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Black Mountain Ranch Community Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2.62 Mile Varsity
2.62 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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4.11Ryan Schall17:18Westview
5.12Mitchell Cerenzie17:18Westview
8.10Ryan Barrett17:38Westview
10.12Collin Buell17:54Westview
13.11Marc Andrada18:01Westview
14.10Garrett Ryan18:03Westview
16.11Andrew Sorensen18:06Westview
17.12Dominic Lucisano18:11Westview
18.12Kevin Chen18:21Westview
21.11Ryan Lovelace19:08Westview
22.12Aaron Gursel19:36Westview
23.12Andrew Griffin21:13Westview
25.12Kyle Nuzzolo22:48Westview
26.12Derek Sutherland23:32Westview
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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2.10Sean Yeung18:41Westview
3.10Albert Gehami18:43Westview
5.10Kevin Rosenfeld19:17Westview
6.11Vincent Kudrna19:29Westview
9.11Kevin Brock20:18Westview
11.10Alan Perng20:35Westview
12.10Aaron Chin20:40Westview
14.9Anthony Arendas20:53Westview
16.9Nicholas Storey21:00Westview
17.9Jefferey Wang21:10Westview
18.10Laurence Li21:16Westview
20.11Davis Barrett21:37Westview
21.10Joseph Tsang22:01Westview
22.10Daniel Guan22:02Westview
23.10Cheng Cheng22:16Westview
25.9Kyle Rice22:20Westview
26.10Jeremiah Quizon22:38Westview
27.10Michael Tran22:58Westview
28.10Christian Cormier23:07Westview
29.9Jacob Zemper23:08Westview
30.10Tim Tankovich23:17Westview
31.10Stephen Conway23:18Westview
33.11Landon Bernas23:55Westview
34.11Gavin Palma24:46Westview
35.11George Tye24:47Westview
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Womens Results

2.62 Mile Varsity  

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1.10Kaelyn Harbison15:53Westview
3.10Tara Baccei16:27Westview
4.12Jacqueline Rosenfeld16:29Westview
5.11Hannah Sawatzki16:33Westview
6.12Grace Hanshaw16:37Westview
7.10Adriana Zavala16:47Westview
8.12Nicole Martins-Boyte16:49Westview
10.11Amanda Weber17:38Westview
12.12Nina Liddi18:38Westview
18.12Whitney Petersen22:10Westview
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2.62 Mile Junior Varsity  

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1.10Paige Cavendish17:47Westview
2.9Dyess Verfurth17:58Westview
3.11Miranda Miller18:02Westview
4.9Lisa Suennen18:35Westview
5.9Lauran Minark18:50Westview
6.11Diana Dang19:36Westview
7.10Laura Gorial19:52Westview
9.10Melanie Lemaster19:55Westview
10.10Hannah Fuller20:49Westview
11.11Amanda Shewry21:34Westview
12.9Shaleen Sathe21:36Westview
14.9Emily Yang22:44Westview
15.11Kavitha Lobo23:10Westview
16.9Isha Bagga23:26Westview
17.10Sara Zabihi24:52Westview
18.9Natasha Bell28:51Westview
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