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Sundodger Invite HS, Collegiate

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Location - Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA
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Mens Races

Lincoln Park

8,000 Meters Men-Event 3 Invite
8,000 Meters Men-Event 5 Open
3 Mile Varsity
3 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women-Event 4 Invite
6,000 Meters Women-Event 6 Open
3 Mile Varsity
3 Mile Junior Varsity
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coaches are invited to add results for unattached runners and club runners. Clubs, establish your team on this site!

                              OPEN Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Whitworth                    47    2    4   12   14   15   24   50          
      Total Time:  2:06:42.89                                                    
         Average:    25:20.58                                                    
   2 British Columbia             56    8    9   10   11   18   19   27          
      Total Time:  2:07:13.39                                                    
         Average:    25:26.68                                                    
   3 Lewis & Clark               101    3    7   28   30   33   63   73          
      Total Time:  2:09:19.89                                                    
         Average:    25:51.98                                                    
   4 Simon Fraser                112    5   13   21   36   37   45   46          
      Total Time:  2:09:49.99                                                    
         Average:    25:58.00                                                    
   5 St. Martin's                186    1    6   35   66   78  101  111          
      Total Time:  2:12:10.31                                                    
         Average:    26:26.07                                                    
   6 Whitman                     192   26   29   40   41   56   57   77          
      Total Time:  2:12:48.28                                                    
         Average:    26:33.66                                                    
   6 Southern Oregon Track Clu   192   16   22   42   44   68   80   97          
      Total Time:  2:12:33.26                                                    
         Average:    26:30.66                                                    
   8 Everett CC                  200   17   20   31   62   70   72   85          
      Total Time:  2:12:54.30                                                    
         Average:    26:34.86                                                    
   9 Seattle Pacific             225   38   39   47   48   53   54   75          
      Total Time:  2:13:47.57                                                    
         Average:    26:45.52                                                    
  10 Puget Sound                 276   23   55   59   65   74   84   95          
      Total Time:  2:15:40.21                                                    
         Average:    27:08.05                                                    
  11 Seattle U.                  312   49   52   64   71   76   79   81          
      Total Time:  2:16:49.07                                                    
         Average:    27:21.82                                                    
  12 Eastside Runners            351   32   43   67  100  109                    
      Total Time:  2:21:18.46                                                    
         Average:    28:15.70                                                    
  13 Green River CC              356   25   61   83   91   96  105  107          
      Total Time:  2:19:34.34                                                    
         Average:    27:54.87                                                    
  13 Clackamas CC                356   34   60   69   94   99                    
      Total Time:  2:19:49.64                                                    
         Average:    27:57.93                                                    
  15 Highline CC                 382   51   58   88   92   93   98  103          
      Total Time:  2:20:23.45                                                    
         Average:    28:04.69                                                    
  16 Mt. Hood CC                 467   82   86   87  102  110  114               
      Total Time:  2:26:19.17                                                    
         Average:    29:15.84                                                    
  17 Skagit Valley               497   89   90  104  106  108  112  113          
      Total Time:  2:29:52.32                                                    
         Average:    29:58.47                                                    
                            OPEN  Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Simon Fraser                 35    1    2    5   12   15   17   18          
      Total Time:  1:51:12.10                                                    
         Average:    22:14.42                                                    
   2 Lewis & Clark                88    4    8   21   26   29   47   53          
      Total Time:  1:53:36.33                                                    
         Average:    22:43.27                                                    
   3 Whitworth                    95    3    6   19   24   43   63   74          
      Total Time:  1:53:39.57                                                    
         Average:    22:43.92                                                    
   4 Southern Oregon             116   13   16   20   33   34   36   40          
      Total Time:  1:55:08.36                                                    
         Average:    23:01.68                                                    
   5 British Columbia            126   10   14   30   35   37   45   48          
      Total Time:  1:55:32.71                                                    
         Average:    23:06.55                                                    
   6 Everett CC                  180   11   27   31   38   73   82   84          
      Total Time:  1:57:31.42                                                    
         Average:    23:30.29                                                    
   7 Whitman                     200   22   25   42   52   59   65   66          
      Total Time:  1:58:11.06                                                    
         Average:    23:38.22                                                    
   8 Seattle Pacific             219    7   44   49   51   68   70   75          
      Total Time:  1:59:08.79                                                    
         Average:    23:49.76                                                    
   9 St. Martin's                260   28   32   56   67   77   78   83          
      Total Time:  2:00:45.00                                                    
         Average:    24:09.00                                                    
  10 Gonzaga                     297   54   57   60   62   64                    
      Total Time:  2:01:38.98                                                    
         Average:    24:19.80                                                    
  11 Eastside Runners            309    9   41   80   81   98                    
      Total Time:  2:06:12.75                                                    
         Average:    25:14.55                                                    
  12 Puget Sound                 325   39   50   69   79   88   93   94          
      Total Time:  2:04:50.05                                                    
         Average:    24:58.01                                                    
  13 Mt. Hood CC                 354   46   55   76   87   90   99  107          
      Total Time:  2:07:12.89                                                    
         Average:    25:26.58                                                    
  14 Clackamas CC                390   61   71   72   85  101  102               
      Total Time:  2:09:12.30                                                    
         Average:    25:50.46                                                    
  15 Highline CC                 429   58   86   89   96  100  106  111          
      Total Time:  2:14:39.27                                                    
         Average:    26:55.86                                                    
  16 Evergreen St.               437   23   92  103  109  110                    
      Total Time:  2:26:31.92                                                    
         Average:    29:18.39                                                    
  17 Pacific Lutheran            492   91   95   97  104  105  108               
      Total Time:  2:25:52.52                                                    
         Average:    29:10.51   
 MEN                   INVITE Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Washington                   27    1    3    6    8    9   12   13          
      Total Time:  2:01:37.45                                                    
         Average:    24:19.49                                                    
   2 Southern Oregon              75    5   10   16   17   27   28   44          
      Total Time:  2:04:20.71                                                    
         Average:    24:52.15                                                    
   3 Idaho                        78    4    7   20   23   24   31   48          
      Total Time:  2:04:45.37                                                    
         Average:    24:57.08                                                    
   4 Gonzaga                     140   11   25   33   35   36   37   40          
      Total Time:  2:06:52.68                                                    
         Average:    25:22.54                                                    
   5 Western Oregon              142    2   26   34   39   41   50   53          
      Total Time:  2:06:40.41                                                    
         Average:    25:20.09                                                    
   6 Eastern Washington          160   18   22   30   43   47                    
      Total Time:  2:07:43.50                                                    
         Average:    25:32.70                                                    
   7 Portland State              175   14   19   29   52   61   62   65          
      Total Time:  2:08:44.84                                                    
         Average:    25:44.97                                                    
   8 Seattle U.                  185   15   32   38   46   54   55   56          
      Total Time:  2:08:13.23                                                    
         Average:    25:38.65                                                    
   9 East County                 239   21   49   51   58   60   63               
      Total Time:  2:11:16.04                                                    
         Average:    26:15.21                                                    
  10 Pepperdine                  267   42   45   57   59   64                    
      Total Time:  2:13:12.80                                                    
         Average:    26:38.56                                           
 WOMEN             INVITE  Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Washington                   22    1    3    5    6    7   10   12          
      Total Time:  1:45:28.81                                                    
         Average:    21:05.77                                                    
   2 Idaho                        72    8    9   14   20   21   24   25          
      Total Time:  1:49:45.24                                                    
         Average:    21:57.05                                                    
   3 Pepperdine                   99    2    4   26   30   37   40   43          
      Total Time:  1:50:47.03                                                    
         Average:    22:09.41                                                    
   4 Gonzaga                     108   17   18   22   23   28   34   35          
      Total Time:  1:52:21.57                                                    
         Average:    22:28.32                                                    
   5 Nevada                      152   13   16   38   39   46   56   62          
      Total Time:  1:54:19.17                                                    
         Average:    22:51.84                                                    
   6 Eastern Washington          160   11   27   31   42   49   61   63          
      Total Time:  1:54:35.44                                                    
         Average:    22:55.09                                                    
   7 Portland State              176   15   33   36   45   47   52   60          
      Total Time:  1:55:32.53                                                    
         Average:    23:06.51                                                    
   8 Seattle U.                  186   19   29   41   44   53   58   59          
      Total Time:  1:56:00.19                                                    
         Average:    23:12.04                                                    
   9 Western Oregon              235   32   48   50   51   54   55   57          
      Total Time:  1:58:25.64                                                    
         Average:    23:41.13                                                    

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men-Event 3 Invite  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrMax O'Donoghue-McD...24:03.63Washington
2.Paul Limpf24:04.35Unattached
3.SrChris Reed24:04.75Western Oregon
4.Friesen Friesen24:08.52Unattached
5.JrCameron Quackenbush24:10.72Washington
6.JrBarry Britt24:12.58Idaho
7.SrDavid Laney24:12.84Southern Oregon Univ...
