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2.6 Mile Varsity
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Mens Results

2.6 Mile Varsity  

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1.12Matt Crichlow14:27 PRMeadowdale
3.10Mason Nicol14:58 PRLake Stevens
4.12Darin Nettleton15:00 PRLake Stevens
5.9Zach Bush15:02 SRLake Stevens
6.10Scott Schmitt15:03 SRLake Stevens
12Cody Howard15:04 PRStanwood
10Tanner Nieman15:09 SRStanwood
10.10Caleb Mina15:20 SRLake Stevens
11.11Quinn Massey15:30 PRMeadowdale
12.12Zach Kilburn15:39 PRLake Stevens
13.12Nicholas Sheets15:41 PRLake Stevens
14.10Beau Klick15:42 SRLake Stevens
15.10Yohans Tewolde15:51 PRMountlake Terrace
11Aaron Sandquist15:53 SRStanwood
10Cody Hoskins15:53 SRStanwood
11C.J. Alumbaugh15:58 SRStanwood
20.12Kyle Hedges16:01 PRLake Stevens
21.12Stuart Zickefoose16:02 PRMeadowdale
11Austin Biehl16:06 PRStanwood
24.12Daniel Parker16:06 PRLake Stevens
11Micah Losee16:07 PRStanwood
26.10David Young16:09 PRMountlake Terrace
11Nick Donohue16:10 SRStanwood
11Adam Knott16:14 PRStanwood
30.11Danny Shippen16:18 PRMeadowdale
9Kevin Sandquist16:19 SRStanwood
33.11Justin Frazier16:25 PRMountlake Terrace
34.11Jason McCroskey16:26 PRLake Stevens
11Cole Farnsworth16:27 PRStanwood
36.10Stefan Ball16:30 PRMeadowdale
37.11Ben Pierson16:32 PRMountlake Terrace
12Michael Krantz16:35 PRStanwood
38.11Joe Clinch16:35 PRMountlake Terrace
40.12Matt Carver16:40 PRMeadowdale
41.10Chris Prasanna16:50 PRMeadowdale
42.12Tyler Baker16:51 PRMountlake Terrace
44.10Jake Gross17:05 PRMeadowdale
9Ryker Grotte17:08 PRStanwood
45.9Jonah Grier17:09 PRMeadowdale
46.10Jesse Zerom17:12 PRMountlake Terrace
47.12Riley Fraser17:15 PRLake Stevens
12Matt Mourges17:57 PRStanwood
12Bo Luce18:01 PRStanwood
9Charlie Heckman18:03 SRStanwood
10Jacob Land18:06 PRStanwood
48.10Dylan Peppin18:06 PRMeadowdale
11Kyle Janssen18:07 SRStanwood
10Chris Facey18:24 SRStanwood
12Abdul-Kahad Saibu18:27 PRStanwood
9Lance DeRosier18:47 PRStanwood
9Brock Aschnbrenner18:52 PRStanwood
10Justin Jones19:35 SRStanwood
12Matthew Evoy20:47 PRStanwood
9Joe McFall22:17 SRStanwood
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2.6 Mile Junior Varsity  

