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CAAC White Jamboree #3 HS

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Meet Host - Lakewood HS
Location - Lakewood HS, Lakewood, MI - Map
Mens Races

Lakewood HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
Womens Races

Lakewood HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity10:40 AM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Tom Stewart19:00.4Lansing Catholic
2.12Mitchell Lebel19:01.3Lansing Catholic
3.9Ben Rentz19:25.5Lansing Catholic
4.11Tyler Simon19:27.8Lansing Catholic
5.10Nate Eggleston19:32.0Lansing Catholic
6.9Nick Kelsey19:36.5Lansing Catholic
7.10Jimmy Davisson20:00.6Perry
8.9Christian Bitterman20:09.7Corunna
9.10Anthony Sevenski20:10.6Lansing Catholic
10.12Jon Griesen20:28.7Corunna
11.12John Sarrazin20:34.6Corunna
12.11Sam Whaley20:39.0Perry
13.9Casey Smith21:00.1Corunna
14.9William Johnson21:00.6Corunna
15.11Darrin Cameron21:01.9Corunna
16.12Nick Wracan21:20.8Corunna
17.11Kyle Hadden21:25.3Williamston
18.9Phillip Harrison21:38.3Lansing Catholic
19.9Robbie Maudrie21:43.5Lansing Catholic
20.9Kevin Isaac21:44.7Lansing Catholic
21.12Zach Banker22:58.2Perry
22.9Dylan Westrin23:34.8Lansing Catholic
23.10Chris Ingram23:42.5Corunna
24.9Wade Yauk23:51.1Williamston
25.11Alex Urbane28:15.7Williamston
26.10Ben Faris35:26.9Corunna
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11John Bell16:31.2Perry
2.12Justin Krauss16:43.1Perry
3.11Jimmy Hicks16:55.8Lansing Catholic
4.11Zachary Zingsheim17:05.5Lansing Catholic
5.11Alex West17:15.0Perry
6.12Tucker Seese17:17.5Lakewood
7.11Austin Winter17:27.5Lansing Catholic
8.12Cale Felker17:34.4Corunna
9.11Joe Marrah17:38.8Lansing Catholic
10.10Jared Krausz17:47.8Portland
11.11Tyler Neros17:49.1Perry
12.12Brandon Francis17:49.5Corunna
13.9Ben Thoenes17:54.2Williamston
14.12Jesse Metzmaker17:55.0Perry
15.11Beau Bremer17:58.0Corunna
16.12Grant Smith18:00.4Williamston
17.10Alex Pung18:01.4Portland
18.10Connor Coscarelli18:01.7Williamston
19.10Reilly Quinn18:01.8Corunna
20.12Greg Lutzke18:03.0Williamston
21.9Ian Nemeth18:04.2Perry
22.9Spencer Lebel18:13.0Lansing Catholic
23.12Cale Linabury18:28.0Corunna
24.9Nick Sampson18:31.0Lansing Catholic
25.12Ralph Warfield18:44.8Portland
26.11Justin Gehringer18:50.7Williamston
27.10Nate Warriner18:53.8Lansing Catholic
28.10Justin Stout18:58.6Corunna
29.10Will DePew19:02.5Perry
30.12Troy Lyons19:16.2Williamston
31.11Branden Phillips19:40.6Lakewood
32.12Mark Tarrant19:49.3Corunna
33.12Michael Kutch19:56.9Lakewood
34.10J Patrick20:10.4Lakewood
35.9Traviss Wilkerson20:13.4Lakewood
36.11Cody Robitaille20:17.3Williamston
37.11Gerald Grieser21:17.0Lakewood
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Raelynn Rasegan21:55.0Williamston
2.10Brianne Belanger22:26.2Williamston
3.11Elizabeth Hillman22:42.6Lansing Catholic
4.9Jenny DeWitt22:43.5Lansing Catholic
5.10Hannah Boyd22:57.8Perry
6.10Annie Fata23:10.0Lansing Catholic
7.9Samantha Hahn23:43.5Perry
8.11Caroline Francis-B...23:46.0Lansing Catholic
9.11Amanda Demerly23:58.8Perry
