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OK White Jamboree #3 HS

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Aquinas College
Location - Calvin College 5K Course - Gainey Athletic Complex, Grand Rapids, MI - Map
Mens Races

Calvin College 5K Course - Gainey Athletic Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Calvin College 5K Course - Gainey Athletic Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Jacob Kuyvenhoven16:31.98Grand Rapids Christian
2.11Eric Veldkamp16:45.85Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Mike Vandenheuvel16:49.33Grand Rapids Christian
4.11Andre Otte16:55.73Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Grant Ludema17:03.23Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Andrew Jo17:13.93Grand Rapids Christian
7.10Esrom Woldemichael17:22.17Grand Rapids Northview
8.12Seth Koetje17:23.25Grand Rapids Christian
9.12Jesus Alvarado17:24.57Grand Rapids Creston
10.12Aaron Bunker17:27.91East Grand Rapids
11.11Andrew Pruim17:29.70Grand Rapids Christian
12.11Evan Hoekzema17:37.34Grand Rapids Christian
13.11Micah Warners17:46.51Grand Rapids Christian
14.12Andrew Kuzawa17:51.21Grand Rapids Northview
15.12Robbie Smith17:53.51East Grand Rapids
16.12Brett Henderson17:53.91Grand Rapids Christian
17.10Greyson Schultz17:54.19East Grand Rapids
18.12David McMullin18:01.22Grand Rapids Christian
19.9Noah Buteyn18:07.66Grand Rapids Christian
20.12Michael Zanko18:09.67East Grand Rapids
21.11Danny Hansen18:14.01Greenville
22.12Nate Buteyn18:15.21Grand Rapids Christian
23.12Bryce Byker18:18.13East Grand Rapids
24.11Joel Norman18:20.84Grand Rapids Christian
25.12Angel Garcia18:27.03Grand Rapids Creston
26.11Johnny Risch18:28.09East Grand Rapids
27.10Jeff Peterson18:30.32Grand Rapids Christian
28.12Brandon Quist18:30.94Grand Rapids Christian
29.12Jake Livingston18:32.73Grand Rapids Northview
30.11Aric Gaunt18:34.90Grand Rapids Northview
31.9Mark DeJong18:44.26Grand Rapids Christian
32.9Chris Jacobsen18:45.94Greenville
33.10Eian Badger18:46.96Grand Rapids Christian
34.12Isaac Berkowitz18:53.82East Grand Rapids
35.11Jake Plank18:59.14Grand Rapids Northview
36.10Niko Mitchell-Garcia19:02.85Grand Rapids Creston
37.9Zak Longo19:07.12East Grand Rapids
38.10Kyler Byker19:07.92East Grand Rapids
39.11Conner Luymes19:08.71Grand Rapids Christian
40.12Phil Recker19:09.03Grand Rapids Christian
41.11Allen Hansen19:09.80Greenville
42.10Nathaniel Ford19:14.51East Grand Rapids
43.10John Mark19:15.49Lowell
44.10Kyle Reamer19:16.51Greenville
45.11Trevor Gregory19:18.16Grand Rapids Northview
46.10Tyler Larabel19:20.11East Grand Rapids
47.11Ben Partridge19:20.39Lowell
48.11Sam Carlberg19:20.68Grand Rapids Northview
49.10Jacob Rienstra19:20.97Grand Rapids Christian
50.10JT Fournier19:26.85Grand Rapids Northview
51.11Charlie Gendron19:27.44Grand Rapids Christian
52.9Drew Hendriksen19:27.76Grand Rapids Christian
53.9Adam Fethke19:31.17Grand Rapids Christian
54.10Quentin Callahan19:32.22Greenville
55.9Alex Clark19:33.80East Grand Rapids