8.Mike Hill24:15.50Unattached
9.SoJoey Bywater24:20.76Washington
10.Uli Steidl24:27.09Unattached
11.JrMarkus Geiger24:28.55Idaho
12.SrJordan Swarthout24:30.25Washington
13.SoGareth Gilna24:32.09Washington
14.SoZach Elliott24:34.33Southern Oregon Univ...
15.Nick Mosey24:34.73Unattached
16.JrChris Boyle24:35.98Gonzaga
17.SoJames Cameron24:40.13Washington
18.FrTaylor Carlson24:41.43Washington
19.JrDavid McCary24:41.50Washington
20.Dylan Gant24:51.17Unattached
21.Aaron Beattie24:52.17Unattached
22.SrJohn Lawrence24:53.10Portland State
23.JrErik Barkhaus24:57.94Seattle University
24.JrGreg Drosky24:59.30Washington
25.JrJosh Seitz25:00.32Southern Oregon Univ...
26.SrRyan Gelfi25:03.76Southern Oregon Univ...
27.SrBowe Ebding25:04.25Eastern Washington
28.SoMichael Miller25:05.62Washington
29.SrAndrew Salg25:06.38Portland State
30.JrJeremiah Dube25:13.44Idaho
31.Arlin Bauman25:16.51East County
32.JrKyle King25:24.29Eastern Washington
33.JrAlex Brekke25:24.54Idaho
34.SoJeff Osborn25:26.26Idaho
35.Brett Withers25:27.90Unattached
36.FrRobert Walgren25:28.78Gonzaga
37.FrAaron Rogers25:29.09Western Oregon
38.SrDennis McCaffrey25:29.46Southern Oregon Univ...
39.JrRyan Sorenson25:30.10Southern Oregon Univ...
40.JrNate Endicott25:30.81Portland State
41.FrConnor Williams25:31.73Eastern Washington
42.-Michael Armon25:32.76Idaho
43.SrMichael Van Nuland25:33.13Seattle University
44.SoTate Kelly25:34.12Gonzaga
45.SrKyle Larson25:36.04Western Oregon
46.SoChristian Burger25:36.31Gonzaga
47.SrMatthew Bejar25:37.49Gonzaga
48.SoBrad Kachigan25:38.19Gonzaga
49.JrMatthew McClement25:42.70Seattle University
50.SrJustin Karr25:44.48Western Oregon
51.SrIan Berge25:44.92Gonzaga
52.FrJosh Elliott25:46.05Western Oregon
53.Danny Gibson25:47.72Unattached
54.FrWillie Milam25:48.30Gonzaga
55.FrNate Gesell25:48.54Gonzaga
56.SoSean King25:48.84Pepperdine
57.SoSimon Sorensen25:50.38Eastern Washington
58.SrAndrew Milne25:50.72Southern Oregon Univ...
59.SrSeth Allison25:51.19Pepperdine
60.SoKelton Sears25:51.87Seattle University
61.SrCody Barton25:52.85Eastern Washington
62.SoSam Salus25:53.13Idaho
63.Jesse McChesney25:55.25East County
64.SoRyan Chapman25:58.06Western Oregon
65.Oscar Bauman25:58.70East County
66.FrZachary Carpenter26:04.20Portland State
67.JrLukas Fenley26:06.32Western Oregon
68.SrAdam Kollgaard26:07.59Seattle University
69.JrJames Clark26:10.97Idaho
70.SrHans Heitzinger26:14.45Seattle University
71.FrBrent Felnagle26:17.50Gonzaga
72.FrJeff Baklund26:20.58Seattle University
73.SoPatrick Richie26:22.50Gonzaga
74.FrMichael Morgan26:22.85Gonzaga
75.SoMatt Robinson26:29.85Idaho
76.SoDan Sprinkle26:34.64Western Oregon
77.JrAndrew Walker26:36.73Gonzaga
78.JrJordan Wozniak26:40.00Pepperdine
79.Chris Brasino26:43.41Unattached
80.Mack Olsen26:47.31Unattached
81.JrColin McRoberts26:50.48Southern Oregon Univ...
82.FrBrady Beagley26:51.04Western Oregon
83.-Ned Fischer26:51.26Gonzaga
84.Erik Fagan26:51.51Unattached
85.Matt Urbanski26:57.60East County
86.FrRussell Mott26:59.84Pepperdine
87.Alex Asai27:07.98East County
88.FrCary Dunagan27:10.35Portland State
89.James Roach27:11.86Unattached
90.FrJosue Rodriguez27:13.38Portland State
91.FrHayden Teachout27:16.04Southern Oregon Univ...
92.SoJared Gregorio27:17.67Gonzaga
93.Eric Dolezal27:19.18East County
94.FrNik Walker27:29.96Southern Oregon Univ...
95.JrMatt McCrary27:30.77Western Oregon
96.FrPeter Stice27:35.71Southern Oregon Univ...
