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Lamar HS HS

Friday, September 10, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - TC Jester Park, Houston, TX - Map
Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity4:15 PM
3 Mile Junior Varsity4:45 PM
2 Mile Freshman5:15 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
2 Mile Junior Varsity5:00 PM
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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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6.10Kimball Streeter16:38Houston Bellaire
11.11Tyrone Jackson17:07Houston Lee
38.10Nathan Bishop18:06Houston Lamar
12Derek Fossi18:07St John's
42.9Connor Carter18:08Houston Bellaire
51.10Jeffrey Granados18:24Houston Bellaire
57.11Zach Lopez18:37Houston Bellaire
71.11Layne Schmerin18:50Houston Bellaire
11Maxwell Brown19:07Houston Christian
84.12Michael Sunja19:15Houston Bellaire
10Ethan Gaitz19:16St John's
84.10Alex Sommers19:16Houston Lamar
87.10Darwin Allen19:19Houston Lamar
10Ryan Reza19:22St John's
11Sykes Yeates19:29St John's
11Mitch Torczon19:36St John's
11Christopher Mosser19:50Houston Christian
105.12Chris Morgan19:50Houston Lamar
120.11Andre Solis19:57Houston Bellaire
12Parker Schiffer20:06St John's
120.10Oscar Gil20:06Houston Lamar
12Ryan Eisenman20:20St John's
9Charles Cameron Du...20:34Houston Christian
11Alex Barrett21:08Houston Christian
150.12Aaron O'Conor21:09Houston Lamar
10Karl Stuewer21:34Houston Christian
161.11Alex Wheeler21:48Houston Lamar
11Michael McCulloch22:02Houston Christian
10Brendan Ehrenstrom22:13Houston Christian
11Evan Kirkland22:20Houston Christian
12Chris Barrett22:27Houston Christian
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  

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10Deng Wei18:32Houston Lee
11Luis Benitez19:02Houston Lee
10Philip Taffet19:06St John's
19.12Greg Synder19:07Houston Bellaire
10Ethan Gaitz19:16St John's
21.11Eyob Hailemariam19:27Houston Bellaire
10Blake Actkinson19:36St John's
12Abdissa Gemechu19:47Houston Bellaire
11Brandon Steele20:06St John's
12Rosbyl Ramirez20:22Houston Lee
10Andrew Chennisi20:26St John's
11Christian Johnson20:30Houston Bellaire
11Jorge Badil-Abish20:39Houston Bellaire
10Jackson Jhin20:40St John's
9Hollis Lopez20:45Houston Bellaire
70.11Julius Sanchez21:08Houston Lamar
12Matt Cherches21:09St John's
10Ben Stein21:16St John's
11Brant Minor21:20Houston Bellaire
12Stefan Stankovic21:22Houston Bellaire
10Harris Lummis21:33St John's
11Dylan Aguilar21:44Houston Bellaire
10Ryan Beckner21:58St John's
11Andrew Carlson22:00Houston Bellaire
10Blaine Cole22:08Houston Bellaire
12Joe Martinez22:09St John's
10Joshua Dickerson22:10St John's
116.12MacKenzie Arthur22:24Houston Lamar
10Andre' Gras22:35St John's
10Jose Guitierrez22:42Houston Lee
11Chayut Tassanasunt...22:50St John's
10Michael Porter22:51Houston Bellaire
10Aadil Pappa22:56Houston Bellaire
10Benjamin Thornton23:00HCYA Home School Lions
10Albert Lee23:30Houston Bellaire
11Howard Kay24:19Houston Bellaire
12Zach Dotson24:23Houston Christian
11Carlos Aleman24:31Houston Bellaire
10Josh Thomas24:33St John's
11Matt Pace25:15Houston Bellaire
9John O'Carroll25:24Houston Christian
11James Pham25:57St John's
12Cameron Steele26:16St John's
12Dwayne Williams26:17Houston Lee
12Bhagwat Kumar26:37St John's
12Rivers Wallace30:35St John's
10Valerio Farris31:17St John's
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2 Mile Freshman  

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9Max Melcher11:26St John's
9Xavier Gonzalez11:26St John's
7.9Jacob Hopkins12:26Houston Lamar
9Jake Peacock12:36St John's
9Cedric Shy12:45HCYA Home School Lions
18.9Elliott Gross12:47Houston Lamar
10Basem Chammas13:12Houston Christian
9Douglas Moody13:14St John's
33.9Vivek Pranavamurthi13:26Houston Lamar
7Peter Dulworth13:27HCYA Home School Lions
9Gustavo Anaya13:30St John's
8Cyrus Shy13:33HCYA Home School Lions
9Lang Fred13:34St John's
9David Ziemnicki13:37St John's
9Elliott Cheung13:51St John's
9Daniel Bland13:58St John's
9Zachary Cruz14:06HCYA Home School Lions
9Colby Williamson14:17HCYA Home School Lions
6Cymon Shy14:23HCYA Home School Lions
9Jesse Smith15:00HCYA Home School Lions
10Thomas Hanhausen15:54Houston Christian
9William Clutterbuck16:00St John's
9Jonathan Chen16:18St John's
10David Hansen16:34Houston Christian
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity  

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11Kathryn Quandt12:29Houston Christian
34.11Erin DeLong14:48Houston Bellaire
71.11Jessica Spence15:49Houston Bellaire
89.11Zoe Ansell16:15Houston Bellaire
11Devon Sills16:35Houston Christian
11Kaitlyn Hirschbueh...17:09Houston Christian
125.11Ngoctran Danielle ...17:10Houston Bellaire
158.11Sarah Wilson18:54Houston Bellaire
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  

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1.12Brianna Faustino13:59Incarnate Word (Hous...
2.10Nicole Payne14:16Incarnate Word (Hous...
3.10Paige Weishaar14:17Incarnate Word (Hous...
5.11Julia Daniel14:27Incarnate Word (Hous...
9.11Laken Carleton15:04Incarnate Word (Hous...
18.11Ariana Montelongo15:24Incarnate Word (Hous...
25.11Valerie Lerma15:52Incarnate Word (Hous...
27.12Regina Masters15:57Incarnate Word (Hous...
9Brenda Sapon16:14Houston Lee
39.11Natalie Lerma16:25Incarnate Word (Hous...
49.11Madison Flores16:57Incarnate Word (Hous...
53.12Arielle Cottingham17:05Incarnate Word (Hous...
10Margaret Goode17:17Houston Christian
68.9Anastasia Walloga17:49Incarnate Word (Hous...
12Morgan Long17:55Houston Christian
11Katherine Allison18:01Houston Christian
11Katy Craft18:04Houston Christian
77.10Miranda Hernandez18:09Incarnate Word (Hous...
86.9Kelly Moran18:15Houston Bellaire
9Hannah Gustafson18:34Houston Christian
9Erica Swain18:44Houston Christian
149.11Madison Adair20:35Houston Bellaire
154.10Kim Flickinger20:47Incarnate Word (Hous...
9Rebecca Loera20:52Incarnate Word (Hous...
9Brandi Melchor21:49Incarnate Word (Hous...
173.11Kelsey Wallace21:50Houston Bellaire
9Mai Nguyen22:23Incarnate Word (Hous...
189.11Valerie Nguyen23:01Houston Bellaire
11Megan Keller24:25Houston Christian
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