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Westminster Academy Sports Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Westminster Academy Sports Complex

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Westminster Academy

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1.12Caleb Wishart15:57.13 PRWestwood Christian
2.12Emmanuel Kent16:25.91 PRUpperroom Christian
3.12Sinjay Singh16:48.79Archbishop Curley No...
4.12Zachery Evans17:15.74South Florida HEAT
5.11Josh Fitzgibbon17:20.49Westminster Academy
6.10Adam Ramos17:21.16Dade Christian
7.12Ray Spradlin17:26.25 PRDade Christian
8.10Benjamin Nevils17:42.41South Florida HEAT
9.12Kent Lindbergh17:47.25Coral Springs Christ...
10.11Luis Asensio17:57.65Palmer Trinity
11.8Casey McCracken17:59.69Westminster Academy
12.12Thomas Carrie18:10.65Westminster Academy
13.12Kevin Cardonne18:17.36Coral Springs Christ...
14.11David Fagot18:22.36 SRSouth Florida HEAT
15.11Issac Manton18:25.45 PRMiami Country Day
16.12Kyle Pond18:30.83 PRSouth Florida HEAT
17.12Matt Benenati18:35.48Palmer Trinity
18.12Armando Porto18:37.48Palmer Trinity
19.11Moises Brador18:41.65 PRFlorida Christian
20.9Charles Otto18:42.67 SRBoca Raton Christian
21.12James Gonzalez18:45.14Coral Springs Christ...
22.11Javier Pulido18:47.31 PRSouth Florida HEAT
23.12Austin Meehan18:52.32 PRCoral Springs Christ...
24.12Keeler Watson18:54.33 PRMiami Country Day
25.10Randolph Spann18:57.20 PRUpperroom Christian
26.7Ian McCulloch18:57.60South Florida HEAT
27.9Emil Martayan18:58.47Miami Country Day
28.8Julian Schultz19:01.37 SRMiami Country Day
29.12Michael Greene19:07.00 PRArchbishop Curley No...
30.10Caleb Califano19:08.22 SRHighlands Christian
31.7Chaney Hewlett19:13.00 SRCalvary Christian (F...
32.9Austan Scherr19:15.58 PRWestminster Christian
33.9Carter Weiss19:15.99Miami Country Day
34.7Maitias Uhart19:19.45 SRPalmer Trinity
35.10Sebastian Fernande...19:25.00 PRPalmer Trinity
36.11Michae Raghunandan19:25.46Westminster Christian
37.12Ernie Diaz19:26.01 SRFlorida Christian
38.11Jonathan Chang19:28.45Palmer Trinity
39.11Ulises Garcia19:33.53 PRCalvary Christian (F...
40.9Dominick Adorno19:34.42South Florida HEAT
41.10Aaron Jones19:40.43Miami Country Day
42.8Jordan Campbell19:42.40 SRCalvary Christian (F...
43.9Gabriel Diaz19:43.69 PRFlorida Christian
44.10David King19:46.35Westminster Academy
45.12Gregory Bartos19:50.13 PRCalvary Christian (F...
46.10Mitchell Mosheim19:51.64Miami Country Day
47.11John Pieringer19:54.53 PRCoral Springs Christ...
48.8Andrew Reising19:55.63Westminster Academy
49.8Sebastian Santa19:56.12Dade Christian
50.9Chase Allsworth20:03.69Westminster Academy
51.8Arthur Brands20:05.36 PRBoca Raton Christian
52.11Ryan Sharpe20:09.24Westminster Academy
53.8Nicolas Esparragoza20:14.09 PRFlorida Christian
54.9Jack DiCristifalo20:15.44 PRHighlands Christian
55.12Jose Nino Domond20:17.23 PRArchbishop Curley No...
56.10Fernando Riscanevo20:19.41 PRFlorida Christian
57.9Jared Scholl20:23.19Archbishop Curley No...
58.10Cameron Horsley20:27.08 PRBoca Raton Christian
59.10Jared Reed20:32.84 PRWestminster Christian
60.8Trace Johnson20:38.12 SRHighlands Christian
61.10Victor Oluwagbemiga20:42.71Dade Christian
62.6Patrick Sastre20:45.87 SRCalvary Christian (F...
63.9Michael Smith20:47.72Archbishop Curley No...
64.11Andres Correa20:52.39 SRDade Christian
65.9Luis Roblero20:53.18Dade Christian
66.9Mason Ellard20:54.80Coral Springs Christ...
67.12Matt Berrien20:55.97 PRFlorida Christian
68.9Daniel Diaz21:13.02Archbishop Curley No...
69.9Sidney Wright21:13.79 PRFlorida Christian
70.9Nikko Antido21:41.08 SRArchbishop Curley No...
71.9Jason Ross21:41.49 SRBoca Raton Christian
72.8Nicholas Slupecki21:53.26Coral Springs Christ...
73.11James Shawver21:59.40Calvary Christian (F...
74.8Robert Goodin22:05.11 SRWestminster Christian
75.7Austin Cone22:09.24 PRCalvary Christian (F...
76.8Joshua Otto22:25.81Boca Raton Christian
77.9Daniel Pereira22:32.41Highlands Christian
78.10Joshua Puchferran22:44.32 PRBoca Raton Christian
79.10Devin Caputo22:49.65Highlands Christian
80.9Andrew Braga23:17.06Boca Raton Christian
81.7George Perez23:20.31 PRPalmer Trinity
82.9Zachary Brown23:53.64Westminster Christian
83.9Philip Dutra24:22.86Highlands Christian
84.7Hunter Walton25:19.79Highlands Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Westminster Academy

