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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Isaac Fithian16:54Sanborn Regional
2.11Chris Blais17:02 PRMascenic Regional
3.12Ben Chase17:47Newmarket
4.12Ben Cyr17:51Newmarket
5.10Trevor Kiefaber18:39Newmarket
6.12Anthony Caprioli18:45 PRNewmarket
7.12Justin Jarosz18:48Newmarket
8.12Ethan Ley18:53 PRConant
9.11Jon LeMay19:13 PRRaymond
10.12Vincent VanDintel19:17 PRSeacoast Christian
11.10Colby Putnam19:20Windham
12.9Alex Chase19:40Newmarket
13.11Brian McGlynn19:55 PRConant
14.12Patrick Altmire20:13 PRGilford
15.10Nick Sturzo20:20Campbell
16.12Jon Gould20:20 PRSeacoast Christian
17.10Tyler Haddock20:21 SRGilford
18.10Travis Manning20:23Campbell
19.10Jake Jollymore20:23 PRCampbell
20.11Joe Adams20:23 PRHillsboro-Deering
21.12Brandon Early20:38Newmarket
22.12Luke St.Pierre20:43 PRSeacoast Christian
23.10Aaron Leyfield20:46Conant
24.11Jesse Hardman20:47Raymond
25.10Peter Bouraphael20:52 PRSanborn Regional
26.12Dennis Johnson20:55 PRSanborn Regional
27.9Matt Ingalls21:05 SRHillsboro-Deering
28.9Chris Francis21:10Campbell
29.10Jordan Hauser21:12 PRSanborn Regional
30.10Dylan Lesnewski21:14 PRGilford
31.12Mark Towne21:15 PRSeacoast Christian
32.10Kelton Beal21:16 SRConant
33.9Joey Brennan21:20 SRSanborn Regional
34.9Shane Waters21:20Sanborn Regional
35.9Ben Gallo22:02 PRWindham
36.9David Hutchings22:03 PRWindham
37.9Christian Bos22:04 PRGilford
38.11Jay Lancaster22:12 PRNewmarket
39.9Chaz Kerrigan22:17 SRSeacoast Christian
40.11Kyle Robbinson22:43Raymond
41.9Dan Rubery22:54Windham
42.12Will Eaton23:04 PRRaymond
43.10Michael Tapply23:07Conant
44.11Thomas Griffin23:10 PRHillsboro-Deering
45.10Spencer Bos23:15Gilford
46.9Jason Radonis23:23 PRCampbell
47.9Alex Ager23:35 SRHillsboro-Deering
48.11Jacob Reardon23:56Raymond
49.9Daniel Jepson23:57 SRSeacoast Christian
50.11Zach Pereira24:02Gilford
51.9Cam Viola24:05Campbell
52.12Mike St. Jean24:30 PRRaymond
53.10Zeke Durand25:23Conant
54.9Andrew Ledger25:33Mascenic Regional
55.12Chris Whipple25:36Sanborn Regional
56.10Neil Pettit25:47 PRSanborn Regional
57.11Kyle Peppin26:36 PRRaymond
58.9Walker Franks27:08 PRRaymond
59.9Robbie Miller27:36Sanborn Regional
60.9Jackson Musco28:04Campbell
61.10Jesse Lamontagne28:09Campbell
62.10Jake Orlando28:35Campbell
63.9Drew Cote28:58 SRRaymond
64.12Sam Bradley32:03Hillsboro-Deering
65.12Trevor Matthews33:17 PRSeacoast Christian
66.9Calvin Hichens33:53 SRSeacoast Christian
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