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1.10Blake Minor16:32 SRLake Stevens
4.10Seth Parker16:40 PRLake Stevens
6.9David Castillo16:42 SRLake Stevens
8.11Rodney McDaniel16:44 PRLake Stevens
9.10Cole Nickerson16:48 SRLake Stevens
10.10Steve Szilvassy16:53 PRMountlake Terrace
15.9Nathan Sparks17:10 PRMountlake Terrace
17.9Chris Baumgartner17:17 PRMountlake Terrace
18.9Noah Dominick17:26 PRLake Stevens
22.9Henry Sparks17:36 PRMountlake Terrace
24.9Ryan Fuller17:38 PRMeadowdale
25.11Vincent Bruscas17:40 PRLake Stevens
28.9Gabe Hunt17:47 SRLake Stevens
29.9Wyatt Allemann17:52 PRMountlake Terrace
38.9Tyler Collins18:12 PRLake Stevens
40.10Isaac Leese18:17 PRMountlake Terrace
41.9Joe Palmieri18:18 PRLake Stevens
45.10Stewart Long18:28 PRMeadowdale
46.11Chris Fuller18:29 PRMeadowdale
49.9Andre Penner18:44 PRMountlake Terrace
51.10Kyler Jacobs18:49 PRLake Stevens
60.10Grant Reimers18:53 PRLake Stevens
55.9Peter Kidane19:09 PRMountlake Terrace
56.9TJ Fridenmaker19:27 PRMeadowdale
58.9Stephen Koch19:41 PRMountlake Terrace
59.10Hayden Feltz19:52 PRMountlake Terrace
61.11Josh Ullerich20:14 PRMeadowdale
63.9Tim Zuehl20:27 PRMountlake Terrace
65.11Matt Miller20:30 PRLake Stevens
66.12Erik Scott20:41 PRMeadowdale
73.9Caleb Keller23:07 PRMeadowdale
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Womens Results

2.6 Mile Varsity  

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12Minna Fields16:45 PRStanwood
2.12Cia Bywater17:01 PRLake Stevens
11Jade Borseth17:15 PRStanwood
10Jordin Stephenson17:17 SRStanwood
12Maddi Davis17:18 PRStanwood
7.11Nina Penner17:34 PRMountlake Terrace
8.12Lacey Wagner17:37 PRLake Stevens
10.10Nikole Mulligan17:51 PRLake Stevens
10Alexandra Yerigan18:09 SRStanwood
12Trish Jeans18:17 PRStanwood
13.12Erica Bond18:31 PRMountlake Terrace
10Rachel Swartz18:35 PRStanwood
11Natalie Bergstrom18:36 SRStanwood
12Brynna Bodle18:38 PRStanwood
12Helen Reinecke18:39 PRStanwood
22.12Christina Szilvassy18:42 PRMountlake Terrace
23.10Rachel Fesler18:48 PRMountlake Terrace
11Kelsey Haller19:05 PRStanwood
9Sofia Sobotta19:10 SRStanwood
26.11Analissa Merrill19:17 PRMeadowdale
28.12Jessica Lindsay19:37 PRMountlake Terrace
29.11Kari Green19:38 PRLake Stevens
30.12Olivia Kleyn19:44 PRLake Stevens
31.10Haley Suarez19:47 PRMeadowdale
10Nieka Moss19:48 SRStanwood
35.11Sarah Foster20:01 PRLake Stevens
37.11Kelsey O'Neill20:15 PRMountlake Terrace
38.12Ellen Kume20:24 PRMountlake Terrace
39.11Samantha Kang20:35 PRMeadowdale
40.11Monica Sykes20:41 PRLake Stevens
41.9Danielle Costa20:57 PRLake Stevens
42.12Ava Izdepski20:57 PRMeadowdale
43.10Tatum Fetherston20:58 PRLake Stevens
9Rachel Andelin21:05 SRStanwood
45.12Jaclyn LeBlanc21:16 PRMountlake Terrace
46.9Annalise Muscari21:28 PRMeadowdale
51.12Alexia DeMary21:39 PRLake Stevens
47.10Jhanica Reyes22:02 SRLake Stevens
48.11Bridget Kyle22:04 PRLake Stevens
10Melkam Hozack22:28 PRStanwood
53.12Renee Delgadillo22:49 PRMeadowdale
54.10Lynnea Maraveller23:15 PRMeadowdale
55.11Tasia Autio23:37 PRMeadowdale
9Lindsey Martin23:50 SRStanwood
10Brianna Bowles23:51 PRStanwood
9Silvana Emnott23:54 PRStanwood
60.11Aria Wexler24:25 PRLake Stevens
61.9Chayse Zehner24:57 PRLake Stevens
10Rosabla Perez25:03 PRStanwood
63.11Tiana McVety25:14 PRLake Stevens
9Samantha Helmick28:35 SRStanwood
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