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MSHSAA Class 4 Sectional 2 HS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Meet Host - Francis Howell HS
Location - McNair Park, St. Charles, MO - Map
Mens Races

McNair Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

McNair Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tim Rackers15:54.63St. Louis University
2.10Nicholas Stewart16:17.73McCluer North
3.12Drew Webster16:19.29Ft. Zumwalt East
4.12Joe Meier16:23.12St. Louis University
5.12Cameron Bogue16:27.61Ft. Zumwalt West
6.11Michael McLaughlin16:33.23St. Louis University
7.12Dan Raterman16:38.75St. Louis University
8.12Sam Lazechko16:47.72Francis Howell
9.11Trey Berry16:53.16Francis Howell
10.12Kyle Deeken16:53.83Ft. Zumwalt North
11.12Nick Buss16:54.93Francis Howell
12.11Nathan Rubbelke16:55.76St. Louis University
13.11Josh McKinley17:00.37Francis Howell Central
14.10Tom Laughlin17:03.47St. Louis University
15.11Drew Mueller17:04.66McCluer North
16.10Tyler Percy17:05.36Ft. Zumwalt West
17.10Jimmy Rizzo 17:08.77Webster Groves
18.12Kenny Cushing17:10.04Holt
19.12Alan Ratermann17:11.54St. Louis University
20.12Tom Chenault17:12.14Webster Groves
21.11Anthony Riggs17:12.22Hazelwood West
22.10Rashad Harris17:12.67Ritenour
23.11Steve Heim17:14.59Ft. Zumwalt West
24.12Zach Taylor17:16.76Francis Howell Central
25.12Brennan Riley17:18.75Francis Howell
26.12William Mitchell17:19.53Hazelwood Central
27.11Jacob Humphries17:19.75Ft. Zumwalt South
28.12Austin Henson17:22.52Francis Howell
29.11Brian Cole17:23.83Webster Groves
30.12Eric Bean17:26.04Ft. Zumwalt North
31.12Matt Flynn17:28.56Ft. Zumwalt North
32.11Tyler Price17:31.20McCluer North
33.10Brendan Woodall17:33.82Troy-Buchanan
34.12Greg Fletcher17:36.09Francis Howell
35.10Sam Berg17:36.41Webster Groves
36.11Seth Parres17:38.82Ft. Zumwalt West
37.10Dillon Williams 17:43.69Webster Groves
38.12Adam Farmer17:46.57Francis Howell Central
39.12Drew Hagin17:48.36Webster Groves
40.10Jerome Freeberg17:51.22Holt
41.12Sean Zambruski17:53.76Pattonville
42.12LaQuinton Battle17:53.82Hazelwood Central
43.10Eric Rogers17:55.75Ft. Zumwalt West
44.9Joe Bindner17:56.37Ft. Zumwalt East
45.11Peter Franck17:57.12Holt
46.10Alec Whiting17:57.16Holt
47.10Travis Staebell17:58.01Hazelwood West
48.11Christian Bradford17:58.39Ft. Zumwalt West
49.10Cody Berry17:59.93Francis Howell
50.11Brian Leightner18:01.38Chaminade College Prep
51.12Jordan Duggan18:08.60Ft. Zumwalt West
52.9Chaz Glotta18:17.58Ft. Zumwalt North
53.11Patrick Shell18:18.09McCluer North
54.11Jonathon Spilker18:21.28Ft. Zumwalt South
12Andy L'Amoreaux18:22Francis Howell
55.12Derek Brown18:29.18Normandy
56.10Nolan Ryan18:30.08Ft. Zumwalt East
57.10Sam Miller18:30.46Chaminade College Prep
10Austin Southmayd18:37Francis Howell
58.11Brandon Bruemmer18:38.83Chaminade College Prep
59.11Cody Schoene18:45.04Holt
60.12Jim Vigland18:50.40Hazelwood West
61.9Miles Mcmillin 18:51.41Webster Groves
12Cole Campbell18:53Francis Howell
11Zeke Kapusiak18:54Francis Howell
62.11Nick Bradshaw18:57.27Holt
63.12Corey Benson18:58.07Hazelwood West
64.12Fred Benson18:59.05McCluer North
11Jordan Robinson19:02Francis Howell
65.11Kyle White19:08.49Holt
66.9Martin DeLock19:11.12Normandy
9Gavin Galanes19:12Francis Howell
67.12Brandon Tappmeyer19:12.85Ft. Zumwalt North
68.11Andre Walker19:19.95McCluer North
11Justin Carlson19:27Francis Howell
69.12Ka'Ron Adams19:31.16Hazelwood Central
70.12Trey Paige19:34.35Hazelwood West
71.9Troy Hayes19:39.48Hazelwood West
11Sam Cooper19:45Francis Howell
72.11Phil Stover19:52.68Hazelwood West
73.11Cody Vehige20:01.60Ft. Zumwalt North
74.11Mark Johnson20:32.78Normandy
11Ryan Gwaltney20:36Francis Howell
75.11Tanner Smith20:38.53Ft. Zumwalt North
11Nick Lazechko20:43Francis Howell
9Adam Robinson20:51Francis Howell
