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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Brent Scott
16:49.31 SRCommunity School
2.12Michael Corso
17:07.23 PRSt John Neumann
3.11Alex Montgomery
17:11.52 SRCommunity School
4.8Toby Howell
17:37.48 PRSt Stephens Episcopal
5.11Christopher Rowe
17:37.78 PRSt John Neumann
6.11Ryan Gingras
17:50.34 SRSt John Neumann
7.11Patrick Sweeney
17:52.83 SRSt John Neumann
8.12Wesley Penberthy
17:54.86Evangelical Christian
9.9Peter Runge
18:02.38 SROut-of-Door Academy
10.11Nate Carr
18:06.48 PRSt Stephens Episcopal
11.9Andrew LeMay
18:07.59Seacrest Country Day
12.10Christopher Sintic
18:07.99 PRSt John Neumann
13.12Jamison Tate
18:11.66Community School
14.10Spencer Nora
18:20.33 SRSt Stephens Episcopal
15.11Jay McMichael
18:22.33Evangelical Christian
16.11Evan Amato
18:27.82 SRSt Stephens Episcopal
17.10Dakota Tomasi
18:30.79 PRFirst Baptist
18.10Jared Pearlman
18:36.10Evangelical Christian
19.11Justin Casola
18:40.26 SRCommunity School
20.11Alex Bernal
18:44.38St John Neumann
21.12Patrick Jennette
18:45.78 PRCardinal Mooney
22.10Jordyn Moran
18:53.35 PROut-of-Door Academy
23.10Brian Gentry
18:53.90St Stephens Episcopal
24.10Zachary Lang
19:00.25 PROut-of-Door Academy
25.11Matthew Fox
19:02.44 SREvangelical Christian
26.12Dylan Chestnut
19:03.51Community School
27.11Brendan Sweeney
19:04.18 SRSt John Neumann
28.12Steph Kohlmeier II
19:09.94Evangelical Christian
29.10Kelby Fruecht
19:13.86 SRSeacrest Country Day
30.9Taitum Lystad
19:22.07 PROut-of-Door Academy
31.11Brian Denisar
19:23.87 PRSarasota Christian
32.11Josh Lovin
19:25.37 PROut-of-Door Academy
33.12Carl Nist-Lund
19:27.72Canterbury (Fort Mye...
34.6John Candiano
19:32.53Evangelical Christian
35.9Nick Thompson
19:33.97 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
36.11Chad Tolentino
19:58.73 PRSt Stephens Episcopal
37.10Jeffrey Humberson
19:58.91 PRSarasota Christian
38.12Bobby Mercer
20:02.66 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
39.12Josh Kennon
20:13.89 PROut-of-Door Academy
40.12Zackary Henderson
20:15.81 PRCardinal Mooney
41.11Mitchell Hudson
20:21.46 SROut-of-Door Academy
42.11Daniel Kim
20:27.51Community School
43.8Mitch Gannon
20:34.44 PRSarasota Christian
44.12Blake Myer
20:43.08 PRSt Stephens Episcopal
45.9Brett Dube
21:13.95 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
46.9Travis Miller
21:29.31 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
47.7Collin Moore
21:36.41 PRSarasota Christian
48.9Donald Wilson
21:37.45 PRMoore Haven
49.11Gerard Mackinnon
21:37.81 SRCardinal Mooney
50.9David Louis
21:38.05 PRFirst Baptist
51.11Michael Higgins
21:42.63Evangelical Christian
52.6Jarrett Shamp
21:45.39 PRSarasota Christian
53.8Alexander Voll
21:45.73 PROasis
54.8Joseph Shamp
21:54.40 PRSarasota Christian
55.9Aristotle Contis
21:56.77 SRCardinal Mooney
56.12Seth Littlestone
21:57.01 PROasis
57.9Maises Ruiz
22:58.26 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
58.11Gregory Fasanelli
23:08.50 PRCardinal Mooney
59.11Calvin Wheeler
23:12.19 PRCardinal Mooney
60.7Nathaniel Hagen
23:17.95 PRSarasota Christian
61.8Remy Santos
23:18.24 PRFirst Baptist
62.6Jared Sentovich
23:18.48 PRFirst Baptist
63.11Billy Cook
23:47.52 SRSeacrest Country Day
64.9Elliot Killiam
23:58.32 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
65.12Robert Learsch
24:02.73 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
66.7Jacob Winkelman
24:28.57 SRFirst Baptist
67.9Benjamin Jennings
24:43.11 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
68.9Thomas Perry
25:21.53 PRMoore Haven
69.11Thomas Sievert
28:30.71 SRSouthwest Florida Ch...
70.7Michael Rouskey
28:43.11 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kathryn Fluehr
16:54.14 PRCommunity School
2.12Erika Fluehr
17:13.91Community School
3.9Emily Edwards
18:35.48Canterbury (Fort Mye...
