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3.2 Mile Varsity

Lindo Lakes

2.15 Mile Junior Varsity
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Lindo Lakes

2.15 Mile Varsity
2.15 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.2 Mile Varsity  

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2.12Matt Jorge17:47West Hills
3.12Zack Ivey17:56West Hills
5.9Dalton Husted18:17West Hills
8.11Miguel Garcia18:47West Hills
9.11Ben Dayton18:56West Hills
10.10Chris Halsey18:57West Hills
11.11William Stauffer19:04West Hills
13.11Micah Parks19:11West Hills
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2.15 Mile Junior Varsity  

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2.11Jarred Villa Gomez12:26West Hills
4.9Stephen Williams12:31West Hills
6.11Vincent Tellez12:35West Hills
7.10Gavin Glover12:41West Hills
8.11Wesley Finnesstad12:45West Hills
9.11Aaron Collinsworth12:47West Hills
11.10Chris Elam12:54West Hills
12.10Zach Pierce13:00West Hills
13.12Jared Rubin13:01West Hills
14.9Jon Schoonover13:02West Hills
15.11Kyle Halford13:04West Hills
20.12Richard Pimentel13:22West Hills
21.11Caleb Sanchez13:26West Hills
22.10Cristian Goodson13:28West Hills
25.10Justin Gilliland13:54West Hills
26.11Jarred Houghton13:55West Hills
27.9Dylan Whiteman13:59West Hills
29.9Collin Looney14:13West Hills
30.11Cody Anderson14:26West Hills
31.9Estefan Garcia14:26West Hills
32.9Ian Lococo14:27West Hills
33.10Robert Peterson14:28West Hills
35.11Ryan Klindt14:57West Hills
36.9Charlie Cross14:58West Hills
37.12Brandon Walunas15:11West Hills
38.9Matt Arrollado15:26West Hills
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Womens Results

2.15 Mile Varsity  

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1.10Rachel Johnston13:12West Hills
3.12Crystal Kolen13:41West Hills
7.10Shannon Isaacson14:11West Hills
8.10Kelly Gini14:12West Hills
9.9Kasey Dreher14:13West Hills
11.11Monica Williams14:30West Hills
12.12Mallori vanDenover14:31West Hills
13.9Melissa Wilson14:34West Hills
15.11Danielle Gudino14:46West Hills
16.12Kailene Gini15:47West Hills
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2.15 Mile Junior Varsity  

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1.10Natalie Thigpen14:45West Hills
2.11Kailin Anderson14:54West Hills
3.12Briana Houck14:58West Hills
4.9Emily Perez15:11West Hills
5.9Lara Bloomfield15:12West Hills
6.9Alicia Philo15:13West Hills
8.10Rosie Ninteman15:39West Hills
18.12Chloe Senter15:43West Hills
19.10Betty Reaney15:44West Hills
11.10Janelle Clanton15:45West Hills
12.11Brittany Laird15:50West Hills
13.11Sicily Famolaro16:02West Hills
14.11Betty Covarrubias16:06West Hills
15.11Siobahn Buckley16:10West Hills
17.11Dani Ghandour16:27West Hills
18.11Kaitlin McLucas16:28West Hills
27.12Kathy Collado16:42West Hills
20.9Shyanne English16:45West Hills
21.11Karen Quezada16:48West Hills
22.10Natalie Nynas16:57West Hills
23.12Courtney Willis17:00West Hills
24.12Jennifer Ault17:03West Hills
25.10Courtney Newnam17:10West Hills
27.10Whitney Lamb17:27West Hills
28.10Nicole Sevcik17:32West Hills
29.11Eliana Moustakas17:36West Hills
30.12Michelle Arrollado17:38West Hills
31.10Becca Melton17:38West Hills
32.9Carly MacBeth17:40West Hills
33.12Sarah Snyder17:47West Hills
34.12Becky Jeffery17:49West Hills
35.10Casey Maynard17:50West Hills
36.11Morgan Henderson17:54West Hills
37.9Nikki Page19:41West Hills
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