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Ronnie Vanzant Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Ronnie Vanzant Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Garrett Westlake16:46.05P.K. Yonge
2.11Terrence Brown17:21.11P.K. Yonge
3.10Derek Bolser17:42.54P.K. Yonge
4.11David Dolan17:48.84P.K. Yonge
5.11Phillip Dannelly18:09.08First Coast Christian
6.10Andrew Miller18:15.02Christ's Church Acad...
7.12Joshua Karadeema18:31.11Providence
8.10Blake Fowler18:34.23Bishop Snyder
9.11Avery Rawls18:36.73Bishop Snyder
10.10Marlon Akbar18:40.61 SRSt Joseph Academy
11.12Josh Diblin18:40.88 PRSt Francis Catholic
12.12Cody Shultz18:43.11Bishop Snyder
13.9Joseph Janson18:44.25P.K. Yonge
14.11John Conley18:45.18Bishop Snyder
15.11Brian Santiago18:46.08Bishop Snyder
16.12Christian Lake18:55.39Christ's Church Acad...
17.8Austin Perry18:59.60 SROak Hall
18.10Thomas Delcharco18:59.93Christ's Church Acad...
19.9Aren Biala19:03.88Bishop Snyder
20.12Seth Farley19:04.14 PRSt John Lutheran
21.12Chadd Myers19:05.80St Johns Country Day
22.9Zachary Logeson19:06.20 PROak Hall
23.11Aaron Gibson19:10.21Trinity Christian (J...
24.11Christian Anderson19:26.08 SRTrinity Christian (J...
25.12Kentaro Kawashima19:27.87Trinity Christian (J...
26.9Zackery Beauchamp19:37.30Oak Hall
27.10Andrew Wasik19:37.54 PRSt Francis Catholic
28.10William Creamer19:40.16 PRSt Francis Catholic
29.8Nicholas Sammy19:44.28 SRMeadowbrook Academy
30.9Michael Williams19:48.50St Johns Country Day
31.8Brett Gerhardt19:53.70P.K. Yonge
32.10Austin Davey19:57.43 SRTrinity Christian (J...
33.8John Fradella20:01.19 PROak Hall
34.10Allen Roark20:10.16Bishop Snyder
35.9Branden Luster20:18.66St Johns Country Day
36.7Tyler Poon20:21.13 SRMeadowbrook Academy
37.8Jonathan Killea20:23.04St Johns Country Day
38.12Kyle Huffman20:23.83 PRSt Joseph Academy
39.10Kevin Weaver20:25.10St Johns Country Day
40.12Kenneth Meyer20:27.28 PRProvidence
41.11Jack Strong20:30.85 SRProvidence
42.10Kyle Crews20:32.03 SRTrinity Christian (J...
43.10Joshua James20:35.40 SRTrinity Christian (J...
44.9Cody Blair20:52.19Oak Hall
45.10Kevin Carswell20:55.99 PRCedar Key
46.11Daniel Leonard20:57.64Christ's Church Acad...
47.10Keith Eberhardt20:58.63 SRCedar Key
48.12Matthew Silvester21:04.73 PRSt Joseph Academy
49.8Michael Leonard21:06.21 SRChrist's Church Acad...
50.8Riley Brandvold21:09.81Christ's Church Acad...
51.9Camilo Urdaneta21:12.56Oak Hall
52.10Rodney Pierre21:20.29 SRMeadowbrook Academy
53.12David Rollins21:29.30 PREagles View Academy
54.8John Williams21:39.04 PRCedar Key
55.11Manuel Marichal21:42.69Oak Hall
56.7Benjamin Hutchins21:45.95Christ's Church Acad...
57.12Spencer Bennett21:50.32 PRProvidence
58.12Christopher Mougey21:52.72St Johns Country Day
59.11Isaac Odum21:56.96Trinity Christian (J...
