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Bill Jansen Blue/White Invite HS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Bjornsons Golf Course, Valley City, ND
Weather Unavailable - Enter Map Info
Mens Races

Bjornsons Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Last Updated 2:35 PM, Mon, Sep 20



1st GF Central 48

2nd Century 50

3rd Shaley 113

4th New Town 169

5th Rugby 176

6th GF Red River 178

7th Jamestown 233

8th Grafton 269

9th Griggs Co Central 304

10th Central Cass 305

11th Turtle Mountain 329

12th Valley City 361

13th North Star 401

14th Lisbon 424

15th Garrison 459

16th Wahpeton 474

17th LAHS 477

18th Dunseith 478

19th Sargent Central 501

20th Solen 524

21st Standing Rock 560


1st Shanley 64

2nd GFRR 119

3rd GFC 126

4th VC 129

5th Jamestown 149

6th Wahpeton 166

7th GCC 168

8th Rugby 225

9th Grafton 237

10th Carrington 247

11th LAHS 298

12th New Town 328

13th Hillsboro 392

14th Turtle Mountain 394

15th Standing Rock 394

16th Central Cass 425

17th Lisbon 432

18th Central Prarie 446

19th Dunseith 449



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Levi Sether16:04Century
2.12Alex Baker16:19New Town
3.11Paul Shafer16:21Grand Forks Central
4.12Shane Harlow16:43Grand Forks Central
5.10Donovan Lambert16:49New Town
6.11Tom Fisher16:52Grand Forks Central
7.11Clyde Baker17:08New Town
8.12Matt Nicklos17:11Century
9.12Jon Price17:12Garrison
10.10Cataldo Didona17:15Century
11.12Royce Poitra17:19Turtle Mountain Comm...
12.9Thomas Startz17:23Shanley
13.11Alex Torrey17:24Grand Forks Central
14.10Dylan Sether17:24Century
15.10Tyler Pederson17:26Shanley
16.12Austin Smith17:27Grafton
17.12Cassidy Heid17:29Century
18.12Ben Bjertness17:29Shanley
19.12Jordan Carlson17:29Red River
20.10Tanner Piper17:31Red River
21.12Garrett Thompson17:34Rugby
22.9Keeland Murphy17:36Grand Forks Central
23.11Forrest Allen17:37Century
24.11Kyle Volk17:38Rugby
25.9Sebastian Startz17:42Shanley
26.12Tyler Harriman17:43Grand Forks Central
27.9Cameron Roehl17:43Grand Forks Central
28.9Lucas Nadeau17:46Dunseith
29.12Dylan Nolz17:49Century
30.12Bryce Stoltman17:50Grand Forks Central
31.12Kevin Booth17:52Century
32.10Adam Leach17:53Red River
33.12David Lunde17:55Griggs County Central
34.11Jordan Freitag17:56Century
35.10Philip Manley17:57Jamestown
36.10Craig Knutson17:59Red River
37.11Bridger Belzer18:02North Star
38.12Wyatt Thompson18:04Rugby
39.12Casey Flick18:04Central Cass
40.11Jake Nieland18:06Jamestown
41.11Erik Wangler18:06Rugby
42.11Nic Lundquist18:09Grafton
43.12Daniel Naylor18:12Shanley
44.11Joe Jensen18:13Jamestown
45.10DeVan Helmowski18:17Grafton
46.12Shanley Fogarty18:19Valley City
47.9Kyle Schultz18:19Central Cass
48.11Matthew Stanga18:21Shanley
49.11Justin Gerszewski18:22Grand Forks Central
50.10Josh Mangin18:23Central Cass
51.9Derek Meyer18:25Wahpeton
52.11Andrew Hershey18:25Rugby
53.-Chris Rondestvedt18:26Griggs County Central
54.10Bradley Conant18:27Shanley
55.12Cory Goehner18:33Jamestown
56.11Ryley Bercier18:34Turtle Mountain Comm...
57.10Jacob Gallagher18:34Lisbon
58.12Ben Clifton18:34Griggs County Central
59.12Landon Ostlie18:36Jamestown
60.8Casey Engelhard18:37Valley City
61.9Eric Thibert18:38Shanley
62.12Thomas Horgeshimer18:40Lisbon
63.10Matt Gapp18:44Langdon/Munich
