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MPSSAA 4A South Regional HS

Thursday, November 04, 2010

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Meet Host - C.H. Flowers HS
Location - Fort Washington Park, Fort Washington, MD - Map
Mens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Justin Ahalt16:47.00Eleanor Roosevelt
2.12Charles Bolinger16:53.00Eleanor Roosevelt
3.12Christian Harrison17:08.00C.H. Flowers
4.12Paul Yuan17:16.00Eleanor Roosevelt
5.10Alan Ottenstein17:26.00Bowie
6.9Joshua Wilkins17:46.00Bowie
7.11Adam Snyder17:49.00Eleanor Roosevelt
8.12Thair Walker18:00.00Eleanor Roosevelt
9.11John Walker18:01.00Bowie
10.12Edose Ibadin18:09.00DuVal
11.11Gerardo Amaya18:19.00Bowie
12.12Carl White18:24.00Eleanor Roosevelt
13.12Garland Brooks19:09.00C.H. Flowers
14.10Rami Phillips19:15.00Oxon Hill
15.12Xavier Thompson19:22.00Eleanor Roosevelt
16.11Amajoyi Ihiou19:40.00DuVal
17.11Victor Ouegbam19:47.00DuVal
18.11Akeem Stephenson19:57.00Oxon Hill
19.12Omo Olumese20:01.00Oxon Hill
20.9Jose Reyes20:09.00Parkdale
21.10Marcus Dobbins20:21.00Bowie
22.11Kawan Glover20:25.00Henry A Wise
23.12Sherlon Toby20:26.00Parkdale
24.11Xavier Bynum20:47.00DuVal
25.11Carlton Burns20:50.00Oxon Hill
26.11Kyle Smith20:51.00Oxon Hill
27.11Compton Saul21:01.00High Point
28.11Dillon Hari21:06.00High Point
29.10Brendon Parker21:17.00Henry A Wise
30.12Muhammed Salami21:17.50DuVal
31.-Greg Johnson21:18.00Henry A Wise
32.10Justin Lane21:24.00Laurel
33.9Mouctar Kaba21:27.00DuVal
34.11Joshua Jack21:32.00DuVal
35.11Michael Richter21:37.00Oxon Hill
36.10Antonio Dacosta21:50.00Oxon Hill
37.12Maurice Wilson22:06.00Bladensburg
38.10Joshua Abah22:50.00Parkdale
39.12Derrick Graham23:02.00Suitland
40.10Ebot Gnoe23:21.00Parkdale
41.11Aaron Thomas23:35.00Laurel
42.12Gyasi Lester23:47.00Henry A Wise
43.9Qasim Jerome24:06.00Parkdale
44.-Derrick Colbert24:07.00Henry A Wise
45.-Kyle Simpson24:49.00Henry A Wise
46.10Davonte Palmer26:30.00Bladensburg
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Amirah Johnson19:47.00Eleanor Roosevelt
2.10Charde Barnes19:57.00Bowie
3.11Olukemi Adeniji22:17.00C.H. Flowers
4.12Neema Rowe22:49.00Eleanor Roosevelt
5.11Alexxis Walston22:52.00Suitland
6.12Nicole Scott22:58.00Eleanor Roosevelt
7.10Esther Omolola23:03.00Parkdale
8.11Lydia Nichols-Russ...23:06.00Eleanor Roosevelt
9.10Veronica Handunge23:08.00Eleanor Roosevelt
10.12Mia Dabney23:15.00Henry A Wise
11.10Maya Perry23:27.00Bowie
12.11Carole Ngondi23:31.00Eleanor Roosevelt
13.11Christinea Francis23:31.50Northwestern-PG
14.12Sarah Tanveer23:38.00C.H. Flowers
15.10Dara Kelly24:05.00C.H. Flowers
16.10Donica Morris24:13.00Henry A Wise
17.12Tongalia Butler24:20.00Suitland
18.10Jada Tinch24:43.00Henry A Wise
19.11Jean Udo25:07.00C.H. Flowers
20.11Shulamit Shroder25:34.00Eleanor Roosevelt
21.9Jaemi Rowe26:13.00DuVal
22.10Jonetta Blackie26:29.00Northwestern-PG
23.11Kayla Davis27:00.00Bladensburg
24.12Stephanie Choh27:01.00High Point
25.10Lena Allen27:15.00Henry A Wise
26.10Jasmine Thompson27:29.00C.H. Flowers
27.10Asha Spears28:15.00Suitland
28.10Kenyetta Louis29:01.00Bowie
29.12Chanquel Burton29:22.00Oxon Hill
30.12Jessica Bell29:33.00Henry A Wise
31.11Christina Macaspac29:42.00Oxon Hill
32.10Tyisha Henderson29:50.00DuVal
33.10Kimberly Sorto29:51.00Parkdale
34.9Rachel Dickerson30:23.00Henry A Wise
35.10Khera Cobert30:43.00Henry A Wise
36.10Jessika Cornitcher32:07.00DuVal
37.10Natasha Waller35:00.00Bladensburg
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