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Wheaton Regional Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Montgomery Blair

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1.12Jeremy Ardanduy18:34Montgomery Blair
2.11Ross Apter18:53Rockville
3.9Jonaton Baginski19:06Rockville
4.12Dominic Florin19:23Montgomery Blair
5.11Gregory Kehne19:37Montgomery Blair
6.10Aaron Weckstein19:37Montgomery Blair
7.12Gabe Pollack19:48Montgomery Blair
8.11MIchael Anderson20:04Montgomery Blair
9.9Kyle Melnick20:04Rockville
10.11Eddie Kirk20:13Rockville
11.10Gabe Liegey20:15Rockville
12.11Bart Machielse20:20Montgomery Blair
13.9Matthew Morris20:29Montgomery Blair
14.10Yannik Jeremias20:34Montgomery Blair
15.10Ruben Carlo20:59Rockville
16.12Connor Dowd21:05Montgomery Blair
17.11Thomas Broussard21:07Rockville
18.10Jordan Lang21:10Rockville
19.11Emanuel Russom21:11Montgomery Blair
20.11Andrew Lu21:27Montgomery Blair
21.10Garrett Foss21:34Rockville
22.10Ricci Huang21:46Montgomery Blair
23.12Peter Leonard21:52Montgomery Blair
24.10Luke Schoppert22:03Montgomery Blair
25.10Ryan Abijomaa22:11Rockville
26.11Billy Kimmel22:16Montgomery Blair
27.10Daniel Calderon22:22Rockville
28.12Chris Brown22:24Rockville
29.11Kiernan Colby22:44Montgomery Blair
30.10Greg Brown22:46Rockville
31.11Nathan Kung23:17Montgomery Blair
32.10Justin Kung23:22Montgomery Blair
33.9David Grant23:26Rockville
34.12Fernando Morales23:28Montgomery Blair
35.11Nebiyu Fitta23:32Montgomery Blair
36.9Mitchell Rosenthal23:33Rockville
37.12Anthony Curcio-Rudy23:43Montgomery Blair
38.10Gordon Hu23:46Montgomery Blair
39.10Raphael Naval23:53Montgomery Blair
40.9Michael McKee23:53Montgomery Blair
41.-Joel Cruz24:27Montgomery Blair
43.9Jacob Ryder24:29Montgomery Blair
42.9Jacob Harris24:30Montgomery Blair
44.12Jerry Chen25:06Rockville
45.10Corey Wathen25:07Montgomery Blair
46.9Sam Lewando25:09Montgomery Blair
47.10Luke O'Malley Stew...25:11 SRRockville
48.11Phillip Clifford26:43Rockville
49.10Geovanni Meneses27:30Rockville
50.10Aaron Weerasinghe28:51Rockville
51.9Liam Lewter29:14Montgomery Blair
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Montgomery Blair

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