64.12Tyler Larson18:48Rugby
65.11Taylor Demers18:49Rugby
66.12Austin Battles18:54Shanley
67.10Michael Sorensen18:56Jamestown
68.10Luke Ressler19:01Griggs County Central
69.11Preston Smith19:06New Town
70.12Alec Redmann19:06Jamestown
71.10Nathan Dunham19:08Red River
72.11Reese Streit19:09Central Cass
73.12Jacob Tupa19:10Shanley
74.11Lincoln Larson19:11North Star
75.9Isaac Ingstad19:14Valley City
76.9Brandon Klave19:16Red River
77.10Alex Askerooth19:16Sargent Central (Cou...
78.9Ryan Gapp19:16Langdon/Munich
79.11Andrew Kawasaki19:18Valley City
80.11Jacob Knife19:18Turtle Mountain Comm...
81.9Kenneth Longtine19:23Grafton
82.11Zach Olson19:28Red River
83.10Michael Hust19:31Jamestown
84.-Grant Ladvar19:40Turtle Mountain Comm...
85.11Johnny Caulder19:41Grafton
86.9Joe Baker19:43New Town
87.10Micah Evans19:44Wahpeton
88.11Jason Roth19:46Sargent Central (Cou...
89.8Terry Belzer19:47North Star
90.12Brennen Bergdahl19:50North Star
91.10Kieran Hall19:54Lisbon
92.12Nathan Ueland19:57Griggs County Central
93.10Jacob Olson19:57Shanley
94.12Kendrick Eagel20:05Solen
95.-David Redstone20:08Solen
96.9Chris Hamilton20:12Rugby
97.12Daniel Volk20:17Central Cass
98.10Skye Azure20:19Turtle Mountain Comm...
99.-Skylar Nord20:25Grafton
100.9Josh Briss20:27Griggs County Central
101.11Nick Lee20:31Valley City
102.-Tiray Azure20:39Turtle Mountain Comm...
103.-? Bartholomay20:39Lisbon
104.11Shawn Heisler20:43Central Cass
105.-Kris Wathne20:56Griggs County Central
106.12Tanner Thiel21:02Central Cass
107.11Nick Wilcox21:09Central Cass
108.12Jestin Lunday21:44Grafton
109.11Matthew Kensok21:46Central Cass
110.-Tristan Gates24:11:00Standing Rock
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Christian Davis13:47Northern Lights
2.10Matt Tingum13:58Red River
3.10Dailray Connor14:06Century
4.9Derek Petty14:17Grand Forks Central
5.10Nick Ackley14:20Grand Forks Central
6.12Jordan Fonder14:23Grand Forks Central
7.11Mason Walker14:29Century
8.10Seth Lundberg14:29Century
9.12Ryan Wolf14:33Century
10.8Vlod Collins14:35Red River
11.11Jacob Ebertowski14:36Century
12.10Ted Helgeson14:37Grand Forks Central
13.11Ben Houska14:43Grand Forks Central
14.12Alex Niles14:56Shanley
15.10Nickolas Holzer14:59Century
16.12Jacob Fideldy15:00Glen Ullin/Hebron
17.12Nick Carlson15:02Red River
18.11Tyler Jehs15:10Grand Forks Central
19.11Shane Jensen15:12Grand Forks Central
20.12Nicholas Hudson15:13Grand Forks Central
21.10Kyle Gee15:21Jamestown
22.12Dan Abel15:23Century
23.12Drew Goldade15:25Century
24.9Tim Clifton15:30Griggs County Central
25.11Casey Nelson15:31Red River
26.11Tyler Burris15:31Red River
27.9Ben Wood15:35Grand Forks Central
28.9James Opitz15:45Shanley
29.10Tyler Berg15:47Shanley
30.9Rider Codenys15:50Red River
31.9Michael Tschosik15:51Century
32.9Jake Young15:54Grand Forks Central
33.9Donavan Moser15:54Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
34.10Joe Peterson15:54Red River
35.12Brady Andres15:56Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
36.12Landon Miller15:59Century
37.10Colten Dahle16:00Century
38.12Casey Ford16:03Grand Forks Central
39.11Paul Viland16:06Valley City
40.9Alex Igl16:07Jamestown
41.12Riley Qualley16:17Grand Forks Central
42.12Alex Odinstor16:20Century
43.10Justin Pritchett16:24Valley City
44.10Denver Stretches16:24Solen
45.11Ricky Volk16:29Century
