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Wheeling Park HS

5,000 Meters AAA
5,000 Meters AA-A
Womens Races

Wheeling Park HS

5,000 Meters AAA
5,000 Meters AA-A
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Girls AAA Team Results
1.  Parkersburg  PHS  71 *
2.  University  UHS  71 *
3.  Wheeling Park WP  73
4.  Brooke  BRK  94
5.  Parkersburg South PS  99
6.  Morgantown  MGT 105
7.  John Marshall JM 137

Boys AAA Team Results
1.  Morgantown  MGT  49 *
2.  Parkersburg South PS  68 *
3.  Wheeling Park WP  85
4.  Parkersburg  PHS 102
5.  Brooke  BRK 108
6.  University  UHS 124
7.  John Marshall JM 149

Girls AA-A Team Results
1.  Magnolia  MAG  18  *
2.  Tyler Consolidated TC  62  *
3.  Cameron  CAM  69
4.  Wheeling Central WC  78
5.  Oak Glen  OG 122
Also Competing -- Bishop Donahue (BD), Weir (WEI)

Boys AA-A Team Results
1.  Weir  WEI  24 *
2.  Wheeling Central WC  50 *
3.  Oak Glen  OG  88
4.  Cameron  CAM  97
5.  Magnolia  MAG 111
6.  Bishop Donahue BD 163
Also Competing -- Madonna (MAD), Tyler (TC)

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters AAA  
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Wheeling Central Catholic

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1.10Keith Rand16:39.10Morgantown
2.12John Mallory16:57.80Parkersburg
3.10Stephen Hiser17:04.20 PRUniversity
4.10Ryan Smith17:07.40Brooke
5.11Carey Neal17:16.70 PRJohn Marshall
6.12Mike Jones17:43.90Parkersburg South
7.11John Burke17:48.90Wheeling Park
8.12Josh VanMatre17:55.00Parkersburg South
9.12Jacob Skousen18:01.60Morgantown
10.10Adam Menear18:10.20Morgantown
11.11Mike Massey18:11.40Parkersburg South
12.12Joe Wade18:14.60Brooke
13.12Alan Costlow18:17.90Parkersburg
14.11Isaac Williams18:19.30 PRMorgantown
15.11Seth Lawson18:24.60Morgantown
16.12Paul Pascoli18:27.20 SRWheeling Park
17.10Forest Boggess18:28.90Parkersburg South
18.10Stewart Sleime18:30.60Wheeling Park
19.9Christopher Spears18:40.00 PRWheeling Park
20.10Sean Lyons18:40.80Morgantown
21.12Charles Burnworth18:56.30 SRUniversity
22.12Adam Law18:59.30Parkersburg
23.11J.R Roberts18:59.90Parkersburg
24.11Mike Riggs19:01.70 SRJohn Marshall
25.11David Pogue19:02.00Wheeling Park
26.12Josh Kirk19:11.30Parkersburg South
27.12Chuck McCoy19:16.70Brooke
28.12Dan Weese19:28.60Morgantown
29.11Richard Bloomfield19:29.10 PRWheeling Park
30.11Michael Hissam19:29.40Parkersburg South
31.12Shawn Williams19:33.30University
32.11Craig Owens19:39.00Brooke
33.11Mike Soly19:47.30 PRBrooke
34.11Stephen Patton19:48.50University
35.9Matt Switzer19:50.90 SRUniversity
36.12Michael Parsons20:14.80Wheeling Park
37.10Chris Gyorko20:15.70 PRJohn Marshall
38.11Taylor Kelley20:17.70 PRUniversity
39.10Luke Carpenter20:21.90 PRJohn Marshall
40.11Brian Bailis20:26.00 PRUniversity
41.10Justin Kesterson20:31.00Parkersburg South
42.9Nick Pickrell20:38.20Parkersburg
43.10Eric Erlewine20:51.00Brooke
44.12Ryan Finley21:21.70John Marshall
45.11Will Kirkland21:33.50Parkersburg
46.10Jordan Steele21:42.50John Marshall
47.9Derrick Knapp22:05.70Parkersburg
48.11Anthony Javorsky22:22.70Brooke
49.10Ben Brownlee22:33.20John Marshall
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5,000 Meters AA-A  
Upgrade Meet Host
Wheeling Central Catholic

