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MSHSAA Class 2 District 7 HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Meet Host - Holden HS
Location - Holden HS, Holden, MO - Map
Mens Races

Holden HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Holden HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Brett Voss17:12.00Blair Oaks
2.12Don Figgins17:37.00California
3.12Alec Reven18:13.00Holden
4.11James Curry18:23.00Hallsville
5.10Shawn Conrad18:30.00Holden
6.10Tanner Church18:32.00Hallsville
7.12Brian Burnett18:41.00Cole Camp
8.12Joe Anderson18:44.00Cole Camp
9.12Jack Hartwell18:50.00Holden
10.9Tristan Penestan18:55.00South Callaway
11.11Devon Huff19:15.00California
12.10A.J. Gearhart19:20.00Holden
13.9Tyler Flashpohler19:22.00Holden
14.11Cullen Hudson19:23.00North Callaway
15.12Grant Cundiff19:29.00North Callaway
16.12Weston Farmer19:35.00Holden
17.10Timothy Ward19:42.00Cole Camp
18.11Conner Cotton19:57.00Hallsville
19.11Alex Schroeder20:02.00Blair Oaks
20.12Andrew Connell20:05.00Blair Oaks
21.11Nathan Thibon20:06.00California
22.10Corey Bradshaw20:07.00Hallsville
23.9Jared Thomassen20:08.00Southern Boone
24.12Danny Tanksley20:23.00Holden
25.12Blake Branch20:29.00Blair Oaks
26.11Jordan Schaefer20:31.00Blair Oaks
27.10David Wright20:37.00North Callaway
28.11Craig Clark20:42.00Blair Oaks
29.10Josh Rockett20:44.00Southern Boone
30.9Adam Crawford20:45.00North Callaway
31.11Ole Moten Harlie20:46.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
32.10Justin Crum20:52.00Hallsville
33.12Dustin Duran20:58.00Centralia
34.10Dakota Harris20:59.00California
35.10Brendan Beatty21:00.00Hallsville
36.12Colby Branch21:09.00Southern Boone
37.10Alex Cassmeyer21:20.00Blair Oaks
38.12Brandon Copenhaver21:46.00Hallsville
39.9Nathan Dowd21:53.00Southern Boone
40.11Ian Huddleston21:58.00North Callaway
41.9Micheal Kieger21:59.00Cole Camp
42.12Chun Lam Lee22:07.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
43.11Cody Pezold22:08.00North Callaway
44.10Jacob Russell22:12.00Southern Boone
45.9Daniel Peck22:20.00Cole Camp
46.10Glen Healy22:21.00South Callaway
47.9Derek Scott22:31.00Sherwood
48.9Jacob Hickman22:36.00Cole Camp
49.12Caleb Floyd22:37.00North Callaway
50.10James Finders23:00.00Southern Boone
51.12Jarrid Ledbetter23:07.00Centralia
52.12Deven Harms23:21.00California
53.9Aaron Rouse23:59.00Southern Boone
54.10Zane Harmon24:11.00Cole Camp
55.10David Jingst26:41.00Centralia
56.12Lam Ngo27:05.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Emily Cumpton20:51.00Blair Oaks
2.11Ashley Keller21:41.00Holden
3.9Kadi McCubbin21:46.00Centralia
4.11Ashlee Davis21:47.00California
5.10Elizabeth Kirby21:48.00California
6.12Taylor Dinyer21:57.00Hallsville
7.10Nicole Lueckenhoff22:18.00Blair Oaks
8.9Taylor Howard22:29.00South Callaway
9.12Maggie Dorge22:33.00Blair Oaks
10.9Abigail Luebbert22:46.00South Callaway
11.11Jordan Gray22:50.00North Callaway
12.11Elizabeth Prenger23:02.00Blair Oaks
13.12Katie Kruse23:08.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
14.11Kayley Graves23:10.00Hallsville
15.10Kelsie Gibler23:14.00Hallsville
16.11Sara Gale23:21.00Blair Oaks
17.10Jaymee Fee23:28.00Holden
18.11Anna Engesaeth23:37.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
19.9Shannon Feurt23:46.00Sherwood
20.11Marita Sandven23:47.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
21.10Darian Werdehausen23:48.00Blair Oaks
22.11Ashley Shearer23:58.00Holden
23.11Hailey Green23:59.00Holden
24.9Andrea Rodriguez24:02.00South Callaway
25.10Rachel Swanson24:38.00Holden
26.11Hallie Blanchard25:10.00Southern Boone
27.10Amanda Gale25:23.00Blair Oaks
28.11Ashley Love25:34.00North Callaway
29.9Cheyenne Cumpton25:50.00Sherwood
30.10Mollie O'Day26:10.00Hallsville
31.9Allison Hulen26:28.00Centralia
32.11Hilde Brurok26:49.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
33.10Jaerie Booher27:18.00South Callaway
34.10Serina Booher27:52.00South Callaway
35.12Sydney Reitz28:50.00Southern Boone
36.12Lisa Atkinson30:07.00Holden
37.11Berit Soldal30:27.00St. Paul Lutheran (C...
38.10Miranda Deimeke30:43.00North Callaway
39.10Chloey Kaiser30:54.00Centralia
40.12Danielle Krampe30:57.00North Callaway
41.12Jaclyn Richardson31:23.00Southern Boone
42.11Sarah Hamel31:30.00Hallsville
43.9Shelby Crusha32:47.00Sherwood
44.12Amanda Warner33:39.00Sherwood
45.9Brooksie Mayville35:17.00Southern Boone
46.11Brynn Shaw35:26.00North Callaway
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