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WIAA Division 1 Sectional 1 - Tomah HS

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Meet Host - Tomah HS
Location - Hiawatha Golf Course, Tomah, WI - Map
Mens Races

Hiawatha Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Ryan Kromer16:26.52Hudson
2.9Chris Ganrude16:32.47La Crosse Logan
3.12Louie Glotfelty16:33.61La Crosse Logan
4.12Matt Rudquist16:36.10Hudson
5.11Andrew Farris16:39.26Chippewa Falls
6.12Reese Butterfuss16:40.09Tomah
7.11Christian Phelps16:41.27Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Andy Tyink16:44.46La Crosse Logan
9.12Shane Holmes16:47.38Superior
10.11Paul Escher16:47.78La Crosse Logan
11.12Ethan Genco16:50.40River Falls
12.10Evan Walpole16:51.29Superior
13.10Taylor Gruntzel16:54.43La Crosse Logan
14.12Luke Wusterbarth16:58.71Hudson
15.12Ben Johnson17:03.67Hudson
16.11Ali Jandal17:07.12La Crosse Central
17.12Dan Weber17:15.36La Crosse Logan
18.11Shae Taylor17:15.81River Falls
19.9Trent Powell17:17.43River Falls
20.10Colin Kenow17:18.88La Crosse Logan
21.12Zach Ambrose17:19.85La Crosse Central
22.12Taylor Johnson17:22.05Hudson
23.12Anders Christensen17:22.95Hudson
24.10Mitch Lenneman17:23.53River Falls
25.12Xavier Schwartz17:24.76Menomonie
26.11Josh Brunelle17:26.64Holmen
27.10Alec Heacox17:28.24Eau Claire North
28.11Sawyer Mally17:28.65Holmen
29.12Erik Linnell17:33.61La Crosse Central
30.12Mike Schretenthaler17:34.70Eau Claire Memorial
31.12Austin Carpenter17:36.88Holmen
32.11Jacob Martin17:37.62Holmen
33.12Alex Menacher17:38.16Eau Claire Memorial
34.9Tom Ramquist17:38.51River Falls
35.12Martin Zais17:38.73Hudson
36.11Salvador Bastien17:40.77River Falls
37.9Adam Fitzpatrick17:56.60Eau Claire North
38.10James Olson17:57.94Eau Claire Memorial
39.12Nathan Reckard18:02.21Menomonie
40.12Sam Zurian18:02.81Superior
41.9Nick Dreger18:04.87Eau Claire North
42.12Mike Chevalier18:05.86Superior
43.11Logan Peter18:07.01La Crosse Central
44.12Isaiah Rozich18:07.06Eau Claire Memorial
45.10Quinn Miracle18:08.31Chippewa Falls
46.10Elliot Heinz18:10.89Eau Claire Memorial
47.10Wesley Hartkemeyer18:12.61Eau Claire Memorial
48.12Luke Medinger18:13.58Holmen
49.11James Saxton18:16.52La Crosse Central
50.12Derek Finsterwalder18:29.58La Crosse Central
51.11Nick Docksey18:30.36Chippewa Falls
52.11Jasper Arneberg18:31.29Chippewa Falls
53.12Garrett Williams18:32.02River Falls
54.10Jacob Wittmershaus18:32.38Menomonie
55.10Shane Miller18:32.85Menomonie
56.10Alex Charbonneau18:39.25New Richmond
57.12Jacob Gilbertson18:40.38Holmen
58.10Sam Fleming18:42.33Tomah
59.11Isaac Prichett18:42.56Holmen
60.12Robbie Barnes18:46.38Eau Claire North
61.12Jason Staples18:49.41New Richmond
62.11Brando Westmoreland18:51.63Superior
63.12Alex Huth18:53.41Menomonie
64.12Kory Kolis18:57.03Eau Claire North
65.10Cody Dwyer18:58.94Tomah
66.11Nathan Mollan19:00.88Menomonie
67.9Henry Zold19:03.33Menomonie
68.12William Ottow19:07.65La Crosse Central
69.12Dylan Novitzke19:08.12New Richmond
70.10Nick Osborne19:17.54Tomah
71.12Justin Jaquish19:25.53Chippewa Falls
72.10Casey Schuh19:30.82New Richmond
73.12Levi Felton19:32.37Superior
74.11Justin Jarvis19:38.14Eau Claire North
75.10Bennett LeDuc19:40.76Chippewa Falls
76.11Jed Venner19:51.73Tomah
77.10Eric Huse19:54.21Eau Claire North
78.9Luke Miller20:00.19New Richmond
79.12Shaun Miller20:01.55Chippewa Falls
80.11Alec Knox20:08.56New Richmond
81.12Skyler McCarthy20:08.85Tomah
