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Patton Challenge MS

Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Meet Host - Patton MS
Location - Wortman Park, McMinnville, OR - Map
Mens Races
2,000 Meters Middle School

Wortman Park

3,000 Meters Middle School
Womens Races

Wortman Park

3,000 Meters Middle School
2,000 Meters Middle School4:00 PM
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Mens Results

2,000 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.6Simeon Hess8:16Western Mennonite
2.6Matthew Williams8:22Philomath
3.6Carstan Gage8:44Taft
4.6Zach Joyce8:46St Mary Catholic
5.6Kurt Foster8:47Philomath
6.6Joey Upton8:49Talmadge
7.6Clark Hellesto8:52Philomath
8.6Aidan Nyquist8:57Patton
9.6Skyler Schuck8:58Patton
10.6Kevin McKeegan8:59Duniway
11.6Kyle Harris9:01Duniway
12.6Brandon Yunker9:05Cascade (Turner)
13.6Jared Erickson9:09Philomath
14.6Zack Powell9:10Cascade (Turner)
15.6Marshal Christman9:23Cascade (Turner)
16.6Will Early9:28Duniway
17.6Jonathan Holley9:50Cascade (Turner)
18.6JC Osorio9:50Cascade (Turner)
19.6Andrew Cox9:51Patton
20.6Devin Baldwin9:55Patton
21.5Matthew Ierardi9:56St Mary Catholic
22.6August Thornton9:57Santiam Christian
23.-S. Scnepp10:13Cascade (Turner)
24.6Jesse Henton10:13Taft
25.6Chase Prins10:13Taft
26.6Jorge Bautista10:17Patton
27.6Aidan Tabor10:21St Mary Catholic
28.6Jacob Fowler10:22Patton
29.6B Hampton10:27St Mary Catholic
30.5Jacob May10:28St Mary Catholic
31.6Kyle Hampton10:30Patton
32.6Will Danley10:33Philomath
33.5M West10:34St Mary Catholic
34.5N Joyce10:36St Mary Catholic
35.-Nemo F.10:47Stayton
36.6James Golston10:48Philomath
37.6Dylan Gassner11:01Philomath
38.-S. Riesterer11:01Newberg
39.6Connor Martin11:05Newberg
40.6Isaac Marquez11:20Cascade (Turner)
41.-A. Pellham11:24St Mary Catholic
6Joshua Ripp11:32St Mary Catholic
42.-Joshua Ripp11:32Stayton
43.-Shane H.11:43Philomath
44.6Kap Wilson11:45Philomath
45.6Reid Priewe11:47Philomath
46.6Aaron Gaffney11:49Philomath
47.-Owen Reidel11:49St Mary Catholic
5M Rush12:03St Mary Catholic
48.-M illegibile 12:03Patton
49.6Saxon Crowell12:07Patton
50.6Matt Huwaldt12:10Patton
51.6Logan Kruse12:58Duniway
52.6Bailey Hampton13:40Patton
53.6Jacob Avalos13:45Patton
54.6Abe Garcia14:20Patton
55.6C Callsen14:30St Mary Catholic
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3,000 Meters Middle School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Wesley Chambers11:43Newberg
2.8Alex Smith11:50Cheldelin
3.8Mitchell Thomas12:02Philomath
4.7Devon Wilson12:03Duniway
5.8Jonah Gates12:06Cheldelin
6.8J. D. Protiva12:10Talmadge
7.7Sam Garee12:29Cascade (Turner)
8.8Philip Whitney12:35Cheldelin
9.8Bridger Lanning12:46Mark Twain
10.8Hart White12:53Mark Twain
11.8Tristan Kern12:58Newberg
12.8Logan Humphrey12:58Cascade (Turner)
13.7Alex Anderson13:08Talmadge
14.8Marco Medina13:14Patton
15.7Wolfgang Seifer13:14Blanchet
16.7Daniel Whittle13:14Newberg
17.7Jason Kiff13:20Patton
18.8Jacob Manzi13:25Santiam Christian
19.8Alexandar Stefanov...13:28Newberg
20.7Owen Schmidt13:37Newberg
21.7Max Justice13:40Patton
22.8Alex Martinez13:40Western Mennonite
23.8Hunter Foster13:51Philomath
24.7Adam Plummer13:56Taft
25.8Daniel Huwalt13:58Patton
26.7Orion Waight13:58Talmadge
27.8Karl Hellesto13:58Philomath
28.-Elliott M.14:02Stayton
29.7Max Malley14:05Duniway
30.8Duncan Robertson14:06Cheldelin
31.8Jeremy Darst14:07Blanchet
32.8Marcus Weaver14:10Philomath
33.7Noah Stone14:10Newberg
34.7Rex Omlid014:12Talmadge
35.7Jonah Crown14:28Patton
36.8Erik Jakubowski14:30Cascade (Turner)
37.8Trevor Gazeley14:35Cheldelin
38.8Lane Thompson14:41Philomath
39.8Thomas Peterson15:07Talmadge
40.-Ethan A.15:19Stayton
41.8Keith Larson15:23Philomath
42.8Grant Blodgette15:38Taft
43.7C Chandler15:50St Mary Catholic
44.8Jeremy Paul15:54Santiam Christian
45.7A Voltin15:59St Mary Catholic
46.7C West16:03St Mary Catholic
47.7Jacob Duncan16:08Philomath
