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Mens Races
2.9 Mile Junior Varsity3:45 PM
2.9 Mile Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.9 Mile Junior Varsity
2.9 Mile Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

2.9 Mile Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Cascade (Everett)

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1.11Connor Zurcher18:25 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
2.10Alberto Sanchez18:26 PRCascade (Everett)
3.9Vinny Shipley18:50 SRCascade (Everett)
4.12Eduardo Alcantar-S...18:59 PRCascade (Everett)
5.12Samson Smith19:00 PRCascade (Everett)
6.9Jonah Grier19:03 PRMeadowdale
7.10Jesse Pavilando19:04 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
8.11Andy Vavrousek19:22 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9.9Ryan Fuller19:28 PRMeadowdale
10.10Dylan Peppin19:29 PRMeadowdale
11.12Caleb Hyldahl19:39 PRCascade (Everett)
12.10Jerrick Sandico19:40 PRShorecrest
13.10Will Lawler19:40 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
14.12Kyle Redford19:43 PRCascade (Everett)
15.11Phillip DeSanctis19:48 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
16.10Clay Scollard19:49 PRShorecrest
17.11Paris Werner19:55 PRMeadowdale
18.9Chikodi Ezeokeke19:58 PRMeadowdale
19.11Manraj Sidhu20:02 PRCascade (Everett)
20.11Chris Fuller20:04 PRMeadowdale
21.10Jake Shearer20:14 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
22.10Tristan LaPoint20:21 PRShorecrest
23.11Andrew Hansen20:26 PRCascade (Everett)
24.10Stewart Long20:27 PRMeadowdale
25.10Cory Henderson20:28 PRShorecrest
26.12Dylan Fletcher20:30 PRMeadowdale
27.11Tyler Hartje20:33 PRShorecrest
28.11Casey Sigelmann20:34 PRShorecrest
29.9David Ahern20:35 PRShorecrest
30.9TJ Fridenmaker21:06 PRMeadowdale
31.12Dakota Levine21:10 PRCascade (Everett)
32.12Tanner Daurie21:12 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
33.10Lars Kundu21:13 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
34.9Joe Loiseau21:20 PRShorecrest
35.10Jason Resha21:21 PRShorecrest
36.9Micah Lund21:22 PRMeadowdale
37.10Andre Carrao21:22 PRShorecrest
38.11Ashton Darling22:08 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
39.11Andrew Baxter22:09 PRCascade (Everett)
40.12Rob Cristi22:17 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
41.9Dylan Olson22:32 SRCascade (Everett)
42.9Logan Taylor22:52 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
43.11Joe Julian22:59 PRMeadowdale
44.10Michael Miyamoto23:46 PRShorecrest
45.10Joshua Stavick23:53 PRCascade (Everett)
46.11Austin Ledesma23:54 PRCascade (Everett)
47.11Josh Ullerich24:07 PRMeadowdale
48.10Zach Willett24:15 PRShorecrest
49.12Kyler Gillman24:18 PRMeadowdale
50.10Jonathan Coolidge24:19 PRShorecrest
51.12Erik Scott24:48 PRMeadowdale
52.9Nick Novy24:58 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
53.9Erik Skamser25:18 PRShorecrest
54.9Brent Hathaway25:57 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
55.12Brandon Vogel26:29 PRCascade (Everett)
56.9Jack Cockburn27:34 PRShorecrest
57.10Brett Hawkins28:22 PRMeadowdale
58.10Steven Vederoff37:10 PRShorecrest
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2.9 Mile Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Cascade (Everett)

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1.12Aaron Campbell15:57 PRCascade (Everett)
2.12Matt Crichlow16:05 PRMeadowdale
3.10Carter Osborne16:19 PRShorecrest
4.12Michael Standiford16:37 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
5.11Steven Statham16:44 PRCascade (Everett)
6.11Quinn Massey16:51 PRMeadowdale
7.12Theo DeSanctis17:06 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
8.12Nicholas Larson17:17 PRCascade (Everett)
9.11Erik Kundu17:20 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
10.12Steven Cleppe17:22 PRShorecrest
11.10Colin Wiedmer17:33 SRCascade (Everett)
12.11Cannon Counsellor17:52 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
13.11Danny Shippen17:54 PRMeadowdale
14.11Devin Bell17:59 PRCascade (Everett)
15.9Mark Officer18:01 PRShorecrest
16.11Aaron Bartee18:08 PRCascade (Everett)
17.11Jack Weber18:15 PRShorecrest
18.10Stefan Ball18:17 PRMeadowdale
19.12Matt Carver18:22 PRMeadowdale
20.9Jordan Cantu18:26 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
21.10Chris Prasanna18:28 PRMeadowdale
22.10Nate Gniffke18:31 PRShorecrest
23.12Shawn Sewell18:33 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
24.10David Brzovic18:41 PRShorecrest
25.11Lucas Verge18:42 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
26.12Andrew Olson18:51 PRCascade (Everett)
35.10Roger Vargas25:05 PRShorecrest
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Womens Results

2.9 Mile Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Cascade (Everett)

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1.10Rachael Lefstad19:20 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
2.12Meghan Benneman20:12 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
3.11Lynleigh Oliver20:24 PRShorecrest
4.11Kathryn Andria-Hab...20:32 PRShorecrest
5.11Farrah Bradley20:34 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
6.12Aly Weir20:35 PRCascade (Everett)
7.11Analissa Merrill21:13 PRMeadowdale
8.11Alissa Belan21:15 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9.9Emyly Hall21:15 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
10.11Kara Eckardt21:22 PRShorecrest
11.11Zoe Gibson21:38 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
12.9Amanda Redford21:56 SRCascade (Everett)
13.10Haley Suarez22:17 PRMeadowdale
14.12Kaileigh Alford22:21 PRCascade (Everett)
15.11Samantha Kang22:29 PRMeadowdale
16.10Amanda Eshelman22:46 PRShorecrest
17.10Courtney Croft22:51 SRCascade (Everett)
18.12Ava Izdepski22:59 PRMeadowdale
19.9Annalise Muscari23:05 PRMeadowdale
20.12Marissa Hill23:16 PRCascade (Everett)
21.10Jairess Bastida23:18 PRCascade (Everett)
22.9Samantha Gibson23:19 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
23.10Lydia Vanderburg23:22 PRShorecrest
24.9Hannah Fink23:37 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
25.10Katie Weir23:38 SRCascade (Everett)
26.11Karley Young23:57 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
27.9Hannah Hirsch24:04 PRShorecrest
28.11Madison Osborne24:06 PRShorecrest
29.11Kim Tran24:08 PRCascade (Everett)
30.11Marina McPherson24:15 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
31.10Helen Jurich24:17 PRMeadowdale
32.12Liliya Kot24:18 PRShorecrest
33.9Autumn Blue-Starr24:18 PRCascade (Everett)
34.12Quinn Sullivan24:54 PRShorecrest
36.11Victoria Duong25:12 PRShorecrest
37.12Emily Hill25:20 PRCascade (Everett)
38.10Lynnea Maraveller25:36 PRMeadowdale
39.12Renee Delgadillo25:36 PRMeadowdale
40.10Kathryn Lindsey26:20 PRShorecrest
41.12Jazmine Flenoy26:34 PRCascade (Everett)
42.9Sarah McPherson27:52 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
43.9Jade Mitchell28:27 PRShorecrest
44.11Torie Redenbaugh28:32 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
45.12Megan Carlson30:50 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
46.10Tzuria Falkenberg30:51 PRShorecrest
47.9Katie Larson37:23 PRCascade (Everett)
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Cascade (Everett)

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