82.11Walter DeKock20:15.13New Richmond
83.10Eric Tenell20:17.09Superior
84.11Jacob Rezin20:38.96Tomah
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Paige Skorseth15:00.41River Falls
2.11Katie Wetzstein15:01.23Hudson
3.12Lucy Ramquist15:07.02River Falls
4.11Emily Kelly15:14.48Chippewa Falls
5.10Leah Holmes15:17.37Superior
6.10Meg Van de Loo15:24.22Eau Claire Memorial
7.10Morgan Sanger15:25.00La Crosse Central
8.9Dani Sorenson15:30.67La Crosse Central
9.9Erin Wetzstein15:32.90Hudson
10.10Natalie Kintop15:38.19Superior
11.9Paxton Pregel15:40.75Holmen
12.12Laura Anderson15:43.94River Falls
13.11Natalie Powell15:49.29River Falls
14.10Kyle Guepfer15:51.63La Crosse Central
15.10Violet Weibel15:57.78La Crosse Central
16.12Tia Harris15:58.21River Falls
17.12Mackenzie Watson16:01.99Holmen
18.11Alyssa Harp16:04.94Eau Claire Memorial
19.11Aislinn Pomfret16:07.32River Falls
20.11Rachel Wilson16:08.26Eau Claire Memorial
21.9Sadie Kroll16:09.31Hudson
22.11Kaitlin Nottestad16:14.09Holmen
23.11Kelsey Bock16:21.82Holmen
24.11Anne Wanniger16:26.15La Crosse Central
25.12Courtney Sawle16:31.66Menomonie
26.11Katlyn Johnson16:31.86Holmen
27.11Megan Baumler16:32.46La Crosse Central
28.10Kristen Bischel16:33.00Menomonie
29.12Julia Turner16:34.86Eau Claire Memorial
30.12Rebecca Brackenwagen16:40.79Eau Claire Memorial
31.10Josie Rieber16:42.15Holmen
32.9Alexis Pomietlo16:44.11Chippewa Falls
33.10Heidi Hujik16:45.27Eau Claire Memorial
34.10Nicole Schmidt16:45.73Menomonie
35.12Emilia Kenow16:45.85La Crosse Logan
36.11Lexie Felix16:47.62La Crosse Logan
37.11Maria Smith16:50.55Eau Claire Memorial
38.9Maddie Kelly16:53.72New Richmond
39.9Alicia Jensen16:57.35Superior
40.11Marissa Fellenz16:58.11La Crosse Central
41.11Morgan Kelly17:02.28New Richmond
42.11Kat Keller17:03.25New Richmond
43.10Emily Bischof17:03.71New Richmond
44.11Catie Albrecht17:05.16Superior
45.10Ellie Nelson17:07.07River Falls
46.9Kali Krivenchuk17:08.30Superior
47.11Bailey Matthys17:12.66New Richmond
48.10Ellen Meisner17:15.12New Richmond
49.11Katelyn Lokrantz17:16.14Menomonie
50.12Deven DuCharme17:20.09Hudson
51.11Amanda Peterson17:20.47Eau Claire North
52.10Megan Kieffer17:22.08Menomonie
53.10Audrey DeKock17:25.26New Richmond
54.12Martha Dibb17:33.56Holmen
55.11Haley Watkins17:38.19Eau Claire North
56.10Olivia Sasaki17:38.62La Crosse Logan
57.10Miki Robers17:43.10Hudson
58.9Bailey Oettel17:44.03La Crosse Logan
59.9Marki Thompson17:45.74Hudson
60.11Emmarie Heacox17:53.82Eau Claire North
61.11Rachel Stairs17:54.70Menomonie
62.11Ashley Steinke17:59.53Chippewa Falls
63.10Shauna Staam18:11.66Eau Claire North
64.9Ellen Snyder18:11.95Hudson
65.10Sarah Schunk18:29.38Eau Claire North
66.11Allison Siler18:33.55Menomonie
67.12Megan Schnobrich18:36.51Chippewa Falls
68.11Maya Agata18:37.90La Crosse Logan
69.12Lexi Bengtson18:45.86Chippewa Falls
70.9Kacie Bertrand18:46.86Chippewa Falls
71.11Johanna Bennis18:51.09Superior
72.9Marah Kays18:53.30Eau Claire North
73.9Alexa Byrum18:55.58Tomah
74.11Alicia Benner19:00.57Chippewa Falls
75.12Megan Place19:04.86Superior
76.11Maryl Fennie19:07.31La Crosse Logan
77.12Shannen Ohman19:08.82Eau Claire North
78.12Ellie Welch19:26.42La Crosse Logan
79.10Marissa Pieper19:37.86Tomah
80.9Sydney Scott19:42.65Tomah
81.12Samantha Brown19:55.61Tomah
82.10Megan Kincannon20:01.90Tomah
83.11Kristen Larson21:42.92Tomah
84.9Laurel White23:20.06Tomah
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