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Horseshoe Bend

3,000 Meters Middle School
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Horseshoe Bend

3,000 Meters Middle School
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This is the 4nd Annual Mustang Invite on September 16 at Horseshoebend High School.  Spikes should not be used.  The deadline to registration is September 14.  Please have all entries done online at or fax HSB High School.  The first race will be the Middle school girls at 4:00 with boys at 4:15.  JV girls at 4:30 boys at 5:00.  Varsity Girls at 5:30 boys at 6:00.  Medals for top three (4A-5A) top three (1A-3A) Varsity races.  Middle school medals for top three, ribbions 4th-10th.  JV races ribbions for top ten.    Entry fee is $35 dollars for Girls or Boys, $65 for both.  $5 dollars per kid if no team.  No cost for middle school kids.

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
Upgrade Meet Host
Horseshoe Bend

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1.7Darin Blount12:41.00Melba
2.8Connor Aus12:50.00 PRNorth Star Charter
3.8Spencer Brown12:53.00Victory Charter
4.8Caleb Davis12:53.10Victory Charter
5.8Tanner Maurer12:57.00North Star Charter
6.7Hunter Randolph12:59.00Idaho City
7.8Christian Sedrick13:08.00Liberty Charter
8.8Merritt Graham13:10.00Victory Charter
9.8Hunter Martin13:14.00Victory Charter
10.8Max Knudson13:16.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
11.7Edmiston Devin13:18.00Melba
11.7Devin Edmiston13:18.00 PRMelba
12.8Deric Jensen13:22.00Liberty Charter
13.8Riley Baxter13:30.00New Plymouth
14.7Cody Svedin14:01.00Melba
15.7Matthew Dukelow14:04.00North Star Charter
16.8Shay Dinneen14:10.00Idaho City
17.7Caleb Kessler14:12.00New Plymouth
18.7Ryan DeBlieck14:33.00Cole Valley Christian
19.8Josh Pogue14:33.10Compass Charter
20.7Chris Coutts14:35.00North Star Charter
21.8Klayton Kreps14:37.00Liberty Charter
22.7Micah Stevens14:38.00North Star Charter
23.7Caleb Rothwell14:40.00Horseshoe Bend
24.7Remington Sharp14:42.00Victory Charter
25.6Brenden Mahoney14:53.00McCain
26.8Colson Richter14:59.00Cole Valley Christian
27.6Ethan Sager15:20.00North Star Charter
28.7Logan Cook15:21.00North Star Charter
29.6Colton Lowry15:22.00McCain
30.7Harrison Haude15:28.00 PRCompass Charter
31.8Jacob Ramirez15:35.00McCain
32.8Nick Griffin15:36.00 PRMcCain
33.7Hayden Lopez15:47.00North Star Charter
34.8James Stevens15:48.00North Star Charter
35.7Toby Demaray16:00.00Victory Charter
36.8Mack Woodruff16:11.00Idaho City
37.8Benjamin Gozart16:16.00Victory Charter
38.8Ben Knapp16:22.00New Plymouth
39.-Aaron Pena16:28.00 PRLiberty Charter
40.7Brandon Carter16:37.00Victory Charter
41.8Brandon Edwards16:41.00New Plymouth
42.6Alec Adams16:42.00Compass Charter
43.7Takoda Kessler16:44.00New Plymouth
44.7Riley Boyd17:17.00Liberty Charter
45.6Tyler Reed17:22.00McCain
46.6Noah Traub17:30.00Compass Charter
47.6Ian Jackson17:33.00North Star Charter
48.7Jason Conti17:34.00North Star Charter
49.7Hayden Danielson18:26.00North Star Charter
50.7Tristan Berg18:27.00North Star Charter
51.8Bryan Ralphs18:32.00North Star Charter
52.6Ryan Schultz19:07.00McCain
53.7Parker Brown19:13.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
54.7Brandon Gorenson19:22.00Compass Charter
55.7Matias Wilson19:28.00Cole Valley Christian
56.7Justin Griffith19:34.00New Plymouth
57.7Robert Smith19:34.10New Plymouth
58.6Preston Kendrick20:02.00North Star Charter
59.7Reece Kulig21:37.00North Star Charter
60.7Austin Fosbinder22:02.00Melba
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
Upgrade Meet Host
Horseshoe Bend

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1.8Taylor Garber12:42.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
2.8Hannah Gilman13:27.00North Star Charter
3.8Alyssa Tomevi14:09.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
4.8McKelle Leavitt14:11.00Melba
5.8Baillie Wallace14:19.00New Plymouth
6.8KariAnna Kuklinski14:39.00Cole Valley Christian
7.8Kylie Hoogendyke14:39.10Payette Lakes (McCall)
8.7Bethany Danner14:41.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
9.6Abby Milburn15:09.00North Star Charter
10.7Morgan Monson15:52.00Liberty Charter
11.8Callysta Riggs15:52.10Cole Valley Christian
12.7Erika Linford15:58.00Liberty Charter
13.6Alayna Reese15:59.00Compass Charter
14.6Payton Lopez16:00.00North Star Charter
15.6Rebecca Forsgren16:02.00Melba
16.7Lacey Smith16:02.10McCain
17.8Claire Lewinski16:24.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
18.6Dania Holmberg16:24.10North Star Charter
19.8Laurel Howe16:26.00New Plymouth
20.6Nicole Smart16:30.00Compass Charter
21.6Kylie Smith17:08.00 PRNorth Star Charter
22.7Ruby Poisall17:22.00North Star Charter
23.7Ashley Pearce17:30.00New Plymouth
24.7Shanya Gertsch17:58.00Horseshoe Bend
25.8Aubry Warner18:07.00 PRNorth Star Charter
26.6Sera Webb18:15.00Melba
27.6Megan Smith18:16.00Melba
28.6Emma Bradshaw18:31.00 PRMelba
29.7Laurel Weiss18:46.00McCain
30.6Alaura Beaux18:47.00Compass Charter
31.6Carly Carter19:10.00North Star Charter
32.7McKenzie Ray19:12.00New Plymouth
33.6Shiloh Robinson19:14.00McCain
34.6Kadee Winn19:17.00McCain
35.7Matalynn Eager19:23.00New Plymouth
36.8Michaela Greiner19:37.00 SRHorseshoe Bend
37.7Maddie Schriever19:39.00 PRNorth Star Charter
37.-Maddi Favillo19:39.00 PRNorth Star Charter
38.8Yosele Leon20:14.00Melba
39.7Bobby Sue Oliver20:45.00New Plymouth
40.7Katie Nishizaki20:59.00New Plymouth
41.7Brooke Hoagland21:18.00Melba
42.7Maddie Schriever21:19.00North Star Charter
43.6Roni Shaw21:24.00McCain
44.8Karalyn Freeland22:00.00Melba
45.6Annaliese Herman22:53.00Melba
46.6Victoria Valero22:54.00Melba
47.7Alyssa Childs24:12.00Idaho City
48.8Olivia Cline24:38.00New Plymouth
49.6Christiana Warner27:20.00North Star Charter
50.6Taylor Nalley27:32.00Melba
51.7Camille Harrison28:13.00Compass Charter
52.7Sydney Flores28:50.00Compass Charter
53.6Wendy Webster30:09.00 PRMelba
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