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Wolfpack Invitational HS

Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Location - riverwalk, bakersfield, CA
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Mens Races
2 Mile F/S


5,000 Meters Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2 Mile F/S
2 Mile Junior Varsity


5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

2 Mile F/S  
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Foothill (Bakersfield)

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2.10Evan Bowman11:08Bakersfield
5.10Augustin Duenas11:17Shafter
8.10Francisco Mejia11:26Shafter
9.10Mikey Fernandez11:29Bakersfield
10.10Marcus Lara11:29Bakersfield
12.10Vincente Lara11:30Shafter
11.10Austin Britt11:30.1North Bakersfield
13.9Michael Davalos11:30.9North Bakersfield
18.10Michael Henderson11:44.1North Bakersfield
19.9Christian Lopez11:47.0North Bakersfield
19.10Kevin Scrivano11:53Bakersfield
22.9Alejandro Chavez12:00Shafter
24.9Scott Van Matre12:13Bakersfield
9Trevor Parra12:16Frontier
31.10Jesus Martinez12:19Shafter
33.10Peter Buto12:20.2North Bakersfield
31.10Robert Amidon12:23Bakersfield
9Leonard Williams12:26Frontier
9Andrew Bedke12:27Frontier
9Steven Lord12:29Frontier
49.9Jose Benitez13:11.9North Bakersfield
9Christopher Botts13:22Frontier
55.9Javier Lopez13:39.7North Bakersfield
10Conner Hicks13:47Frontier
59.9Felipe Osorio13:47Shafter
61.10Edwin Guzman13:54Shafter
61.10Brandon Cassady14:22Bakersfield
82.10Jose Cortez15:25Shafter
87.10Jose Espinoza15:44Shafter
10Kevin Campbell16:20Bakersfield Christian
93.9Fernando Tovar19:49Shafter
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Foothill (Bakersfield)

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2.12Jesus Villalpando16:03Shafter
8.12Alex Moreno16:44Shafter
11Eric Millan16:46Centennial
11.12Simon Viss16:55Shafter
13.10Jose Espinoza17:04Shafter
15.12Tobias Lopez17:18.5North Bakersfield
11Craig Varner17:34Centennial
22.12Miguel Plascencia17:38Shafter
23.10Aldo Gil17:40Shafter
10Craig Bailey18:07Centennial
12Hayden Raney18:08Centennial
10Jerrod Montelongo18:08Centennial
9Gustavo DelCastillo18:18West Bakersfield
12Tanner Urmston18:19Frontier
12William Beechinor18:29Frontier
39.11Jessie Lopez18:29.4North Bakersfield
10Josh White18:30Centennial
43.11Alex Hernandez18:36.0North Bakersfield
46.11Erik Manzo18:41Shafter
47.11Robbie Davalos18:41.6North Bakersfield
12Tony Smith19:04Bakersfield
9Gabriel Gaeta19:04Frontier
12Dustin Sclafani19:29Frontier
70.11Shawn Falagan19:34.0North Bakersfield
12Ricky Gonzales19:42Frontier
11Jessie Salas19:56West Bakersfield
9August Adee20:05Bakersfield Christian
9Keylan Meneses20:09West Bakersfield
10Tanner DeWalt20:12Centennial
12Austin Adee20:14Bakersfield Christian
12Chris Corral20:30Frontier
11Shane Thulin20:54Frontier
12Phillip Cedeno20:59West Bakersfield
11Matt Dragt21:04Bakersfield Christian
10James O'Rourke21:08Bakersfield Christian
107.12Armando Ulloa21:09.9North Bakersfield
9Jorge Quirino21:14West Bakersfield
12Greg Merrill21:55Bakersfield Christian
12Chris Gonzales22:35Bakersfield
9Daniel Aguirre23:33West Bakersfield
126.12Jake Fischer24:01.2North Bakersfield
11Luis MirelesShafter DNR
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Foothill (Bakersfield)

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2.12Omar Aguilar11:10Shafter
4.12Zach Foster11:22Shafter
6.11Pablo Mendez11:29Shafter
7.11Victor Garcia11:34Shafter
8.12Jose Sepulveda11:39Shafter
11.12Ruben Orenelas11:45Shafter
12.11Jose Rosas11:46Shafter
13.11Jose Gil11:46Shafter
14.12Jorje Becerra11:47Shafter
15.11Ulises Perez11:47Shafter
11Brent Williams11:48Centennial
10Dominic Olivo11:53Centennial
12Clay Beagly11:58Centennial
11Jake Schultz12:02Centennial
12Mitch Carpenter12:10Centennial
11Cory Harris12:15Frontier
12Justin Evans12:23Frontier
29.11Julian Arellano12:29Shafter
11Christopher Bedke12:33Frontier
10Lyle Kleinman12:36Centennial
12Ramon Sanchez12:42Frontier
11Maulin Shah12:45Centennial
40.9Auzie Ward12:49.0North Bakersfield
41.12Dalton Sanders12:49Shafter
12John Gonzalez12:52Frontier
45.11Diego Ruiz12:55Shafter
48.11Alejandro Aguilar13:01Shafter
49.12Jonathan Alva13:02Shafter
12Ray Severns13:08Centennial
61.12Bryan Beach13:25Shafter
62.11Andres Garza13:26Shafter
11Keven Alfaro13:38Centennial
11Jordan Reding13:41Centennial
71.10Ben Giron13:50.6North Bakersfield
72.9Kevin Figueroa13:55.9North Bakersfield
76.12Gregorio Anzurez14:10Shafter
12Collin Grimes14:17Frontier
9Garrett Urmston14:23Frontier
9Mike Vegas14:23Centennial
89.10Cody Mossburg14:28.3North Bakersfield
12Johnny Martinez14:48West Bakersfield
11Bryan Stone15:04Frontier
11Jason Ariey15:55Bakersfield
12Billy Ballard16:40Centennial
10Ernie Gonzalez18:23West Bakersfield
9Mathew Sanchez19:56Frontier
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Womens Results

