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Mens Races

Lake Land College

3 Mile Varsity10:45 AM
3 Mile Open12:15 PM
Womens Races

Lake Land College

3 Mile Varsity10:00 AM
3 Mile Open11:30 AM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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10.9Johnny Leverenz16:14Danville
16.12Matt Cleveland16:42Danville
19.12Mario Frye16:45Danville
29.12Jovon Shaw17:14Danville
36.11Mitchell Parker17:36Danville
48.12Eric Roth18:44Danville
56.12Tucker Viljevac19:36Danville
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3 Mile Open  

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31.11Aidan Tibben19:07Danville
44.12Ashish Patel20:16Danville
78.11Love Shah24:18Danville
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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17.10Kim Carter20:07Danville
35.12Kara Anderson21:41Danville
44.10Latina White22:57Danville
51.11Dannielle Meyer25:38Danville
52.12Kassandra Patino28:38Danville
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