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Buckley Bear Invitational HS

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Meet Host - Buckley HS
Location - Buckley HS, Buckley, MI - Map
Mens Races

Buckley HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Buckley HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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2.9Kelli Broessel20:16Lansing Waverly
4.12Kirstin Volkening20:36Kingsley
5.10Alysia Campos21:09Grand Traverse Academy
6.10Rowan Estenik21:19Grand Traverse Academy
7.11Haley Morairty21:20Buckley good competitive race
8.12Samantha Krause21:35Kingsley
9.9Chante Roberts21:50Lansing Waverly
10.12Emily Ritsema21:56Grand Traverse Academy
11.10Sophie Schuetze21:59Grand Traverse Academy
12.9Courtney Adams22:11Kingsley
14.10Alexis Keena22:29Kingsley
15.9Kayla Traylor22:33Buckley huge PR-NICE JOB
16.9Molly Ritsema22:41Grand Traverse Academy
17.12Joanna Tarbell22:52Grand Traverse Academy
19.11Britney Simerson23:36Kingsley
29.10Kelly Mosher23:46Lansing Waverly
21.9Skyla Ginzel23:48Kingsley
22.9Nicole Brown23:54Kingsley
23.10Lindsay Bock23:54Lansing Waverly
24.12Leslie McComb24:05Lansing Waverly
25.12Natalie McComb24:13Lansing Waverly
26.11Kara Moore24:18Lansing Waverly
27.10Mistie Vaughan24:25Lansing Waverly
28.9Tiffany Simpson24:29Kingsley
29.9Erica Karsten24:41Kingsley
30.12Helen Karsten25:32Kingsley
31.9Kaitlyn Brow25:33Kingsley
32.10Mariah Guernsey25:45Buckley really good race
36.9Claire Palmer26:24Grand Traverse Academy
37.9Leannah McCloud26:39Lansing Waverly
39.9Rachel South26:49Lansing Waverly
40.10Merri Wright26:52Lansing Waverly
43.12Testa Gina27:24Grand Traverse Academy
41.9Brittney Birgy27:39Kingsley
44.9Stasa Wade29:22Lansing Waverly
45.10Chelsea Shaull29:26Lansing Waverly
46.9Becca Reeves30:30Lansing Waverly
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