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Walpole HS

2.57 Mile Varsity
1.78 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Walpole HS

2.57 Mile Varsity
1.78 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.57 Mile Varsity  

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1.12Romey Sklar13:52 PRBrookline CR
2.11Chernet Sisay13:52 PRBrookline
3.11Zach Ganshirt13:53Walpole
4.11Mark Perry14:03 PRBrookline
5.11Justin Connolly14:09Walpole
6.12Michael Katzeff14:27 PRBrookline
7.12Dave Connors14:41Walpole
7.12Andrew Triedman14:42 PRBrookline
9.12William Jackson14:42 PRBrookline
10.11Chris Conley14:54Walpole
11.11Evan Sternstein15:00 PRBrookline
12.12Zane McInturff15:03 PRBrookline
13.12Zach Bannon15:05Walpole
14.11Ryan Morris15:10Walpole
15.11Tim Conley15:11Walpole
16.11Matt Zampi15:15Walpole
18.11Andrew Berardinelli15:21 SRWalpole
20.11Kyle Celentano15:40Walpole
21.11Bryan Rockwood15:42Walpole
22.10Aden Brown15:47 PRBrookline
23.10Jack Ruske15:48 PRBrookline
25.12Nile Naim16:26 PRBrookline
27.11Masuyzo Mhango16:30 PRBrookline
28.11Aidan Connolly16:30 PRBrookline
29.11David Whipple16:41 PRBrookline
31.11Joseph Meyers16:58 PRBrookline
32.10Jacob Miller17:21 PRBrookline
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1.78 Mile Junior Varsity  

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1.10Jesse Fajnzylber10:13 PRBrookline AOM
2.10Andrew Single10:15 PRWalpole
3.11Hikari Mamata10:31 PRBrookline
4.9Anthony DiVirgilio10:38Walpole
5.9Alex Peebles-Capin10:45 PRBrookline
6.10Kevin Delaney10:50Walpole
7.9Pierce McInturff10:50 PRBrookline
8.9Aidan Lehane10:51 PRBrookline
9.11Chris Alonzo10:51 PRBrookline
10.10Connor Godfrey10:54Walpole
11.10Ryan Ayer10:55 PRWalpole
12.9Jake Simon10:55 PRBrookline
13.10Ari Coopersmith11:01 PRBrookline
14.10Connor Brennan11:02 PRBrookline
15.9Pat Connell11:06Walpole
16.9Jon Kelland11:07Walpole
17.10Jake Gonnella11:09 PRBrookline
18.10Adam Rintell11:09 PRBrookline
19.10Will Whearty11:09Walpole
20.11Thomas Corcoran11:09Walpole
21.9James Brown11:15 PRBrookline
22.10Andrew Averill11:15Walpole
23.10Nick Culhane11:18Walpole
24.10Sean Averill11:18Walpole
25.10Alex Fraser11:26Walpole
26.10Jake Rizika11:27 PRBrookline
27.11Anthony Earabino11:38Walpole
28.10Colby Ko11:42 PRBrookline
29.10Andrew Myers11:43Walpole
30.9Myles Parker11:51 PRBrookline
31.10Josh Colon11:55Walpole
32.9Vince Lauffer11:56 PRBrookline
33.12Luis Herrera12:00 PRBrookline
34.12Andrew Ellis12:00Walpole
35.9Chris Barajas12:06Walpole
36.9Mike Van Der Linden12:10Walpole
37.9Rory Hardiman12:12Walpole
40.9Aaron Sege12:23 PRBrookline
41.11Nick Laferriere12:23Walpole
44.10Alexander Lindstro...12:32 PRBrookline
43.9Barker Colbert-Regan12:36 PRBrookline
45.9Jimmy Martin12:38Walpole
46.9Daniel Smolsky12:40 PRBrookline
49.10Maximillian Gadicke12:58 PRBrookline
50.9Will Notelovitz13:00 PRBrookline
51.9Drew Morrier13:10Walpole
58.11Minjea Jo13:31 PRBrookline
60.11James O'Neill13:41Walpole
61.12Adam Wong13:43 PRBrookline
62.10Jungbin Lim13:48Walpole
63.9Trevor Wassel13:53Walpole
66.9Ian Doe14:04Walpole
70.10Andrew Davis14:27Walpole
78.10Winston Ho14:38Walpole
79.10Jungwoo Yoon14:48Walpole
83.9Jake Celentano15:10Walpole
87.9Danny Reilly16:08Walpole
88.9Tarun Sathish16:09 PRBrookline
91.9Jake Kelley19:28Walpole
92.10Ross Bubly19:29Walpole
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Womens Results

2.57 Mile Varsity  

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1.12Courtney Shea16:33Walpole
2.12Brigette Lawton16:57Walpole
3.12Leah Gellineau17:24 PRBrookline
4.9Charlotte Cole17:34 SRBrookline
5.12Kathryn Russo17:43Walpole
6.12Hannah Warren17:51 PRBrookline
7.10Jessica Lu17:59 PRBrookline
8.12Jocelyn Lydon18:08Walpole
10.11Lilly Gaedhe18:29 PRBrookline
11.11Emily Brown18:32 PRBrookline
12.12Lane Kelleher18:35Walpole
13.10Megan Peterson18:36Walpole
14.10Sabrina Lee18:36 PRBrookline
15.12Grace Lynch19:10Walpole
16.12Liz Jelloe19:17Walpole
17.10Anna Russo19:24 PRBrookline
18.11Paola Yerxa19:42Walpole
20.12Katy Ames20:11 PRBrookline
21.10Jackie Pearlmutter20:46 PRBrookline
22.11Nina Berlow20:55 PRBrookline
24.11Hannah Breck21:04 PRBrookline
25.12Rose LaPlante21:13 PRBrookline
29.10Cristel Caluipe22:35 PRBrookline
29.10Cristel Callupe22:35 PRBrookline
32.11Coco Faber23:15 PRBrookline
33.11Marie Wheeler25:23 PRBrookline
24.11Tracey Faber25:32 PRBrookline
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1.78 Mile Junior Varsity  

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39.9Rachael Barry12:21 PRWalpole
42.9Kristen Coyne12:26 PRWalpole
47.10Madison Shea12:44Walpole
52.9Gabbi Petruziello13:11Walpole
53.12Christina DiVirgilio13:16 PRWalpole
54.12Emily McManus13:17Walpole
56.10Maria Langenhorst13:25 PRWalpole
57.10Amanda McManus13:30Walpole
64.9Siobhan Kemple13:58Walpole
65.9Casey Ganshirt14:04Walpole
68.10Mary DeBlasio14:20 SRWalpole
69.11Lindsey Wassell14:22Walpole
71.9Shadai Harris14:28Walpole
80.10Meghan Stanton15:00 PRWalpole
81.9Nicole D'Andrea15:05Walpole
82.9Allie Mullen15:05Walpole
90.10Mary Reedy17:03 SRWalpole
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