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Mens Races

Tualatin Hills Recreation Center

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races

Tualatin Hills Recreation Center

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Andy Holstrom17:27Valley Catholic
2.11Connor Garcia17:29Valley Catholic
3.11Zach Shute18:24Oregon Episcopal
4.11Anthony Alfieri19:01Valley Catholic
5.12Jerry Creasy19:19Neah-Kah-Nie
6.11James Furnary19:27Catlin Gabel
7.12Zack Lovell19:28Rainier
8.11Danny Hernandez19:34Valley Catholic
9.11Parris Joyce19:43Catlin Gabel
10.11Buddy Pickering19:44Rainier
11.9Sisay Gillock19:49Portland Christian
12.10Casey Currey-Wilson19:55Catlin Gabel
13.10Cody Hoyt20:04Catlin Gabel
14.11William Wilson20:05Catlin Gabel
15.11Brandon Wilson20:11Catlin Gabel
16.9Sam Teague20:18Valley Catholic
17.11Jon Kelley20:21Rainier
18.11Matthew Fernandez20:26Oregon Episcopal
19.10Tyson Griffith20:36Rainier
21.9Spencer Slovic21:24Oregon Episcopal
22.10Alex Phillips21:45Oregon Episcopal
23.10TJ Morgan21:46Warrenton
24.9Brian Guisinger21:57Rainier
25.11Eli Wilson-Pelton22:01Catlin Gabel
26.10Terrance Sun22:06Catlin Gabel
27.9Reed Johnson22:08Catlin Gabel
28.10Will Schneiger22:09Catlin Gabel
29.10Koby Yudkin22:11Catlin Gabel
30.11Dylan Shields22:42Catlin Gabel
31.9Kevin Haugh22:43Oregon Episcopal
32.11Andrew Wright22:47Oregon Episcopal
33.9Elloit Bean22:51De La Salle N Catholic
34.10Kenny Woods23:03Catlin Gabel
35.10Cameron McKillop23:08Portland Christian
36.9Walker Andrews23:11Catlin Gabel
37.12Sam Adler23:12Oregon Episcopal
38.11Brandyn Aberle23:13Rainier
39.11David Kelley23:14Warrenton
40.9Nick Walsh23:16De La Salle N Catholic
41.11Henry Shulevitz23:21Catlin Gabel
42.11Alex Kammerer23:23Neah-Kah-Nie
43.11Shelby Birdwell23:39Warrenton
44.11Grant Phillips23:40Catlin Gabel
45.9Jared Thomas23:42Rainier
46.11Callum Hamilton23:44Valley Catholic
47.10Kyle Walters23:51Oregon Episcopal
48.10Nicholas Elliot23:57Catlin Gabel
49.11Ben Stager24:02Valley Catholic
50.10Andrew Folino24:07Valley Catholic
51.11Reachana Chan24:10Valley Catholic
53.11Ben Purcell24:20Neah-Kah-Nie
54.9Austin Robb-Farvour24:21Rainier
55.9John Sandbo24:24Oregon Episcopal
58.10Adam Dugan24:29Warrenton
59.9Trevor Ontiveros24:54Rainier
57.9Sebastian White24:56Oregon Episcopal
60.9Austin Linnell25:05Oregon Episcopal
61.12Daniel Lin25:10Valley Catholic
62.9Zaire Wellmon25:33De La Salle N Catholic
63.9Lukas Stracovsky25:34Catlin Gabel
64.11Nick Clark25:40Rainier
65.9Jack Rottiers25:41Oregon Episcopal
66.12Cray McDaniel25:47Rainier
67.9Chris Wright26:27Valley Catholic
68.9Pierce Kurek26:28Valley Catholic
69.9Jonathan Ramos27:49Portland Christian
70.12Daniel Woodward28:16Neah-Kah-Nie
71.10Jeffery Long28:41Portland Christian
72.9Dennis Carline29:01De La Salle N Catholic
73.9Brandon Chadney29:51De La Salle N Catholic
75.11Gabe Newman33:15Portland Christian
76.9Michael Morton40:49Rainier
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Austin Lundin20:28Valley Catholic
2.10Hannah Jaquiss21:53Catlin Gabel
3.12Eloise Miller22:18Catlin Gabel
4.10Josephine Chau22:19Valley Catholic
5.10Sophia Chau22:31Valley Catholic
6.10Hannah Rotwein22:46Catlin Gabel
7.9Annika Holstrom22:49Valley Catholic
8.12Rebecca Kropp23:29Catlin Gabel
9.12Sarah Koe23:34Catlin Gabel
10.9Mckenzie Spooner23:35Catlin Gabel
11.11Claire Seder23:41Oregon Episcopal
12.12Ellie McQueston24:04Oregon Episcopal
13.12Stephanie Hall24:34Portland Christian
14.11Shelby Porter24:52Neah-Kah-Nie
10Siobhan Furnary25:09Catlin Gabel
16.11Talbot Andrews25:27Catlin Gabel
17.10Hayley Strenke25:42Rainier
18.12Mary Bishop26:00Catlin Gabel
19.11Maya Lusk26:08Oregon Episcopal
20.12Liz Hartley26:35Portland Christian
21.10Hannah Jossi26:37Portland Christian
22.12Jessica Anderson26:46Rainier
23.11Azaela Lopez27:11Neah-Kah-Nie
25.12Alex Corey27:51Catlin Gabel
26.12Jessica Neumann29:17Rainier
27.12Nadia Solenko29:35Rainier
28.11Katie Engstrom29:51Rainier
30.10Kaylea Knox30:15Rainier
31.12Mona Corboy30:21Catlin Gabel
32.12Jasmine Sola30:41Oregon Episcopal
33.11Rebekah Harding30:45Portland Christian
34.12Chloe Ghattas30:50Oregon Episcopal
35.9Ilana Waite31:21Oregon Episcopal
36.11Morgan Maddux-Bruce31:27Rainier
37.9Libby Morgan31:53Warrenton
38.11Kim Dowaliby32:01Warrenton
39.11Ella Eberwein32:59Oregon Episcopal
40.9Fiona Hannan33:15Catlin Gabel
41.9Hannah Judge33:19Oregon Episcopal
42.11Meg Dowaliby33:22Warrenton
43.12Sammi Malsack33:40Rainier
46.9Evelyn Isakson40:52Portland Christian
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