97.SoConnor Kasler27:38.42Western Oregon
98.SoJonathan Rahaeuser27:52.93Pepperdine
99.JrMark Bozarth-Dreher28:14.60Portland State
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8,000 Meters Men-Event 5 Open  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrKyle Van Santen24:47.48St Martin's
2.Wyatt Baiton24:50.61Unattached
3.SoTrevor Berrian25:00.35Whitworth
4.Sam Alexander25:01.03Unattached
5.JrRichie LeDonne25:02.16Lewis & Clark
6.SoKalen Darling25:05.66Whitworth
7.Samuel Pawluk25:14.85point grey tc
8.SrRyan Brockerville25:17.45Simon Fraser
9.JrSpencer Hunt25:17.72St Martin's
10.JrJohn Roberts25:19.26Lewis & Clark
11.JrJordan Smith25:19.58British Columbia
12.SoLuc Bruchet25:21.68British Columbia
13.JrTheo Hunt25:22.21British Columbia
14.FrJustin Kent25:23.44British Columbia
15.JrAaron Jenkins25:25.12Whitworth
16.JrKeir Forster25:33.50Simon Fraser
17.JrTyler Dudley25:33.80Whitworth
18.JrNicholas Gallagher25:37.96Whitworth
19.SrHector Aleman25:43.12Southern Oregon Univ...
20.SoSeth Pierson25:45.56Everett Community Co...
21.JrNigel Hole25:46.48British Columbia
22.JrAidan Kennedy25:46.96British Columbia
23.SoEmmanuel Contreras25:50.16Everett Community Co...
24.JrAdam Reid25:50.63Simon Fraser
25.RSBrett Hornig25:54.30Southern Oregon Univ...
26.FrRobin Harkins26:00.23Puget Sound
27.JrMark Davis26:00.57Whitworth
28.Tony Young26:01.84Unattached
29.FrJoe Berger26:05.04Green River Communit...
30.Brian Hernandez26:05.48Unattached
31.SoCory Rand26:06.69Whitman
32.Nathan Sieler26:11.32Unattached
33.SoTim Huebsch26:13.94British Columbia
34.FrAndrew LeDonne26:14.33Lewis & Clark
35.JrShaun Stephens-Whale26:14.75British Columbia
36.JrSam Hennessey26:15.16Whitman
37.SrLars Steier26:15.87Lewis & Clark
38.FrBryton Reim26:16.20Everett Community Co...
39.John Critelli26:22.61Eastside Runners
40.SoSamuel Smith26:28.27Lewis & Clark
41.JrJordan Maynard26:29.60British Columbia
42.-Kyle Edwards26:30.47Clackamas
43.SrNick Harvey26:32.04St Martin's
44.JrSamir Dahani26:33.83Simon Fraser
45.Adam Goulet26:34.27Unattached
46.JrYubai Liu26:34.58Simon Fraser
47.SoAJ Baker26:34.95Seattle Pacific
48.JrEric Cameron26:35.79British Columbia
49.SoWilliam Harrison26:36.19Seattle Pacific
50.FrSpencer Corwin26:36.90Whitman
51.Anthony Galvan26:39.57Unattached
52.-Paul Thomson26:39.81British Columbia
53.JrDaniel Luecke26:40.20Whitman
54.RSLindon Powell26:40.63Southern Oregon Univ...
55.Andrew Moroney26:41.02Eastside Runners
56.RSPaul Schwarzer26:41.40Southern Oregon Univ...
57.SoDrew Larson26:42.80Everett Community Co...
58.SrBrett Wakefield26:43.89Simon Fraser
59.FrTravis Vugteveen26:44.85Simon Fraser
60.SoAndrew VanNess26:47.87Seattle Pacific
61.JrDaniel Hamilton26:49.29Seattle Pacific
62.JrChris Auld26:52.02Seattle University
63.FrAndrew Ryder26:54.89Whitworth
64.Blair johnston26:56.32Unattached
65.Scott Power26:56.89Unattached
66.Tom Bradley26:57.72Unattached
67.FrKhalid Abebe26:58.56Highline
68.FrGraham Kinzel-Grubbs26:58.88Seattle University
69.SrJacob Wahlenmaier26:59.27Seattle Pacific
70.JrNathaniel Sleight26:59.63Seattle Pacific
71.FrWes Finger27:01.34Puget Sound
72.Andrew Reed27:06.31Unattached
73.Jordan Mirk27:07.16Unattached
74.FrWill Welling27:08.16British Columbia
75.SoTaylor Mesojednik27:09.33Whitman
76.JrShane Polley27:10.86Whitworth
77.-Nick Thomas27:16.81British Columbia
78.JrJohn Callow27:17.33Whitman
79.SoDavid Slade27:18.10British Columbia
80.FrNick Lipinski27:20.15Highline
81.JrCasey Wall27:21.13Puget Sound
82.FrBrad Prettyman27:21.61Clackamas
83.FrMatthew Carrell27:23.15Green River Communit...
84.Yusuke Inoue27:24.24Unattached
85.FrChris Ennis27:24.64Everett Community Co...
86.FrJarrod Nixon27:25.05Lewis & Clark
87.JrDan Auld27:28.93Seattle University
88.JrRobert Snowden27:30.26Puget Sound
89.SoTimothy Hill27:31.44Whitworth
90.SoJoseph Patti27:31.92St Martin's
91.Devin McCrary27:32.32Unattached
92.Erik Taylor27:32.72Eastside Runners
93.RSCody Carter27:33.81Southern Oregon Univ...
94.SoChris Olsen27:34.55Clackamas
95.Paul Kupcis27:35.32Unattached
96.FrCody MacDougall27:37.74Everett Community Co...
97.John O'Hearn27:38.15Unattached
98.SoKeenan Clinch27:39.77Seattle University
99.Mark Davies27:40.26Unattached
100.SoJames Young27:41.04Simon Fraser
101.FrJuan Castillo27:46.32Everett Community Co...
102.FrChris Dinsdale27:46.59Simon Fraser
103.FrMarc Steiner27:46.85Lewis & Clark
104.SoRobby Brower27:47.25Puget Sound
105.FrEvan Bradford27:47.71Seattle Pacific
106.FrPeter VanNuland27:49.46Seattle University
107.FrTaylor Nelson27:50.04Whitman
108.Tyler VanDooren27:51.59Unattached
109.-Alex Craig27:54.45British Columbia
110.FrMatthew Edwards27:54.72Whitworth
111.-Craig Bingham27:55.70Whitworth
112.SoScott Bauer28:01.15St Martin's
113.SoBryce Aguilar28:01.49Whitworth
114.FrMichael Jorgenson28:02.31Whitman
115.FrKevin Kopetz28:02.76Seattle University
116.FrChristopher Farley28:03.73Whitman
117.RSDylan Paulk28:07.55Southern Oregon Univ...
118.Gimore Gongora28:10.87Unattached
119.SrGraham Miller28:11.15Seattle University
120.SoDaniel Shaver28:13.34Lewis & Clark
121.FrDustin Miller28:13.64Evergreen State
122.SoRyan Dennison28:14.21Seattle University
123.FrDonnie Coulson28:16.21Mt Hood
124.JrBrendan Boyer28:17.21Whitman
125.RSTonder Lystad28:19.22Everett Community Co...
