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MHSAA Regional 22-3 - Host: Portage HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Meet Host - Buchanan HS
Event Manager -
Location - Portage West Middle School, Portage, MI - Map
Mens Races

Portage West Middle School

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Portage West Middle School

5,000 Meters Varsity
Last Updated 7:58 PM, Sat, Oct 30


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Charlton Craig16:18Schoolcraft
2.12Stuart Crowell16:26Parchment
3.12Jeremiah Barnes17:00Schoolcraft
4.12Nate Carango17:04Lawton
5.10Michael Myers17:04Kalamazoo Hackett
6.11Austin Ketola17:08Delton-Kellogg
7.12David Sexton17:10Hartford
8.12Peter Herzog17:15Kalamazoo Hackett
9.11Jon Phillips17:16Hartford
10.11Ryan Watson17:16Delton-Kellogg
11.11Brian Larabel17:22Bloomingdale
12.12Saul Saucedo17:23Bangor
13.9Zach Wehner17:27Schoolcraft
14.11Chris Gantt17:29Dowagiac Union
15.12Oscar Tenoiro-Leyva17:29Bangor
16.10Kirk Love17:36Watervliet
17.11Michael Braswell17:37Bloomingdale
18.12Wesley Keller17:41Constantine
19.12Steven Sagers17:48Schoolcraft
20.9Brock Thumm17:51Watervliet
21.12Tyler Bourdo17:51Delton-Kellogg
22.11Austin Elluru17:58Kalamazoo Hackett
23.11Nathan Takacs18:06Kalamazoo Hackett
24.10Raymond Vickery18:09Delton-Kellogg
25.12Branden Graham18:10Bangor
26.12Philip Herzog18:11Kalamazoo Hackett
27.10Connor Bresnahan18:12Kalamazoo Hackett
28.9Michael Robbins18:13Brandywine
29.10Theo Haubold18:16Hartford
30.11Brandon Blankenship18:17Parchment
31.12Nick Kaley18:18Watervliet
32.11Andre Newsted18:20Schoolcraft
33.11Josh Turske18:23Kalamazoo Hackett
34.9Merle Stout18:25Bangor
35.10A. J. Gagliardo18:30Watervliet
36.11Kannon Hoffman18:32Delton-Kellogg
37.11Abraham Barajas18:35Bloomingdale
38.12Ian Haubold18:41Hartford
39.9Todd Cornett18:44Watervliet
40.10Zach Haas18:45Delton-Kellogg
41.10Collin Mattiford18:48Brandywine
42.9Michael Foote18:49Watervliet
43.11Billy Schut18:49Delton-Kellogg
44.11Derek Malakowski18:49Schoolcraft
45.9Chris Llamas18:52Hartford
46.9Jason Bowen18:56Bangor
47.12Ethan Benham18:59Hartford
48.12Martin Munoz19:07Bangor
49.12Kyler Leimbach19:11Hartford
50.10David McClendon19:12Watervliet
51.11Brandon Vukelich19:18Schoolcraft
52.11Justin Bunch19:23Parchment
53.9Dave Jones19:24Constantine
54.11Evan Dexter19:25Parchment
55.10Carsten McCarty19:30Buchanan
56.10Tanner Rice19:35Lawton
57.11Devin Smith19:37Bloomingdale
58.9Zac Roberts19:38Parchment
59.10Daniel Munoz19:40Bangor
60.9Colin Mead19:46Berrien Springs
61.11Lucas Waling19:51Parchment
62.10Dalton Kalas20:01Lawton
63.11Glen Compton20:03Parchment
64.12Taylor Swedburg20:07Bloomingdale
65.9Hunter Kline20:12Constantine
66.12Chris Craft20:19Dowagiac Union
67.12Jason Turner20:27Dowagiac Union
68.10Bo Seman20:28Constantine
69.12Alex Wilcox20:33Coloma
70.11Ryne Wilming20:40Dowagiac Union
71.11Taylor Boudi20:40Lawton
72.10Cody Mallo20:41Constantine
73.10Cameron Collier20:42Berrien Springs
74.10Justin Cripe20:42Berrien Springs
75.10Nathan Douglas20:43Bloomingdale
76.12Nic Jones20:59Constantine
77.9James Pierce21:10Brandywine
78.12Gavin Bechtol21:14Bloomingdale
79.12Mike Huspen21:17Berrien Springs
80.10William Ryan21:21Constantine
81.9Jonathan Emhoff21:44Berrien Springs
82.10Tyler Cross21:54Dowagiac Union
83.9Evan Zacharski21:58Brandywine
84.12Ryan Sirk22:03Berrien Springs
85.12Derek Wyant22:05Coloma
86.9Austin Mendoza22:26Lawton
87.10Dylan Ozanich22:28Lawton
88.11Julian Marshall22:44Dowagiac Union
89.10Kyle Zelmer22:45Buchanan
90.9River Kelley23:40Buchanan
91.12John Kuntz23:47Buchanan
92.10Austin Jackson24:44Dowagiac Union
93.9Brad Diller24:54Lawton