56.11Jorgen Chapin19:34.18Greenville
57.10Owen Smith19:42.81East Grand Rapids
58.12Henry Schneider19:47.26East Grand Rapids
59.11Evan Langford19:51.19East Grand Rapids
60.12Stephen Collins19:52.00East Grand Rapids
61.9Kenneth Wood19:53.11Greenville
62.12Alec Rossi19:55.50East Grand Rapids
63.12Jesse Paschall19:55.82East Grand Rapids
64.11Markeith Bowens19:56.85Grand Rapids Creston
65.9Peter Mack19:58.05East Grand Rapids
66.12Tim Haadsma20:05.59Grand Rapids Northview
67.11Trae Debose20:06.85Grand Rapids Creston
68.12Grant Page20:09.86East Grand Rapids
69.12Robel Rezene20:14.13Grand Rapids Northview
70.10Cole Surman20:17.25East Grand Rapids
71.11Mark Vanwinkle20:17.58Grand Rapids Christian
72.12Drake Miller20:17.92Grand Rapids Northview
73.11Logan Orlowski20:18.30Greenville
74.9Jared Downing20:19.86Greenville
75.11Jon Cok20:20.15Grand Rapids Christian
76.12Danny Chappell20:21.10East Grand Rapids
77.9Ryan Loiselle20:23.11Greenville
78.9Paul Zamarripa20:26.33East Grand Rapids
79.11Matt Johnson20:27.24Grand Rapids Northview
80.9Noah Carpenter20:34.89Grand Rapids Christian
81.12Conor Johnson20:35.90East Grand Rapids
82.10Ryan Timmers20:38.57Lowell
83.9Nate Griffioen20:39.20Grand Rapids Christian
84.12Nathan Dills20:42.61East Grand Rapids
85.9Bastian Bouman20:44.48Grand Rapids Christian
86.9Jon Wyckoff20:51.39Lowell
87.9Charlie DeJonge20:54.72East Grand Rapids
88.11Alek Molenaar20:56.14East Grand Rapids
89.9Nick Kuzawa20:57.14Grand Rapids Northview
90.10Peter Constantelos21:04.10East Grand Rapids
91.9Hadley Gaines21:04.33East Grand Rapids
92.10Joel Zwiers21:11.41Grand Rapids Christian
93.10Max Cothern21:11.87East Grand Rapids
94.9Matt Thompson21:23.27Grand Rapids Northview
95.10Morgan Doyle21:26.19Grand Rapids Northview
96.12Kyle Seasly21:27.50East Grand Rapids
97.9Jared Versluis21:28.97Grand Rapids Christian
98.12Zach Keur21:35.80Grand Rapids Northview
99.9Charlie Sanders21:38.67East Grand Rapids
100.9Gordon Groenhout21:39.69Grand Rapids Christian
101.11Jake Epperly21:47.03Grand Rapids Christian
102.12Will Weaver21:49.98Grand Rapids Christian
103.10Scott Vanoosten21:58.98Lowell
104.12Eric Rathbun22:02.32Grand Rapids Northview
105.10Will Thoms22:07.87East Grand Rapids
106.11Spencer Ford22:12.98East Grand Rapids
107.-Ed Burke22:13.26East Grand Rapids
108.11Brian Tiesman22:24.84Grand Rapids Christian
109.12Mitchell Jones22:25.04Grand Rapids Northview
110.9Josh Scott22:29.39Greenville
111.12Joel DeJong22:31.43Grand Rapids Christian
112.9Johan Lee22:31.71Grand Rapids Christian
113.10Karl Schneider22:40.59East Grand Rapids
114.9Sam Janisch-Jones22:49.39East Grand Rapids
115.9Jake Gunnoe22:55.69Grand Rapids Christian
116.9Sam DeWitt23:34.53Grand Rapids Christian
117.9Keegan Bee23:47.59East Grand Rapids
118.9Logan Gaastra24:12.70Grand Rapids Christian
119.10Cameron Bunker24:14.98East Grand Rapids
120.9Jared Tuitel24:59.30East Grand Rapids
121.11Hanuman Frymire25:19.91Grand Rapids Northview
122.9Billy Ried25:53.68East Grand Rapids
123.10Cody VanOosten26:37.08Lowell
