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Dixie HS

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Dixie, St. George, UT
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Mens Races
3.35 Mile
Womens Races
3.35 Mile
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Mens Results

3.35 Mile  

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1.12Mark Albrecht18:51Desert Hills
4.12Dyllen Cafferty19:04Pine View
5.12Kyler Brinkerhoff19:26Desert Hills
7.10Casey Kimzey19:32Pine View
8.11Jacob Powell19:33Desert Hills
10Brady Simonson19:39Desert Hills
13.12Morgan Wood19:40Pine View
14.11Jared Ellsworth19:41Pine View
12Burkeley Christian19:45Desert Hills
10Brigham Whitney19:48Desert Hills
25.10Wesley Plumb20:08Pine View
23.11Tim Lunt20:39Pine View
12Parker Sheeran20:40Desert Hills
10Tanner Baird20:41Desert Hills
11Andrew Flake20:48Desert Hills
11Cody Benham21:00Desert Hills
12Nefi Oliva21:06Desert Hills
10Jaren Ashby21:07Desert Hills
12Russ Jones21:16Desert Hills
35.11Austin Manuele21:20Pine View
36.12Aaron Cass21:29Pine View
11Kyle Owens22:05Desert Hills
43.10Zachary Arteburn22:14Pine View
44.9Colton Bowler22:19Pine View
11Devin Forrester22:29Desert Hills
50.12Robert Lusk22:29Pine View
11Ryan Jones22:31Desert Hills
52.9Reed Burr22:32Pine View
53.9Zac Worlton22:35Pine View
12Andrew Wheeler22:37Desert Hills
55.10Taylor Shakespear22:41Pine View
11Brandon Thurston22:42Desert Hills
9Benjamin Powell22:46Desert Hills
60.12Jeremiah Schopen22:47Pine View
12Eric Hall22:58Desert Hills
63.11Justyn Zook23:08Pine View
11Derek Jones23:09Desert Hills
68.12Steven Schmidt23:26Pine View
69.10Garrett Smith23:28Pine View
70.9Byron Warby23:33Pine View
73.9Jacee Defa23:45Pine View
75.10Zak Lusk23:51Pine View
11Brian Angell23:52Desert Hills
10Parker Thayer24:06Desert Hills
10Kyle Peacock24:26Desert Hills
84.9Justin Allen24:44Pine View
9Gabriel Suttner24:52Desert Hills
9Kaden Stewart25:10Desert Hills
11Azariah Fawson25:12Desert Hills
9Jacob Clark26:59Desert Hills
96.9Landon Houston27:06Pine View
99.11Justin Laub28:20Pine View
100.12Scott Carlson28:26Pine View
102.9Matthew Rossberg30:09Pine View
103.9Wyatt Earle30:28Pine View
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