126.FrTaylor Hughes28:21.86Green River Communit...
127.SoWhitney Griggs28:23.00Whitman
128.SoAnthony Charvoz28:23.73Puget Sound
129.FrSimon Bill28:24.41British Columbia
130.FrBrandon Martz28:24.87Everett Community Co...
131.FrJonathan Butcher28:27.99Mt Hood
132.FrChris Newell28:28.41Mt Hood
133.-Michael Barker28:28.81Whitman
134.SoPeter Fisher28:30.45Lewis & Clark
135.SoPaul Huynh28:30.84Highline
136.FrKyle Smith28:32.75Pacific Lutheran
137.SoChristian Eifert28:33.25Whitworth
138.SoGavin Brand28:35.96Seattle Pacific
139.-Nicholas MacLean28:39.14British Columbia
140.Zack Brown28:39.71Unattached
141.SrJordan Lance28:40.08Seattle Pacific
142.FrJosh Assink28:40.75Everett Community Co...
143.SoLogan Johnson28:41.25Skagit Valley
144.FrJacob Phipps28:42.56Skagit Valley
145.SoJacob Fullen28:44.27Green River Communit...
146.FrAnthony Bertolucci28:45.22Highline
147.FrNick Schonewald28:48.00Seattle Pacific
148.FrCJ Timm28:48.68Highline
149.FrDominique Douglas28:52.14Clackamas
150.SoMatt Klein28:52.86Puget Sound
151.RSKyle Rasor28:53.44Everett Community Co...
152.FrWill Aufhammer28:56.07Seattle Pacific
153.FrJonathan Geman29:00.02Green River Communit...
154.RSJustin Jakubauskas29:02.71Southern Oregon Univ...
155.FrJosiah Sherwood29:03.77Seattle Pacific
156.SoJustin Marshall29:04.28Everett Community Co...
157.FrJake Assink29:08.38Everett Community Co...
158.-Reed Bunnell29:18.97Lewis & Clark
159.FrT Chuol29:25.97Highline
160.SoScott Felch29:26.76Everett Community Co...
161.FrBrandon Sherier29:30.87Clackamas
162.SrChris Johnson29:31.45Evergreen State
163.SrWilly Rotich29:38.36Whitworth
164.Colin Hawkes29:39.52Eastside Runners
165.FrDevon DeMoss29:54.13St Martin's
166.FrLukas Sokolsky29:55.01Puget Sound
167.SoZach Conard30:01.27Simon Fraser
168.FrTroy Prettyman30:03.00Mt Hood
169.SoJames Mattson30:07.93Everett Community Co...
170.Bill Macdonald30:18.70Unattached
171.Paul Pupcis30:21.01Unattached
172.FrRob Dalton30:22.45Whitman
172.RSJosh Rasmussen30:22.45Everett Community Co...
173.SoCory Richardson30:27.26Highline
174.FrEric Herde30:31.76Pacific Lutheran
175.Jeff Rasor30:32.89Unattached
176.FrCorey Rosson30:33.36Skagit Valley
177.FrTrevor Moore30:33.78Green River Communit...
178.FrAnthony Hodges30:54.87Skagit Valley
179.FrJunior Choun30:59.42Green River Communit...
180.FrGreg McIntosh31:00.28Skagit Valley
181.-Brendan Onstad31:01.65Simon Fraser
182.Andy Reese31:02.59Eastside Runners
183.FrMichael Cardenas31:02.94Highline
184.SoMarkus Stevens31:03.56Mt Hood
185.-Noah Teller31:04.75Whitman
186.SrTyler Luce31:19.24Evergreen State
187.SoCharles Noble32:08.01Puget Sound
188.FrAJ Hendricks32:09.49St Martin's
189.SoJacob Suazo32:10.55St Martin's
190.FrAaron O'neil32:21.64Skagit Valley
191.RSScott Noll32:35.63Everett Community Co...
192.Win Van Pelt32:40.40Unattached
193.-Scott McManus32:56.87Seattle Running Club
194.FrJoesph Winningham33:13.97Green River Communit...
195.-Steven White33:20.99Skagit Valley
196.JrClint Posey33:29.30Evergreen State
197.koichiro tani33:56.08Unattached
198.FrJordan Bennett34:37.12Mt Hood
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3 Mile Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kyle Branch15:39Skyline
2.10Keegan Symmes15:42Skyline
3.12Chris Wozniak15:42Garfield
12Derrick Daigre15:43.67Kent Meridian
5.11Alberto Melchor15:49.31A.C. Davis
6.11Ian Staeheli15:57.56Bellarmine Prep
7.11TJ Grant16:10.34Bellarmine Prep
8.12Filmon Tekeste16:12Garfield
9.11Kevin Tidball16:13Skyline
10.11Jamon Rogers16:14Skyline
11.10Jamie Coughlin16:22Garfield
12.11Joe Knox16:24.06A.C. Davis
13.10Santos Zaid16:27.73Juanita
14.10LaForrest Church16:28.29South Kitsap
15.11Jay Bowlby16:30Skyline
16.12Jonas Oppenheimer16:32Garfield
17.11Ryan Peterson16:34Garfield
18.12Jacob Franklin16:38Garfield
19.10Kyle Norris16:40.67South Kitsap
20.12Caleb Ferrell16:47.14Juanita
12Carlos Zaldivar16:52.36Kent Meridian
22.11Casey Kendall16:56.40Bellarmine Prep
23.11Javier Secaira16:57.33Bellarmine Prep
24.11James Bauman16:59.12Juanita
25.9Quentin Purtzer17:02.78Bellarmine Prep
26.11Mario Secaira17:04.50Bellarmine Prep
27.10Tavin Jensen17:05.58Bellarmine Prep
28.12Alexio Garcia17:06.11A.C. Davis
29.10Nick Sleigh17:08.81South Kitsap
30.12Ryan Rixon17:10Skyline
31.9Brendan Long17:12Skyline
10Edson Zaldivar17:18.68Kent Meridian
33.12Cody Pace17:21.12South Kitsap
34.11Austin Fritz17:31.00South Kitsap
35.12Ben Corwin17:31Garfield
36.11Daniel Schulte17:33.05South Kitsap
9Stewart Kunzelman17:37.37Kent Meridian
38.12Israel Fernandez17:38.58A.C. Davis
39.9Aaron Schlossman17:40Garfield
12Matt Bailey17:43.69Kent Meridian
41.10Collin Buckley17:46.27A.C. Davis
42.10Brady Tinker17:48.83South Kitsap
43.11Michael Dick17:51.81Bellarmine Prep
44.11AJ Mercado17:57.46South Kitsap
45.10Austin Montoure18:01Hoquiam
10Seth Vanderwilt18:06Garfield
10Josh Smith18:14.36Kent Meridian
47.11Alex Palacios18:18.60A.C. Davis
48.11Ian Lord18:32Hoquiam
49.12Michael Przystupa18:38.44Juanita
