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Team Time Trial HS

Friday, September 03, 2010

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Meet Host - Tahoma HS
Location - Lake Wilderness State Park, Maple Valley, WA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters
Womens Races
5,000 Meters
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10James Dagley17:09Tahoma
2.10Jacob Larsen17:58Tahoma
3.12David Richardson18:02Tahoma
4.11Tyler Ward18:21Tahoma
5.12Luke Milburn18:30Tahoma
6.12John Wilson18:32Tahoma
7.11Chase Pierson18:40Tahoma
8.10Mac Henderson18:48Tahoma
9.9Riley Campbell19:18Tahoma
10.11Caleb Eades19:19Tahoma
11.11Sean Carter19:43Tahoma
12.10Merritt Kropelnicki19:48Tahoma
13.10Jordan Pollock19:48Tahoma
14.10Travis Scacco19:58Tahoma
15.11Riley Caler20:07Tahoma
16.11Spencer Youngstrom20:09Tahoma
17.9Cruz Velasquez20:21Tahoma
19.10Josh McCrory20:31Tahoma
21.10Jacob Amrine20:55Tahoma
22.10Lorenzo Rojas20:56Tahoma
23.10Brendan Newell21:01Tahoma
24.10Dakota Nichols21:12Tahoma
25.10Joel Christensen21:21Tahoma
26.9Caleb Krafsky21:26Tahoma
28.11Troy Odstrcil21:37Tahoma
30.9Chad Blenz21:46Tahoma
31.10Ryan Silvi22:03Tahoma
32.10James French22:05Tahoma
33.11Mitch Feldman22:06Tahoma
34.10Wade Whitton22:07Tahoma
35.10Gabe Boynay22:37Tahoma
37.10Matt Milburn22:41Tahoma
39.10Nik Owens22:43Tahoma
40.11Chris Olds22:45Tahoma
41.10John George22:46Tahoma
42.10Stephen Appman22:49Tahoma
43.10Troy Coselman23:16Tahoma
44.12Kevin Fuchs23:17Tahoma
45.11Jordan Fujioka23:20Tahoma
46.12Zach Zander23:29Tahoma
48.11Trevor Hancock23:41Tahoma
50.10Brennan Toomey23:54Tahoma
52.10Tyler McGowan24:15Tahoma
53.12Alex Jennings24:17Tahoma
56.10Kyle Conen24:27Tahoma
57.11Oliver Kombol24:41Tahoma
58.12Connor Caler24:41Tahoma
61.9Max Connell25:03Tahoma
64.11Vince Quaratiello25:21Tahoma
65.9Nick Pennington25:21Tahoma
67.11Jory Simpson25:36Tahoma
69.9Jordan Conner27:14Tahoma
71.10AJ Kaid28:00Tahoma
72.11Aaron Wagner28:53Tahoma
73.9Skylar Davis28:53Tahoma
75.9Derek Fuchs29:12Tahoma
79.10Michael Cox32:05Tahoma
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

18.11Julianna Mock20:23Tahoma
20.10Elizabeth Oosterhout20:38Tahoma
27.12Lauren Clawson21:33Tahoma
29.12Emily Duerson21:42Tahoma
36.9Cheyenne Greenside22:37Tahoma
38.10Breanna McManus22:43Tahoma
47.10Bridget Wulfing23:39Tahoma
49.10Lilly Loescher23:45Tahoma
51.12Kathryn Adamson23:56Tahoma
54.12Ariana Zukowski24:20Tahoma
55.10Olivia Ranft24:24Tahoma
59.11Rachael Carpenter24:51Tahoma
60.9Mikayla Ward25:01Tahoma
62.10Lauren Walters25:09Tahoma
63.12Rina Wulfing25:14Tahoma
66.11Holly Pebles25:22Tahoma
68.12Emily Pierre26:17Tahoma
70.12Taylor Dowell27:16Tahoma
74.9Kelsey Hollingsworth29:02Tahoma
76.11Shelby Osterman29:19Tahoma
77.10Patty Mendez30:06Tahoma
78.11Lyndsey McGee31:33Tahoma
80.9Emily Lewis32:21Tahoma
81.10Danielle Vandenberg34:11Tahoma
82.10Zoe Carter34:17Tahoma
83.10Carly Overhauser34:23Tahoma
84.11Alivia Ward37:03Tahoma
85.12Courtney Pence37:14Tahoma
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