg
19.11Jillian Faulkner26:25.3Brunswick
20.11Rachel Thorpe26:30.8Williamsport
21.12Kerre Hock26:31.1Smithsburg
22.12Becky Fitz26:53.6Greencastle Antrim
23.9Alisha Vaughn26:57.5Poolesville Sr
24.9Meghan Nelson27:25.4South Hagerstown
25.10Karen Elliot27:48.8Williamsport
26.11Sarah McDonald28:17.5Williamsport
27.11Christine Tucci28:34.7Poolesville Sr
28.10Susanna Smith29:32.7South Hagerstown
29.10Beckie Neal30:45.9Poolesville Sr
30.10Kelly Galloway30:52.6Poolesville Sr
31.10Emmy Hall33:02.5Smithsburg
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