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Indian Springs Cross Country Meet MS

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Indian Springs Middle School, Keller, TX - Map
Mens Races
2,400 Meters 7th Boys
3,200 Meters 8th Boys
Womens Races
1,600 Meters 7th Girls
2,400 Meters 8th Girls
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Mens Results

2,400 Meters 7th Boys  

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17.7Randell Johnson11:02.42Gene Pike
23.7Nathaniel Polizzo11:22.54Gene Pike
26.7Gavin Piano11:42.37Gene Pike
17.7Jacob Gustin11:43.87Gene Pike B
29.7Cory Robinson12:27.80Gene Pike
31.7Joe Gonzales12:44.30Gene Pike
32.7Lemi Del Cid12:44.71Gene Pike
33.7James Pearson13:35.72Gene Pike
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3,200 Meters 8th Boys  

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3.8Jacob Suchors12:17.55Gene Pike
8.8Jackson Miller12:30.28Gene Pike
13.8Cameron Shelton13:13.74Gene Pike
1.8Connor Hunton13:30.54Gene Pike B group
21.8Pedro Dominguez13:44.14Gene Pike
29.8Levi Heil14:34.55Gene Pike
30.8Coy Cassels14:36.96Gene Pike
34.8Isaac Jaime15:53.51Gene Pike
75.8Joseph Baker16:58.98Gene Pike B
87.8Donovan Gieger18:59.01Gene Pike B
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Womens Results

1,600 Meters 7th Girls  

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7.7Carissa Ferber6:34.00Gene Pike A
8.7Micah Solomon6:38.98Gene Pike A
9.7Rebekah Christman6:39.30Gene Pike A
15.7Kate Henzler6:53.30Gene Pike A
19.7Kylee Durham7:01.91Gene Pike A
23.7Abigale Garcia7:17Gene Pike A
27.7Haylee Chavez7:20.09Gene Pike A
10.7Emma Simmons7:26.12Gene Pike B
13.7Ivy Diefenbach7:28.94Gene Pike B
14.7Shaina Smith7:29.73Gene Pike B
18.7Latasha Broom7:32.92Gene Pike B
19.7Ashley Dyer7:33.67Gene Pike B
31.7Alexandria Francis7:45.65Gene Pike B
34.7Danille Caballero7:47.38Gene Pike B
47.7Kaley Piper7:58.65Gene Pike B
49.7Brianna Jones7:59.69Gene Pike B
54.7Kendal Irwin8:02.45Gene Pike B
67.7Aimon Anwar8:12.12Gene Pike B
78.7Abbie Ruth8:20.92Gene Pike B
80.7Allison Higginbotham8:22.18Gene Pike B
93.7Brianna VonHellborn8:33.33Gene Pike B
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2,400 Meters 8th Girls  

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1.8Katherine Chavez10:25.59Gene Pike A
14.8Robyn Day11:19.52Gene Pike A
23.8Sierra Hart12:04.46Gene Pike A
25.8Nadine Lotchfield12:09.98Gene Pike A
26.8Madison Fouts12:17.75Gene Pike A
7.8Paige Carmack12:19.80Gene Pike
29.8Megan Horton12:27.29Gene Pike A
34.8Berkley Brown12:37.84Gene Pike A
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