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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Christian Gonzales17:00Exeter
3.12Tyler Vander Schuur17:11Central Valley Chris...
5.10Robert Reid17:55Exeter
6.9Andrew Sutton18:22Exeter
7.9Samuel Aleman18:35Exeter
8.11Zack Diepersloot18:44Central Valley Chris...
10.12David Dykstra18:58Central Valley Chris...
11.10Kees Knevelbaard19:00Central Valley Chris...
12.12Julio Aldama19:02Coalinga
13.11Robert Beauchamp19:20Coalinga
14.11Jose Arroyo19:26Coalinga
15.11Pedro Vilchis19:27Coalinga
16.12Jason Duyst19:29Central Valley Chris...
17.11Caleb Alvarado19:42Exeter
19.9Patrick Hewitt19:54Exeter
20.11David Brassfield20:02Kingsburg
21.11Nick Becker20:07Exeter
22.11Phillip Brassfield20:09Kingsburg
24.10JJ Te Velde20:44Central Valley Chris...
25.12Pedro Lazos20:57Dinuba
26.12Nelson Guillen21:01Dinuba
27.11Rudy Soto21:34Coalinga
29.11Chris Munos23:05Coalinga
30.10Chris Ellis23:25Kingsburg
31.10Mason Webber23:44Kingsburg
32.11Ysaiah Pereschica23:54Kingsburg
34.9Chris Ruiz24:39Coalinga Fall during race
35.12Eduardo Nunez24:48Dinuba
36.10Samuel Ruiz24:51Kingsburg
37.10Paul Monticello24:53Kingsburg
38.12Geovany Castillo24:57Dinuba
39.11Michael Rodriguez25:25Kingsburg
41.10Brandon Valdovino30:51Dinuba
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.10Kyle Vizzolini19:50Central Valley Chris...
2.9Robbie Brisco20:34Exeter
3.12Miguel Navarrete21:29Coalinga
5.9Nathan Contreras23:13Exeter
6.9Joe Koster23:21Central Valley Chris...
7.11William Freeland24:19Coalinga
9.12Corey Scheenstra24:42Central Valley Chris...
10.10Nestor Ayala24:51Coalinga
11.9Brenevan Marvik24:59Central Valley Chris...
13.11Alex Castro25:59Exeter
15.11Jason Castellanos26:10.4Coalinga
16.10Wyatt Williamson26:10.9Coalinga
15.12Eric Vander Helm28:28Central Valley Chris...
25.12Kevin Martinez29:30Coalinga
26.9Edgar Paez30:32Coalinga
42.10Jonathan Vasquez30:52Dinuba
29.12Luis Montes35:33Dinuba
9Daniel Esajian35:36Central Valley Chris...
31.12Gonzalo Quezada35:48Dinuba
32.12Jose Ramos37:06Coalinga
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Katie Fry20:24Exeter
2.9Annette Acosta22:10Exeter
3.10Yesenia Silva22:24Exeter
4.11Jessica Gomez22:53Kingsburg
5.9Kirsten Von Meter23:01Central Valley Chris...
6.11Alisa Carstens23:08Exeter
7.12Kelly Toms23:13Central Valley Chris...
8.12Kristen Franco23:40Exeter
9.11Willemina Baxley23:53Central Valley Chris...
10.10Katelyn Von Meter23:58Central Valley Chris...
11.12Kacie Van Hofwegen24:04Central Valley Chris...
13.11Nataleigh Smythe25:01Coalinga
15.11Yesuly Rivera25:17Kingsburg
16.10Salina Esquivel25:28Exeter
17.12Mikayla Roberts25:29Central Valley Chris...
18.11Sydney Mendonca25:30Central Valley Chris...
19.9Gabrille Roa25:39Exeter
20.9Mariah Garcia26:51Dinuba
21.9Liliana Solorio27:13Coalinga
22.11Maria Ceja27:27Dinuba
23.9Valerie Gallardo28:19Dinuba
24.10Jasmine Mahfoud28:28Kingsburg
25.11Veronica Andaluz28:53Kingsburg
29.11Naomi Montejano29:48Coalinga
30.9Marisol Espinoza29:55Dinuba
31.9Alexis Smythe30:06Coalinga
32.10Marlize Diaz30:25Kingsburg
34.11Eva Contreras32:06Coalinga
35.10Jestene Farrow36:28Kingsburg
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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12.11Karly Brett25:14Exeter
14.9Katherine Licea26:03Exeter
17.9Jamie Giefer26:21Exeter
18.12E. Natalie Ramirez26:33Exeter
5.10Maddie Potts27:13Central Valley Chris...
6.10Kayla Stock27:32Central Valley Chris...
7.10Katie Udell28:13Central Valley Chris...
23.11Karina Peters28:42Exeter
24.11Noelle Brisco28:44Exeter
27.11Taylor Aulbach31:36Exeter
28.9Vanessa Hernandez34:18Dinuba
34.10Melissa Alonzo43:00.17Dinuba
35.10Evelyn Trujillo43:00.38Dinuba
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