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Meet Info

Mens Races

Springfield Oaks County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races

Springfield Oaks County Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity6:00 PM
Last Updated 7:33 PM, Sat, Sep 11


Coaches,you will enter 10 names and grades.  On meet day, you will be asked which "7" runners you would like run varsity.  Therefore, no changes will be necessary on meet day. 

JV runners will not get a bib; you will be responsible for their times and splits.  Not to worry the start, 1 mile, 2mile and finish are all with walking / jogging distance.




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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jeremy Dickie16:26Swartz Creek
2.11Matt Gilbert16:54Fenton
3.11Cody Grant17:28Swartz Creek
4.12Dan Penix17:36Ortonville Brandon
5.12Mike Zimmerman17:45Ortonville Brandon
6.10Max Kryza17:46Fenton
7.10Roger Phillips17:47Linden
8.11Nick Jones17:49Fenton
9.10Adrian Taylor17:51Linden
10.11Reggie Koprowski17:53Flint Kearsley
11.12Mark Wright17:56Linden
12.11Greg Hooper18:01Holly
13.12Micheal McCarty18:10Holly
14.12Trevor Wuerfel18:16Fenton
15.10Mitch Sansiribhan18:18Swartz Creek
16.10Thomas Kean18:19Clio
17.11Noah Strayer18:24Fenton
18.11Luke Schwerin18:25Holly
19.10Kyle Susalla18:26Linden
20.12Adam Dietz18:30Linden
21.12Davis Nixon18:33Holly
22.11Kirk Bennett18:34Linden
23.10Jackson deRuiter18:35Lapeer
24.12Patrick Martindale18:36Lapeer
25.10Chris Koon18:37Clio
26.9Thomas Mullen18:38Holly
27.10Craig Matthews18:39Ortonville Brandon
28.12Tyler Blower18:40Swartz Creek
29.12Jacob Hoyes18:47Linden
30.9Clyde Anderson18:53Clio
31.12Dan Grenzicki19:01Fenton
32.11Jake Weingartz19:04Lapeer
33.12Aidan Smith19:06Lapeer
34.10Nick Myers19:07Holly
35.12Keon Ellison19:09Holly
36.9Paul Nestor19:12Lapeer
37.11Nicolas Donders19:13Flint Kearsley
38.10Tyler Mcpherson19:15Swartz Creek
39.9Brett Boulis19:17Clio
40.9Johnny Weingartz19:18Lapeer
41.10David Sredich19:21Flint Kearsley
42.11Jacob Dolecki19:26Ortonville Brandon
43.10Adrel Benbrook19:29Flint Kearsley
44.10Wilson Anderson19:30Flint Kearsley
45.12Jeff Wells19:41Lapeer
46.11Lucas Bonesteel19:47Lapeer
47.10Evan Schlaud19:50Lapeer
48.10Ross Brooks19:52Fenton
49.10Philip Crandell19:55Swartz Creek
50.9Shayne Moore20:08Lapeer
51.10Sam Dayton20:11Lapeer
52.10Michael Franks20:14Clio
53.11Daniel Gildner20:15Lapeer
54.12Weston Lawerence20:18Swartz Creek
55.11Anthony Gorney20:23Ortonville Brandon
56.12Jacob Moore20:25Clio
57.12Austin Brice20:28Ortonville Brandon
58.12Ronnie Bourdeau20:31Ortonville Brandon
59.12John Nestor20:33Lapeer
60.9Travis Sweeney21:03Flint Kearsley
61.11Peter Nagy21:06Flint Kearsley
62.10Mitchal Fejedelem22:29Clio
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.10Graham Elliott18:31.3Linden
3.11Sam Moughler18:40.7Linden
4.10Zach LeMieux18:53.1Linden
5.11Conor Dietrich19:22.2Linden
8.9Scott Schultz19:59.9Linden
9.10Austin Golden20:06.0Linden
26.9Jacob Graham21:07.2Linden
34.12Mark Havens21:29.4Linden
55.9Ron Herrando22:57Linden
56.12Harry Light22:58Linden
63.10Zach O'Brien23:24.8Linden
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12April La Londe22:58Linden
12Brandi Juengel23:17Linden
9Kelsey Dietrich23:41Linden
12Celene Howard23:43Linden
11Alexis Tester23:50Linden
12Angela Bertolini23:55Linden
10Mariah Lengyel24:18Linden
9Rachael Starrs25:04Linden
12Kate Tucker25:19Linden
10Te'Azha Walton25:29Linden
11Cassidy Dolby25:33Linden
10Morgan Miller27:32Linden
12Amellia Versola28:41Linden
10Kelsey Childers31:11Linden
11Alexandra Dawson35:30Linden
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Casey Campbell20:01Swartz Creek
2.9Sydney Elmer20:02Linden
3.12Tori Peet20:06Lapeer
4.12Lindsay Taylor20:12Clio
5.9Alex Matvchuk20:29Holly
6.11Taylor Thorpe20:52Fenton
7.10Riley Duffy20:56Flint Kearsley
8.12Heidi Sack21:07Linden
9.11Jennifer Beckner21:13Holly
10.11Mariah Ridal21:18Holly
11.12Mayce Varacalli21:27Linden
12.12Danielle Starrs21:30Linden
13.10Karrah Varner21:36Linden
14.9Autumn Moulton21:38Fenton
15.10Ellie White21:43Fenton
16.12Hillary Davlin21:46Lapeer
17.10Allison Kitchen22:04Clio
18.10Charlotte Ruffini22:07Holly
19.10Jillian Toaso22:10Fenton
20.11Sydney Hyde22:12Swartz Creek
21.11Carly Schroeder22:16Holly
22.11Alisha Kintner22:33Lapeer
23.10Shannon Westfall22:39Holly
24.10Jenni Putz22:40Lapeer
25.12Callie Toaso22:45Fenton
26.12Brittany Robinson22:49Fenton
27.9Brennah Donahue22:52Lapeer
28.10Hollie Vermeersch22:53Linden
29.12Amy Allison23:04Ortonville Brandon
30.11Allyssa Mazur-Bati...23:22Lapeer
31.10Olivia Taylor23:27Swartz Creek
32.11Marcee Wardell23:28Ortonville Brandon
33.10Aleighsha Engisch23:35Linden
34.12Ariana Donahue23:38Lapeer
35.9Renee Okenka23:42Swartz Creek
36.12Brianna Sellers23:54Ortonville Brandon
37.9Emily Bemis24:06Fenton
38.9Madeleine Taylor24:15Swartz Creek
39.12Lisa Brattgard24:16Flint Kearsley
40.9Sara Nutter24:24Ortonville Brandon
41.12Briana Lung24:32Ortonville Brandon
42.9Stephanie Anderson24:50Lapeer
43.12Krista Bergman24:53Ortonville Brandon
44.12Justina Saltarelli24:54Lapeer
45.10Shelby Dulin25:02Lapeer
46.10Sara Hilden25:38Swartz Creek
47.10Madelyn Phillips25:40Lapeer
48.10Kelsey Jarvis26:01Lapeer
49.12Matilda Nielsen26:29Flint Kearsley
50.11LaTrece Robinson27:05Flint Kearsley
51.11Gina Cavanaugh27:12Lapeer
52.12Shae Batten27:29Flint Kearsley
53.12Lauren Climie28:12Flint Kearsley
54.10Nina James28:32Clio
55.9Makenna Bachman33:15Clio
56.9Kathryn Kitchen33:33Clio
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