4.8Sarah Candiano
19:28.66Evangelical Christian
5.9Anna Barry
19:51.95Seacrest Country Day
6.10Hannah Howell
19:59.74 SRSt Stephens Episcopal
7.10Sarah McBeath
20:03.50 SREvangelical Christian
8.11Hannah Allen
20:03.70 SRCommunity School
9.11Cassandra Fernandez
20:10.04 PRSt John Neumann
10.8Leanne Ellis
20:11.50 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
11.11Tiffany Imbert
20:43.63 PRSt John Neumann
12.7Sophie Barry
20:56.29 PRSeacrest Country Day
13.12Claire Myers
21:22.58 PRSt John Neumann
14.11Kathryn Dernbach
21:33.87Community School
15.9Chandler O'Brien
21:48.88 SRSt John Neumann
16.7Evelyn Pizzolato-M...
22:15.36 PRCanterbury (Fort Mye...
17.9Alexis Gray
22:35.55 SRSt John Neumann
18.7Amber Denisar
22:39.35 SRSarasota Christian
19.12Julia Morse
22:46.93Community School
20.7Brook Schweers
22:53.46 PRSarasota Christian
21.9Tristan Burfield
22:54.93Community School
22.12Lauren Raskauskas
23:04.22 SRCommunity School
23.7Taylor D'Angelo
23:06.55 PREvangelical Christian
24.10Caitlyn Durfee
23:08.89 SROut-of-Door Academy
25.12Cassidy Whidden
23:09.60 PRSt Stephens Episcopal
26.11Elizabeth Mylott
23:16.17 PRCardinal Mooney
27.10Juliet Onufrak
23:18.33 PROut-of-Door Academy
28.11Kelsey Murphy
23:30.52 SRSarasota Christian
29.10Nicole Garrabrant
23:34.87St John Neumann
30.12Samantha Ribero
23:41.69 PRCardinal Mooney
31.11Sarah Smith
23:42.03 PRSeacrest Country Day
32.9Victoria Stearns
23:44.79 SRFirst Baptist
33.12Jenny Wheeler
23:48.26 PRSeacrest Country Day
34.6Caroline Buigas
23:55.57Canterbury (Fort Mye...
35.12Alexis Macdermott
23:56.34Canterbury (Fort Mye...
36.10Erin Miller
24:06.04 SRSarasota Christian
37.7Shreya Patel
24:08.78 SRSt Stephens Episcopal
38.10Brooke Mastmeier
24:12.24 SRSeacrest Country Day
39.10Alysaa Mason
24:13.06 SROut-of-Door Academy
40.12Brittany Travis
24:25.28 PREvangelical Christian
41.10Alexandra Edwards
24:26.92Canterbury (Fort Mye...
42.9Cecelia Genson
24:34.05 PRSarasota Christian
43.10Marisa Swiersz
24:54.91 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
44.11Kelsey McMichael
24:56.63 PREvangelical Christian
45.11Rachel Calhoun
25:06.82 PRSt John Neumann
46.9Julia Bellanger
25:07.53 PROut-of-Door Academy
47.7Hunter Montesino
25:07.73 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
48.12Caroline Case
25:11.99 PRFirst Baptist
49.9Joanna Rodgers
25:30.94 PROasis
50.11Michelle Vogler
25:37.27St Stephens Episcopal
51.9Brianna Graber
25:42.41 PRSarasota Christian
52.9Haley Stephens
26:51.39 PRMoore Haven
53.9Alaina Lee
26:51.59 PRMoore Haven
54.10Kourtney Jiminez
26:51.78 PRMoore Haven
55.7Marissa Lee
27:30.62Evangelical Christian
56.8Crystal Bonors
27:32.97 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
57.11Morgan Williams
27:42.30St Stephens Episcopal
58.11Sarah Balades
27:49.27 SROut-of-Door Academy
59.10Giulianna Romero
27:51.45 PRFirst Baptist
60.12Sarah Wallstedt
27:57.35 SREvangelical Christian
61.10Victoria Williams
28:23.03St Stephens Episcopal
62.9Hannah Dean
29:28.91 PROasis
63.9Alexandri Hamilton
29:45.18 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
64.9Elizabeth Reynolds
29:57.35 PRCardinal Mooney
65.12Amber Emerson
30:01.44 PRFirst Baptist
66.9Meagha Kirkpatrick
30:11.07 PRFirst Baptist
67.10Claudya Aleman
30:27.55 PRFirst Baptist
68.10Samantha Elferdink
31:20.93 PRFirst Baptist
69.7Megan Derums
32:06.13 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
70.10Dana Hankins
32:17.53 PRSouthwest Florida Ch...
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