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Woodward Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
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Team Results – Men (8,000m)
1. Utah State (26), 2. Boise State (37), 3. Idaho (80), 4. Louisiana Tech (89), 5. San Jose State (140), 6. Fresno State (178), 7. New Mexico State (182).

Team Results – Women (5,000m)
1. Utah State (63), 2. Nevada (70), 3. San Jose State (80), 4. Idaho (91), 5. Fresno State (109), 6. Boise State (117), 7. New Mexico State (136), 8. Hawaii (192), Louisiana Tech (288).

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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Fresno State

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1.SrForest Braden24:15Boise State
2.SrVance Twitchell24:43Utah State
3.SrTy Axtman24:51Boise State
4.SoBen Kessen25:08Utah State
5.SoSeth Wold25:13Utah State
6.SoKevin Friesen25:32Idaho
7.FrTony Jones25:32Utah State
8.FrAaron Clements25:45Utah State
9.JrWijnand Rikenberg25:55Boise State
10.-Zachary Shuler25:55Louisiana Tech
11.JrCody Eaton26:04Boise State
12.JrChris West26:04New Mexico State
13.SrBrandon Christoffe...26:06Boise State
14.JrSamuel Wambugu26:08San Jose State
15.SoKinsey Dinnel26:17Louisiana Tech
16.-Mike Thompson26:19Idaho
17.SoMatt Racine26:21Idaho
18.-Jace Benoit26:25Louisiana Tech
19.FrAndrew Niccoli26:38Utah State
20.SrKevin Potter26:46Idaho
21.SoKevin Merkling26:46Idaho
22.-Wesly Wilson26:47Louisiana Tech
23.-Stanley Chebii26:50Boise State
24.-Tim Marshall26:50Louisiana Tech
25.SrDerek Laughlin26:52Idaho
26.FrMichael Budge26:53Utah State
27.JrBastien Tardy26:56Idaho
28.JrTaylor Price26:58Utah State
29.FrFrank Sanders26:58Fresno State
30.FrJonathan Gragert26:59San Jose State
31.JrChris Hart27:08San Jose State
32.FrReed Huskey27:15Boise State
33.SoSean Dundon27:22San Jose State
34.FrBrandon Geis27:34Fresno State
35.SoNate Davis27:42Louisiana Tech
36.SrMobin Ghoury27:44San Jose State
37.FrDavid Haefele27:52San Jose State
38.SrIsmail Jorio27:55San Jose State
39.JrIan Chestnut27:56Idaho
40.SoAllan Williamson27:56Fresno State
41.SoRyan Gordan Throne28:03San Jose State
42.SoDarren Strong28:07Boise State
43.FrCameron Lockard28:12Boise State
44.FrTony Rojas Jr.28:15Fresno State
45.JrMichael Gerald28:19Fresno State
46.-Taylor Mackay28:23Utah State
47.SrJose Burrola Diaz28:31San Jose State
48.FrSteve Potratz29:20Idaho
49.JrJustin Mapula29:24New Mexico State
50.SoGuillermo Alvarez29:24New Mexico State
51.FrDavid Thomson32:49New Mexico State
52.-Cole Parker40:50New Mexico State
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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Fresno State

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1.FrRhea Richter17:33.2Idaho
2.SoCharlotte Schonbeck17:41.4Nevada-Reno
3.SrTiffany Marie Hall17:49.7San Jose State
4.SrJennifer Twitchell17:58.8Utah State
5.JrStacie Lifferth18:00.2Utah State
6.FrAmanda Moreno18:04.7Nevada-Reno
7.JrAmy Egan18:07.4Utah State
8.SoBreanna Sande18:10.2Boise State
9.JrErica Joy Sahli18:10.7San Jose State
10.SoKendra Hernandez18:11.1Boise State
11.SrKali Baker18:16.2Nevada-Reno
12.SrZinzi Evans18:17.3Fresno State
13.JrChantelle Laan18:19.6Hawaii Manoa
14.JrMarlene Elizalde18:21.1San Jose State
15.JrChaly Jones18:22.8Boise State
16.FrMelissa McFaddan18:23.7Idaho
17.FrKristin Palmer18:28.2Nevada-Reno
18.SoCaroline Berry18:32.9Utah State
19.JrMeri Hawkins18:35.7Fresno State
20.JrBreanna Chipney18:36.8Idaho
21.SrAnn Gagliardi18:38.2New Mexico State
22.SoAllix Lee-Painter18:40.0Idaho
23.FrJenny Hernandez18:41.3Fresno State
24.FrIngrid Flores18:50.7New Mexico State
25.FrMarissa McPhail18:52.5Fresno State
26.SrTabitha Guzman18:55.8San Jose State
27.JrBeth Sandoval18:58.8New Mexico State
28.JrAllison Stiller18:59.0San Jose State
29.FrApril Rowlan19:02.2Utah State
30.SoRoxanne Sellick19:03.6Fresno State
31.FrPrecious Nelson19:08.5New Mexico State
32.SrMelinda Ouwerkerk19:09.1Idaho
33.FrCaprice Bradshaw19:12.3New Mexico State
34.JrAmanda Gramly19:12.8Nevada-Reno
35.-Tava Tedesco19:16.3Hawaii Manoa
36.JrAndrea Leitner19:23.6New Mexico State
37.FrAlexis Meyer19:25.3Utah State
38.SoValerie Detrick19:28.9New Mexico State
39.JrSharlene Carillo19:30.8Hawaii Manoa
40.SoLeah Hover19:32.3Boise State
41.FrAnnaliza Rizo19:35.4San Jose State
42.SoMandy Russ19:37.6Nevada-Reno
43.SoJenna Hicks19:39.6San Jose State
44.JrMeadow Braden19:41.0Boise State
45.SoChrista Avena19:42.7Nevada-Reno
46.FrNisha Richardson19:43.8San Jose State
47.FrHeidi Suder19:49.8Boise State
48.JrPatty Torres19:50.1Fresno State
49.SoVanessa Hawkins19:50.9Utah State
50.SrNicole Mulberry19:54.9Boise State
51.JrMarina Santana20:02.8Fresno State
52.SoHannah Balkenbush20:11.4Nevada-Reno
53.SrValerie Weilert20:18.7San Jose State
54.FrJocelyn Oviedo20:37.0Fresno State
55.SoPaloma Dominguez20:44.8Fresno State
56.FrTara Gardenhire20:53.1New Mexico State
57.SoTiffany Tandy20:58.0Nevada-Reno
58.FrShawna Carlson20:59.7Idaho
59.JrMichel Wilson21:35.6Hawaii Manoa
60.FrErin Stratton21:44.1Utah State
61.JrAshley Monfort21:57.2Hawaii Manoa
62.FrMegan Chock22:32.4Hawaii Manoa
63.SoElcharrita Reynolds22:33.1Louisiana Tech
64.SrMiriam Barnes22:52.6Louisiana Tech
65.JrCandace Rosenthal22:57.5Hawaii Manoa
66.SoAthena Pierre23:07.5New Mexico State
67.SrTenisha Mayes23:28.8Louisiana Tech
68.FrAshley Pate23:44.9Louisiana Tech
69.FrKamila Stroy23:45.0Louisiana Tech
70.FrErin Downey30:01.1Boise State
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