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3 Mile Varsity All Divisions
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Cobble Hill Golf XC Course

3 Mile Varsity All Divisions

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity All Divisions  

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1.11Dan Lennon15:05 PRPeru Central
2.12Dylan Dawson15:35 PRSaranac Lake
3.11Barrett Waling15:53 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
4.12Charles Remillard15:58 PRPeru Central
5.12Zach Ziemer15:59 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
6.9Josh Wade16:04 PRSaranac Central
7.12Jay Berube16:08 PRTiconderoga Central
8.12John Cordes16:12 PRPeru Central
9.12Austin Waid Jones16:21 PRPeru Central
10.12Joshua Cook16:28 PRTiconderoga Central
11.12Tejinder Gill16:42 PRPlattsburgh
12.10Mitchell Ryan16:59 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
13.9Colin Quackenbush17:02 PRBeekmantown Central
14.11Dave Dormann17:02 PRSaranac Central
15.12Justin Bresette17:12 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
16.11Charles Simpson17:14 PRBeekmantown Central
17.10Austin Medeiros17:18 PRSaranac Central
18.9Jordan West17:23 PRBeekmantown Central
19.11James Downs17:27 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
20.11Neil Miller17:29 PRNortheastern Clinton...
21.11Randy Charland17:30 PRSaranac Lake
22.10Kyler Agoney17:34 PRPeru Central
23.9Tyler Belden17:35 PRTiconderoga Central
24.11Eddie LaRow17:41 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
25.12Will Pellerin17:44 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
26.-Tim Snyder17:52 PRSaranac Central
27.11Sean Kuzmin17:55 PRNortheastern Clinton...
28.12Alastair Russell17:58 PRPlattsburgh
29.11Joe Laperle18:01 PRTiconderoga Central
30.10Josh Romanowicz18:03 PRPeru Central
31.12Sean Connors18:03 PRAusable Valley Central
32.12Mike Saulpaugh18:04 PRLake Placid Central
33.10Ben Strack18:08 PRSaranac Central
34.12James Bishop18:11 PRBeekmantown Central
35.11Evan Klein18:14 PRSaranac Lake
36.11Landon Gosselin18:20 PRNortheastern Clinton...
37.9John Graziane18:21 PRBeekmantown Central
38.10Nicky Dormann18:21 PRSaranac Central
39.10Michael Doorey18:24 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
40.11Tyler Smith18:26 PRPeru Central
41.10Dylan Arvisais-Anh...18:34 PRPlattsburgh
42.11Ben Karkoski18:37 PRTiconderoga Central
43.9Max Paul18:41 PRSaranac Lake
44.9Sean Tyrell18:43 PRSaranac Central
45.-Dalton Mitchell18:44 PRSaranac Central
46.-Andrew Favro18:46 PRPlattsburgh
47.12Kevin Densmore18:47 PRTiconderoga Central
48.-Hamzah Qudsi18:48 PRPlattsburgh
49.9Anthony Piche18:49 PRNortheastern Clinton...
50.11Jerry Senecal18:49 PRBeekmantown Central
51.10Chris Willette18:51 PRSaranac Lake
52.11Etienne Beguin18:51 PRPlattsburgh
53.11Dan McGovern18:53 PRBeekmantown Central
54.12Pat Lonergan18:56 PRTiconderoga Central
55.9Jacob Young19:01 PRTiconderoga Central
56.-Eric Stutler19:03 PRNortheastern Clinton...
57.9Andrew Downs19:05 SRPeru Central
58.-Taylor Kriplin19:06 PRSaranac Central
59.-Logan Frasier19:08 PRSaranac Central
60.9Coleman Granger19:15 PRTiconderoga Central
61.9Brandon Couture19:29 PRBeekmantown Central
62.9Nick Mann19:31 PRSaranac Lake
63.12Mike LaClair19:38 PRBeekmantown Central
64.10Erik Ziemer19:46 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
65.-Robert Va'gner19:50 PRPlattsburgh
66.9Nathan Miller20:03 PRSaranac Lake
67.-Walker Gosrich20:09 PRPlattsburgh
68.-Matt Wilson20:15 PRPlattsburgh
69.10Alex Friedman20:16 PRPlattsburgh
70.11Joel Wood20:17 PRBeekmantown Central
71.12Nick Aierle20:21 PRSaranac Central
72.10Paul Ford20:44 PRAusable Valley Central
73.-Mark LaPoint20:52 PRSaranac Central
74.-Alex Coffrin20:57 PRLake Placid Central
75.12Alex Chambers20:57 PRBeekmantown Central
76.9Eli Fasking20:58 PRSaranac Central
77.-Jake Messner21:03 PRPlattsburgh
78.10Brandon Charboneau21:15 PRTiconderoga Central
79.9Andrew Haley21:17 PRPeru Central
80.-Andrew Tedford21:26 PRSaranac Central
81.-Will Coffrin21:26 PRLake Placid Central
82.9Andrew Caswell21:33 PRPeru Central
83.-Johnny McAuliffe21:53 PRPeru Central
84.-Shamus McNulty22:08 PRSaranac Central
85.-Peter Ostrander22:10 PRPlattsburgh
86.11Gus Light22:40 PRSaranac Central
87.-Will Lanthier23:05 PRSaranac Lake
88.9Keegan Tierney23:12 PRTiconderoga Central
89.-Nathan Halaburda23:15 PRPeru Central
90.-Gabrielle Taquet23:16 PRPlattsburgh
91.10Jon Raudenbush23:21 PRSaranac Central
92.-Evan Greenberg23:59 PRSaranac Lake
93.-Tanner Stanley24:16:00 PRPlattsburgh
94.-Lucas Borden24:21:00 PRPlattsburgh
95.-Haakon Pedersen24:50:00 PRSaranac Lake
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity All Divisions  

