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Mens Results

2,000 Meters A Race  

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12Andy Drum6:15.3 PRMiddletown
12William Atchison6:20.0 PRMiddletown
10Josh Testa6:35 PRBoonsboro
12Brady Dailey6:37.4 PRMiddletown
12Nick Wolf6:40.3 PRMiddletown
9Evan C. Wilson6:40.6 PRMiddletown
10Ryan Kelsey6:40.7 PRMiddletown
10Ethan Allnutt6:42 PRBoonsboro
12Eric Ryberg6:42 PRBoonsboro
10Ben Racz6:50. PRMiddletown
10Tom Kersting6:52 PRBoonsboro
10Iian Cunningham6:52.2 PRMiddletown
10Jason Speigel6:54 PRMiddletown
11Kenton Grossnickle6:56 SRMiddletown
12Justin Dagenhart6:59 PRMiddletown
10Shane Finkelstein6:59.5 PRMiddletown
11Ryan Weston7:00 PRMiddletown
12Ash Maia7:00.4 PRMiddletown
10Matt Glessner7:00.7 PRMiddletown
12Zach Brodell7:01 PRMiddletown
10Alex Mekkelson7:01 SRMiddletown
12Gary Scott7:06 PRMiddletown
10Michael Lacey7:07 PRBoonsboro
10Eric Darby7:07 PRMiddletown
11Young Kim7:17 PRMiddletown
12Jordan Dagenhart7:18 PRMiddletown
9Luke Tarleton7:20 PRMiddletown
11Nick Walker7:23 PRMiddletown
12Spencer Sgrignoli7:24 PRMiddletown
12Griffin Taube7:26 PRMiddletown
10Connor Bolcik7:34 PRMiddletown
11Derek Chung7:46 PRMiddletown
11Clint Waldon7:50 SRBoonsboro
11Chad McGirr7:50 PRMiddletown
9Aaron Zerby7:51 PRMiddletown
10Chris Snyder7:55 PRBoonsboro
11Jake Kirkwood7:55 PRMiddletown
12Scott Dehart8:04 PRMiddletown
11Justin Doak8:05 SRBoonsboro
9Randy Lohman8:07 SRBoonsboro
11Chris Yeager8:13 PRMiddletown
9Tom Brodell8:17 PRMiddletown
9Keith Heckler8:34 SRMiddletown
11Aaron Esworthy8:36 PRMiddletown
9James Casey8:42 PRMiddletown
11TJ Slade8:42 PRMiddletown
9Greg Cox8:45 SRMiddletown
9Zach Smith8:50 SRBoonsboro
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