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3,200 Meters Middle School
1,600 Meters Middle School
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Saturday, October 1st, 2011
at the Chippewa Hills Cross Country Course
 This Invitational is the same day as the Carson City - Crystal Invitational.
 After being frustrated with the lack of consideration toward middle school teams and coaches at CC-C, we decided
to have our Middle School Invite on the same day and give full attention to our younger runners.
Course :   Course is located on M-66 5 miles north of Remus across the road from our high school

The course is about 50% field and 50% woods. All intersections are marked or blocked off in an appropriate, easy-to-read manner.

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Chris Oates11:19.60Chippewa Hills
2.8Tom Yura12:08.97White Pine (Saginaw)
3.8Matt Beaudin12:18.88White Pine (Saginaw)
4.8Tyler Parker12:28.61Chippewa Hills
5.8Danny Noller12:44.95White Pine (Saginaw)
6.7Clay Charbeneau12:48.15White Pine (Saginaw)
7.8Jude Sorenson12:48.81White Pine (Saginaw)
8.8James Stewart12:50.20 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
9.8Ryan Laorr12:53.51White Pine (Saginaw)
10.7Mark Jacobs12:58.17Big Rapids
11.7Brennan Senkowski13:01.02White Pine (Saginaw)
12.8Nick Mathis13:03.07Chippewa Hills
13.7Max Reume13:09.12 SRCadillac
14.-Mike Gussert13:12.70 PRCadillac
15.7Jered Holland13:20.49 SRCadillac
16.8Zachary Bonzheim13:33.92 PRManistee
17.8Connor Lavigne13:34.61White Pine (Saginaw)
18.8Jacob Stefanski13:40.19 PRManistee
19.8Taylor Lutz13:41.73White Pine (Saginaw)
20.7Julian Acosta13:42.37White Pine (Saginaw)
21.8Brian Mahfoud13:44.97White Pine (Saginaw)
22.8Aaron Esparza13:48.02White Pine (Saginaw)
23.8Noah Stauffer13:49.38 PRBig Rapids
24.8Matt Mathis13:54.32Chippewa Hills
25.8Lewis Mcbrian13:57.66 PRCadillac
26.8Michael Jones13:58.50 PRCadillac
27.8Connor Hill14:01.65White Pine (Saginaw)
28.8Gage Labbe14:09.40 PRCadillac
29.8Luke Holland14:11.97 PRCadillac
30.8Dominic Vega14:22.65White Pine (Saginaw)
31.8Cole McGregor14:23.13White Pine (Saginaw)
32.7Noah DeWolf14:25.54Chippewa Hills
33.8Tyler Frease14:26.39Chippewa Hills
34.8Max Ketelhut14:27.11 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
35.8Caleb Mitchell14:37.35 SRCadillac
36.8Nathaniel Dietlin14:38.65 SRCadillac
37.8Dusty Krul14:56.12 PRWhite Cloud
38.7Tyler Schneider15:08.90 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
39.7Tait Morrisey15:12.03 PRBig Rapids
40.8Andrew Withrow15:13.58White Pine (Saginaw)
41.7Christian Hector15:14.03Big Rapids
42.8Jacob Wood15:17.15Chippewa Hills
43.7Jon Inman15:37.14 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
44.7Jacob Yura16:03.78White Pine (Saginaw)
45.7Nick Colucci16:23.43White Pine (Saginaw)
46.7Brennon Meinhold16:28.48White Pine (Saginaw)
47.7David Baldwin16:29.29White Pine (Saginaw)
48.7Chandler Jones16:30.31White Pine (Saginaw)
49.7David Murillo-King16:58.77White Pine (Saginaw)
50.7Bryce Bollman17:07.10Big Rapids
51.8James Tomaszweski17:17.22 PRCadillac
52.7Quentin McMasters17:24.63 PRWhite Cloud
53.7Luke Somsel17:41.48 PRBig Rapids
54.7Noah Smith17:50.50Big Rapids
