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Mens Races
2,400 Meters Middle School9:30 AM
Womens Races
2,400 Meters Middle School9:00 AM
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Team Results for Farragut Middle School Cross Country Meet


1 Canfield MS                            23

2 Lakeside MS                            53

3 Timberlake MS                          79

 4 CDA Charter MS                        105

 5 Lakeland MS                           107

6 Lakes MS                              154

 7 Post Falls MS                         177



1 Lakeside MS                            58

2 Canfield MS                            64

3 CDA Charter MS                         96

4 Woodland MS                            99

 5 Lakes MS                              101

 6 Timberlake MS                         116

 7 Post Falls MS                         124



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Mens Results

2,400 Meters Middle School  
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8Kyle Hawk09:00.6 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Joe Peters09:16.4 PRLakeland
8Dryden Phelps09:26.8 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Brad Rehwaldt09:36.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Chandler Rollitt09:37.3 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
6Alex Walde09:39.3 PRCanfield
8Kyler Little 09:48.0 PRWoodland
8Brady Foil09:54.6 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Max Evans09:55.2 PRLakes
7Jose Winton09:55.6 PRCanfield
Nolan Mullen-Huber10:03.5 PRWoodland
7Ty George10:04.7 PRTimberlake
7Toby Wall10:05.1 PRPost Falls
8Tristan Scoffield10:09.9 PRCanfield
7Travis McDowell10:13.3 PRLakes
7Daniel Walters10:19.0 PRCanfield
6Darin Fornof10:24.8 PRPost Falls
Mason Lachi 10:26.3Mary Walker MS
8Wyatt Steinbach10:27.9 PRTimberlake
7Joby Wall10:30.2 PRPost Falls
6Connor Watkins10:30.9 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Justin Dansereou10:31.9 PRLakeland
7Lucas Langenderfer10:33.7 PRLakeland
8Clay Larson10:34.1 PRLakes
7Ethan Balentine10:34.5 PRWoodland
6Kellen Walters10:39.6 PRCanfield
8Trystan Davilla10:40.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Ryan Costin10:41.3 PRCanfield
8Dylan Woodworth10:44.6 PRTimberlake
8Jake Gonzalez10:50.3 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Keith Murdock10:53.3 PRTimberlake
8Caleb Weeks10:57.3 PRLakes
6Skylar Neils11:00.5 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Hayden Price11:01.5 PRWoodland
8Mark Turner11:04.3 PRLakes
7Tylor Sellors11:05.2 PRWoodland
7Ben Gibson11:06.7 PRPost Falls
7Cameron Baker11:07.5 PRCanfield
8Caleb Potts11:08.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Kris Adams11:08.4 PRTimberlake
6Joey Butkis11:09.4 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Jack Krusemark11:10.2 PRKellogg
6Jacob Reynolds11:12.2 PRLakes
6Vance Rusell11:12.6 PRCanfield
8Neil Wineinger11:14.5 PRHoly Family Catholic
6Tyler Crawford11:19.5 PRLakes
8Nick Aleto11:21.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Trisatn Gallagher11:29.3 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
6Pierce Seiver11:32.5 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Seth Haffner11:33.3 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Evan Shelton11:39.1 PRLakes
6Levi Clemons11:40.0 PRLakes
6Dallas Edens11:42.5 PRWoodland
7Josh Brown11:46.5 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Cord Curran11:49.7 PRKellogg
7Nathaen Buck11:50.5 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Cameron Milbrath11:52.7 PRHoly Family Catholic
7Zack Holbrook11:57.3 PRWoodland
6Luke Lundblad11:59.3 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Zach Bailey12:01.5 PRCanfield
6Justin Harris12:08.8 PRLakes
8Ian Thurston12:15.7 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Chris Hager12:17.9 PRCanfield
6Eric Bassett12:21.1 PRCanfield
7Jake Burchett12:21.6 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Trevor Stellflug12:23.0 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
6Jake Cooper12:27.3 PRPost Falls
7Travis Young12:28.5 PRWoodland
6Josh Kirby12:29.5 PRPost Falls
6Joey O'Steen12:30.0 PRLakes
7Charlie Button12:30.7 PRLakes
8Cody Johnson12:31.3 PRPost Falls
6Daniel Gunnerson12:39.6 PRCanfield
8Matt Fremgen 12:43.3 PRWoodland
7Josh Dewolf12:52.3 PRWoodland
8Ryan Legel12:57.0 PRWoodland
6Tiger Ashtiani12:58.0 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Isaac Sisco13:01.7 PRPost Falls
6Jacob Knudson13:02.5 PRLakes
8Jacob Whalen13:04.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Hunter Young13:06.4 PRLakeland
6Orion Cluff13:09.6 PRPost Falls
8Nic Arellano13:11.7 PRLakes
7Andrew Overby13:20.4 PRCanfield
6Ryan Duclos13:29.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Tyler Brostrom13:40.7 PRWoodland
8Will Strub13:41.9 PRHoly Family Catholic
6Garrett Reeves13:42.3 PRCanfield
7Cade Jurgenson14:03.5 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
6Caleb Gardo14:59.2 PRPost Falls
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Womens Results