124.9Nick Price28:34.02Lowell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Julia Bos18:08.91Grand Rapids Christian
2.11Jessie Baloga18:46.18East Grand Rapids
3.12Liza Gunnink19:09.54Grand Rapids Christian
4.12Erika Overbeck19:21.80Grand Rapids Christian
5.11Crysta Paganelli19:28.01Grand Rapids Northview
6.9Mckayley Gourley19:31.21East Grand Rapids
7.12Lauren McCarthy19:45.47Grand Rapids Christian
8.11AnnaJane Ward19:54.53East Grand Rapids
9.12Jill McLain20:02.28East Grand Rapids
10.9Abby Long20:27.36Grand Rapids Christian
11.12Dana Veen20:27.63Grand Rapids Christian
12.9Cassie Jager20:28.50Grand Rapids Christian
13.12Kallie Holzhueter20:41.55Lowell
14.9Mackenzie Micho20:42.51East Grand Rapids
15.12Miranda Downing20:44.09Greenville
16.10Susan Hoffman20:46.09East Grand Rapids
17.10Liza Goodspeed20:47.92East Grand Rapids
18.10Ruth Jansen20:56.24Grand Rapids Christian
19.9Jessica Graves20:58.15Lowell
20.12Jessica Greiffendorf20:59.86Grand Rapids Northview
21.11Dorthea Leisman21:00.62Grand Rapids Christian
22.12Macy Gilmore21:03.87Greenville
23.12Autumn Oostinde21:04.68Grand Rapids Christian
24.12Lindsay Klomparens21:05.30Grand Rapids Creston
25.12Sarah Harms21:10.54Grand Rapids Northview
26.12Emily Long21:14.17Grand Rapids Christian
27.11Carolyn Wilcox21:18.81Grand Rapids Christian
28.12Taylor Gruner21:21.40East Grand Rapids
29.10Carolyn Muyskens21:22.18Grand Rapids Christian
30.12Kellee Flemming21:23.16East Grand Rapids
31.10Rebekah Betts21:27.45Lowell
32.12Elin Thorlund21:28.12Greenville
33.9Rachael Walters21:28.58Lowell
34.10Melanie Fox21:29.64Grand Rapids Christian
35.10Chloe Early21:30.73East Grand Rapids
36.11Karis Dilly21:37.18Lowell
37.9Kat Jonker21:38.00Grand Rapids Christian
38.10Hannah Dear21:50.15East Grand Rapids
39.9Rachel Harkema21:55.01Grand Rapids Christian
40.11Mary Creswell21:56.65East Grand Rapids
41.11Scotland Gourley21:58.01East Grand Rapids
42.12Georgeanne Schievink21:59.89Greenville
43.11Elizabeth Austin22:00.41Greenville
44.10Shelby Tuthill22:01.32East Grand Rapids
45.11Shannon Beezhold22:04.08Grand Rapids Christian
46.9Julia Hansen22:04.48Greenville
47.10Carlie Penning22:05.34Grand Rapids Christian
48.11Claire Lambert22:12.95Grand Rapids Christian
49.9Dana Rector22:14.76East Grand Rapids
50.10Maaike Mudde22:15.13Grand Rapids Christian
51.11Carissa Paiz22:16.04Lowell
52.12Karissa Reed22:27.71Greenville
53.9Claudia Hoezee22:32.21East Grand Rapids
54.10Joanna Bascom22:33.53Grand Rapids Christian
55.11AnneMarie Byl22:37.43Grand Rapids Christian
56.9Lauren Ditmar22:37.70East Grand Rapids
57.10Allyse Bachelder22:43.49Grand Rapids Northview
58.11Alison Reilly22:43.79East Grand Rapids
59.12Kayleigh Baker22:44.92Grand Rapids Northview
60.10Sophia Walsh22:46.43Grand Rapids Northview
61.10Martha Bogo22:47.76East Grand Rapids
62.9Caroline Kremers22:48.15East Grand Rapids
63.9Dakota Clark22:54.69East Grand Rapids
64.11Lindsey Crawford22:55.10Lowell
65.10Mary Davis22:56.35East Grand Rapids
66.11Anne Emig22:58.35Grand Rapids Creston