48.6Dallin Dye16:14Cheldelin
49.8Grant Prins16:16Taft
50.7Noel Maselli16:44Patton
51.7JD Remy17:24Cascade (Turner)
52.7Vicente Soltero17:30Philomath
53.-David D.17:32Stayton
54.7Edgar Del Rio17:49Talmadge
55.7Parker Townley17:50Philomath
56.7Nicholas Johnson18:46Patton
57.8Adrian Krouze19:04Mark Twain
58.7Bailey Yates19:17Talmadge
59.7Darien Hume19:58Talmadge
60.8Stephen Cushing20:04Mark Twain
61.8Tanner Rosenberry20:23Mark Twain
62.-Joseph Monks21:24Talmadge
63.7I Jaeger22:16St Mary Catholic
64.7Seth Frank23:35Cascade (Turner)
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Jenna Grunwald12:42Philomath
2.8Amy Rausch12:44Western Mennonite
3.8Sequoia Rysdam12:45Mark Twain
4.7Maddie Fuhrman12:47Mark Twain
5.8Mary Teubner13:31Cascade (Turner)
6.7E VanVeen13:46St Mary Catholic
7.8Jenna Christenson13:59Western Mennonite
8.7Whitney Rich14:02Duniway
9.-Shelby J.14:09Stayton
10.6Grace Hanna14:13Newberg
11.7Kendra Sheeder14:16Philomath
12.-Hannah H.14:27Stayton
13.7Jessica Noyes14:34Patton
14.8Makayla Khatewoda14:34Duniway
15.8Rachel Legard14:50Patton
16.8Lydia Maine15:01Santiam Christian
17.8Sabrina Rangel15:02Newberg
18.8Kristy McWilliams15:14Newberg
19.8Wanda Humphrey15:18Talmadge
20.8Mandi Desmarteau15:24Talmadge
21.8Taylor Rossi15:29Talmadge
22.8Jessica Johnson15:46Santiam Christian
23.-A. Phelps15:46Cascade (Turner)
24.8Alexis Ober15:50Duniway
25.8AnnaKae Roberts15:53Patton
26.7Alyssa Gardner16:12Talmadge
27.8Hannah Busch16:15Newberg
28.8Micki Gruver16:24Santiam Christian
29.-Kourtney H.16:28Stayton
30.-Samantha C.16:29Stayton
31.8Racheal Tse16:46Talmadge
32.7Alexis Lillis17:22Philomath
33.8Claire Bernhisel17:32Patton
34.7Isabel Scott17:40Duniway
35.8Katie Upton17:53Talmadge
36.7Wren Isaacs18:18Philomath
37.8Dylan Swift18:24Cheldelin
38.8Erin Herrmann18:29Patton
39.7Aurora Jensen18:31Philomath
40.6Isabella Hallowell18:37Talmadge
41.7Gracie Scott18:42Duniway
42.8Hanna Brown18:54Talmadge
43.7Camilla Sumner18:59Duniway
44.7Tavia Dye19:23Cheldelin
45.7Kay Downs19:42Duniway
46.8Amy Brenneman19:48Talmadge
47.7Ally Rosenberry19:49Mark Twain
48.8Brie Wrightsmith20:09Blanchet
49.8Leslie Fisher20:16Blanchet
50.-Teya B.21:03Stayton
51.6Cheyenne Killion21:30Cascade (Turner)
52.8Olivia Wilhite23:26Talmadge
53.8Delilah Persey23:43Cascade (Turner)
54.7Dawn Parker23:46Cascade (Turner)
55.7Leah Stocks23:58Western Mennonite
56.6Alix Perth24:12:00Cascade (Turner)
57.7Rebecca Munsee25:09:00Philomath
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2,000 Meters Middle School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Madison Hull8:31Western Mennonite
2.6Kaylie McElravy8:59Talmadge
3.6Lizzie Mack9:01Cascade (Turner)
4.6Grace Scrocca9:14St Mary Catholic
5.6Celina Ciampi9:19Cascade (Turner)
6.6Molly Klipfel9:26Philomath
7.6Sarah Teubner9:27Cascade (Turner)
8.6Leah Doeden9:29Mark Twain
9.6Abby McBeth9:33Talmadge
10.6Ellie Thomas9:33Patton
11.6Kate Noble9:48Duniway
12.6Ally Legard9:48Duniway
13.6Abigail Frith9:55St Mary Catholic
14.6Hailey Whisman10:15Cascade (Turner)
15.6Hannah S.10:24Stayton
16.7Amy Ali10:29Patton
17.6Tessa Faulhaber10:37Mark Twain
18.6Camille Bliss10:41Talmadge
19.6Grace Neville10:44Talmadge
20.6Megan Grimmer10:46Philomath
21.6Brooklyn Hughes10:48Patton
22.6Arian Joyner10:58Philomath
23.-Alicia N.11:02Stayton
24.6Madelynn Knutson11:07Cascade (Turner)
25.6Megan DeYoung11:07Patton
26.6Natalie Zakaib11:07Duniway
27.6Alexia Valdez11:12Patton
28.6Ivon Cabanas11:14Patton
29.6Taylor Lewis11:18Cascade (Turner)
30.6Aubree Milks11:25Patton
31.6Emma Orth11:32Duniway
32.5E Adams11:35St Mary Catholic
33.-Kassidy S.11:50Stayton
34.6Nickole Carroll12:12Patton
35.6V Clute12:18St Mary Catholic
36.6Allie Monk12:25Duniway
37.6Summer Preston12:58Patton
38.6Sarah Estrada13:05Duniway
39.-Alyssa W.13:10Stayton
40.6Meilani Pang13:46Philomath
41.6Janae Clifton14:30Patton
42.-Sierra C.15:46Stayton
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