2 Mile F/S  
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Foothill (Bakersfield)

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1.9Marbella Diaz13:26Bakersfield
5.10Irene Rodriguez14:19Shafter
11.10Sandra Perez15:12Shafter
16.9Dulce Flores15:35Shafter
18.9Ashley Garza15:39Shafter
20.9Angelica Ruelas15:50Shafter
25.10Mendez Alma16:28.3North Bakersfield
10Jennifer Powell16:30Bakersfield Christian
28.9Rebecca Wyatt16:32.8North Bakersfield
48.10Amanda Bundy18:00Bakersfield
61.10Keri Tesh18:55Bakersfield
10Andie-Vaughn Winter19:02Bakersfield Christian
59.10Rosemarie Gonzalez23:38.9North Bakersfield
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Foothill (Bakersfield)

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1.12Katerina Plaza14:01Shafter
2.12Lenea Lara14:05Shafter
9Jenessa Reyes14:07Frontier
4.11Jasmine Nunez14:11Bakersfield
10Ashly Martinez14:26Centennial
6.12Lindsee Handel14:29Shafter
7.11Caridad Lara14:31Shafter
11.12Mariela Ruiz14:51Shafter
10Melissa Ballard14:54Centennial
13.12Shelby Hill14:57.5North Bakersfield
9Ciara Senn15:16Frontier
11Christy Namkung15:28Centennial
10Grace Moore15:28Centennial
9Sarah Bailey15:32Centennial
11Ariel Driskill15:34Frontier
10Katie Helms15:42Frontier
12Rocio Cruz15:55Centennial
9Morgan Pence15:57Centennial
12Taylor Dunn16:21Frontier
42.12Marly Dawson16:35.0North Bakersfield
11Mallory Hearron16:48Centennial
12Eula Dayanghirang16:53Centennial
47.12Nellie Garcia17:01Shafter
48.12Margie English17:07.4North Bakersfield
12Emily Leal17:10Frontier
11Jay Sillas17:28Centennial
11Cristina Cruz17:35Centennial
10Maggie Izumi17:45Centennial
9Breah Barton17:46Centennial
44.12Kierra Smith17:54Bakersfield
46.12Alyssa Figures17:57Bakersfield
47.12Emily Shuford18:01Bakersfield
48.12Teddi Pierce18:02Bakersfield
9Emily Peralta18:06Frontier
11Jordon Peery18:18Centennial
12Courtney Hoover18:35Centennial
80.12Jessica Lopez19:05.5North Bakersfield
10Kathya Cardona19:10West Bakersfield
59.11Daniela Miramontes19:41Bakersfield
9Meridith Nielson20:35Centennial
11Danielle Sweaney20:45Bakersfield Christian
9Taylor Ghilarducci22:47Centennial
12Sasha Neeld25:28Frontier
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Foothill (Bakersfield)

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Carli Preston20:03Shafter
2.10Cambria Tudor20:40Shafter
10Jessica Campbell20:49Frontier
5.10Esthefani Perez20:52.2North Bakersfield
9Megan Brooks21:08Centennial
12.10Estefani Rivera21:18.9North Bakersfield
9Molly Pruett21:19Centennial
9Emme Schoenborn21:48Centennial
22.10Eva Viss21:48Shafter
9Yareli Ocampo22:07Frontier
26.11Moriah Millwee22:07Shafter
29.10Ashley Foster22:15Shafter
9Christine Gutierrez22:18Centennial
31.11Erika Hernandez22:18Shafter
11Maleeya Hermosilla22:30Centennial
11Teale Jones22:48Frontier
40.11Amie Birks22:55.4North Bakersfield
45.11Marina Emhoff23:07.4North Bakersfield
11Shelby Trevino23:12Frontier
12Tejera Dial23:16Frontier
12Melissa Melgar23:49Centennial
10Leah Theroux23:55West Bakersfield
10Samantha Oliver23:58Frontier
9Amanda Coleman24:01Frontier
11Hanna Stidham24:07Centennial
61.10Karlee Juarez24:15.5North Bakersfield
12Stephanie Powell24:42Bakersfield Christian
12Kenia Cardona25:06West Bakersfield
74.10Ariana Mariscal25:21.3North Bakersfield
11Nicole Foy26:01Bakersfield Christian
10Kelly Hartfield26:41West Bakersfield
10Reidlee Lynn26:48Bakersfield Christian
9Elsa Braun27:10Bakersfield Christian
12Lupe Hernandez31:35West Bakersfield
12Ashley Wilson31:48Bakersfield Christian
10Selina Martinez31:49West Bakersfield
10Nicolette AldapeShafter DNR
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