60.7Jared Watson22:00.46 PRMeadowbrook Academy
61.7Tyler Adair22:01.75 SREagles View Academy
62.10Matthew Van Arnam22:04.52P.K. Yonge
63.7Colin Montgomery22:05.65St Johns Country Day
64.10Brian Huffman22:13.09 SRSt Joseph Academy
65.9Peyton Roberts22:21.27 PREagles View Academy
66.8Julian Van Pelt22:27.18 SRProvidence
67.11Taylor Curet22:47.88 SRSt Joseph Academy
68.9Adam Debes22:48.57 SRSt Francis Catholic
69.10William Leddy22:52.82 PRProvidence
70.9Cole Grossi22:55.05 SREagles View Academy
71.10Justin Ma23:20.56 SRProvidence
72.10Samuel Foley23:24.50 SRSt Joseph Academy
73.9Joshua Dixon24:34.44 PREagles View Academy
74.10Christian Vergara25:06.29 PRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
75.9Grant Hall25:18.57 SREagles View Academy
76.9Luke Rose25:23.69Meadowbrook Academy
77.11Zachary Burell25:45.83 PRFirst Coast Christian
78.7John Tessar26:06.49 SRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
79.10Mitchell Gallagher26:51.36 SRSt Joseph Academy
80.6Owen Merwarth27:08.19 PRHilliard
81.6Wyatt Carswell28:02.06 PRCedar Key
82.6Danny Johnson28:22.97 PREagles View Academy
83.9Bobby Trammell28:38.79 PRCedar Key
84.7Tyler Sloan28:54.90 PRCedar Key
85.9Nicholas Shukla29:03.84 PRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
86.9Antonio Belo29:05.88 PRSt Francis Catholic
87.8Bransom Arflin34:04.62 PRHilliard
88.12Alexander Perez35:17.45 PRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Brittney Olinger18:59.81Oak Hall
2.7Danial Van Lier19:13.17Providence
3.11Emily VanGelder20:13.92Oak Hall
4.11Marissa Allegra20:29.83Oak Hall
5.10Camille Jackson20:41.15Providence
6.11Rebekah Karadeema20:57.93Providence
7.6Lauren Perry20:59.67Oak Hall
8.10Danielle Dunn21:01.60Providence
9.9Emily Stallings21:02.68Providence
10.9Molly Mckenna21:07.96Bishop Snyder
11.9Payton Woods21:10.73 SRTrinity Christian (J...
12.8Kathleen Ringdahl21:17.18Oak Hall
13.9Emily Westlake21:18.58P.K. Yonge
14.8Barbara Lyerly21:31.51St Johns Country Day
15.12Morgan Brown21:34.01P.K. Yonge
16.10Madison Beeler21:34.48 PRChrist's Church Acad...
17.9Savannah Wofford21:36.03St Johns Country Day
18.8Ashley Horn21:42.36 PRBranford
19.10Schuyler Bernard21:46.82 PRBishop Snyder
20.9Kelsey Stern21:49.72St Johns Country Day
21.6Talia Carlson21:54.06Oak Hall
22.6Jennifer Cott22:03.97Oak Hall
23.11Anna Barber22:12.17Providence
24.12Kristen Oman22:14.18 PRSt Francis Catholic
25.11Kendall Saffer22:14.60Bishop Snyder
26.10Nancy Harms22:41.24 SRProvidence
27.9Alexandra Oman22:44.56 SRSt Francis Catholic
28.8Sarah Lindell22:57.90Christ's Church Acad...
29.10Kailyn Allen23:01.23P.K. Yonge
30.11Kathleen Kennedy23:03.34 PRSt Francis Catholic
31.8Ashley Gallinaro23:05.38 SRSt John Lutheran
32.8Taylor Bunn23:15.54Christ's Church Acad...
33.9Margaret Porter23:19.46St Johns Country Day
34.11Erika Daugherty23:31.48P.K. Yonge
35.12Kelsey Coon23:37.49St Johns Country Day
36.9Samantha Saffer23:38.41 PRBishop Snyder
37.10Elisha Colby23:49.40 SRChrist's Church Acad...
