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Washington B State Championships HS

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - John Crawford
Location - Sun Willows Golf Course, Pasco, WA - Map
Mens Races

Sun Willows Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity11:30 AM
Womens Races

Sun Willows Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
Last Updated 12:43 PM, Sat, Nov 6



GIRLS 1B/2B                
1 Nw Christian-Lacey 44 5 6 8 12 13 18 31
2 Nw Christian-Colbert 66 2 7 15 19 23 29 30
3 White Pass 85 3 16 17 21 28 46  
4 Oroville 113 1 4 34 36 38 44  
5 St George's 115 9 10 24 35 37 43  
6 Asotin 118 14 20 25 26 33 39 41
7 Bear Creek 171 11 27 40 45 48    
8 Ocosta 192 22 32 42 47 49    
BOYS 1B/2B                
1 Tri-Cities Prep 75 7 9 17 18 24 40 44
2 Republic 94 3 12 15 22 42 49 66
3 Nw Christian-Lacey 96 1 5 21 34 35 47 48
4 Davenport 115 6 8 29 31 41 53 78
5 Mt Rainier Lutheran 117 10 11 27 32 37 50 58
6 St George's 220 2 14 63 65 76 83  
7 Waitsburg-Prescott 238 4 25 61 71 77 96  
8 Nw Christian-Colbert 242 19 30 60 64 69 84  
9 Crosspoint Academy 247 13 36 54 62 82 100 102
10 Mossyrock 255 26 38 51 59 81 87 89
11 Bear Creek 307 33 55 56 75 88 91 95
12 Riverside Christian 316 20 45 46 101 104    
13 White Pass 320 39 43 72 80 86 92 98
14 Liberty Bell 321 28 67 68 73 85    
15 Ocosta 323 23 57 70 74 99 103  
16 North Beach 330 16 52 79 90 93 94 97