2,400 Meters Middle School  
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8Josie Brown09:16.8 PRCanfield
8Lindy Jacobson09:46.1 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Kara Story09:47.2 PRCanfield
7Emily Callahan09:59.7 PRCanfield
8Katey Mae McInturff10:02.6 PRKootenai
8Krista Story10:23.5 PRCanfield
8Stefanie Marikis10:28.1 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Natalie Herring10:44.3 PRTimberlake
6Caitlin Conway10:46.6 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Jordan Schwegal O'...10:56.2 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8Kaitlyn Gunnerson10:57.5 PRCanfield
8Anika Halterman10:58.7 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Paige Estes11:01.2 PRLakeland
8Mariah Crusch11:03.7 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Erica Powell11:13.6 PRTimberlake
7Julie Tritschler11:14.3 PRTimberlake
8Mikayla Clifford11:17.1 PRLakeland
8Emily Browning11:21.6 PRTimberlake
7Carmen Duffy11:23.1 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
6Carli Daniels11:27.6 PRCanfield
7Hanna Betts11:28.1 PRLakes
6Sonja Marikis11:28.5 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
6Jayme Belknap11:28.8 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Jordyn Anderson11:29.2 PRLakeland
8Kate Olsen11:31.8 PRLakeland
7Sarah McLean11:37.0 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Emily Hayes11:37.6 PRTimberlake
7Miranda Bailey11:39.2 PRLakes
7Bethany Stone11:47.0 PRCanfield
6Michaela Rosenthal12:05.6 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Audra Bell 12:09.4 PRWoodland
6Gould Tatumn12:10.0 PRCanfield
7Alison Lewis12:13.2 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Kaylynn Hudson12:17.2 PRPost Falls
7Kadena Korbel12:19.9 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Chloe Minas12:27.5 PRWoodland
7Kennedy Gelnette12:29.2 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
6Maddie Lauritzen12:30.3 PRLakes
6Indigo Knox12:31.6 PRWoodland
7Kayten Kunde12:42.0 PRLakeland
6Isidra Vigil12:42.4 PRPost Falls
7Alison Swanger12:44.6 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Darcie Campo12:48.6 PRKellogg
8Reina Powell12:51.2 PRTimberlake
8Hannah Smith12:52.4 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Gwenn Sincerbeaux12:56.5 PRTimberlake
8Courtney Miller12:58.2 PRTimberlake
7McKayla Riley13:03.1 PRTimberlake
6Morgan Smith13:06.6 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
6Abriana Presta13:09.5 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
7Alania Chambliss13:11.2 PRKellogg
6Christina Carlson13:11.6 PRLakes
8Tiffany Weishaar13:19.3 PRTimberlake
7Abbie Sisco13:20.9 PRPost Falls
8Daysha Deras13:22.2 PRLakes
8Emma McCormick13:22.9 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
6Timberline Short13:23.2 PRPost Falls
6Mackenzie Longley13:27.5 PRWoodland
8Alexandria Clark14:01.6 PRLakeside (Nine Mile)
8Leigh Anglin14:23.7 PRTimberlake
7Brianna Cooper14:24.9 PRPost Falls
6Hannah Pack14:29.4 PRCanfield
6Jordan King14:36.3 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Emma Johnson14:40.4 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
7Lydia Myers14:46.3 PRLakeland
6Linden Howell15:04.7 PRCanfield
6Zyrie Weeks15:05.9 PRLakes
6Courtney Priano15:07.4 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
6Cheyenne Arellano15:14.7 PRLakes
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