38.8Sierra Holsbecke23:49.46P.K. Yonge
39.8Melissa Corrie23:52.25 PRTrinity Christian (J...
40.11Erica Wright24:06.23Bishop Snyder
41.11Jillian VanKempen24:09.05St Johns Country Day
42.9Allison Ray24:11.11 PRHilliard
43.11Jourdan Bernard24:20.30 PRBishop Snyder
44.7Madison Himmler24:33.35 PRMeadowbrook Academy
45.7Savannah Branch24:39.51P.K. Yonge
46.12Janelle Durbin24:41.74 PRSt Francis Catholic
47.12Eleanor Bolduc24:43.75 PRSt Francis Catholic
48.9Erica Tebbs24:46.19Christ's Church Acad...
49.12Lauren McLean24:58.76 PRChrist's Church Acad...
50.9Madison Miller25:00.26 PRBishop Snyder
51.9Marta Olmos25:04.25P.K. Yonge
52.9Lauren Bartholemy25:44.81 SRCedar Key
53.12Carolyn Killea26:02.62St Johns Country Day
54.9Claire Crawford26:02.82 PRTrinity Christian (J...
55.7Elizabeth Garate26:03.48 PRChrist's Church Acad...
56.10Kendall Hall26:33.39 PRBranford
57.11Loren Humphrey26:37.26 SRSt Joseph Academy
58.10Kristen Kilpatrick26:48.87 SRTrinity Christian (J...
59.10Alicia Winthein27:03.04 PRFirst Coast Christian
60.8Micayla McClutchey27:09.45 SRSt John Lutheran
61.9Tiffany Jacobs27:09.88 SRSt Francis Catholic
62.9Catherin Whitworth27:14.22 SRTrinity Christian (J...
63.12Chante Wilson27:22.05 PRHilliard
64.11Montana Bailey27:24.19 PRBranford
65.10Josie Devine27:25.70 SRSt John Lutheran
66.10Claudia Chance27:28.96 PRBranford
67.6Taylor Jones27:34.22 SRBranford
68.12Lilian Craven28:10.20 PRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
69.9Jemima Cahours28:19.39 SRCedar Key
70.6Kaitlin Poon28:34.93 SRMeadowbrook Academy
71.12Nicole Crump29:07.15 PRFl For The Deaf & Bl...
72.9Emily Smith29:07.78 PRChiefland
73.7Kristen Beck29:22.12Meadowbrook Academy
74.9Emily Wolf29:42.50 PREagles View Academy
75.9Sydney Beck29:50.78 PRChiefland
76.9Dawn Poole29:53.88 PRChiefland
77.9Haven Smith29:59.38 PRTrinity Christian (J...
78.7Caroline Whitworth30:02.69 SRTrinity Christian (J...
79.8Rachel Bookbinder30:24.29 SRSt John Lutheran
80.8Heather Fisher30:27.33 SRSt John Lutheran
81.8Sarah Bartholemy31:00.25 SRCedar Key
82.9Brooke Allen31:17.25 SRCedar Key
83.10Olivia Boney32:14.08 SRBranford
84.10Chloe Reynolds33:03.47 PRCedar Key
85.12Deanna Littlefield33:05.03 PRCedar Key
86.6Savannah Howard33:28.47 SRCedar Key
87.7Amy Sullivan33:28.87 PRBranford
88.11Jacee Daughtry33:46.63 PRHilliard
89.11Lauren Rose34:25.24 SRMeadowbrook Academy
90.10Lydia Arflin34:38.75 PRHilliard
91.9Savannah Plummer35:31.22 PRChiefland
92.7Catrina Grossi36:29.36 PREagles View Academy
93.9Coral Whitehead36:33.28 PRChiefland
94.8Tara Parrrott36:47.78 PREagles View Academy
95.9Mary Caudill39:21.28 PRChiefland
96.9Sarah Maze39:39.84 PRHilliard
97.9Vict Skinner-Weeks41:09.52 PRChiefland
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