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Rio Rebel Invitational HS

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Location - Rio HS, Rio, WI
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Mens Races

Rio HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior High
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior High
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Princeton/Green Lake

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1.12Garrett Patrick17:14.43Columbus
2.11Hunter Weber17:32.21Marshall
3.11Kendall Cucinotta17:45.92Columbus
4.12Michael Phillips17:47.48Lodi
5.12Caden Miller18:14.92Lodi
6.12Quinton Taylor18:26.89Lodi
7.10Devin Weber18:30.40Marshall
8.11Tyler Pedracine18:46.15Lodi
9.12Dylan Chisnell18:46.39Markesan
10.12Jonny Gollmar18:49.18Lodi
11.10Sean Fitzsimmons18:53.81Marshall
12.10Jacob James18:54.73Columbus
13.12Courtlyn Garton19:04.17Lodi
14.10Cade Clark19:05.83Lodi
15.9Cameron Ward19:06.75Marshall
16.11Wyeth Augustine-Ma...19:14.59Marshall
17.10Kemal Kirchmeier19:19.16Pardeeville
18.10Bryson Langer19:28.22Columbus
19.11Cody Snelling19:45.74Rio
20.12Cory Plutschack19:56.49Columbus
21.10Josh Murray20:00.69Marshall
22.12Taylor Wescott20:06.12Pardeeville
23.12Tim Abendroth20:21.74Markesan
24.10Josh Ritchie20:22.21Columbus
25.11Zach Schwoch20:44.83Markesan
26.10Taylor Jansen20:54.42Columbus
27.11Shane Foreman20:58.82Rio
28.12Adam Vrbsky21:25.49Pardeeville
29.10Joe Salzman21:29.18Rio
30.10Brad Kloepping21:35.77Marshall
31.11Taylor Zacharias21:41.08Markesan
32.11Dominic Leising21:46.27Rio
33.12Jesse Bernhagen21:51.30Markesan
34.10Kyle McCartney21:54.91Princeton/Green Lake
35.12Max Christman22:09.78Madison Country Day
36.11Aaron Benzine22:14.51Rio
37.10Colten Curtis22:26.34Pardeeville
38.12Fabian Fernandez22:38.56Madison Country Day
39.11Thomas Doro22:48.59Princeton/Green Lake
40.10Jordan Quade23:19.10Markesan
41.9Zachary Lothe23:53.77Rio
42.9Harpreet Gill23:55.11Madison Country Day
43.10Josh Schmelzer24:00.35Madison Country Day
44.10Danny Miller24:14.57Markesan
45.12Tom Gorman24:48.28Pardeeville
46.12Ryan Fry25:35.75Rio
47.9RJ Seaver27:19.46Madison Country Day
48.9Colin Christison29:14.07Madison Country Day
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Princeton/Green Lake

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1.9Levi Kearney19:19.96Lodi
2.10Keaton Shaw19:35.39Lodi
3.10Dominique Wilson19:49.04Lodi
4.12Andrew Feucht20:11.30Columbus
5.10Sam Taylor20:11.72Lodi
6.9Shaun Schoenicke20:12.97Marshall
7.10Justin Roche20:16.02Columbus
8.9Austin Sinden20:25.20Marshall
9.10Grant Robertson20:41.48Lodi
10.10Jake Heiman20:46.59Marshall
11.9Colin Freidel20:56.74Columbus
12.10Sam Porter20:59.90Lodi
13.9Tyler Kurt21:33.14Marshall
14.9Zac Schmidt22:08.30Columbus
15.9Joe Engles22:36.88Marshall
16.10John Wells22:58.49Lodi
17.9Caleb Hartmann23:05.61Lodi
18.10Brandon Steiner23:08.40Lodi
19.9Jacob Pacala23:08.69Columbus
20.12Martin Molina23:09.28Columbus
21.10Henry Elling23:12.26Columbus
22.12Austin Zahn23:14.82Columbus
23.10Dylan Knackert23:34.32Markesan
24.11Jed Oehler23:43.05Lodi
25.12Ryan Robertson23:47.35Lodi
26.9Jacob Wilson23:47.98Lodi
27.11Trace Browning23:57.20Lodi
28.9Aaron Koopman24:34.27Markesan
29.11Ben Vinz24:36.90Markesan
30.9Jacob Schalk24:41.90Columbus
31.10Brent Bublitz24:42.27Columbus
32.9Garit Schmidt25:02.33Lodi
33.9Max Martin25:16.46Lodi
34.12Nick Fera25:40.27Rio
35.11Brandon Baggett25:41.38Markesan
36.10Troy Wesley29:15.07Marshall
37.10Zach Gillis31:26.95Marshall
38.9Mitchell Endres31:26.95Lodi
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Princeton/Green Lake