11Troy Horn18:44Cascade Christian
12Justin Bollen18:44Cascade Christian
52.12Pablo Espinosa18:46.63A.C. Davis
11Teddy Besrat19:33.28Kent Meridian
54.11Luke White19:38.94Juanita
55.12Davis Pruett20:01.59Juanita
56.12Kenneth Davis20:47Hoquiam
57.12Ricky Rowell20:57Hoquiam
12Noah Kime21:02Cascade Christian
59.11Taylor McCormick21:31Hoquiam
60.11Nathan Lowder21:34Hoquiam
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kyle Karalus17:11.00Bellarmine Prep
11Brandon Clark17:12Skyline
12Mitch O'Connell17:27Skyline
9Joseph DeMatteo17:31Skyline
9Joey Nakao17:34Skyline
6.10Tom Bolt17:37.76Bellarmine Prep
7.12Jonathan Wu17:48.02Bellarmine Prep
11Drew Matthews17:56Skyline
9.10Jared Moore17:57Garfield
11.9Cameron Stanish18:04Garfield
12.11Greg Lane18:05.24South Kitsap
13.10Seth Vanderwilt18:06Garfield
14.10Zach Sleigh18:11.99South Kitsap
15.11Josh McCarthy18:13.72Bellarmine Prep
9Tennyson Hainsworth18:15Skyline
16.10Orrin Boese18:14.92South Kitsap
21.11Nick Joyce18:30.75Bellarmine Prep
10Cajun Hainsworth18:32Skyline
22.10Ryan Doenges18:31.98Bellarmine Prep
24.12Derek Titus18:33.86Bellarmine Prep
12Kevin McCullough18:34.59Kent Meridian
25.11James Phillips18:35Garfield
27.9Kevin McCarthy18:39.86Bellarmine Prep
28.12Cameron Hines18:40.62Juanita
29.12Nathan O'Guin18:40.98South Kitsap
30.12Nathaniel Jones18:43Garfield
32.11Kellen Kennedy18:55.45South Kitsap
33.11Garrison Grisaffi18:56.51Bellarmine Prep
34.10Chris Dailey18:57Garfield
35.9Benjamin Tonelli18:59Garfield
36.11Brandon Kebba19:00.53Bellarmine Prep
10Tyler Hamke19:03Skyline
38.9Chase Raquer19:04.85Bellarmine Prep
39.10Zac White19:05.90Bellarmine Prep
10Lorenzo Agogliati19:06Skyline
41.10Steven Martinez19:07Wahluke
43.10Sam Fiander19:10A.C. Davis
42.11Donny Huber19:10.22Bellarmine Prep
44.12Dan Hnatovic19:11.25South Kitsap
45.10Phillip Skala19:15.49South Kitsap
46.10Bryan Islas19:16A.C. Davis
47.11Chris Snead19:16.17South Kitsap
48.11Daniel Clark19:17.18South Kitsap
49.9Ian Franz19:17.57Bellarmine Prep
50.10Nathan Ford19:19.44South Kitsap
10Abu Kamara19:19.77Kent Meridian
9Ryan Abrahamsen19:20Skyline
53.10Bobby Froembling19:23.37Bellarmine Prep
55.11Zach Ward19:31Garfield
56.11Max Jones19:33.19Bellarmine Prep
12Evan Merrill19:34.54Kent Meridian
58.11Ryan Kupyn19:38Garfield
59.10Alejandro Sanchez19:45A.C. Davis
60.9Connor Dietz19:45.90Bellarmine Prep
10Jonathan Hanson19:51.50Kent Meridian
10Justice Sibomana19:59.41Kent Meridian
63.12J.J. Rogers19:59.9Juanita
65.12Peter He20:03Garfield
9Eric Tidball20:06Skyline
12Ta Kwe Say20:06.05Kent Meridian
67.11Brendan Brunner20:06.34Bellarmine Prep
69.11Aaron Tinker20:06.95South Kitsap
70.10Stephen Johnson20:14.20Juanita
71.9Ryan Underwood20:18A.C. Davis
72.10Brandon Rudolph20:27.13Bellarmine Prep
12Jeff Helling20:29Skyline
10Jacob Sullivan20:30Skyline
76.12Ian Koppe20:38Garfield
77.9Joe Walsh20:46.45Bellarmine Prep
78.11Brandon Tran20:48Garfield
9Ian Walp20:56Skyline
10Henry Hammond20:57.75Kent Meridian
81.11Raul Sanchez20:58A.C. Davis
10Jay High20:59Skyline
83.10Michael Brothers20:59.9South Kitsap
85.9Whittaker Seaverns21:01Garfield
12Evan Baerny21:01.12Kent Meridian
86.9Nicholas Cunetta21:02Garfield
87.9Coty Espinoza21:02A.C. Davis
10Brandon Cullen21:05.80Kent Meridian
90.10Jack Noland21:17Garfield
91.10Cesar Enriquez21:19A.C. Davis
11David Watson21:22.53Kent Meridian
10Austin Roberts21:25.65Kent Meridian
94.10Josh Standridge21:35.58South Kitsap
95.11Julian Garvue21:37Garfield
96.11Jack Dunnington21:38Garfield
10Pablo Arias21:42.39Kent Meridian
98.11Ethan Cossey21:42.82South Kitsap
99.9Skyler Ketcham21:44A.C. Davis
10Kyle Aoki21:53Skyline
101.11Nathan O' Farrell21:53.8Juanita
102.11Brian Glinski22:06.79South Kitsap
104.9Matthew Koppe22:14Garfield
103.11Russ Ronholt22:14.92South Kitsap
105.9Patrick Wheeler22:17.95South Kitsap
10Hector Aguirre22:21.73Kent Meridian
9Jesse Hedman22:22Skyline
108.9Tristan Martin22:34.79South Kitsap
110.10Vincent Ly22:44.21Juanita
111.11Juan Erazo22:45Wahluke
11Dylan Monroe22:48.00Kent Meridian
113.10Beni Madrigal22:51A.C. Davis
114.10Alejandro Mayorga23:22A.C. Davis
115.10Alex Jones23:42Garfield
116.12Christopher Mendoza23:54A.C. Davis
117.12Harper Risdon24:02Garfield
11Brandon Garcia24:08.68Kent Meridian
10Clayton McCullough24:33.61Kent Meridian
11Kristiane Calso24:46.35Kent Meridian
9Paul Gaylor24:54Skyline
122.9Ty Goulet25:49A.C. Davis
12Nico Johnson26:19.09Kent Meridian
11Jared Johnson26:34.10Kent Meridian
125.9Thomas Cross26:46A.C. Davis
126.11Derek Dang27:23Garfield
10Mario Alvarez27:56.78Kent Meridian
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women-Event 4 Invite  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.SoLindsay Flanagan20:34.70Washington
2.Natasha Wodak20:46.02Unattached
3.SrChelsea Wishard20:53.86Pepperdine
4.FrMegan Goethals20:54.69Washington
5.JrLauren Lodge20:57.79Pepperdine
6.SrKailey Campbell21:07.66Washington
7.FrLiberty Miller21:22.89Washington