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1.11Matt Apesos17:49.9Weir
2.9Justin Simpson18:09.2Oak Glen
3.10Adam Wells18:26.0 PRTyler Consolidated
4.11Jacob Horstman18:27.6 PRWeirton Madonna
5.12Andrew Kaylor18:27.9Weir
6.9Chris Stephens18:33.2 PRWheeling Central Cat...
7.9Marcus Griffith18:35.0 SRWeir
8.11Dan Campbell18:36.5 SRMagnolia
9.9Sean Ganoe18:37.2Weir
10.10Joe Eafrati18:59.7Weir
11.12Jeffrey Rogers19:02.5 PRWheeling Central Cat...
12.10Bobby Holmes19:05.6Cameron
13.11Jon Speilvogel19:07.2 PRWheeling Central Cat...
14.12J.T. Richardson19:17.2 PRWheeling Central Cat...
15.10Casey Fox19:18.3 PRCameron
16.9JoJo Morgan19:18.7 PRWheeling Central Cat...
17.11Matt Kolas19:33.9 PRWheeling Central Cat...
18.11Eric Noel19:34.2Oak Glen
19.12Travis Knobbe19:55.8Weir
20.10Josh Lemasters20:05.4 SRMagnolia
21.11Rob Letterio20:06.6Weir
22.9Donald Wood20:25.1 PRCameron
23.11Kyle Eckleberry20:29.3Oak Glen
24.9Chris Defilippo20:32.3 PRCameron
25.11Josh Loy20:34.1 SRMagnolia
26.10Chris Henthorn20:42.9 SRTyler Consolidated
27.10Ethan Wells20:53.1Tyler Consolidated
28.11Paul Littell20:58.8Oak Glen
29.11Ian Durham21:00.5 SROak Glen
30.11Jonathan Potts21:03.9Magnolia
31.9Alex Ford21:34.7Oak Glen
32.10Ricky Harris21:54.2Oak Glen
33.10Chris Gray22:13.2 PRBishop Donahue
34.12Michael Sfcsak22:22.1Wheeling Central Cat...
35.10Ed Donahue22:25.6Bishop Donahue
36.12Jacob Thomas22:53.6Cameron
37.10Tony Giovengo23:04.8 PRBishop Donahue
38.11Doug Gracik23:50.8Bishop Donahue
39.9Keith Riggle23:57.9 SRCameron
40.12Adam Shinsky24:15.4Bishop Donahue
41.9Jack Furbee25:12.4 PRTyler Consolidated
42.9Dan Beiter26:37.1Bishop Donahue
43.11Corey Baxter32:14.0Magnolia
44.11Mike Volpini35:28.0Bishop Donahue
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters AAA  
Upgrade Meet Host
Wheeling Central Catholic