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1.9Michaela Bogdanske16:07.39Lodi
2.12Melissa Kohlhagen16:43.60Lodi
3.11Annaliese Cramer16:57.65Lodi
4.12Brooke Jarchow17:06.03Pardeeville
5.11Hansena Vangen17:31.16Rio
6.11Sarah Giese17:34.89Marshall
7.11Ali Roberts17:41.24Columbus
8.10Kaitlin Nedza17:42.77Pardeeville
9.9Leah Johnson17:50.04Pardeeville
10.10Madeline Tompach17:51.54Columbus
11.10Sydney Endres17:53.29Lodi
12.11Caitlin Gockel17:55.49Columbus
13.10Elizabeth Abitz17:55.85Marshall
14.11Erica Giese18:23.56Marshall
15.10Taylor Hayes18:46.05Pardeeville
16.12Katy Bengsch18:47.65Columbus
17.10Brittany Brandt18:54.38Columbus
18.12Courtney Severson18:57.08Columbus
19.12Alicia Frederick19:01.26Markesan
20.9Mary Pulvermacher19:02.38Princeton/Green Lake
21.12Angela Sondalle19:04.37Princeton/Green Lake
22.11Emilie Boomsma19:06.81Columbus
23.9Crystal Zale19:14.50Princeton/Green Lake
24.12Shannon Grover19:20.89Lodi
25.9Alex Harruff19:27.77Rio
26.10Katie Casey19:43.83Pardeeville
27.10Mallory Schroeder19:49.49Pardeeville
28.9Jessica Thompson19:55.13Rio
29.12Brianna Brager19:59.37Marshall
30.11Eva Riedesel20:00.05Lodi
31.10Emily Schaller20:27.54Madison Country Day
32.9Paige Nichols20:34.09Lodi
33.11Becca Giese20:34.72Marshall
34.11Brandi Murphy21:05.94Princeton/Green Lake
35.10Amanda Senger21:06.48Marshall
36.11Allie Kastein21:31.75Markesan
37.9Emily Connely-Hamm...21:32.32Marshall
38.9McKenzie Dahlen22:11.36Rio
39.9Erin Golz22:14.62Princeton/Green Lake
40.10Scout Bahr22:28.57Rio
41.12Samantha Shruck24:13.83Markesan
42.12Hannah Hayes24:28.18Pardeeville
43.11Chianne Kimber25:59.04Markesan
44.12Hannah Lee30:15.09Madison Country Day
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Princeton/Green Lake

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1.9Chelsea Buchanon19:17.97Lodi
2.10Sarah Jahnke19:19.37Columbus
3.9Kendra Minick20:01.15Columbus
4.10Reagan Johnson20:01.95Columbus
5.11Alissa Pearson20:24.68Columbus
6.12Danielle Simerson20:28.50Columbus
7.12Lindsay Johnson20:29.15Pardeeville
8.10Kayla Kubehl21:34.58Marshall
9.9Sydney Thering21:40.25Marshall
10.10Gracia Clark22:35.74Columbus
11.12Margo Fredericks22:38.83Columbus
12.12Lindsay Johnson22:39.39Pardeeville
13.9Leah Thorsen23:17.45Marshall
14.9Rachel Porter23:24.45Lodi
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