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Big 9/GSL 3A Regional XC Meet HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Eisenhower HS
Location - Walla Walla Point State Park, Wenatchee, WA
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Mens Races

Walla Walla Point State Park

3 Mile Varsity2:00 PM
Womens Races

Walla Walla Point State Park

3 Mile Varsity1:00 PM
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Walla Walla Point Park, Wenatchee

EVENT MANAGER:    BJ Kuntz, Wenatchee AD

509-663-3384 work

509-663-6905 fax

509-421-0200 cell

                             3A Girls Team Scores
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Shadle Park A                42    1    2    9   10   20   24   29
      Total Time:  1:33:21.11
         Average:    18:40.22
   2 Kamiakin A                   43    4    5    8   12   14   30   40
      Total Time:  1:33:15.00
         Average:    18:39.00
   3 Mt Spokane A                 69    6   11   15   18   19   23   32
      Total Time:  1:36:31.90
         Average:    19:18.38
   4 Southridge A                 94    7   13   16   27   31   35   38
      Total Time:  1:38:40.90
         Average:    19:44.18
   5 Hanford A                    97    3   21   22   25   26   37   39
      Total Time:  1:39:20.60
         Average:    19:52.12
   6 West Valley-Yakima A        148   17   28   33   34   36   41   42
      Total Time:  1:43:44.60
         Average:    20:44.92

                                 3A Boys  Team Scores
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 North Central A              32    2    3    8   9    10   14   16
      Total Time:  1:16:28.80
         Average:    15:17.76
   2 University A                 41    4    6    7   11   13   15   21
      Total Time:  1:17:19.70
         Average:    15:27.94
   3 Kamiakin A                   67    1    5   17   20   24   26   31
      Total Time:  1:18:28.20
         Average:    15:41.64
   4 Hanford A                   111   12   19   23   28   29   30   33
      Total Time:  1:21:10.20
         Average:    16:14.04
   5 Southridge A                152   22   27   32   35   36   37   38
      Total Time:  1:23:07.60
         Average:    16:37.52
   6 Sunnyside A                 156   18   25   34   39   40   41   42
      Total Time:  1:25:07.30
         Average:    17:01.46

