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Mens Races
2 Mile Middle School4:00 PM


5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Middle School4:00 PM


5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
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Welcome to the Kingsley Invite!  Where the tough get tougher!  As usual, there will only be one race per gender for HS athletes.  All athletes run in the Varsity Race.  THere will also be a MS race as well as a 4th - 6th grade 1 mile race.  Should be a great day!  If you have any questions, please email me




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Mens Results

2 Mile Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Jacob Keena12:10.76Kingsley
2.8Conner Smith12:35.69Pine River
4.8Ben Rigling12:53.60Pine River
5.8Cole Gingrich12:54.40Pine River
9.8Danny Webb13:12.63Kingsley
16.8Lucas Maule13:55.42Kingsley
20.8Richard Durecki14:13.13Kingsley
45.8Zack Wagner15:56.03Pine River
53.7Jacob Gulliver16:28.05Kingsley
79.7Christian Carr18:02.48Kingsley
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11William Huddleston17:14.5Benzie Central
2.11Travis Clous17:34.7Benzie Central
3.11Rachi Sims17:53.7Kingsley
4.10Alex Houston18:07.5Grand Traverse Academy
5.11Ben Simpson18:14.3Kingsley
6.10Caleb Lindgren18:21.4Grand Traverse Academy
8.9Ismael Halaweh18:25.3Benzie Central
9.9Max Moreno-Gaft18:30.8Benzie Central
10.12Conor Goggin18:32.3Kingsley
11.11Dakota Chapman18:38.5Benzie Central
12.12Marcus Lonn18:44.9Benzie Central
14.12Simon Zagata19:12.1Manton
15.9Justin Prange19:17.8Kingsley
16.12Jake Lidak19:21.9Kingsley
17.11Joel Kaskinen19:27.7Benzie Central
18.11Peter Nelson19:30.9Grand Traverse Academy
19.11Kolten Scott19:32.3Kalkaska
20.11James Keyser19:37.4Grand Traverse Academy
21.11Michael Benedict19:40.2Leroy Pine River
22.12Stefan Schofield19:41.4Traverse City St. Fr...
23.10Marcus O'Hara19:43.3Kingsley
24.9Andrew Hayden19:50.4Benzie Central
25.10Caleb Elkins20:04.8Leroy Pine River
26.9Dylan Zenner20:07.4Kingsley
27.10Ian Duvall20:15.5Leland
28.9Will Saffell20:21.0Leland
29.11Charlie Reamer20:21.7Kingsley
30.11Kohle Stiner20:22.6Kingsley
31.10Greg Wallace20:24.7Traverse City St. Fr...
32.11Adam Kaskinen20:29.9Benzie Central
33.12Connor Hatch20:41.1Grand Traverse Academy
34.10Greg Schaefer20:44.9Leroy Pine River
35.10Austin Olson20:45.5Kingsley
36.10Ryan French20:52.8 SRKingsley
37.12Johnathan Anderson20:55.5Traverse City St. Fr...
38.9Dillon Gouge21:12.2Manton
33.11Max Haranda21:18.0Manton
40.11Nate Cummings21:24.9Kalkaska
41.10Derryl Poynor21:25.3Benzie Central
42.9Jeremiah Simerson21:42.5Mesick
45.10Tim Fraser21:54.7Grand Traverse Academy
46.9Hunter Clasen21:59.8Benzie Central
47.9Pierce Prange22:02.9Kingsley
48.9Fagerman Austin22:09.2Manton
49.11Curtis Zolman22:09.4McBain Northern Mich...
51.10Joshua Phillips22:12.8Leroy Pine River
52.10Lance Masserant22:16.1Traverse City St. Fr...
54.11Dillon Bach22:17.5Kingsley
55.11Josh Lueck22:18.9Kingsley
56.11Corey Sipes22:31.3Manton
57.9Brendan Nickerson22:46.9Kingsley
58.10Lucas Walters22:48.8Grand Traverse Academy
59.10Ferris Hennig22:52.7Leland
60.10Justin Seeman22:57.3Leroy Pine River
61.10Cole. Ordway23:10.5Manton
62.10Jeff Hines23:12.5Grand Traverse Academy
63.11Aaron Swartz23:18.9Grand Traverse Academy
64.12Nathan Keely23:22.8Grand Traverse Academy
65.9John King23:27.6Mesick
66.12Martin Cervantes23:31.4Leland
67.9Chris Terburgh23:58.9Leroy Pine River
68.10Christian Doran23:59.3Leland
69.-Jamie Brubaker24:26.4Leland
71.9Brandon VanDyke24:57.3Manton
71.9Andrew Wolowiec24:59.9Benzie Central
73.10Kyler Leibundguth25:20.7Benzie Central
74.10Miles Stosio25:21.2Kalkaska
75.9Elliott VanDreumel25:28.1Leroy Pine River
76.11Kevin Zeller25:46.3McBain Northern Mich...
77.9Christian Green25:49.9Mesick
78.9Jordan MacArthur25:51.9Frankfort
79.10Liajm Stevenson26:06.9Leland
81.9Jason Jacobs29:58.8 PRKalkaska
82.10Brett LaBarge30:03.5Kalkaska
83.9Taylor Dietrich30:16.20 PRKalkaska
84.9Jacob Hoaglund30:17.8Mesick
12Tavon WalkerLeroy Pine River dnr--knee
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Womens Results

