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Mens Races

Ferris HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters 9th Grade4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:10 PM
Womens Races

Ferris HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters 9th Grade4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:40 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Joel Ferris

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1.12Jordan Rogers17:51.45North Central
2.12Boston Smith17:53.63North Central
3.10Nik Taylor18:02.68North Central
4.10Thomas Gavelin18:04.97Joel Ferris
5.10Isaac Kitzan18:17.43North Central
6.12Robert Mosley18:21.67 PRNorth Central
7.10Sam Holland18:22.52 SRNorth Central
8.10Nick Pochis18:23.17Joel Ferris
9.12Brandon Ray18:27.00North Central
10.12Eli Brunette18:29.10North Central
11.10Douglas Minkler18:29.57Joel Ferris
12.11Tucker Richards18:41.62Joel Ferris
13.10Jake Wagner18:44.43Joel Ferris
14.10Cedar Kelly18:46.10Joel Ferris
15.12Michael Morgan19:01.58Joel Ferris
16.10Nicholas Brown19:02.47Joel Ferris
17.12Tom Hawkins19:28.63Joel Ferris
18.12Thor Tangvold19:37.50Joel Ferris
19.12Nicholas Thomas19:52.52North Central
20.10Colin Kubik20:26.85North Central
21.10Connor Sandstrom20:46.38North Central replaced Nelson Dunn
22.11Micah Fechner20:54.25 PRJoel Ferris
23.10Micah Goris21:01.19North Central
24.10Ezekiel Simpson21:12.93Joel Ferris
25.12Hunter Walsh21:38.63Joel Ferris
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5,000 Meters 9th Grade  
Upgrade Meet Host
Joel Ferris

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1.9Robert Villareal19:02.03North Central
2.9Charlton Earthman19:02.80Joel Ferris
3.9Peter Helman19:04.29Joel Ferris
4.9Oliver Reed19:06.99North Central
5.9Zach Taylor19:07.75Joel Ferris
6.9DJ Wordell20:01.54North Central
7.9Brad Bothun20:41.64North Central
8.9Brandon Barthell20:56.77North Central
9.9Sam Richardson21:14.61North Central
10.9Lucas Bartholomew22:07.61North Central
11.9Kyle Beaulaurier22:24.77North Central
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Joel Ferris

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1.12Vince Hamilton16:10.56North Central
2.12Casey Adams16:12.86North Central
3.11Alex Kimsey16:46.49Joel Ferris
4.12Andrew Wordell16:56.46North Central
5.10Austen Frostad17:05.97North Central order corrected
6.10Keith Williams17:10.41North Central order corrected
7.12Tim Colliton17:15.73Joel Ferris
8.11Nick Hinchliff17:18.22Joel Ferris
9.10Travis Thorne17:25.94Joel Ferris
10.12Keith Fechner17:29.55Joel Ferris
11.10Vance Collier17:32.75North Central
12.10Brad Weiler17:39.26Joel Ferris
13.10Josh Hooper17:41.64North Central
14.10Jared Schmick18:08.99Joel Ferris
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Joel Ferris

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1.11Tori Fennessy24:54.12Joel Ferris
2.11Stephanie Bayless25:05.42North Central
3.12Lee Organick25:14.50Joel Ferris
4.12Samantha Eickstadt25:20.16North Central
5.11Hailey Markham-Patti25:23.24North Central
6.9Haley Momany25:37.72Joel Ferris
7.10Kaitlyn Lee26:31.95Joel Ferris
8.10Taylor Ray26:42.36North Central
9.9Mica Martin26:45.44Joel Ferris
10.10Mikayla Wash26:46.31North Central
11.10Kelly Ann Cameron26:48.31North Central
12.9McKinley Guenzel27:12.74Joel Ferris
13.9Rahale Getnet28:17.55Joel Ferris
14.11Tara Jones28:23.37 PRJoel Ferris
15.12Olivia Swindler29:29.14Joel Ferris
16.11Nicole Nelson30:08.39Joel Ferris
17.10Marie Arguinchona30:18.63Joel Ferris
18.10Katie Busch30:31.82Joel Ferris
19.9Colleen Cramer31:04.08Joel Ferris
20.12Leoni Weindorf31:12.00Joel Ferris
21.10Tori McMillan31:16.70Joel Ferris
22.10Jacque Bradley31:34.23North Central
23.11Ariel Maneval32:15.39North Central
24.11Amber Arbanas33:01.12Joel Ferris
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Joel Ferris

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1.10Katie Knight19:11.29North Central
2.12Victoria Karschney21:35.35 SRJoel Ferris
3.12Lauren Earthman21:39.38Joel Ferris
4.10Michaela Roske21:42.68North Central
5.11Shea Hennessey22:33.21Joel Ferris
6.12Abigail Fall22:34.44North Central
7.12Hannah Fall22:54.32North Central
8.9Hannah Arbanas22:58.92Joel Ferris
9.12Megan Zumbiel23:00.72Joel Ferris
10.11Jamie Ward23:19.33North Central
11.9Grace Arbanas23:35.69Joel Ferris
12.11Elizabeth Scott23:37.03Joel Ferris
13.9Emily Stewart23:43.58North Central
14.10Channa Goodwin23:48.44North Central
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Joel Ferris

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