46.9Cody Rowley16:37Grand Forks Central
47.8Noah Kraft16:38Rugby
48.-Luke Wallace16:48Glenburn
49.10Tanner Monilaws16:50Central Cass
50.-Landon Lang16:51Shanley
51.9Ceph Dockter16:54Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
52.11Alexander Johnson16:56Century
53.9Andrew Thompson16:56Century
54.10Tyler Haaland-Zum16:57Central Cass
55.8Mike Cameron17:01Griggs County Central
56.-Jordan Enno17:03Grand Forks Central
57.-Nolan Hovland17:04Rugby
58.10Nicolas Hanson17:07Shanley
59.11Brennan Johnson17:08Century
60.-Stevens Sasiela17:13Grand Forks Central
61.10Adam Dullea17:20Central Cass
62.10Paul McCullough17:20Red River
63.-Daniel Kujanson17:26Sargent Central (Cou...
64.12Teddy Schulte17:27Glen Ullin/Hebron
65.9Adam Amble17:44Langdon/Munich
66.-Joseph Glatt17:45Carrington
67.-Kevin Rebel17:45Glen Ullin/Hebron
68.12Garrett Heyerdahl17:46Griggs County Central
69.11Joey Ueland19:17Central Cass
70.9Cody Kenna19:17Jamestown
71.9Trevor Abrahamson19:52Glen Ullin/Hebron
72.9Alex Eissinger19:56Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
73.9Duncan Saum21:07Central Cass
74.-Anthony Spooner21:11Central Cass
75.-Marvin Cree21:40Dunseith
76.-Cory Schrader21:49Langdon/Munich
77.-Jamie Selc22:43Grand Forks Central
78.11Soren Butler28.38Central Cass
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Alison Allmer14:47Jamestown
2.7Sarah Jacobson15:00Shanley
3.12Jessica Lindsay15:06Grand Forks Central
4.10Alexandra Backlund15:10Shanley
5.11Sydney Kraft15:21Rugby
6.12Taylor Palmer15:29Griggs County Central
7.10Brittany Liljenquist15:33Griggs County Central
8.8April Berntson15:35Valley City
9.9Symbria Bell15:46New Town
10.12Erin Wysocki15:46Red River
11.9Taylor Baumler15:51Shanley
12.12Sadie Rivard15:56Shanley
13.11Natalie Ley15:57Valley City
14.9Kennedy Rude15:59Langdon/Munich
15.12Erin McLeod16:02Red River
16.12Kasey Lasch16:03Wahpeton
17.12Jennifer Erickson16:09Grand Forks Central
18.8Brooklyn Zink16:10Hillsboro/Central Va...
19.10Courtney Breuer16:11Wahpeton
20.11Shaiyan Davis16:12Turtle Mountain Comm...
21.9Kaiann Arellano16:15Jamestown
22.11Allyson Suhr16:21Valley City
23.9McKenzie Klocke16:24Wahpeton
24.12Amy Letawsky16:24Carrington
25.9Kallie Koepplin16:31Carrington
26.8Hope Bodnar16:37Langdon/Munich
27.11Elizabeth Entzel16:42Jamestown
28.10Brooke Feltman16:43Grafton
29.11Rachel Todhunter16:44Red River
30.7Grace Roehl16:44Grand Forks Central
31.9Marissa Byrne16:51Red River
32.10Leah Oien17:02Griggs County Central
33.11Amanda Indergaard17:03Carrington
34.12Kelsey McCullough17:04Red River
35.9Julie Jordan17:04Shanley
36.9Jamie Ronning17:05Valley City
37.10Lauren McMillan17:07Grand Forks Central
38.12Crystal Hovland17:12Rugby
39.10Ali Lindsay17:12Grand Forks Central
40.-Ariana Bell17:13New Town
41.9Aliza Labonte17:21Grafton
42.11Danae Hoffart17:22Shanley
43.9Brittney O'Neill17:24Jamestown
44.11Chloe Tweten17:30Grafton
45.-Alexis Thompson17:38Rugby
46.12Rebecca Fee17:39Grand Forks Central
47.12Jaclyn Sand17:39Grand Forks Central
48.11Alyssa Nichols17:41Shanley
49.11Hannah Sorenson17:42Shanley
50.8Barbara Zubrod17:43Valley City
51.10Jaylee Four Swords17:45Standing Rock
52.12Becca Asheim17:46Shanley
53.12Amy Elliott17:52Wahpeton
54.12Ashley Mueller17:57Jamestown
55.11Morgan Glines17:58Wahpeton
56.10Dannielle Surerus18:00Griggs County Central