8.JrAllison Linnell21:28.87Washington
9.FrHannah Kiser21:30.79Idaho
10.JrJulia Veseth21:36.24Idaho
11.JrKayla Evans21:39.02Washington
12.SrAmy Kolin21:41.66Eastern Washington
13.Sarna Becker21:45.60Unattached
14.SoGrace Green21:48.01Washington
15.JrJenifer McEntire21:53.71Nevada-Reno
16.SoJustine Johnson21:57.41Washington
17.-Maggie Miller21:58.44Idaho
18.FrMackenize Carter22:00.72Washington
19.SoJulie Pedersen22:02.80Portland State
20.SoSamantha Diaz22:07.81Nevada-Reno
21.FrAlison Ponce22:08.68Washington
22.JrKayla Lloyd22:11.16Gonzaga
23.SrLaura Volcheff22:11.76Gonzaga
24.SoBreanna Huschka22:12.48Washington
25.FrCara Talty22:13.56Seattle University
26.FrHolly Stanton22:18.18Idaho
27.JrAnna Kalbrener22:21.59Idaho
28.Chelsea Orr22:23.86Unattached
29.FrEmily Thomas22:31.97Gonzaga
30.SoLauren Bergam22:37.85Gonzaga
31.SrErica Digby22:41.65Idaho
32.JrLauren Schaffer22:43.21Idaho
33.JrHannah DeWalt22:45.08Pepperdine
34.FrAngelica Rodriguez22:48.17Eastern Washington
35.JrBrenn Donnelly22:48.83Gonzaga
36.FrHannah Mittelstaedt22:52.62Seattle University
37.JrAneasha Lawrence22:53.04Pepperdine
38.JrStephanie Dye22:53.94Eastern Washington
39.SrErika Snawder22:54.35Western Oregon
40.SrKarissa Fuller22:54.91Portland State
41.SrBrittany O'Reagan22:56.04Gonzaga
42.JrCourtney Lightfoot22:59.70Washington
43.FrAlycia Butterworth23:02.38Idaho
44.SrMolly Moore23:11.74Gonzaga
45.-Paradis Emily23:12.21Idaho
46.SoAmber Rozcicha23:15.27Portland State
47.SrKatherine Schmidt23:17.26Pepperdine
48.FrLara Tuthill23:17.59Gonzaga
49.SoNicole Painter23:18.12Nevada-Reno
50.SoGloria Sosa23:19.63Nevada-Reno
51.FrAdie Davies23:22.09Pepperdine
52.SoLauren Hammerle23:23.94Seattle University
53.FrMonica Jaenicke23:24.43Eastern Washington
54.SoNicole Aurigemma23:26.70Washington
55.JrEmily Branch23:27.01Pepperdine
56.FrKrista Beyer23:27.88Gonzaga
57.JrCeleste Cassidy23:30.94Seattle University
58.FrJacquelyn Komen23:32.16Washington
59.FrCatherine Theobald23:32.66Gonzaga
60.SrKatie Blue23:37.31Portland State
61.JrPaige Mobley23:38.69Pepperdine
62.FrKara Schrock23:39.90Nevada-Reno
63.-Alexandra Neil23:42.24Portland State
64.JrAmanda Wright23:42.72Western Oregon
65.SoLaura Schmitt23:46.07Washington
66.FrMicaela Rasmussen23:47.24Eastern Washington
67.JrKayAnna Cecchi23:49.06Western Oregon
68.SrTricia Morrison23:49.98Western Oregon
69.-Stephanie Moore23:52.17Gonzaga
70.SoBrittany Castillo23:56.52Portland State
71.JrSarah Bolce23:59.13Seattle University
72.SoJaime Van Lith24:03.88Gonzaga
73.JrMegan Everetts24:09.53Western Oregon
74.FrJenny Leaf24:11.92Western Oregon
75.FrAlissa Hood24:12.47Nevada-Reno
76.JrMeryl Butcher24:13.30Western Oregon
77.SrAllison Prather24:17.85Seattle University
78.JrNicole Waters24:18.17Seattle University
79.SoBrittany Long24:19.99Portland State
80.JrJanelle Everetts24:27.94Western Oregon
81.SoBrandy Castillo24:29.05Portland State
82.FrShelly Davis24:36.12Gonzaga
83.FrKimberly Macias24:44.48Eastern Washington
84.FrMeghan Blanchet24:46.93Gonzaga
85.FrMariah Gramolini24:57.39Nevada-Reno
86.SoSarah Alvick25:12.08Eastern Washington
87.-Megan Inman25:19.25Eastern Washington
88.JrAshley Dalton25:32.20Seattle University
89.-Danielle Raschko25:39.56Eastern Washington
90.SoJessi Johnson25:44.32Eastern Washington
91.-Ashley Taylor25:47.55Western Oregon
92.-Senida Monroy26:24.16Eastern Washington
93.JrZoe Skordahl26:51.18Western Oregon
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6,000 Meters Women-Event 6 Open  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.SrJessica Smith21:51.94Simon Fraser
2.SrAngela Shaw21:52.69Simon Fraser
3.JrTonya Turner21:53.75Whitworth
4.SoIllana Livstrom22:01.14Lewis & Clark
5.JrHelen Crofts22:03.83Simon Fraser
6.SoJoy Shufeldt22:05.55Whitworth
7.Marlene Farrell22:09.42Unattached
8.FrAllison Cutting22:20.56Seattle Pacific
9.SoEmily Thomas22:24.78Lewis & Clark
10.Erica Pitman22:27.68Eastside Runners
11.SoNelly Amenyogbe22:31.66British Columbia
12.SoShawna Schooley22:32.12Everett Community Co...
13.FrLindsey Butterworth22:40.99Simon Fraser
14.SoSeena Frantz22:41.67Southern Oregon Univ...
15.FrSarah Reimer22:42.13British Columbia
16.-Michacla Kane22:42.65Simon Fraser
17.SoLaurie Stoutenburgh22:45.18Southern Oregon Univ...
18.SrBrianna Kane22:46.13Simon Fraser
19.FrMadeleine Barker22:49.28Simon Fraser
20.JrDana Misterek22:50.95Whitworth
21.SoAnya Martinez22:51.79Southern Oregon Univ...
22.SoHeather Spurling22:55.26Lewis & Clark
23.SoEmilie Gilbert22:55.99Whitman
24.JrKarissa Carlson22:57.06Evergreen State
25.SrEmily Palibroda22:58.36Simon Fraser
26.JrKathryn Williams23:00.40Whitworth
27.SrKristen Ballinger23:01.13Whitman
28.JrCorinne Innes23:01.73Lewis & Clark
29.SoKelly Talkington23:08.17Everett Community Co...
30.JrJoscelyn Minton23:09.96St Martin's
31.FrSarah Sawatzky23:12.00Simon Fraser
32.FrEmily Fagan23:13.42Lewis & Clark
33.JrJenny Strong23:17.09British Columbia
34.SoKelsey Loomans23:17.43Everett Community Co...