76.12Michael Wheadon20:57.46McCluer North
9Steven Hillis21:05Francis Howell
9Regan Josephson22:01Francis Howell
12Daniel Millberg22:07Francis Howell
9Ian Thomas22:47Francis Howell
9Alex Burns23:34Francis Howell
9Jeremy Schroeder23:41Francis Howell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Colleen Quigley17:49.27Nerinx Hall
2.12Krista Menghini18:49.82St. Josephs Academy
3.11Leah Krause19:38.30Francis Howell
4.10Caity Most19:38.96St. Josephs Academy
5.12Gloria Westlake19:43.73Ft. Zumwalt East
6.11Sydney Voss19:49.90Francis Howell Central
7.10Tess O'Brien19:56.87Nerinx Hall
8.10Lexi Boschert19:58.63St. Josephs Academy
9.9Rebecca Turney20:08.11Francis Howell
10.10Lucy May20:09.48St. Josephs Academy
11.11Haley Delgado20:10.13Ft. Zumwalt West
12.11Briana Hickey20:18.44Webster Groves
13.12Erica Grogg20:18.66Francis Howell Central
14.10Valeska Halamicek20:20.18Francis Howell
15.12Coleen Grone20:20.23Francis Howell North
16.10Maddie Orf20:23.76Incarnate Word Academy
17.11Claire Minnick20:23.87Nerinx Hall
18.9Katie Anderson20:24.49Nerinx Hall
19.11Hannah Lucas20:27.89Holt
20.9Emma Barden20:32.80St. Josephs Academy
21.12Sammi Merritt20:34.26Ft. Zumwalt West
22.9Madeline Nathe20:34.55Nerinx Hall
23.9Maddie Hetlage20:36.77Nerinx Hall
24.11Katie Wright20:37.39Ft. Zumwalt West
25.9Chandler Carreon20:37.45Holt
26.10Megan Whitehead20:37.79Incarnate Word Academy
27.11Maggie Juengst20:37.92Ft. Zumwalt South
28.12Hannah Johnson20:38.63Pattonville
29.10Jenny Retzlaff20:38.98Ft. Zumwalt West
30.12Jacci Guthrie20:40.37Francis Howell
31.11Brianna Schroer20:41.38Francis Howell North
32.9Nikki Haney20:47.81Troy-Buchanan
33.11Suzie Schmitt20:55.46Webster Groves
34.10Hailey Porter20:56.65Ft. Zumwalt West
35.10Abby Rowan20:57.53Holt
36.11Emily Grayek20:59.80Ft. Zumwalt West
37.12Grace Lackner21:00.01Ft. Zumwalt West
38.12Erin Biddle21:12.35Francis Howell
39.12Anna Ferris21:18.06Francis Howell Central
40.12Kara Lough21:19.63Holt
41.12Jessica Marx21:19.85Francis Howell
42.9Abby Piper21:22.85Holt
43.9Brittany McGinnis21:24.27Incarnate Word Academy
44.9Kelsey Murphy21:25.06Incarnate Word Academy
45.10Sarah Raney21:36.66St. Josephs Academy
46.10Tiffany Sunderland21:41.53Francis Howell
47.10Anna Pelch21:43.86St. Josephs Academy
48.12Taylor Thompson21:45.78Ft. Zumwalt South
49.9Tori Kruse21:52.89Incarnate Word Academy
50.12Alyson Martin21:55.07Francis Howell Central
51.11Erin Kabance22:07.23Nerinx Hall
52.11Jamie Garland22:08.10Webster Groves
53.12Maria Bazzini22:10.28Webster Groves
54.9Kaitlyn Bouchat22:11.59Holt
55.9Sierra Bennett22:13.12Webster Groves
10Taylor Nelson22:28Francis Howell
56.12Geri Farrell22:34.48Pattonville
11Rachelle Halbrook22:51Francis Howell
57.12Tyrona Allen22:54.95Normandy
58.12Emily Mallow22:59.82Incarnate Word Academy
59.10Brittney Watson23:01.80Ft. Zumwalt East
60.11Alexis Cheney23:06.28Francis Howell Central
10Alec Thompson23:13Francis Howell
10Molly Whiting23:15Francis Howell
61.11Haley Currant23:24.41Francis Howell Central
9Brenna Cunningham23:28Francis Howell
62.11Maeve McCarthy23:45.65Webster Groves
10Amanda Brisso23:54Francis Howell
9Haley Crosby23:54Francis Howell
63.12Michelle Hanten23:56.95Incarnate Word Academy
64.11Anna Beckemeyer23:57.37McCluer North
65.10Adekemi Omoloja24:05.06Hazelwood West
11Kalissa Remund24:10Francis Howell
66.12Lily Bremer24:38.85Francis Howell Central
11Bailey Keim24:58Francis Howell
67.10Ashley Armstrong25:12.11Normandy
68.9Jasmine Lucas25:30.31Hazelwood East
9Jane Stephens25:37Francis Howell
12Mikayla Kuntzman25:38Francis Howell
12Carrie Haupt26:07Francis Howell
9Lauren Carlson26:36Francis Howell
9Olivia Apperson26:42Francis Howell
11Madison Hedrick26:53Francis Howell
9Claire Ulrich27:27Francis Howell
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