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Justin Holden16:05.9NW Christian-Lacey
2.10Maxwell Choka16:06.4St George's
3.12Jon Bennett16:32.4Republic
4.10Seth Deal16:46.7Waitsburg-Prescott
5.11Lucas Graham16:52.5NW Christian-Lacey
6.11Ryan Zeller16:54.2Davenport
7.11Nick Lumetta16:54.9Tri-Cities Prep
8.11Austin Telford16:56.0Davenport
9.11Cody Erickson17:00.3Liberty-Spangle
10.11Nick Tudor17:15.3Tri-Cities Prep
11.12Andrew Wolf17:16.4Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.10Michael Cyr17:17.0St Michael's Academy
13.11Cramer Smith17:17.7Naselle
14.11Daniel Swann17:19.3Tacoma Baptist
15.12Jake Kornbau17:19.8Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.11Branden Eberly17:24.4Republic
17.10Russell Melin17:26.9Crosspoint Academy
18.11Alex Ramm-Hutchinson17:29.9St George's
19.12Mark Blank17:31.5Republic
20.11Ben Grover17:34.0North Beach
21.10Skyler Larson17:34.4Tri-Cities Prep
22.10Evan Simms17:34.7Seton Catholic
23.11Nick Fong17:35.1Tri-Cities Prep
24.12Jon Williams17:36.2NW Christian-Colbert
25.11Dusty Bender17:37.0Riverside Christian
26.11Aaron Michael17:38.4NW Christian-Lacey
27.10Saxon Brown17:39.2Republic
28.11Chase Teigen17:46.4Asotin
29.11Mitchell McConkey17:46.8Ocosta
30.10John Hylden17:52.9Tri-Cities Prep
31.12Nick Carpenter17:53.2Waitsburg-Prescott
32.10Garrett Boyd17:53.7Shorewood Christian
33.11Riley Alvord17:54.6Mossyrock
34.10Quinn Pariseau17:57.5Mt Rainier Lutheran
35.12Kennedy Seyler17:59.4Wellpinit
36.11Keith Rosenbaum18:01.6Lake Roosevelt
37.9Liam Daily18:02.3Liberty Bell
38.12Nathan Reitz18:03.7Naselle
39.10Conner Van Pevenage18:05.2Davenport
40.10Steven Olds18:07.1NW Christian-Colbert
41.12Ryan McGowan18:07.5Davenport
42.12Zach Deikman18:08.2Mt Rainier Lutheran
43.12Evan Simpson18:08.9Bear Creek
44.11Josiah Shelman18:09.7NW Christian-Lacey
45.11Zack Speiker18:13.3Oroville
46.11Matt Haggerty18:16.8Seattle Lutheran
47.10Brandon Burch18:19.9NW Christian-Lacey
48.10Mikal Pattee18:20.7Crosspoint Academy
49.11Noah Pearson18:23.6Mt Rainier Lutheran
50.12Travis Johnson18:24.6Mossyrock
51.11Travis Elliott18:29.1White Pass
52.10Sam Leon18:29.5Tri-Cities Prep
53.12Peter Rustemeyer18:34.0Davenport
54.11Devin Poore18:36.1Republic
55.12Brad Fenbert18:37.7White Pass
56.11Adam Noorani18:38.7Tri-Cities Prep
57.10Taylor Brown18:39.1Bickleton
58.11Marshall Travis18:39.7Riverside Christian
59.12Justin Odman18:41.0Riverside Christian
60.12Alex Mills18:41.7Lake Roosevelt
61.12Stephen Goff18:42.0NW Christian-Lacey
62.9Sam Beam18:43.1NW Christian-Lacey
63.12Mike Slagle18:44.0Republic
64.11Thomas Defilippis18:45.5Seton Catholic
65.10Slater Stambaugh18:47.1Reardan
66.11Dylan Spoor18:47.5South Bend
67.10Steven Henderson18:51.1Mt Rainier Lutheran
68.10Mitch Johnson18:52.5Mossyrock
69.11Gunnar Trygstad18:53.4North Beach
70.9Ricky Maul-Rolls18:55.3Davenport
71.10John Reichel18:56.3Crosspoint Academy
72.9David Broaddus18:59.0Bear Creek
73.8Michael Hickman18:59.3Lyle/Wishram
74.9Jacob Benson18:59.7Bear Creek
75.11Shayde Wentz19:00.0Ocosta
76.12Dan Price19:06.9Mt Rainier Lutheran
77.9Fidel Ortiz19:09.0Mossyrock
78.11Nate Meagher19:10.7Adna
79.12James Prouty19:14.6Wellpinit
80.9Cade Bowman19:18.6NW Christian-Colbert
81.12Antani Walling19:19.5Asotin
82.12Matthew Montgomery19:19.9Waitsburg-Prescott
83.12Joe Wiltz19:21.7Crosspoint Academy
84.11Evan Dyar19:22.6St George's
85.11Kyle Fritsch19:23.0NW Christian-Colbert
86.10Harrison Jones19:26.6St George's
87.11Kenny McGaffey19:27.0Republic
88.11Aaron Carney19:30.8Raymond
89.10Nolan Jensen19:35.6Liberty Bell
90.10Taylor Woodruff19:36.0Liberty Bell
91.12Cody Wuestney19:37.1Colfax
92.10Taylor Potter19:38.8NW Christian-Colbert
93.11Dale Howerton19:39.5Ocosta
94.10Caleb Rich19:41.0St. John-Endicott
95.9E.J. Meserve19:41.3Waitsburg-Prescott
96.11Josh Peters19:46.9White Pass
97.12Colton Skelton19:49.3Liberty Bell
98.11Dean Reuterdahl19:51.1Ocosta
99.10Dylan Kern19:52.5Bear Creek