67.12Molli Walstra23:02.74East Grand Rapids
68.10Liz Weaver23:12.74Grand Rapids Christian
69.11Sarai Droge23:18.33Grand Rapids Christian
70.9Gabby Bosworth23:18.87Grand Rapids Christian
71.11Bre Wisneski23:20.02Grand Rapids Christian
72.12Lily Aman23:22.24East Grand Rapids
73.12Emily Oxford23:28.87Grand Rapids Creston
74.12Monica Langeland23:34.71Grand Rapids Christian
75.10Kendra Campbell23:38.65Grand Rapids Northview
76.11Kristen Bielema23:39.83Grand Rapids Christian
77.9Taylor Bretzke23:40.70Greenville
78.9Elizabeth Pohlman23:44.41East Grand Rapids
79.9Lindsay Jonker23:49.39Grand Rapids Christian
80.12Corie Ruiter23:50.17Grand Rapids Christian
81.12Emily Jelsma23:53.10Lowell
82.12Alyssa Fein23:55.04Grand Rapids Northview
83.12Paulina Heule23:56.26Grand Rapids Christian
84.12Sammy Hight23:58.83Grand Rapids Creston
85.10Cathy Baxter23:59.61East Grand Rapids
86.12Tori Shook24:01.05East Grand Rapids
87.10Sam Kooiman24:08.30Lowell
88.12Margaret Kromminga24:09.70Grand Rapids Christian
89.11Skye Thebo24:13.68Lowell
90.12Kaylie Petroelje24:14.30Lowell
91.11Kendall Solon24:14.92Lowell
92.9Charlotte Hooker24:23.98East Grand Rapids
93.10Elijah Nettjes24:24.20East Grand Rapids
94.12Allie Oesch24:29.48Lowell
95.10Annaka Vaandrager24:55.49Grand Rapids Christian
96.12Caitlin Meek25:04.33Grand Rapids Northview
97.9Meaghen Kingsbury25:07.56Grand Rapids Northview
98.10Anna Bensley25:10.74Grand Rapids Northview
99.12Kaityln Reamer25:20.04Greenville
100.10Julia VanDyke25:24.06Grand Rapids Christian
101.10Brianna Wildey26:09.16Grand Rapids Northview
102.12Emily Clapp26:11.75Grand Rapids Northview
103.11Ariadna MartinezPena26:13.43Grand Rapids Creston
104.12Emily Fenech26:14.19Grand Rapids Northview
105.12Mariah Wilson26:19.70Grand Rapids Northview
106.11Katelynne Spaans26:25.49Greenville
107.12Arianna Humble26:29.72Grand Rapids Northview
108.11Carrie Witte26:38.74Grand Rapids Christian
109.11Kelsey Mankel26:45.01Lowell
110.10Stephanie Meyer27:00.77Grand Rapids Christian
111.12Kaitlyn Beukema27:04.82Grand Rapids Christian
112.11Amanda Vietzke27:05.22Lowell
113.11Leigha Boogard27:06.31Lowell
114.9Colleen Lally27:07.02Lowell
115.12Delaney Callahan27:16.44Grand Rapids Christian
116.11Christina Ledezma27:17.01Greenville
117.9Savannah McCarthy27:32.18East Grand Rapids
118.9Mia Wackley27:32.66East Grand Rapids
119.11Catherine Uglietta27:33.30East Grand Rapids
120.11Kim Erffmeyer27:40.37Grand Rapids Christian
121.11Lexi Wabeke27:44.00Lowell
122.9Allison Kuyvenhoven27:48.75Grand Rapids Christian
123.10Leah Mcwilliams28:12.63Grand Rapids Northview
124.11Ashley Vanwyk28:25.97Grand Rapids Christian
125.12Rachel Bloem29:02.63Grand Rapids Christian
126.12Taylor Charlefour29:15.95Greenville
127.10Kaysie Cushman30:23.23Greenville
128.10Allie Hinton31:03.71Lowell
129.10Kendra Merriman31:39.61Lowell
130.12Molly Schutter32:06.84Grand Rapids Northview
131.11Deanne Merriman32:08.68Lowell
132.12Stephanie Spencer32:14.18Grand Rapids Northview
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