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Mens Races

Lower Woodland

5,000 Meters Varsity3:40 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:40 PM
Womens Races

Lower Woodland

5,000 Meters Varsity4:10 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:10 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

12Abdallahi Abdi
2.10Keenan Piper
17:12Seattle Prep
3.11Michael Corr
17:30Seattle Prep
4.10Connor Howard
17:30Seattle Prep
5.12David Strand
17:33Seattle Prep
10Gareth Jones
11Sean Johnston
8.9Keegan Boehm
17:46Seattle Prep
9.9Joe Hardy
17:48Seattle Prep
10.12Daniel Perrine
17:50Chief Sealth
12.11Michael Sauvage
18:07Seattle Prep
10Cameron Mohn
11Nolan Walsh
18:19 SRIngraham
15.12Matt Crawford
18:28Seattle Prep
16.12Joey Walker
18:31Seattle Prep
17.9Rilee Sanders
18:36Seattle Prep
11Eric Lundquist
18:43 PRIngraham
11Austen Dowell
20.12Mohamed Harun
18:50 PRChief Sealth
11Jack Waechter
23.10Baxter Black
18:57Seattle Prep
11Danny Schuster
24.9Keenan Leary
18:58Seattle Prep
25.10Matt MacVicar
19:01Seattle Prep
26.10Gabe Coluccio
19:04 SRSeattle Prep
12Tim Lewis
19:10 PRO'Dea
28.10Thomas Paulson
19:17Seattle Prep
30.10Nick Tabbutt
19:17Seattle Prep
11Andrew Morris
19:19 PRO'Dea
31.10Michael Goodwin
19:20Seattle Prep
34.10Tommy Ruggles
19:32Seattle Prep
35.10Payton Quinn
19:34Seattle Prep
36.10Benjamin Lee
19:37 PRChief Sealth
10Sam Nelson
19:40 PRO'Dea
10Sullivan Morse
19:40 PRO'Dea
10Nathan Turner
10Creed Chard
19:44 PRO'Dea
43.11Dylan O'Leary
19:54Seattle Prep
44.11Ryan DeFrancia
19:59Seattle Prep
45.11Peter Broadstone
20:00Chief Sealth
46.10Connor Opie
20:04Seattle Prep
47.11Alex Smith
20:04Seattle Prep
11Gunnar Denton
20:11 PRIngraham
11Deionte Petty
20:15Cleveland (WA)
11Erik Hammarlund
20:15 SRIngraham
53.9Aidan Larson
20:17Seattle Prep
54.9Spencer Duncan
20:17Chief Sealth
10Alex Stapnes
20:18 SRO'Dea
55.9Noah Cavanaugh
20:18Seattle Prep
56.10George Anderson
20:20Seattle Prep
57.10Harrison Lee
20:22 PRChief Sealth
58.10Tim Bolan
20:23Seattle Prep
59.9Nathaniel Zang
20:23Chief Sealth
60.11Joseph Solomon
20:24Seattle Prep
61.9Daniel Galindo-Nav...
20:25Seattle Prep
62.11Eric Kelley
20:27 PRSeattle Prep
63.11Logan Stillings
20:37Seattle Prep
64.10Connor Hagan
20:42 PRSeattle Prep
11Charles Gaines
20:43Cleveland (WA)
12Dakota Eckman
20:43 PRCleveland (WA)
11Izel Villarba
10Ben Brosseau
20:45 SRIngraham
9Ashton Stabbart
73.11Gus Beyer
20:58Seattle Prep
10Connor Jalbert
20:59 SRO'Dea
76.9Matt Bentley
21:06Seattle Prep
78.10Julien Brundrett
21:08Seattle Prep
12Keegan Broderick
80.10Cory Leeways
21:11Seattle Prep
81.10David Mallick
21:12Seattle Prep
83.10Bryson Good
21:22Chief Sealth
84.10Joseph Eusebio
21:25Seattle Prep
85.9Elliott Allen
21:27Seattle Prep
86.11Joseph Blatner
21:28Seattle Prep
88.11Garrett Michael
21:33Seattle Prep
10Torrey Morales
9Charlie Ralston
91.12Matt Mallick
21:54Seattle Prep
92.10Joel Scanlan
21:55Seattle Prep
12Badar Abdallah
21:58 PRIngraham
94.10Connor Gary
22:05Seattle Prep
95.9Sean Kron
22:07Seattle Prep
10Jimmy Fung
22:09 PRCleveland (WA)
11Jeremy Garcia
22:11 PRO'Dea
10Julian Bargones-Du...
98.9Connor Heffernan
22:12 SRSeattle Prep
12Noah Makela
101.10Brady Price
22:19Seattle Prep
102.10Andrew Herman
22:22Seattle Prep
10Francis Henn
10Thanh Branigan
105.9Barrett Wynne
22:54Seattle Prep
10Chris Flora
10John Robyn Buenavi...
10Zachary Tong
23:32Cleveland (WA)
11Logan Gilbert
110.11Don Bear
24:05Seattle Prep
111.9Matt Jenson
24:08Seattle Prep
112.10Joseph Eusebio
24:18Seattle Prep
113.10Alec Meden
24:23Seattle Prep