10.12MaryAlice Fata24:06.0Lansing Catholic
11.11Tori Reid24:08.9Lansing Catholic
12.10Audrey Carlson24:09.2Williamston
13.9Madison Adams24:13.3Portland
14.11Mary Schneider24:27.5Lansing Catholic
15.11Seirra James24:38.7Portland
16.11Sharlin May24:57.7Corunna
17.9Katelyn Schrauben25:05.8Portland
18.9Makenna Chrzan25:14.2Corunna
19.9Sarah Haluska25:21.2Portland
20.9Shelby Svarc25:21.5Corunna
21.9Maddie Turner25:28.4Corunna
22.11Cheyenne Smith25:31.3Lakewood
23.11Megan Laforge25:49.4Williamston
24.11Courtney Jenkins25:57.2Lakewood
25.10Hannah Lentz25:58.8Corunna
26.9Chelsea Keith26:10.1Corunna
27.11Haley Sawyer26:23.7Corunna
28.9Allison Russell26:25.1Portland
29.11Emily Watson26:29.5Lansing Catholic
30.11Emily Lemmer26:37.1Lansing Catholic
31.10Lora Lee Burrus26:39.6Lakewood
32.11Mara Jurkovic26:42.5Lansing Catholic
33.11Danielle Flint27:10.2Lansing Catholic
34.9Marilyn Werner27:31.1Lansing Catholic
35.9Emily Wilson27:48.4Lakewood
36.10Katie Hills28:23.4Lansing Catholic
37.10Emily Sampson28:30.0Lansing Catholic
38.9Olivia Blocher28:39.5Lakewood
39.9Rachel Heberlein28:50.0Lansing Catholic
40.9Grace Eggleston29:01.9Lansing Catholic
41.12Alex Hampton29:22.4Portland
42.9Morgan Womboldt29:31.5Lakewood
43.11Shannon Salgat29:31.9Lakewood
44.12Chelsea Sparks30:02.9Corunna
45.10Brianna Kimmer30:07.5Corunna
46.11Emma Tompkins30:36.7Corunna
47.11Rachel Poole30:51.4Lakewood
48.10Ashley Bocek31:15.3Corunna
49.10Lanie Tuitman32:56.0Lakewood
50.10Nicole Da Silva Fl...32:57.7Lakewood
51.9Kaelyn Smith34:02.5Lakewood
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Megan Heeder18:58.5Lansing Catholic
2.11Hannah Grischke19:22.1Williamston
3.12Victoria Sochor19:36.5Portland
4.10Emma Frost19:38.1Lansing Catholic
5.12Marissa Schneider19:47.8Corunna
6.11Erica Halm20:03.3Williamston
7.10Elizabeth Watling20:24.5Corunna
8.10Brooke Bremer20:24.7Corunna
9.12Kylie Parker20:37.5Perry
10.12Andrea Krantz20:40.0Williamston
11.11Karla Graves20:56.5Perry
12.12Ellee Eldridge20:58.9Portland
13.11Catherine Swiderski21:00.8Lansing Catholic
14.10Jordan Krauss21:02.4Perry
15.10Julia Young21:16.9Perry
16.11Katie Bollman21:24.8Williamston
17.12Sarah White21:28.5Portland
18.10Angelina Minniti21:34.8Lansing Catholic
19.10Danielle Hebert21:38.9Williamston
20.10Allison Middleton21:40.5Perry
21.12Cassie Thelen21:44.1Lakewood
22.12Elizabeth Erickson21:46.2Williamston
23.11Meagan Manzini21:48.1Portland
24.11Allie Brown21:56.5Lansing Catholic
25.12Hunter Puma22:26.7Lansing Catholic
26.9Margaret Wracan22:38.2Corunna
27.12Emilia Kosciulek22:41.5Lansing Catholic
28.9Mycah Ridder23:07.2Lakewood
29.11Mariah Dye23:07.4Lakewood
30.11Amanda Nickels23:10.8Corunna
31.12Maria Patrick23:18.0Lakewood
32.9Stevie Gregoricka23:27.3Corunna
33.12Amanda Eddington23:40.8Perry
34.9Angela Maurer23:46.5Williamston
35.11Abigail Feuka24:20.0Perry
36.9Kim Forbush24:25.8Corunna
37.12Maggie Wernet24:38.8Lakewood
38.12Erica Davids24:50.0Portland
39.12Kelly Hynes25:07.8Lakewood
40.11Chelsi Scott26:14.1Portland
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