55.8Wylie Joynt17:50.97White Pine (Saginaw)
56.8Trevor Easton18:00.08 PRBig Rapids
57.7Austin Bachinski18:00.59 PRManistee
58.7Jevyn Glick18:18.74White Pine (Saginaw)
59.7Sean Scsavnicki18:27.70Big Rapids
60.7Drew Kubiak18:35.72White Pine (Saginaw)
61.7Ricky Swinson19:32.26Big Rapids
62.7Nick Catlin20:50.95 SRCadillac
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1,600 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.6Connor Jackson6:14.65 PRCadillac
2.6Austin Mathis6:19.55Chippewa Hills
3.9-10Collin Graham6:28.84 PRK-Town Striders
4.6Devontae Caldwell6:38.38Chippewa Hills
5.6Ray Robertson7:08.45Chippewa Hills
6.6Andrew Garza7:16.45 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
7.3Nicholas Sherman7:55.25Chippewa Hills
8.6Eric Richard7:56.41 PRChippewa Hills
9.3Craig Fuller8:19.54Manistee
10.6Theodore Williams9:20.15Chippewa Hills
11.1Jake O'Neil9:52.20 SRChippewa Hills
12.6Nathan Potrykus10:15.12Chippewa Hills
13.6Alex Woodcock10:23.51 PRChippewa Hills
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.7Lauren Wellman12:48.83 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
2.7Jody Fuller13:22.89Manistee
3.8Rebecca Gordon13:35.65White Pine (Saginaw)
4.8Ashleigh Bicknell13:53.16White Pine (Saginaw)
5.7Abby Hearth14:08.27 PRCadillac
6.8Grace Wellman14:10.09White Pine (Saginaw)
7.7Haylea Smith14:20.52 SRCadillac
8.8Megan Sullivan14:21.36White Pine (Saginaw)
9.8Leigha White14:29.17 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
10.8Cara Atwood14:33.54White Cloud
11.8Audrey Tomaszewski14:38.36 PRManistee
12.7Aliza Hengesbach14:43.20Big Rapids
13.8Kylie Keyser14:46.03 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
14.8Kelsey Harrigan14:53.25Manistee
15.7Paige Fiet14:54.10 PRCadillac
16.7Brittany Smith14:55.10 SRCadillac
17.8Emilee Kott14:56.18 PRManistee
18.7Destanie Johnson14:56.69Chippewa Hills
19.8Charlece Paul14:59.24 PRWhite Cloud
20.8Laren Golembiewski14:59.67 PRManistee
21.8Mia Hogan15:00.07 PRManistee
22.8Hannah Ludviksen15:05.92 PRCadillac
23.8Marlee Curnutt15:06.53White Pine (Saginaw)
24.8Katie Atwood15:08.01 PRWhite Cloud
25.7Rene' Taylor15:08.51White Pine (Saginaw)
26.7Chloe Kubacki15:08.86White Pine (Saginaw)
27.8Sarah Kempf15:09.25White Pine (Saginaw)
28.7Taylor Myers15:09.55White Pine (Saginaw)
29.7Natalee Kott15:09.99 SRManistee
30.8Sinead McCann15:13.14Manistee
31.8Jenna Koepf15:23.42Chippewa Hills
32.8Haleigh Anderson15:25.81White Pine (Saginaw)
33.7Paris Damore15:28.29White Pine (Saginaw)
34.8Sydney Jose15:29.29Chippewa Hills
35.8Gabrielle Bass15:31.09Chippewa Hills
36.8Amber Schneider15:45.14 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
37.7Megan Nalazek15:48.22 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
38.7Maria Johnson15:56.66Chippewa Hills
39.7Lauren Case16:03.77Chippewa Hills
40.8Kari Hesting16:13.23White Cloud
41.7Kate Buckmaster16:23.54 PRCadillac
42.8Kayla Chamberlain16:24.40Big Rapids
43.7MaryAnne Reed16:26.51White Cloud
44.7Elizabeth Garner16:26.97White Pine (Saginaw)
45.8Daisja Huell16:34.33White Pine (Saginaw)
46.7Rachel Fox16:38.08Big Rapids
47.7Alexis Issette16:45.18Chippewa Hills
48.8Sabrina Hoelbl16:48.36White Pine (Saginaw)