116.9Alex Hendricks
24:28Seattle Prep
9Braden Pederson
117.9Dominic Herkes
24:35Seattle Prep
118.9Michael Thorson
24:47Seattle Prep
120.9Danny Demmert
25:08 PRSeattle Prep
10Stephen Doorenbos
127.11Alazar Efuye
28:40Chief Sealth
128.9Casey Schmidt
29:14Seattle Prep
9Lazarus Daikos
29:17 PRO'Dea
130.9Sam Jensen
30:54 PRChief Sealth
131.11Joseph Villanueva
31:24Seattle Prep
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Renee Wahlman
20:45Holy Names Academy
2.10Joey Bosserman
20:53Seattle Prep
3.11Elsie Howell
21:01Holy Names Academy
4.12Carly Clawson
21:05Seattle Prep
5.11Stasia Demick
21:11Holy Names Academy
6.12Magenta Dumpit
21:23Holy Names Academy
7.10Moira O'Connor Lenth
21:38Holy Names Academy
8.11Carolyn Erving
21:49Holy Names Academy
9.12Emily Ralston
21:52Holy Names Academy
10.9Catherine Badart
21:57Holy Names Academy
11.11Rachel Austin
22:57Holy Names Academy
12.12Clare Scheer
23:13Seattle Prep
13.11Grace Lewis
23:14Seattle Prep
14.12Molly Reinhardt
23:15 PRHoly Names Academy
15.12Laura Sullivan
23:16Holy Names Academy
16.12Nicole Tidwell
23:17Seattle Prep
17.11Katie Shanahan
23:18Seattle Prep
18.9Kenaia Neumann
23:21Chief Sealth
20.10Maddy Scheer
23:36Seattle Prep
21.11Nicole Zunick
23:45Seattle Prep
22.9Sandy Matthews
23:47Seattle Prep
23.11Karen Marcjan
23:51Seattle Prep
24.9Rachel Smith
23:56Seattle Prep
26.12Natalie Herrington
24:33 PRSeattle Prep
27.12Erika Jensen
24:39Seattle Prep
28.12Ana Greeley
29.10Sarah Aker
25:02Seattle Prep
30.12Maddy Kern
25:06 SRIngraham
36.12Kate Patison
25:13 SRSeattle Prep
37.12Courtney Moore
25:15Chief Sealth
38.11Zoe Ingraham-Brown
43.10Nicole Hall
25:27Seattle Prep
55.10Isabella Proctor
25:27Chief Sealth
44.10Courtney Altig
25:29Seattle Prep
45.9Maddy Bosserman
25:29Seattle Prep
46.10Georgia Hearl
25:30Seattle Prep
47.10Serena Bernthal-Jo...
25:31Seattle Prep
48.12Meaghan O'Neil
25:33Seattle Prep
57.9Kylie Arrowsmith
25:59 SRSeattle Prep
59.10Justine Davis
26:01 SRIngraham
63.11Colleen McCarty
26:31 SRSeattle Prep
64.11Nicky Wenecke
26:35Seattle Prep
65.10Rachel Chacon
26:36Seattle Prep
67.12Jessica Harms
26:40 PRSeattle Prep
68.11Emma Howey
69.9Natasha Zastko
70.12Julia Snyder
71.10Aileen Boyle
26:55Seattle Prep
72.10Catherine Foster
27:06Seattle Prep
74.9Annie Gillis
27:11Seattle Prep
75.10Jessica Collins
27:14 PRSeattle Prep
77.10Natalie Bissiri
78.12Marlys Mandaville
27:53Chief Sealth
81.9Theresa Maloney
28:06Seattle Prep
83.9Nicole Pavlovic
28:18 SRSeattle Prep
84.9Ellie Andrews
28:23 SRSeattle Prep
85.9Emily Callison
28:28 SRSeattle Prep
86.10Natasha Thornton
28:28Chief Sealth
87.10Lisel Perrine
28:38Chief Sealth
89.12Jullie Le
28:54Cleveland (WA)
90.9Elise Feider
29:03 PRSeattle Prep
91.10Natasha Baron
29:14Seattle Prep
92.12Wai Chum
93.10Mary Rouse
29:55Chief Sealth
95.12Camille Burke
30:11Chief Sealth
96.11Rachel Townsend
30:30 SRChief Sealth
97.11Julie Lu
30:31 PRCleveland (WA)
100.11Anna Heflin
31:12Seattle Prep
101.12Natasha Parker
102.10Benita Lucchesi
31:25Chief Sealth
103.10Anna Mallonee
31:27 PRSeattle Prep
105.10Stephanie Carl
31:59Seattle Prep
106.11Anne Kiersky
31:59 SRSeattle Prep
108.11Cai Lu
32:02 PRChief Sealth
113.11Desiree Gross
33:34Chief Sealth
114.10Samrawit Zeinu
33:45 SRChief Sealth
114.12HA Van Nguyen
33:56 PRCleveland (WA)
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

10Kenya Lovelace
28:39 PRCleveland (WA)
10Lyly Nguyen
30:10Cleveland (WA)
9Valentina Gonzales...
32:43Cleveland (WA)
10Nhat TU MA
32:43 PRCleveland (WA)
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