57.9Tia Wagar18:01Valley City
58.10Elena Lee18:05Lisbon
59.12Kari Lindgren18:06Valley City
60.10Jessie Carlson18:14Red River
61.11Brooke Gaustad18:16Grafton
62.11Julie Ficos18:17Jamestown
63.9Lexi Woinarowicz18:22Grafton
64.9Kaitlyn Prochnow18:24Wahpeton
65.11Abigail Rothfusz18:32Shanley
66.12Alyssa Mund18:35Wahpeton
67.12Katie Hanson18:39Griggs County Central
68.8McKenzie Johnson18:43Rugby
69.9Cassandra Jaeger18:50Rugby
70.10Rachel Erickson18:52Griggs County Central
71.10Megan Jiskra18:56Grafton
72.12Kelsey Conneran19:00Red River
73.8Renae McGauvran19:07Langdon/Munich
74.9Christine Berge19:17Griggs County Central
75.12Taylor Everett19:21Dunseith
76.10Anna Larson19:29Jamestown
77.-Ashlynn Sandland19:47Standing Rock
78.9Sunni Steen19:48Central Cass
79.11Megan Baumler20:04Central Cass
80.-Becca Scherr20:12Carrington
81.12Paige Schmit20:16Wahpeton
82.12Maddy Frei20:19Shanley
83.11Kaylyn Lindstrom20:21Central Cass
84.9Abby Miller20:24Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
85.-Erin Endres20:33Carrington
86.10Jordan Spitzer20:36Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
87.-Annika Iron Boulder21:25Standing Rock
88.12Samantha Dvorak21:56Grafton
89.-Rebecca American H...21:59Standing Rock
90.-Keya Fox22:36Standing Rock
91.12Alecia Krapp23:56Medina-Pingree-Bucha...
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3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Patience Albertson12:26Surrey
2.10Elizabeth Overton12:35Glenburn
3.7Mikaylah Ross12:48Valley City
4.8Ashley Rone12:52Red River
5.8Autumn Gossett12:53Shanley
6.9Janae Larson13:14North Star
7.11Ashley Brodehl13:24Surrey
8.12Paige Petty13:25Grand Forks Central
9.-Crystal Lemere13:29Surrey
10.10Lily Larsen13:35Grand Forks Central
11.7Jessica Ronning13:38Valley City
12.10Karishma Mistry13:45Shanley
13.12Marissa O'Neill13:52Jamestown
14.10Megan Marsolek13:52Shanley
15.7Megan Roth13:57Sargent Central (Cou...
16.12Brittany Bunde13:58Grand Forks Central
17.11Ashleigh Ackley14:00Grand Forks Central
18.11Quinn Parijien14:09Turtle Mountain Comm...
19.10Megan Brodehl14:10Surrey
20.10Ruth Ihry14:14Valley City
21.9Allie Erickson14:16Jamestown
22.-Tara Gebur14:18Surrey
23.9Taylor LeBeau14:20New Town
24.12Maggie Kieffer14:21Red River
25.9Rachel Loehr14:21Red River
26.8Camille Klein14:24Rugby
27.10Anna Marsolek14:29Shanley
28.12Mikaela Walker14:43Jamestown
29.9Amanda Starr14:49Valley City
30.9Aislinn Fogarty15:11Valley City
31.9Jane Tang15:16Jamestown
32.-Sierra Sun15:16New Town
33.-Catherine Dorsher15:17Red River
34.12Rachel Koopman15:18Red River
35.-Amociata Nyonsaba15:21Red River
36.-Rachael Schauer15:22Valley City
37.11Samantha Sharief15:31Grand Forks Central
38.-Kayla Voeller15:36Rugby
39.12Kayla Haugen15:39North Star
40.9Jaelyn May15:39Dunseith
41.11Cyrina Paul15:40Shanley
42.-Canya Fly15:50Rugby
43.-Ramie DeCoteau16:05Turtle Mountain Comm...
44.7Syann Golus16:06Turtle Mountain Comm...
45.-Lauren Nelson16:13Shanley
46.11Kaitlin Grosgebauer16:35Jamestown
47.-Jenny Schrader16:37Langdon/Munich
48.10Angela Cowles16:45Shanley
49.-Chanler Koetz17:32Central Cass
50.-Kendra Romsdal17:45Central Cass
51.-Jacey Baumler17:47Central Cass
52.7Alli Gellner19:27Langdon/Munich
53.-Chelsey Anderson22:12Central Cass
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