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1.12Anna Rabideau18:22 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
2.7Margaret Champagne18:57 SRSeton Catholic Centr...
3.10Elena Beideck19:03 PRSaranac Lake
4.10Maile Sapp19:04 PRBeekmantown Central
5.9Melissa Whyman19:15 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
6.8Abigayle Adams19:25 PRPeru Central
7.9Maria Remillard19:29 PRPeru Central
8.8Nina Armstrong19:31 PRLake Placid Central
9.12Alison Shultes19:32 PRLake Placid Central
10.8Meghan Mazzella19:50 PRPeru Central
11.8Cheyanne Dobozy20:12 SRPeru Central
12.11Justine Rabideau20:19 PRNortheastern Clinton...
13.9Samantha Smith20:23 PRNortheastern Clinton...
14.11Tracey Rush20:25 PRSaranac Central
15.12Kendra Leonidas20:34 PRSaranac Lake
16.11Morgan Kelly20:40 PRSaranac Central
17.12Julie Bowler20:52 PRSaranac Lake
18.9Danielle Clemons21:00 PRPeru Central
19.12Maxine Rock21:11 PRSaranac Central
20.10Alexis Bruno21:18 PRSaranac Central
21.12Mary Glynn21:25 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
22.12Emily Crawford21:29 PRSaranac Central
23.12Alexandra Farrington21:40 PRSaranac Central
24.-Natalie Casey-Sanger21:40 PRPlattsburgh
25.-Carleigh Waite21:53 PRBeekmantown Central
26.10Hannah Herbst22:00 PRTiconderoga Central
27.12Megan Boumil22:05 PRNortheastern Clinton...
28.11Laura Bechard22:06 PRNortheastern Clinton...
29.10Dana Chapman22:15 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
30.12Anna Kelting22:18 PRSaranac Lake
31.10Becky Barber22:19 PRTiconderoga Central
32.9Lilly Sullivan22:19 PRPeru Central
33.10Alaina Bevilacqua22:24 PRTiconderoga Central
34.-Molly Defayette22:30 PRPlattsburgh
35.9Lexi Haley22:33 PRSaranac Central
36.9Taylor Durocher22:34 PRPeru Central
37.9Grace Sullivan22:39 PRSaranac Lake
38.12Kaylan Short22:44 PRNortheastern Clinton...
39.12Geanett Orton22:45 PRSaranac Lake
40.-Marthalyn Sweet22:56 PRLake Placid Central
41.11Brittany Maulding23:01 PRPeru Central
42.-Olivia Chiappalone23:05 PRSaranac Central
43.-Emma Jabaut23:12 PRPlattsburgh
44.12Andrea Nye23:14 PRSaranac Lake
45.-Emily Manchester23:22 PRPlattsburgh
46.10Victoria Phaneuf23:22 PRSaranac Central
47.-Kamie St.Germaine23:29 PRPlattsburgh
48.12Stephanie Demarais23:29 PRPeru Central
49.10Markie teRiele23:33 PRTiconderoga Central
50.12Chelsea Schachtler23:37 PRSaranac Lake
51.11Maddy O'Connell23:37 PRPlattsburgh
52.10Grace Mayhew23:45 PRPeru Central
53.-Maureen Pellerin23:48 PRSaranac Central
54.9Tori Barrett24:05:00 PRBeekmantown Central
55.-Sierra Caramia24:51:00 PRPlattsburgh
56.-Molly Schneider-Fe...24:54:00 PRPlattsburgh
57.10Jamyla Willette24:54:00 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
58.9Dakota Reed24:55:00 PRPeru Central
59.-Danielle Loveless25:00:00 PRPlattsburgh
60.-Kaleigh Woodruff25:15:00 PRSaranac Lake
61.12Cara Chapman25:27:00 PRSeton Catholic Centr...
62.-Alexandra Corneau25:28:00 PRBeekmantown Central
63.9Lindsay Neenan26:17:00 PRPeru Central
64.-Camryn Lieb27:12:00 PRSaranac Lake
65.10Natasha Lindor27:15:00 PRPeru Central
66.-Brittany Farr27:26:00 PRBeekmantown Central
67.-Katie Buck28:53:00 PRSaranac Lake
68.-Bianca Fournia29:42:00 PRPlattsburgh
69.9Krista White29:48 PRNortheastern Clinton...
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