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1.8Victoria Camargo20:17.50Florida Christian
2.12Mollie Felder20:21.01Florida Christian
3.7Caroline Ada Lyden20:31.79Westminster Academy
4.9Naomi Valerdi20:50.99Marathon
5.10Nicole Feustel20:59.32Westminster Academy
6.6Kristen Selbach21:04.50Westminster Academy
7.11Brittany Carey21:13.24 SRWestminster Academy
8.8Victoria Hoppe21:25.42Westminster Christian
9.10Abbie Slupecki21:27.99 SRCoral Springs Christ...
10.9Haley Felder21:29.89Florida Christian
11.12Allison Newcombe21:31.45 PRZion Lutheran
12.8Caitlyn Hamilton21:34.26Westminster Academy
13.12Michelle Figueroa21:47.76Florida Christian
14.8Amanda Baker21:47.99Westminster Academy
15.10Hannah Sodergren21:56.06South Florida HEAT
16.7Nicole Sherwood21:56.34 SRMiami Country Day
17.8Brooke Oman22:16.93 SRWestminster Academy
18.11Dominique Pericles22:21.13Florida Christian
19.7Taylor Sennet22:39.83 PRMiami Country Day
20.12Columbia Clancy22:54.97Miami Country Day
21.8Ally Pond23:00.02 SRSouth Florida HEAT
22.10Julia Sumkin23:00.25 PRDavid Posnack Hebrew...
23.10Emily Groenveld23:04.03 PRCalvary Christian (F...
24.10Allison Ridenour23:06.54 SRCalvary Christian (F...
25.11Christina Serra23:13.55Palmer Trinity
26.10Alexandra Ponce23:16.63 PRTERRA Institute
27.12Emily Lupo23:17.87South Florida HEAT
28.11Karina Leiter23:22.62 PRMiami Country Day
29.12Kelsey Wonderlin23:24.93Marathon
30.7Noel Picinich23:26.87Calvary Christian (F...
31.9Jenna Evans23:28.48 SRSouth Florida HEAT
32.8Mila Boano23:31.33Miami Country Day
33.10Marina Wiatt23:33.82 PRMarathon
34.10Tatiana Seikaly23:36.59 SRMiami Country Day
35.11Jessica Mesagno23:42.07Highlands Christian
36.8Lara Ricote23:42.29Miami Country Day
37.9Christina Berndt23:50.30 PRFlorida Christian
38.6Charis Hewlett23:53.17 PRCalvary Christian (F...
39.10DalyKay Reback24:05.50South Florida HEAT
40.10Alexa Mora24:11.06 SRWestminster Christian
41.7Natalia Benchlouch24:21.18 PRPalmer Trinity
42.9Brianna Sodergren24:21.96South Florida HEAT
43.10Alexandra Goss24:28.03 PRTERRA Institute
44.6Natasha Strump24:28.26 SRWestminster Christian
45.10Thalia Otero24:28.50 PRTERRA Institute
46.7Gabriela Fernandez...24:33.93 SRPalmer Trinity
47.10Natli Clark24:38.69 SRFlorida Christian
48.8Karin Sastre24:48.18 PRCalvary Christian (F...
49.8Holly Kuyper24:51.71 SRCoral Springs Christ...
50.8Rachel Fairbanks25:00.92 PRCalvary Christian (F...
51.7Patricia Martinez25:03.30 PRPalmer Trinity
52.7An Martinez-Oletta25:06.35 PRPalmer Trinity
53.10Ashley Adamo25:27.40 PRMarathon
54.11Dominique Kelly25:28.12Calvary Christian (F...
55.7Gabriela Ceja25:41.96 PRMarathon
56.11Margaret Franklin25:45.48 SRPalmer Trinity
57.7Bliss Reback25:53.32South Florida HEAT
58.7Taylor Edmonds26:31.37 PRCoral Springs Christ...
59.11Sophie Schertzer26:32.90David Posnack Hebrew...
60.11Alana Vassil26:48.33Marathon
61.10Amanda Eccles27:03.68 PRWestminster Christian
62.12Megan De La Rua27:14.35 PRCoral Springs Christ...
63.7Carly Rosner27:46.55 SRDavid Posnack Hebrew...
64.6Melissa Sombric27:46.87Coral Springs Christ...
65.9Madison Rosen28:07.83Palmer Trinity
66.10Rachel Hairston28:56.94TERRA Institute
67.10Sabri Gadala-maria29:09.46 PRWestminster Christian
68.12Ashley Robins29:47.24 PRDavid Posnack Hebrew...
69.10Victoria Pandolfo30:13.32TERRA Institute
70.10Hailley Frosch33:36.45David Posnack Hebrew...
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