100.9Will Tender19:55.7St George's
101.9Erik Sandoval19:57.9Waitsburg-Prescott
102.9Tanner Perry20:03.2Davenport
103.10Joseph Wagner20:08.4North Beach
104.9Chase Malamphy20:08.8White Pass
105.12Tony Kuse20:11.4Mossyrock
106.10Steven Zipay20:11.8Crosspoint Academy
107.9Hunter Olsen20:12.2St George's
108.11Christian Meyer20:15.5NW Christian-Colbert
109.8Brandon Berk20:18.2Bickleton
110.10Tim Lewis20:18.5Liberty Bell
111.11Eric Tibbits20:23.3White Pass
112.11Ryan Jorgenson20:32.3Mossyrock
113.11Gabriel Wang20:32.7Bear Creek
114.9John Burton20:34.5Mossyrock
115.12Dylan Hearn20:41.1North Beach
116.10Joshua Cheung20:43.7Bear Creek
117.12Donovin Stewart20:44.0White Pass
118.12John Johnson20:48.1North Beach
119.11Kasen Foy20:59.3North Beach
120.10Sam Stansell21:05.6Bear Creek
121.9Ben Moser21:09.4Waitsburg-Prescott
122.10Quinton Porter21:11.3North Beach
123.10Robert Thysell21:22.3White Pass
124.12Christian Sperline21:45.1Ocosta
125.12Jimmy Prehm22:25.9Crosspoint Academy
126.9Fernando Flores23:23.6Riverside Christian
127.9DJ Degnan23:28.8Crosspoint Academy
128.11Steven Miller30:24.3Ocosta
129.10Daniel Reynolds33:24.8Riverside Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Sierra Speiker18:44.8Oroville
2.11Morgan Willson18:57.7Colfax
3.10Anna Henry19:18.2NW Christian-Colbert
4.12Nicole Anderson19:20.6White Pass
5.12Catie Arrigoni19:35.5Oroville
6.12Joanna Sowers19:37.8NW Christian-Lacey
7.10Hailey Bredeson19:52.1NW Christian-Lacey
8.12Christina Anderson20:09.7NW Christian-Colbert
9.11Elizabeth Weber20:21.1NW Christian-Lacey
10.11Kim Barry20:24.9Lake Roosevelt
11.10Taryn Stamper20:25.3St George's
12.12Alexis Fynboe20:36.9Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.11Nicole deMontigny20:41.1South Bend
14.9Katie Green20:52.5Naselle
15.10April Soelberg21:05.9Riverside Christian
16.12Katie Johnson21:14.2St George's
17.11Joy Twentyman21:17.9Bear Creek
18.9Claire Lunde21:19.4Davenport
19.10Amy Adams21:19.6Rainier Christian
20.12Courtney Wagner21:20.0NW Christian-Lacey
21.10Megan Teigen21:26.3NW Christian-Lacey
22.10Brittani Urann21:33.0St Michael's Academy
23.12Sigourney Gundy21:37.9Asotin
24.9Kristina Yzaguirre21:40.4Mt Vernon Christian
25.11Lauren Kuiper21:40.8NW Christian-Colbert
26.11Katherine Kruger21:49.3White Pass
27.9Katie Auman21:49.7White Pass
28.10Allison Sowers21:51.7NW Christian-Lacey
29.11Taylor Jacklin22:04.4NW Christian-Colbert
30.11Sadie Johnson22:06.6Asotin
31.12Shawna Mouser22:06.9White Pass
32.12Isabela Benito22:08.4Waitsburg-Prescott
33.12Christina Wilson22:10.2Bickleton
34.12Erin Schuster22:10.5St. John-Endicott
35.9Kiana Ballo22:10.9Ocosta
36.10Kendra Arellanes22:11.4NW Christian-Colbert
37.11Megan VonBargen22:25.2Adna
38.11Emily Roberts22:29.6Reardan
39.11Hope Gimbel22:36.6St George's
40.9Jessie VonBargen22:37.5Adna
41.10Anastasia Klein22:41.2Mt Rainier Lutheran
42.11Lauren Erickson22:42.5Davenport
43.10Sara Duffau22:54.5Asotin
44.9Brielle Whittaker22:55.2Asotin
45.9Bridget Daugherty22:59.0Bear Creek
46.11Jeanie Mullins22:59.4White Pass
47.10Hanna Chaffin23:06.4NW Christian-Colbert
48.9Heather Siegel23:07.2St. John-Endicott
49.10Hayden Smith23:12.1NW Christian-Colbert
50.12Molly Cushman23:26.1Mossyrock
51.10Kaylinne Shaffer23:33.0NW Christian-Lacey
52.10Mara Harwood23:34.1Ocosta
53.11Megan Roach23:36.1Asotin
54.10Callie Barker23:48.7Oroville
55.11Audrey Anderson24:23.9St George's
56.10Katie Tietje24:26.3Oroville
57.10Sarah Wagstaff24:29.5St George's
58.10Ali Miller24:30.3Oroville
59.12Molly Bond24:33.6Asotin
60.11Anna Broaddus24:44.3Bear Creek
61.9Rachel Storey25:19.4Asotin
62.11Jennifer Joe25:21.5Ocosta
63.10Brenna Russell25:46.7St George's
64.12Reinna Quick26:35.3Oroville
65.10Hannah Postings26:44.2Bear Creek
66.11Cassandra Carlson26:49.0White Pass
67.9Rebecca Lundholm26:58.7Ocosta
68.11Vera Nemeth27:01.6Bear Creek
69.10Danielle Gilliam32:25.0Ocosta
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