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Anthony Armstrong14:47.20Kamiakin
2.11Nathan Weitz14:47.59Shadle Park
3.12Vince Hamilton14:53.66North Central
4.12Casey Adams15:03.26North Central
5.12Jon Smith15:15.11University
6.11Hunter Johnson15:15.65Mt Spokane
7.11Austin Richards15:16.31Kamiakin
8.12Christian Bucko15:20.27University
9.11Jake Hombel15:24.38University
10.10Austen Frostad15:25.04North Central
11.12Connor Jones15:28.79Mt Spokane
12.10Keith Williams15:33.05North Central
13.12Andrew Wordell15:33.53North Central
14.12BJ Smith15:34.32University
15.11Erin Braich15:40.49Hanford
16.12Trevin Hiebert15:45.32University
17.9Taylor (Kai) Wilmot15:48.80North Central
18.11Matthew Fry15:52.22University
19.11Chase Mears15:53.45West Valley-Yakima
20.10Nik Taylor15:53.87North Central
21.12Jake DePledge15:57.95Mt Spokane
22.10Joseph Schuldheisz15:58.85Kennewick
23.12Mitch Parsons16:01.15Eastmont
24.12Ty Schoenwald16:02.79Kennewick
25.11Phil Snyder16:03.79Kamiakin
26.11Juan Reynoso16:04.35Sunnyside
27.10Jeevan Philip16:05.87Hanford
28.10Christian Rodriguez16:07.31Kamiakin
29.12Travis Stark16:08.02University
30.12Aaron Smith16:09.75Southridge
31.11Noel Hathaway16:10.72Hanford
32.12Elisha Deitz16:11.15Mt Spokane
33.9Keegan McCormick16:13.40Kamiakin
34.11Nathan Gonzalez16:15.14Sunnyside
35.11Taylor Kraal16:15.59Kamiakin
36.11Christian Fullmer16:19.36Mt Spokane
37.12Addison Quam16:22.12Southridge
38.11Dylan Guilmette16:27.10Eastmont
39.11Marcus Nash16:35.31Hanford
40.12Stephen Hafferkamp16:36.91Shadle Park
41.12Brooks Kindle16:37.59Hanford
42.11Shane Shelby16:41.06Hanford
43.12Joseph Matheson16:42.44West Valley-Yakima
44.10Austin Oser16:42.99Kamiakin
45.9Luis Steel16:44.84Southridge
46.12Ryan Nelson16:50.37Hanford
47.11Omar Cantu16:50.96Sunnyside
48.11Isaac Lugenbeal16:55.10Southridge
49.11Brett Konzek16:55.55Southridge
50.10Brody Sams16:57.24Southridge
51.10Kyle Conrad17:05.75West Valley-Yakima
52.9Nicholas Hathaway17:07.88Southridge
53.9Bret Lindell17:19.78Eastmont
54.11Benito Rodriguez17:21.99West Valley-Yakima
55.9Clayton Butterfield17:24.78Kennewick
56.10Sebastian Bauer17:30.32West Valley-Yakima
57.11Michael Martinez17:31.01Kennewick
58.11Canyon Hurst17:49.92Eastmont
59.12Jaime Garcia17:52.28Sunnyside
60.11Zane Irvine18:03.26West Valley-Yakima
61.12Freddie Roman18:04.37Sunnyside
62.12Ruben Prado19:21.40Sunnyside
63.11Anthony Garcia19:28.61Sunnyside
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Katie Knight17:19.35North Central
2.10Kendra Weitz17:38.73Shadle Park
3.11Katie Morris17:44.72Shadle Park
4.12Erin Hegarty17:44.94Hanford
5.11Stephanie Rexus17:54.10Kamiakin
6.10Michelle Fletcher18:13.49Kamiakin
7.10Brooklin Young18:22.08Mt Spokane
8.11Rachel Dahl18:38.87Southridge
9.12Kaylee Brooks18:43.28Kamiakin
10.12Chelsea Chandler18:45.10Shadle Park
11.10Emily Stone18:54.08Shadle Park
12.10Michaela Roske18:57.67North Central
13.11Molly Cole18:58.01Mt Spokane
14.11Sydney Blaser18:59.80Kamiakin
15.12Emily Butler19:09.62Southridge
16.9Brittany Brooks19:24.28Kamiakin
17.11Kellie Duchow19:29.88Mt Spokane
18.12Robyn Feil19:35.68Southridge
19.12Chantel Jaeger19:36.39West Valley-Yakima
20.10Jasmine McDaniel19:42.47University
21.11Brittany Cermak19:43.28University
22.12Sammie Pedersen19:50.74Mt Spokane
23.9Sierra Dodd19:50.96Mt Spokane
24.12Kayla Gelb20:03.18Eastmont
25.12Zoey Henson20:10.59University
26.10Emily Pringle20:18.22Shadle Park
27.11Bekah Waterhouse20:18.59Eastmont
28.11Bethany Dorian20:21.67Hanford
29.9Emma Walter20:22.25Hanford
30.12Afton McKinlay20:23.50Mt Spokane
31.9Annie Hughey20:23.94Shadle Park
32.9Haley Porter20:24.51Hanford
33.12Lizz Anderson20:26.99Hanford
34.10Leslie Olsen20:29.94Southridge
35.10Kira Johnston20:30.78University
36.12Emily Frasier20:31.72Eastmont
37.12Ashley Packard20:38.47West Valley-Yakima
38.9Maddy Cook20:41.81Shadle Park
39.10Samantha Meadows20:42.11Kamiakin
40.12Abigail Fall20:46.33North Central
41.12Hanna Nyberg20:46.55Southridge
42.9Lisa DePledge20:49.87Mt Spokane
43.12Brittney Swanson20:58.06West Valley-Yakima
44.12Jocelyn Yanez21:08.30Sunnyside
45.10Cielle Thiry-Harde...21:09.54West Valley-Yakima
46.9Andrea Bonnington21:09.76Pasco
47.10Michelle Snider21:10.97Southridge
48.12Tia Dearinger21:21.92West Valley-Yakima
49.12Hannah Moreland21:31.98Eastmont
50.10Kassidey Short21:33.08Eastmont
51.11Jenna Berlin21:34.07Hanford
52.12Chelsea Olivas21:38.93Southridge
53.11Jasmin Rocha21:49.29Eastmont
54.11Phenix Kline22:09.62Hanford
55.12Kaitlyn Cardinal22:16.76Kennewick
56.9Chelsea Winden22:19.49Kennewick
57.9Parys Rivas22:20.54Pasco
58.10Zoe Lucke22:22.74Kennewick
59.9Jori Perrins22:25.95Kamiakin
60.11Angelique Whistocken23:17.47Kennewick
61.12Darel Smart23:45.32West Valley-Yakima
62.10Alyssa Sebren23:45.78West Valley-Yakima
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