94.9Arsalan Rehman26:45Brandywine
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Krista Broekema19:38Schoolcraft
2.11Madeline Hartlieb20:19Schoolcraft
3.11Lauren Cody20:20Lawton
4.11Jolene Drum20:26Delton-Kellogg
5.9Katherine Thayer20:29Parchment
6.10Jessica Nave20:38Berrien Springs
7.11Sarah Hartlieb20:45Schoolcraft
8.12Katilee Bensley21:05Schoolcraft
9.9Elena Ochoa21:16Kalamazoo Hackett
10.9Molly Ireland21:20Parchment
11.10Brianna Russell21:21Delton-Kellogg
12.11Laura Nordquist21:21Parchment
13.11Montana Hescott21:21Bangor
14.12Bridget O'Toole21:22Kalamazoo Hackett
15.10Lindsey Dopheide21:28Lawton
16.9Sarah Rendon21:32Delton-Kellogg
17.12Stephanie Reith21:57Buchanan
18.10Christi Boze22:04Delton-Kellogg
19.12Kailey Shaffer22:05Parchment
20.9Alexandria Burnett22:13Hartford
21.12Janet Jonatzke22:19Hartford
22.10Jessica Polum22:31Schoolcraft
23.10Stefany Tule22:35Hartford
24.10Shanen Green22:43Buchanan
25.11Alicia Oviedo22:45Bangor
26.12Abbie Sanders22:47Parchment
27.12Amber Vanluvanee22:57Berrien Springs
28.10Joanna Tenoiro-Leyva23:04Bangor
29.9Alicia Lilley23:07Buchanan
30.11Olivia Thibeault23:10Watervliet
31.10Allison Mitchell23:11Buchanan
32.12Caitlin Braun23:13Kalamazoo Hackett
33.12Yaritza Rodriguez23:13Bangor
34.9Rachel Frost23:15Buchanan
35.11Vanesa Ochoa23:17Kalamazoo Hackett
36.11Kella Marnon23:25Kalamazoo Hackett
37.10Megan Lawrence23:26Schoolcraft
38.11Heidi Conrad23:27Coloma
39.12Theresa Rodriguez23:30Hartford
40.12Taylor Hennessey23:31Delton-Kellogg
41.12Emilee Everett23:33Delton-Kellogg
42.10Erin Baumeister23:34Hartford
43.9Abbie Sheline23:35Berrien Springs
44.12Renee McConahay23:36Delton-Kellogg
45.10Katelyn Keister23:39Lawton
46.11Angelika Anderson23:39Brandywine
47.12Kaitlyn Byrne23:40Kalamazoo Hackett
48.12Elissa Walter23:50Berrien Springs
49.10Sydney Madden23:52Kalamazoo Hackett
50.12Kaitlyn Vrydaghs23:56Constantine
51.9Sydney Sample24:00Coloma
52.9Karleigh Pleyer24:06Hartford
53.10Abby Hoge24:09Berrien Springs
54.12Kelci Lockwood24:16Brandywine
55.12Taylor Willming24:27Watervliet
56.10Hannah MacDonald24:32Dowagiac Union
57.12Tiffany Dimock24:33Galesburg-Augusta
58.12Nikki Champion24:34Parchment
59.9Holly Luth24:39Dowagiac Union
60.11Madeleine Rohrer24:41Hartford
61.12Ashley Clark24:42Bangor
62.10Emma Thorbjornsen24:45Bangor
63.11Lorren Springer24:45Constantine
64.12Staci Peterson24:53Bloomingdale
65.11Julie Repke24:55Galesburg-Augusta
66.11Lynsey DeGraaf24:56Parchment
67.11Allison Corbin24:57Coloma
68.9McKenna Sloan24:58Schoolcraft
69.11Molly Hartman25:00Galesburg-Augusta
70.9Kendra Wilson25:08Dowagiac Union
71.11Krueger Kristia25:10Constantine
72.12Kyerston Gonder25:11Constantine
73.12Valeria Tapia25:16Bloomingdale
74.11Sami Walton25:24Coloma
75.12Ashley Best25:37Buchanan
76.10Bekah Sherburn25:41Berrien Springs
77.11Sarah Warren25:45Constantine
78.10Megan Dietz25:46Lawton
79.10Teressa Martinez25:52Lawton
80.12Kaitlyn Stermer25:52Lawton
81.9Dara Molica25:58Buchanan
82.10Samantha Morris25:58Watervliet
83.12Kayla Foster25:59Berrien Springs
84.11Kayla Fulks26:01Constantine
85.9Allison Zacharski26:06Brandywine
86.10Amanda Hassle26:16Dowagiac Union
87.11Katie Collis26:22Watervliet
88.12Victoria Frailey26:27Galesburg-Augusta
89.11Diana McCrumb26:33Bangor
90.10Kristina Bunn26:40Dowagiac Union
91.10Paige Schaus26:42Dowagiac Union
92.11Laura Cook26:45Watervliet
93.9Violette Hall27:18Coloma
94.12Lauren Nadeau27:45Bloomingdale
95.9Jessica Jorgenson28:00Brandywine
96.10Kayla Yakim28:54Dowagiac Union
97.10Allison Rall29:13Bloomingdale
98.10Cassi Savage29:23Galesburg-Augusta
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