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Cascade League Home Meet w. Lakewood & South Whidbey HS

Thursday, October 07, 2010

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Meet Host - Lakewood HS, Sultan HS
Location - Osprey Park, Sultan, WA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Last Updated 3:24 PM, Sat, Oct 9


Team results for the meet are....

Boys race : Lakewood 18   /   South Whidbey 54   /   Sultan 61

Girls race : South Whidbey 26   /   Lakewood 29   / Sultan  No score

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Trent Tresch17:46.91Lakewood
2.11Kris Mugrage18:05.54Lakewood
3.9Mitchell Darrah18:07.02Lakewood
4.11Avery Jensen18:21.21Lakewood
5.12Jacob Biddle18:21.99Sultan
6.12Christian Culp18:29.94Sultan
7.12Ben Saari18:30.63South Whidbey
8.10Peter Espinoza18:33.76Lakewood
10.12Olin Bergquist19:05.48South Whidbey
10.10Jhamil Bader-Jarvis19:05.48South Whidbey
11.11Connor Dreyer19:07.4Lakewood
12.9Jacob Mack19:10.31Lakewood
13.12Tad Burnell20:09.44Lakewood
14.12Michael Grimm20:10.96South Whidbey
15.12Chris Jones20:11.47Sultan
16.10Bryce Shepard20:26.8Lakewood
17.9Drew Cabales20:27.05Lakewood
18.9Ryan Whitehead20:27.33Lakewood
19.12Rain Ellis20:57.3South Whidbey
20.9Preston Davis21:03.44Lakewood
21.9Joel Lashua21:05.25Lakewood
22.12Chris Gouette21:05.6Lakewood
23.9Gavin Imes21:17.32South Whidbey
24.12Sean Metcalfe21:19.27Lakewood
25.12Matt Bryan21:34.45Sultan
26.11Jordan DeGroot21:40.74Lakewood
27.11Will Mellish21:47.71South Whidbey
28.10Steven Brower21:56.23Lakewood
29.12Sam Kiefer22:01.21Lakewood
30.11Jake Howe22:01.45Lakewood
31.9Matt Roebke22:05.73Lakewood
32.9Andrew Stich22:51.26Lakewood
33.10Jackson Biagio22:56.61Lakewood
34.9Aaron Heidlage24:05.14Sultan
35.11Cody Cao24:29.79Lakewood
36.11Sawyer Almasi24:34.74Lakewood
37.12Dakota Chamley26:34.95Lakewood
38.12Zach Lawrence26:40.34Lakewood
39.9Connor Smith26:40.78Lakewood
40.9Spencer Baugh27:15.3Lakewood
41.9George Treml29:16.66Lakewood
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Keely Craig21:03.82South Whidbey
2.12Chantal White21:16.73South Whidbey
3.11Rachel Cundy21:17.45Lakewood
4.12Chelsea Stokes21:18.04Lakewood
5.9Rachel Sowards21:19.85Lakewood
6.10Lillianna Stelling21:22.72South Whidbey
7.12Emily Martin21:41.26South Whidbey
8.9Sara Newman21:53.17Lakewood
9.12Kelsey Anderson21:58.02Lakewood
10.11Jessica Cary22:08.58South Whidbey
11.10Nora Felt22:09.17South Whidbey
12.9Madi Boyd22:10.08South Whidbey
13.11Marina Kovic23:08.51South Whidbey
14.10Kelsey Hardaway24:42.15South Whidbey
15.11Mikaela Skiles24:44.89Lakewood
16.9Celine Espinoza24:45.31Lakewood
17.10Emily Bainbridge24:45.73Lakewood
18.10Chiara Flores24:46.03Lakewood
19.10Audrey Digirolamo24:52.88South Whidbey
20.10Bonnie Klamm24:53.31South Whidbey
21.10Anna Hood25:06.88South Whidbey
22.9Laena Skiles26:10.91Lakewood
23.10Joleen Gouette26:11.21Lakewood
24.10Charlotte Mack26:31.38Lakewood
25.12Hannah Clark26:32.86Lakewood
26.9Alisa Smith27:23.83Lakewood
27.12Jordan Baugh27:25.18Lakewood
28.11Kaylee St. Aubin27:26.19Lakewood
29.9Caitlyn Workman30:29.14South Whidbey
30.9Login Porter31:28.28Lakewood
31.10Lindsee Kowalski-S...31:28.43Lakewood
32.11Felicia Guinn34:03.55Lakewood
33.11Heather Bahr34.05.25Lakewood
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