49.8Hannah Duncan16:56.78 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
50.8Haley Galer16:59.01White Pine (Saginaw)
51.8Emily Thompson17:03.20 PRManistee
52.7Emilee Kennedy17:05.96White Pine (Saginaw)
53.7Cassedy Recker17:06.60Chippewa Hills
54.7Alexis Lyman17:07.54 SRBig Rapids
55.7Kaitlyn Wilson17:11.89White Pine (Saginaw)
56.8Summer Gravelyn17:12.33Chippewa Hills
57.8Nicole Snyder17:21.78Chippewa Hills
58.7Jorden Foster17:26.98 SRCadillac
59.7Autumn Howerton17:59.80 SRBig Rapids
60.8Hailey Leiter18:07.36Chippewa Hills
61.7Abby Doran18:37.88White Pine (Saginaw)
62.8Amy Fitzhenry19:35.08Chippewa Hills
63.7Paige Galbraith19:59.82 SRCadillac
64.-Katrina Perrin20:02.82 PRCadillac
65.7Courtney Byers20:20.13 SRCadillac
66.7Jessica Smith20:23.52White Pine (Saginaw)
67.7Gina Mynatt20:32.63White Pine (Saginaw)
68.7Ally Dougherty20:43.67Chippewa Hills
69.8Olivia Coffell24:23.36Chippewa Hills
70.8Alexis Engwall24:36.58Manistee
71.-Jessica Geesesman30:38.00 PRCadillac
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1,600 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11-12Bethany McNair6:03.46 PRK-Town Striders
2.6Hannah Todd6:19.67Chippewa Hills
3.11-12Remmi King6:24.89 PRK-Town Striders
4.9-10Katelyn Duffing6:39.28 PRK-Town Striders
5.9-10Aubrie Deal6:39.80 PRK-Town Striders
6.6Robyn Wood6:41.34 PRChippewa Hills
7.7Mckenna Purdy6:50.68Chippewa Hills
8.11-12Marie Pierson6:59.23 PRK-Town Striders
9.8Payton Ethridge7:00.30Chippewa Hills
10.5Alicia Robertson7:12.51Chippewa Hills
11.6Tatum Liston7:13.46Manistee
12.9-10Jacie King7:19.87 PRK-Town Striders
13.6Alyson Ethridge7:21.62 SRChippewa Hills
14.6Kaitlyn Schwallier7:32.47Chippewa Hills
15.8Jessica Bonner7:37.32Chippewa Hills
16.7Lily Sherman7:44.43 PRChippewa Hills
17.6Emily Stewart7:55.57 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
18.8Rhianna Haynes7:59.39Chippewa Hills
19.7Alyssa Oates8:05.31Chippewa Hills
20.6Katelyn Stuart8:11.07Chippewa Hills
21.6Kaylie Wetherell8:11.58 PRCadillac
22.7Alex Pendell8:18.74 PRChippewa Hills
23.7Gabrielle Purdy8:19.18 PRChippewa Hills
24.9-10Lexie King8:26.61 PRK-Town Striders
25.6Erica Fitzhenry8:29.83 PRChippewa Hills
26.5Ally Beaudin8:30.31 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
27.8Alexis Scott8:35.46Chippewa Hills
28.9-10Grace Kolarik8:37.24 PRK-Town Striders
29.5Jorja Ray8:42.21 PRChippewa Hills
30.6Sophie Ruggles8:47.65 PRChippewa Hills
31.6Autumn Schneider8:55.94 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
32.4Julia Ketelhut9:12.95 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
33.3Savannah Schneider9:34.52 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
34.5Lorna Kallio9:40.77Chippewa Hills
35.7Madison Grover9:41.76Chippewa Hills
36.7Emily Sorsen9:42.35Chippewa Hills
37.6Abby O'Neil9:51.40Chippewa Hills
38.3Madey Newman10:02.38Chippewa Hills
39.5Sophia Coffell10:26.22 SRChippewa Hills
40.5Bailey Stroud11:23.02 PRChippewa Hills
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400 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

7Margaux Wellman6:04White Pine (Saginaw)
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