35.Chessa Adsit-Morris23:18.70Unattached
36.SrAnnie Laweryson23:20.22St Martin's
37.Meaghan McCluskey23:20.88Unattached
38.FrAlexandra Rudd23:23.15Southern Oregon Univ...
39.SrKristen Juveland23:26.57Southern Oregon Univ...
40.FrKirsten Allen23:27.62Simon Fraser
41.JrBrittany Imlach23:28.05British Columbia
42.FrSummer Cano23:28.72Southern Oregon Univ...
43.Becca Barad23:32.78Unattached
44.JrAlexandra Venner23:33.78British Columbia
45.FrCaitlin Dell23:34.50Simon Fraser
46.SoValerie Massie23:37.27Everett Community Co...
47.Jennifer Wheeler23:37.59Unattached
48.JrMarnie Hazlehurst23:38.23Puget Sound
49.SrTara Krempley23:40.30Southern Oregon Univ...
50.Kate Crawford23:41.30Unattached
51.Susan Pappalardo23:43.43Eastside Runners
52.SoLori Mendelson23:44.69Whitman
53.FrElisabeth Spencer23:48.92Whitworth
54.FrAmanda Dalton23:51.33Southern Oregon Univ...
55.FrHeather Carviel23:52.01Simon Fraser
56.FrMegan Knape23:53.02Seattle Pacific
57.-Cara McCulloch23:56.03British Columbia
58.SoAmanda Faggard23:57.03Mt Hood
59.FrMelissa Newton-Mora23:57.91Lewis & Clark
60.-Ketty Lopez23:59.54British Columbia
61.SoAshley Hearn24:00.39British Columbia
62.Julia Watcher24:02.06Unattached
63.SoAlanna Steele24:03.16Skagit Valley
64.SoKrysta Carrick24:09.52Seattle Pacific
65.FrHeather Slinn24:09.80British Columbia
66.SoCarrie Keith24:10.63Puget Sound
67.FrLeah Swanson24:11.27Seattle Pacific
68.FrEliza Vistica24:11.69Whitman
69.FrKaitlyn Throgmorton24:12.07Lewis & Clark
70.SoAnnelie Fjortoft24:14.02Gonzaga
71.FrGabriella Diaz24:14.35Mt Hood
72.JrKaitlynn Pecha24:14.69St Martin's
73.Jordan McCann24:15.27Unattached
74.SoVirginia Whalen24:16.03Gonzaga
75.SoAshley Densmore24:17.07Highline
76.JrJennifer Farley24:17.56Whitman
77.FrEmily Albrecht24:18.11Gonzaga
78.SoOlivia Foster24:18.69Lewis & Clark
79.SoLaura Copenhagen24:19.17Clackamas
80.JrTeresa Makowski24:20.87Gonzaga
81.JrKelly Clark24:22.54Southern Oregon Univ...
82.JrKristyn Webster24:23.67Simon Fraser
83.SrAdrienne Ritchie24:25.84Whitworth
84.JrKelsey Croall24:26.23Lewis & Clark
85.SoKirsten Lightfoot24:29.95Gonzaga
86.JrSara Levy24:31.52Whitman
87.SoClaire Baron24:31.90Whitman
88.FrSkye Pauly24:32.20Whitman
89.FrErika Copeland-Crock24:33.69St Martin's
90.JrKayla Wilkins24:34.42Seattle Pacific
91.FrKathryn Flyte24:36.16Puget Sound
92.JrAnne Hagy24:37.88Southern Oregon Univ...
93.FrKim Zetterlund24:39.21Southern Oregon Univ...
94.SoRhiannon Evans24:39.90British Columbia
95.FrAlexandra Dorsey24:40.20Seattle Pacific
96.JrKaitlyn Gray24:41.19British Columbia
97.SoKatri Gilbert24:42.54Whitman
98.SoMary Botsford24:43.69Clackamas
99.FrShelbey Leimbach24:45.22Green River Communit...
100.SoMelanie Peters24:45.39Clackamas
101.-Madeline Hess-Maple24:47.36Whitman
102.FrKim Doerksen24:49.96Simon Fraser
103.SoLauresa Smith24:56.43Everett Community Co...
104.-Alix Thompson24:57.41British Columbia
105.FrAlyssa Goard24:58.86Whitman
106.Margaret Hanscom24:59.70Unattached
107.-Cade Yanowski25:01.29Lewis & Clark
108.SoChristine Kiely25:01.94Whitman
109.-Eline Leemans25:02.24Lewis & Clark
110.JrMollee Huisinga25:03.52Whitman
111.-Laura Schroeder25:04.43Lewis & Clark
112.SoCeleste Northcott25:06.00Whitworth
113.SoLaura Moser25:07.15Seattle Pacific
114.SoStacy Bird25:11.31Mt Hood
115.Julie Cassata25:14.48Unattached
116.FrDanielle Estelle25:16.00Whitworth
117.SoSarah Echsner25:16.51Lewis & Clark
118.FrAllie Willson25:17.35Whitman
119.FrDiana Evans25:17.79Green River Communit...
120.JrKelly Jensen25:18.98Whitman
121.SoAshley Llapitan25:26.44St Martin's
122.FrCaitlin Taylor25:26.74Whitworth
123.FrDanika Lawson25:27.42St Martin's
124.SoLauren Davis25:28.22Whitman
125.JrKayla Chory25:30.35Whitman
126.Kiri Garruto25:33.27Unattached
127.SoKelsey Brown25:33.64Seattle Pacific
128.JrJosephine Becker25:35.28Seattle Pacific
129.-Kari Paustian25:36.06Whitman
130.SoTreva Vollmer25:36.76Puget Sound
131.SoMicaela Bishop25:38.10Southern Oregon Univ...
132.SoLindsey Harris25:39.29Southern Oregon Univ...
133.SoShannon McCarty25:39.67Whitman
134.SrRaven Campbell25:42.08Lewis & Clark
135.JrKira Peterson25:45.16Whitman
136.-Hannah Cohen25:46.84Lewis & Clark
137.Veronica Sackett25:47.56Eastside Runners
138.JrJazmin Suarez25:49.37Southern Oregon Univ...
139.Marausia Wright25:53.90Eastside Runners
140.FrMarissa Carter25:55.25Everett Community Co...
141.Megan Simpson25:56.07Unattached
142.JrAmelia Rajala26:00.34British Columbia
143.SrKarissa Owen26:02.89St Martin's
144.FrElise Beebe26:06.11Everett Community Co...
145.Claire Kindley26:06.91Unattached
146.Tameka Smith26:09.94Unattached
147.-Emily Everetts26:13.18Clackamas
148.FrNavi Kaur26:15.87Green River Communit...