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1.12Giti Farudi19:24.8University
2.9Maria Stover20:04.8University
3.9Celia Miller20:39.4Morgantown
4.10Leah Erenrich20:40.7Morgantown
5.10Betsy Curry20:57.4Parkersburg South
6.10Laura Kinsler21:06.6Parkersburg
7.12Nikki Moore21:14.3Wheeling Park
8.11Rachel Fox21:25.5Parkersburg South
9.9Nicole Dorinzi21:29.3 PRUniversity
10.9Jessica Whipkey21:30.9 PRJohn Marshall
11.12Ananda Morris21:33.3Brooke
12.12Allison Younkins22:02.9 PRWheeling Park
13.9Hope Noland22:11.7Parkersburg
14.11Jenny Campbell22:15.6Parkersburg
15.12Marcia Haught22:16.8Brooke
16.11Jessica Spieth22:18.4Wheeling Park
17.11Cali Evans22:19.7 PRWheeling Park
18.11Jenna Matheny22:24.8Parkersburg
19.10Mallory Roadman22:28.5Brooke
20.12Jessica Berry22:28.8Parkersburg
21.10Andrea Rose22:33.1 PRWheeling Park
22.12Lanae Dailey22:33.5Parkersburg South
23.9Jessica Decapio22:35.5Brooke
24.11Bethany Ronanek22:50.2 SRWheeling Park
25.12Emily Quinlan22:53.6 PRMorgantown
26.12Tiffany Snyder22:56.0Brooke
27.10Lindsey Glock22:59.7University
28.11Allison Mason23:06.4John Marshall
29.10Cassy Offenberger23:09.9Parkersburg
30.10Shannon Wilson23:11.9John Marshall
31.10Lindsay Ballengee23:12.5Parkersburg South
32.12Ingrid Magaen23:12.8 PRUniversity
33.11Kayla Harvey23:23.3Parkersburg South
34.12Olivia Freeland23:27.0John Marshall
35.11Ruth Kelley23:32.4 SRJohn Marshall
36.11Miranda Shackelford23:40.2 PRMorgantown
37.10Sumayya Ahmad23:44.3 PRMorgantown
38.10Lindsey Boegehold23:51.6University
39.12Karen Scott23:53.5Parkersburg South
40.12Zara Lyons23:55.1 SRMorgantown
41.11Summer Stewart24:02.1Wheeling Park
42.10Shanna Kutis24:11.3 PRJohn Marshall
43.10Rachel Walther24:21.4Parkersburg
44.12Katy Zimarowski24:53.7 PRUniversity
45.10Megan Carpenter24:55.3Parkersburg South
46.12Alise Michalkiwicz25:12.1Morgantown
47.12Johanna Yepez26:31.0Brooke
48.11Tiffany Puskarich27:38.9Brooke
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5,000 Meters AA-A  
Upgrade Meet Host
Wheeling Central Catholic

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1.10Emma Archer21:02.4 PRMagnolia
2.12Denise Phillips21:12.6 PRMagnolia
3.12Jill O'Neil22:03.4 SRMagnolia
4.11Stephanie McGary22:12.4 PRCameron
5.9Chasity Williams22:31.4 PRMagnolia
6.12Laura Fitzsimmons22:53.4Tyler Consolidated
7.9Nicole Lemal23:17.2Weir
8.12Rana Rokles23:22.1Magnolia
9.12Jessica Staib23:40.6 PRWheeling Central Cat...
10.12Abby Miller23:49.2 PRTyler Consolidated
11.9Lynnanne Eagan23:55.2 PRCameron
12.12Mandy Weese23:58.4Tyler Consolidated
13.12Laurie Ferguson23:58.9 SRMagnolia
14.10Tracy Surface24:26.2 PRTyler Consolidated
15.10Tracey Safcsak24:44.8 SRWheeling Central Cat...
16.11Andrea Bee24:58.0Cameron
17.9Angela Glyptis24:59.5 SRWeir
18.9April Eastham25:01.0Oak Glen
19.12Kristin Roman25:01.8 SRWheeling Central Cat...
20.9Sonya Dougherty25:02.3 PRCameron
21.10Melanie Gantzer25:14.7 PRWheeling Central Cat...
22.9Stephanie Stoehr25:16.5 PRWheeling Central Cat...
23.10Heather Williams25:19.3Oak Glen
24.10Jenny Fullerton25:29.1Cameron
25.10Tonya Kotson25:46.7Tyler Consolidated
26.10Megan Delisi25:48.2 PRMagnolia
27.11Sarah Burns25:48.5 SRWheeling Central Cat...
28.11Caity Lewis26:10.6 SROak Glen
29.11Tiffany Lorenzoni26:18.3Weir
30.10Allison Hamm26:32.3 SRWheeling Central Cat...
31.10Heather Pickett27:41.8Tyler Consolidated
32.9Courtney Foltz29:35.5 PROak Glen
33.9Amanda McIntosh29:36.3Oak Glen
34.10Brandy Dotson30:41.2 PRCameron
35.9Amy Gracik34:00.7Bishop Donahue
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