2 Mile Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

8.8Kassy Nelson13:09.07Pine River
39.7Lexie Fehrenbach15:39.35 PRKingsley
51.7Alyssa Geer16:19.67Pine River
59.8Megan O'Brien16:58.27Kingsley
63.7Talon Woods17:04.08Pine River
96.8Audrianah Shavrnoch19:20.21Kingsley
97.7Taylor Starlin20:04.86Pine River
98.8Cheyanne Rodriguez20:21.07Kingsley
100.8Chelsea McNamara20:27.79Kingsley
99.7Beth Stack20:27.90Pine River
108.7Brittany Frosty33:00.00Pine River
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Michaela Carnegie19:39.1Benzie Central
2.12Stephanie Ingraham19:52.7Manton
3.12Taylor Nye20:13.4Benzie Central
4.11Theresa Warsecke21:00.9Benzie Central
5.12Kirstin Volkening21:10.4Kingsley
6.9Bryce Cutler21:12.1Benzie Central
7.12Sonny Jenkins21:18.1Manton
8.9Adri Sigafoose21:20.3McBain Northern Mich...
9.10Maddy Danz21:22.9Traverse City St. Fr...
10.9Makayla Huddleston21:23.7Benzie Central
11.12Sarah Dick21:31.7McBain Northern Mich...
12.10Alysia Campos22:00.5Grand Traverse Academy
13.9Devyn Powell22:05.4Leroy Pine River
15.10Sophie Schuetze22:07.7Grand Traverse Academy
16.12Marika Grabowski22:11.6Benzie Central
17.9Rachael Peabody22:14.7Benzie Central
18.10Rowan Estenik22:20.8Grand Traverse Academy
19.9Courtney Adams22:22.8Kingsley
20.12Corrie Noah22:24.1Benzie Central
21.11Jessie Michelin22:29.8Traverse City St. Fr...
21.12Samantha Krause22:35.8Kingsley
23.12Erin Dingrando22:47.8Leland
24.12Stephanie Horning22:54.3Traverse City St. Fr...
25.12Giselle Gomez23:06.9Manton
27.9Paige Sauer23:07.6Benzie Central
28.10Miranda Besey23:08.6Benzie Central
29.12Taylor Witchner23:12.0Benzie Central
32.12Kelly Zelinski23:29.9Traverse City St. Fr...
33.10Alexis Keena23:30.7Kingsley
34.10Rachel Lovell23:31.6Manton
36.12Alex McNair23:42.7Kingsley
39.12Emily Ritsema23:50.7Grand Traverse Academy
40.12Joanna Tarbell23:53.9Grand Traverse Academy
41.12Courtney Roth24:03.4Manton
43.12Anna Grabowski24:09.7Benzie Central
44.11Britney Simerson24:10.6Kingsley
46.11Samantha Dagen24:20.1Leroy Pine River
47.10Mary Warsecke24:21.2Benzie Central
49.12Erica Dean24:25.29Leroy Pine River
50.9Molly Ritsema24:26.1Grand Traverse Academy
51.9Tia Hoffman24:37.1Mesick
53.12Marayna Regenold24:40.6Kingsley
55.9Tessa Burch24:42.8Benzie Central
56.9Skyla Ginzel24:45.7Kingsley
57.10Hanna Hackett25:00.8Mesick
59.9Nicole Brown25:05.6Kingsley
63.9Jasmine Blackrick25:18.4Leroy Pine River
64.10Erica Loop25:19.3Leroy Pine River
65.9Tiffany Simpson25:20.9Kingsley
66.10Jordan Nye25:24.98Benzie Central
67.10Savannah Gross25:30.2Leland
68.9Aria Grabowski25:34.0Benzie Central
70.12Kim DeVore25:45.0Manton
71.9Alisha Clous25:45.6Benzie Central
72.11Christina Rennie25:47.61Leland
74.11Jane Pearson26:28.5McBain Northern Mich...
75.9Erica Karsten26:29.3Kingsley
76.10Tina Barnes26:35.9Mesick
77.10Rachel Hartline26:40.8Leroy Pine River
78.9Claire Palmer26:49.0Grand Traverse Academy
79.10Katie Pershinske26:49.4Leland
80.10Naomi Williams26:55.6Manton
81.12SarahJane Crimmins27:06.6Leland
82.11Hali Adams27:11.47Kingsley
83.9Gabie Gilbert27:19.5Leroy Pine River
84.9Kaitlyn Brow27:23.5Kingsley
85.9Cheyenne Franklin27:24.7Mesick
87.9Raquel Besey27:48.5Benzie Central
90.10Kiera Salisbury28:14.6Leroy Pine River
91.9Brittney Birgy28:22.6Kingsley
92.12Testa Gina28:23.4Grand Traverse Academy
93.9Sydney Dick28:32.1McBain Northern Mich...
94.11Jenna Harbour28:39.0 SRKalkaska
95.9Alexis Hayden28:40.7Kalkaska
97.12Morgan Ferens28:59.0Benzie Central
10Cheyanne Fersch28:59.9Manton
99.9Zoey Reightley29:30.4Benzie Central
103.9Dana Musial30:08.1Mesick
104.12Anna Mannimen30:11.5Mesick
105.12Kelsey Lint32:00.6Mesick
106.9Zoey Marsh32:18.3Kalkaska
107.10Kathleen Collingwood33:34.0Benzie Central
108.10Emily Barber34:35.7 PRKalkaska
109.9Korrina Musselman34:58.1 PRKalkaska
110.9Leah Gauthier35:15.9 PRKalkaska
111.9Hailee Sexton40:42.9 PRKalkaska
12Katelynn DagenLeroy Pine River calf
11Raeanne PetersonLeroy Pine River ham
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