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Keyser HS Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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 Girls Team Scores                                     
1 Philip Barbour H.S.          28                                            
2 Berkeley Springs H.S.        63                                           
3 Keyser H.S.                  92                                            
4 Frankfort High School        94                                            
5 Liberty Harrison H.S.       104                                                  
6 Grafton H.S.                132                
Boys Team Scores                                  
1 Grafton H.S.                 47                                                 
2 Philip Barbour H.S.          56                                                
3 Frankfort High School        87                                               
4 Keyser H.S.                  96                                               
5 Berkeley Springs H.S.       101                                                
6 Tucker County H.S.          113 

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Drew Woodford17:01.09Grafton
2.11Wes Anderson17:36.37Philip Barbour
3.10Trae Miller17:37.62Frankfort
4.12Jake Wise17:46.77Berkeley Springs
5.10Casey Doxen17:52.93Berkeley Springs
6.11Matthew King17:53.26Philip Barbour
7.12Taven Rohrbaugh17:53.88Keyser
8.10Shane Ickes17:58.64Frankfort
9.12Matt Stadelman18:08.35Grafton
10.9Scott Nesland18:11.76Philip Barbour
11.10P.J. Louzy18:17.21Grafton
12.12Zach Tennant18:27.61Grafton
13.12Cullen Kelley18:37.19Tucker County
14.9Tyler Moore18:38.14Grafton
15.11Chris Bonner18:43.87Tucker County
16.11Canton Whisner18:56.65Keyser
17.10Trey Furby18:59.14Philip Barbour
18.10Corey Shetler19:07.44Berkeley Springs
19.10Joey Strait19:14.45Tucker County
20.12Josh Myers19:16.25Keyser
21.12Chase Byrne19:17.10Philip Barbour
22.9Gavin Watkins19:28.02Grafton
23.11Derek George19:39.17Frankfort
24.12Charlie von Hagel19:45.74Frankfort
25.10Andrew Phillips19:46.14Philip Barbour
26.9Jordan Lawrence19:47.56Keyser
27.11Josh Biser19:52.45Keyser
28.12Ronald Fifield19:57.95Paw Paw
29.10Craig Westfall20:03.43Keyser
30.10Raymond Ruckman20:07.87South Harrison
31.11William Anderson20:15.36Lincoln
32.12Curtis Kesner20:16.96Frankfort
33.10Hunter McCourt20:38.37Tucker County
34.10Cody Whitlock20:40.05Keyser
35.12Micheal Nelson20:52.18Frankfort
36.12Ty Bowers20:58.68Frankfort
37.10Jesse Anderson21:01.82South Harrison
38.9Andrew Anderson21:08.40South Harrison
39.12Jordan Riffle21:16.30Grafton
40.10Thad Osborne21:18.28Berkeley Springs
41.9Kyle Stutler21:18.62Lincoln
42.10Nick Akins21:24.27Tucker County
43.9Zach Southern22:08.01Tucker County
44.10Andrew Hedrick22:11.12Tucker County
45.9Zachary Simmons22:16.16Berkeley Springs
46.10Kirk Spielman22:40.70Berkeley Springs
47.9Ryan Cropp23:13.24Lincoln
48.10Nick Stockberger23:17.00Philip Barbour
49.9Josh Newlon24:10.11Paw Paw
50.10Chris Hays25:05.95Liberty (Harrison)
51.9Garrett Batzley25:48.06Lincoln
52.9Scott Starkey28:08.63Liberty (Harrison)
53.10Timothy Windett38:51.81Pendleton County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Sarah McCauley19:31.00Philip Barbour
2.10Katie Jan19:55.28Frankfort
3.10Brianna Waybright20:46.27Philip Barbour
4.11Macy Houch21:00.29Berkeley Springs
5.10Ashley Cassidy21:33.47Tucker County
6.11Amber Abbott21:42.71Philip Barbour
7.12Hannah Biser21:45.55Keyser
8.11Ashley Peters21:48.19Liberty (Harrison)
9.11Sarah Boddy21:55.02Keyser
10.9Katie Mahoney22:01.47Philip Barbour
11.9Marissa Long22:08.22Philip Barbour
12.10Sara Younker22:21.73Berkeley Springs
13.10Lexie Seifert22:28.80Liberty (Harrison)
14.9Jasmine Flanigan22:31.06Liberty (Harrison)
15.9Allison Villars22:46.26Philip Barbour
16.11Kayla Mundey22:48.50Berkeley Springs
17.12Lacee Fulton22:54.51Berkeley Springs
18.12Chelsea Hessler23:17.10Berkeley Springs
19.12Caity Bryan23:32.23Grafton
20.9Ashley Noah23:35.15Frankfort
21.10Sarah Moreland23:50.27Frankfort
22.9Emily Moon24:02.43Grafton
23.12Alicia McJilton24:06.94Berkeley Springs
24.11Jasmine Redman24:07.60Keyser
25.11Mary Beth Long24:15.76Philip Barbour
26.12Jordan von Hagel24:16.10Frankfort
27.11Kierra Rohrbaugh24:24.96Keyser
28.9Rachel Miller24:36.32Grafton
29.11Savannah Brown24:43.91Frankfort
30.11Katelyn Haupt24:45.72Keyser
31.9Lenae Cole25:07.93Tucker County
32.10Skylar Kroschinsky25:08.06Berkeley Springs
33.10Jessica Jamison25:21.61Keyser
34.12Celeste Rosencrance25:57.99Grafton
35.11Alexis Noe26:08.14Liberty (Harrison)
36.11Mary Clair Reid26:13.21Grafton
37.10Linae Riley26:18.27Keyser
38.11Lauren McMillen26:21.16Lincoln
39.10Rachel Carder26:24.30Frankfort
40.12Kameron Freeman26:24.79Grafton
41.12Steffani Shingle28:42.54Frankfort
42.12Valerie Nestor30:26.82Liberty (Harrison)
43.10Brittany Powell30:35.89Liberty (Harrison)
44.11Reba Rogers31:30.80Lincoln
45.9Lindsay Kines31:57.39Tucker County
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