149.JrHannah Palmer26:19.25Lewis & Clark
150.SoKalee Cipra26:23.40Highline
151.FrJennifer McCormack26:30.60British Columbia
152.SoAmanda Smith26:36.45Mt Hood
153.JrBrooke Peaden26:48.27Puget Sound
154.FrDanielle Covarrubias27:07.70Highline
155.SoHolli Davis27:13.75Mt Hood
156.FrColleen Bell27:15.49Whitman
157.-Annie Waters27:16.10Whitman
158.JrNatalie Fowler27:18.39Whitman
159.SoChiara Rose-Witt27:18.70Pacific Lutheran
160.JrLisette Peterson27:22.22Seattle Pacific
161.JrBritta Peterson27:26.27Evergreen State
162.SoDelane Petersen27:31.34Southern Oregon Univ...
163.FrAisha Crofts27:43.07Puget Sound
164.JrAndrea Leiken27:53.18Puget Sound
165.SoSarah McDade27:54.78Pacific Lutheran
166.FrVera Savenkova27:55.18Everett Community Co...
167.FrJessica Dilley27:57.66Highline
168.JrMeesha Last27:59.79Whitman
169.SoNatalie Bollen28:06.02Pacific Lutheran
170.Jen Rozler28:20.18Eastside Runners
171.FrJennifer Tina28:22.70Mt Hood
172.-Alyssa Breetwor28:41.03Whitman
173.SoMaria Gonzalez28:53.44Highline
174.JrHeather Grambo29:03.74Skagit Valley
175.RSPaige Hayghe29:05.94Everett Community Co...
176.FrJenny Stevenson29:10.87Clackamas
177.-Beth Wynn29:12.24Clackamas
178.SrJamie Willis29:12.55Evergreen State
179.FrJorgina Moore31:10.80Pacific Lutheran
180.RSPhung Vuong31:21.24Everett Community Co...
181.FrShelby Fobert31:22.22Pacific Lutheran
182.FrCaitlin Fewins31:29.83St Martin's
183.FrDannielle Whitcomb32:22.24Highline
184.SoJessica Hunter32:35.45Mt Hood
185.JrHannelore Ohaus32:45.18Whitman
186.JrDolores Quichocho32:51.79Pacific Lutheran
187.FrAshley Woods32:52.94Green River Communit...
188.-Sara Hoppe32:56.21Evergreen State
189.FrKelly Lam33:30.09Skagit Valley
190.JrEvelyn Coleman33:59.83Evergreen State
191.FrJessica Morgan35:16.28Highline
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3 Mile Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Daryl Phill18:20.10Bellarmine Prep
2.11Kaitlin Kaluzny18:36A.C. Davis
11Alexia Martin18:59.00Kent Meridian
4.11Izze Arens19:02.99Bellarmine Prep
5.10Jessica Peterson19:13.06South Kitsap
6.9Jordan Branch19:32Skyline
7.10Haley Smith19:39Skyline
8.11Molly Wheeler19:42.73South Kitsap
9.9Jordan Thurston19:43.79Bellarmine Prep
10.9Samantha Krahling19:49Skyline
12.10Zoe Willis19:50.90Bellarmine Prep
9Ruby Virk19:52.93Kent Meridian
14.11Amanda Wilson20:01.63South Kitsap
15.9Sydney Allen20:03A.C. Davis
16.10Keegan Tasker20:07.15South Kitsap
17.10Kathryn Steele20:08Skyline
18.10Erica DeMond20:08A.C. Davis
18.10Grace Noe20:08A.C. Davis
20.10Elise Pletcher20:19Skyline
21.11Caroline Yearian20:31.92Bellarmine Prep
22.12Emily Gerardi20:32A.C. Davis
23.11Lauren Hilger20:37.45Bellarmine Prep
24.10Megumi DeMond20:47A.C. Davis
25.9Diana Furukawa21:00Garfield
26.10Christina Smith21:04Skyline
27.10Erin Murphy21:15Skyline
28.10Raisah Vesteinsdot...21:23Garfield
29.10Kendall Jones21:25Garfield
30.11Maria Beltran21:33A.C. Davis
9Briann Funk21:46.00Kent Meridian
32.11Tamzin Atkins21:56Garfield
33.9Sydney Schumacher22:05Garfield
34.12Annie Schlossman22:36Garfield
35.11Robyn Thompson23:16.64South Kitsap
36.12Kristin Lundblad23:19Hoquiam
37.10Justine Morris23:20.53South Kitsap
38.10Claire Polley23:45.14South Kitsap
39.11Elise Herrmannsfeldt23:50Garfield
40.11Tana Rill24:44.93South Kitsap
9Cora Cadena24:51.44Kent Meridian
41.11Maggie Kierstead24:58Garfield
9Allyson Reaney25:34.66Kent Meridian
12McKenzie Dwyer26:45.60Kent Meridian
42.9Piper Sandstrom28:41Hoquiam
11Kelly Campbell28:46.00Kent Meridian
12Sazurice Williams33:32.00Kent Meridian
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kelly Watermeyer21:05.10Bellarmine Prep
12Kelsey Hu21:15Skyline
11Maddi Hutson21:30Skyline
4.11Ali Kingery21:40.64Bellarmine Prep
5.10Grace Whitmer22:08A.C. Davis
6.9Rachel Blanch22:11.54Juanita
10Erica Johnson22:12Skyline
8.12Laura Woodall22:13A.C. Davis
9.9Bryn Mayo22:20.35Bellarmine Prep
10Sara Stanfield22:22Skyline
11.10Jomay Ruiz22:25A.C. Davis
12.10Erin Haas22:29.12Bellarmine Prep
12Jill Wolken22:34Skyline
14.10Thalia Quintero22:36Wahluke
15.9Larisa Robic22:37.14Bellarmine Prep
10Caitlin McIlwain22:50Skyline
17.11Nicole Hallis22:53.92Bellarmine Prep
18.10Linda Achelpohl23:02Wahluke
11Allie Knechtel23:06Skyline
20.11Kathryn Wuchter23:20.4Juanita
9Kayla Nancarrow23:27Skyline
22.10Melissa Petrich23:44.12Bellarmine Prep
23.11Stephanie Herring23:58.98Juanita
24.11Megan Selden24:07.90Bellarmine Prep
25.11Rhianna Boe24:19.23South Kitsap
26.11Sheridan VanGesen24:30.45South Kitsap
27.9Janina Dukart24:37.31Juanita
28.10Chelsea Harbottle24:49.70Bellarmine Prep
30.11Meghan Hilger24:55.74Bellarmine Prep
10Caroline Cindric25:00Skyline
10Cassandra Remker25:07Skyline
9Emma Strand25:18Skyline
34.12Sarah Lowell25:23.66South Kitsap
36.11Alaina George25:44.10Bellarmine Prep
38.10Jennifer Jesse26:48.32Bellarmine Prep
39.11Rachel Murray26:55.24Bellarmine Prep
40.10Tiffaney Szoboszlay27:09.83Bellarmine Prep
41.12Monica Chinn27:26Garfield
42.10Sheridan Blair27:30.81Bellarmine Prep
43.10Allison Charoni27:35Garfield
10Alina Blasberg27:36Skyline
46.12Gabriella Chacon28:48Wahluke
47.11Emily Duryea30:16.00South Kitsap
48.10NK Medani31:02.00Bellarmine Prep
49.9Kylee Matala31:27.00South Kitsap
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